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I remember something. At the start of the year, Stiles was trying to find a place for you guys to live after graduation. He said you were getting an apartment together? And I remember saying something to Stiles. Something like it's not always a good idea to live with your friends. Even your best friend. But Stiles said it wouldn't matter because you weren't just friends. You guys were more like brothers.

The relationship between True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall and Human Stiles Stilinski

Scott and Stiles' close, unwavering friendship is known to be the main relationship in the entire Teen Wolf series, and though the two have gone through rough patches in the time they've been friends, they always come through it in the end with their bond even stronger than ever. They have been best friends at least since early childhood, and have been said to be inseparable from their respective parents, teachers, and mutual friends alike.

After Scott was bitten and turned into a Werewolf by Peter Hale in Season 1's Wolf Moon, Stiles became his closest confidante and was the main factor in helping Scott retain his humanity as he learned how to control his lycanthropy, along with help from Scott's then-girlfriend Allison Argent. In time, Scott and Stiles formed a two-person pack that would ultimately become the foundation for the McCall Pack, which grew to include nearly a dozen people, both supernatural and human, who have come and gone throughout the seasons.

The two worked as a pair, with Stiles as the "brains" and Scott as the "brawn" in order to solve and deal with supernatural threats such as Peter's reign as Alpha, the Kanima, the Darach, and the Alpha Pack, gaining help from their friends Allison, Lydia Martin, Derek Hale, and Isaac Lahey, among many others. While under the influence of wolfsbane poisoning, it was Stiles who convinced Scott not to kill himself by setting himself on fire as a result of the wolfsbane increasing Scott's pre-existing belief that the constant death and harm caused to those around him was directly caused by his existence; Stiles reminded him that they were more than just friends, they were brothers, and that Stiles needed him in his life - his way of saying he loves him.

Throughout the second half of Season 3, Scott did everything in his power to save Stiles from his possession by the Nogitsune, and no matter how many people told him that the only way to prevent the deaths of innocent civilians was to kill Stiles, Scott refused to believe that Stiles couldn't be saved and ultimately found a way to free him from his possession. Scott and Stiles continued to protect and defend each other through other supernatural threats throughout the following seasons, including the Deadpool, the resurrected Werejaguar Kate Argent, and the Alpha-status-hungry Peter Hale. Although their friendship was briefly fractured due to the manipulations of Theo Raeken, it didn't take long before Scott and Stiles were working together again, eventually reconciling and teaming up once again to reunite the McCall Pack. Since Scott, Stiles, and the rest of the pack defeated the Beast of Gevaudan, the Dread Doctors, and Theo, Scott and Stiles' friendship is stronger than ever.

In Season 6, Stiles was abducted by the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt and was subsequently erased from existence, but even despite the fact that Stiles was removed from the memories of his loved ones, Scott, along with Lydia Martin and Malia Tate, quickly figured out that something was wrong based on the gaps in their memories. Scott then dedicated himself to figuring out who Stiles was, going so far as to nearly freeze to death in an attempt to trigger his repressed memories in hopes that by doing so, he could open a rift and bring Stiles back. The combined efforts of Scott, Malia, and Lydia eventually did just that, and Stiles played a major role in helping the pack defeat Garrett Douglas and the Ghost Riders. Afterward, when Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Malia all graduated from high school, Scott and Stiles reminded each other that they both loved and needed one another despite the fact that they were going to colleges on opposite sides of the country.

In Season 6B, Scott (as well as the other main members of the McCall Pack, Lydia, and Malia) continued on with their lives while missing Stiles, who was doing an internship with the FBI in Quantico, Virginia. Shortly after Stiles left, a creature known as the Anuk-ite, an ancient and powerful shapeshifter who was locked up by the Wild Hunt and was subsequently released when the pack brought Stiles and the other captives of the Ghost Riders back to Beacon Hills, arrived in town, causing Scott, Malia and Lydia to postpone their college plans; by doing so, they went against what Stiles wanted for them, which was for them to leave Beacon Hills and get on with their lives.

Ever since this point, Scott has struggled with whether or not to bring Stiles back into the fold, acknowledging that they need his help (as well as the fact that he would be mad if he knew what they were trying to do without them) but not wanting to tear him away from an opportunity that Stiles has clearly been thrilled to be taking. Stiles ended up coming back on his own after his internship with the FBI led him to Derek Hale, who had been blamed for the murder of a large Werewolf pack in Brazil and who had heard about the Hunter army led by Gerard Argent and Tamora Monroe, who had their sights set on destroying the supernatural world once and for all. Stiles and Scott once again led the pack to defeat the Anuk-ite and Monroe's army. Two years after the defeat of these threats, Stiles met up with Scott and Alec, a new Beta Werewolf, as well as the rest of the pack.

Scott and Stiles have proved time and time again how deeply they care about each other. They've said "I need you" on multiple occasions to each other and it's become their version of saying they love each other and consider each other family.

Scott and Stiles are also known as Sciles (and are less commonly known as Skittles or McStilinski) by fans

Early History Edit

It is unknown when exactly Scott and Stiles met, but they have known each other at least since the third grade, judging by comments made by Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa McCall, and Scott and Stiles themselves. According to Scott, the small scar on his cheek is from when he and Stiles were playing lacrosse in the McCall House when they were kids, during which time Scott dove to catch a ball Stiles threw toward him, landed on the glass coffee table, and shattered it, cutting his face and forcing him to get three stitches. ("Insatiable") They also apparently used to skateboard in the tunnels under the water treatment plant until Sheriff Stilinski caught them and forbade them from going back, suggesting that Scott and Stiles have been troublemakers from a young age. ("Ouroboros")

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

In Wolf Moon, Scott and Stiles were first seen at the McCall House, where Scott, having heard a noise outside, went out with a baseball bat to investigate and nearly hit his best friend, who was attempting to sneak through his window. Stiles wasted no time informing him that they were about to go to the woods, where he had learned through eavesdropping on his father Sheriff Stilinski that half a body had been found there.

At the preserve, the two boys began hiking through the woods in search of the mysterious corpse, with Scott remarking on the fact that he was unsure of why they were out there, while Stiles argued that nothing exciting ever happened in Beacon Hills. Scott went on to state that he had intended to go to bed early in hopes of resting up for lacrosse try-outs the next day, as he wanted to make first line, a dream at which Stiles scoffed for being "pathetically unrealistic." As they got to a steep part of the hill, Scott's breaths turned to wheezes as he retorted that the severe asthmatic should be holding the flashlight. However, by the time they reach the top of the ridge, they find rows of deputies and police officers with cadaver dogs performing a formal search.

Stiles became so excited by the sight of them that he immediately began running, and Scott, unable to catch up through his labored breaths, ultimately got separated from him. It wasn't long before Stiles was caught by his father, Sheriff Stilinski, who instantly assumed that Scott, his "partner-in-crime," must be out there with him. However, Scott, who was hiding behind a tree, remained quiet when Stilinski called out for him, leading Stiles' father to exasperatedly escort Stiles back to his Jeep, inadvertently leaving Scott alone in the forest. It wasn't until Scott attempted to find his way out by himself that he dropped his inhaler, leading to a series of events that first caused him to stumble upon the upper half of the dead woman in the woods before then falling down a hill, putting him in the path of a new Alpha Werewolf, who set his sights on Scott and bit him on his side.

The next day at school, Scott and Stiles met up in front of the building to catch up before their first day of the new semester. Stiles wasted no time begging Scott to let him see the animal bite from the previous night, wincing empathetically at the sight of it as Scott explained that he believed he had been bitten by a wolf. Stiles quickly refuted this, informing him that there haven't been wolves in California for over sixty years, but before they could debate it further, Scott brought up the information he knew Stiles was most interested to know—that he had stumbled upon the rest of the body after the two got separated last night. Stiles was delighted to hear this news until he was distracted by the arrival of his long-time crush, Lydia Martin, who was oblivious to his attempt to greet her. Embarrassed, Stiles blamed Scott for his lack of popularity, claiming that he was "dragging him down to his nerd depths" and was thus a "nerd by association."

Scott and Stiles then went to their first class of the day, English literature, where they were about to discuss Kafka's Metamorphosis (in an obvious parallel to Scott's current transformation) when their newest student, Allison Argent, was introduced to the class, much to Scott's growing interest. Unbeknownst to Stiles, Scott also began experiencing the first signs of his change into a Werewolf, namely his superhuman sense of hearing. After class, Scott and Stiles went to their lockers while they talked to their friend Harley, though Scott was distracted by watching and eavesdropping on Allison's conversation with Lydia and her boyfriend Jackson Whittemore across the hall. Harley was stunned by the fact that Allison had fallen in with the popular clique after being in school for five minutes, but Stiles retorted that beautiful people flock together.

At lacrosse practice, Scott and Stiles walked together to the field, where Scott vowed to make first line, stating that he refused to sit on the sidelines any longer. He was then briefly distracted by the fact that Allison and Lydia were in the bleachers, watching them practice. Scott got off to a rough start due to his overly-sensitive hearing reacting badly to Coach Finstock's whistle, but soon, his newly-gained superhuman agility and speed kicked in, causing him to shock everyone in attendance with his athletic prowess, not the least of whom was Stiles, who was thrilled to see his best friend get such positive attention, especially when it became obvious that Jackson, the former star, was jealous of him.

After practice, Scott and Stiles went back to the Beacon Hills Preserve, both to retrieve Scott's still-lost inhaler as well as in hopes of catching another glimpse of the body. While they walked, Scott discussed his confusion regarding his new skills, explaining that he felt as though time was slowing down at practice and that he had all the time in the world to catch the ball. When this failed to get Stiles' attention, he went on to explain that his hearing had been greatly enhanced, and that his sense of smell was now so acute that he could smell the mint mojito gum in Stiles' jacket pocket, which shocked Stiles, who had no idea the stray piece of gum was even there. Scott assumed these were side effects of being bitten and believed his body was flooding with adrenaline due to an infection of some kind, causing Stiles to joke that he had heard of the disease before, and that it was called lycanthropy. However, Scott didn't take him seriously, and even Stiles seemed to mean it in jest as well, though he did remark that he would be melting down all his family's silver in preparation for that Friday's full moon.

Just then, the two were confronted by Derek Hale as they approached the edge of the Hale House lands. Derek immediately questioned them on what they were doing there and reminded them that it was private property, leaving Scott to anxiously stammer that they were just looking for something before taking a hint and turning around. Before they could leave, however, Derek tossed Scott his inhaler, which he caught with ease. After Derek returned to the remains of the house, Stiles identified the older man by name and reminded Scott that his family burned to death in a fire years earlier.

The next day at practice, Stiles excitedly rushed over to Scott while he prepared for the second day of try-outs and informed him that he overheard his dad saying that the forensic evidence indicated the woman found dead in the woods was killed by a wolf, but Scott was too preoccupied to pay much attention. When practice began with Jackson instantly targeting Scott, who he saw as a threat to his captainship, Scott once again was motivated enough to tap into his newly-gained Werewolf powers, but this time, Stiles became concerned rather than delighted as he began to wonder if there wasn't actually something going on with his best friend. At the end of the practice, it was announced that Scott had made first line, much to his excitement, but this did nothing to ease Stiles' concerns.

He quickly went home and began researching through library books and the internet to get any information about what could be going on with Scott, eventually coming to the conclusion that he was, in fact, becoming a Werewolf after all. He then called Scott over to his house to tell him the news, only for Scott to become frustrated and annoyed, believing Stiles was trying to ruin everything when his life had suddenly become perfect. Stiles was more concerned about the upcoming full moon and insisted that he had to cancel his date with Allison to Lydia's party; when Scott refused to do so, Stiles went so far as to grab his phone to do it himself, leading Scott to become so overwhelmed with rage that he nearly punched Stiles in the face. Realizing he wasn't acting like himself, Scott sheepishly apologized and rushed out of the house, with Stiles looking down to see Scott had clawed three gashes into the fabric of his desk chair.

They didn't see each other until the party on Friday night, where Scott suddenly fell ill while dancing with Allison in the backyard (not realizing that Derek was keeping tabs on him from afar). Overcome with pain from his heightened senses and his body trying to transform for the first time, he passed Stiles in Lydia's house on his way out to his car, where he quickly sped home. He started to transform for real once he had jumped into the shower, with his eyes glowing gold, and fangs and claws extending from his teeth and fingernails. Concerned, Stiles arrived and began pounding on his bedroom door, but Scott, not wanting to hurt his best friend, refused to let him in, instead insisting that he make sure Allison was okay. Stiles initially believed her to be fine, but when Scott revealed that Derek was the wolf who bit and turned him, Stiles became worried, as it was Derek who had taken Allison home.

This was the last straw for Scott, who stopped resisting his transformation and jumped out the window to make sure Allison was okay, while Stiles rushed to do the same. While Scott followed Allison's scent into the woods, Stiles went to the Argent House, where he found Allison perfectly fine at home with her mother Victoria Argent. Meanwhile, Scott soon found that he had been led into a trap, and that Derek had stolen Allison's jacket to lure him into the woods to force him to accept that he was no longer human. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by Hunters; though they managed to fight them off, Scott was still shot in the forearm with an arrow.

Stiles found Scott walking home after running through the woods on the full moon and picked him up in his Jeep. Scott admitted that he was afraid he blew it with Allison, but Stiles assured him that, while he would need an excellent excuse for his strange behavior, he would be there to help him through this change in his life. However, Scott was not prepared for the revelation on Monday that Allison's father, Chris Argent, was one of the Hunters who attacked him the previous Friday, making Allison a legacy to a Hunter family.

In Second Chance at First Line, Scott, who just figured out that Allison's father is the Hunter who shot him during his first full moon, was panicking in the boys locker room at the high school when Stiles found him and asked him if he had apologized to Allison yet. Scott was able to tell him that she did agree to give him a second chance before he frantically explained what he had just learned about Argent. Stiles immediately tried to calm Scott down by assuring him that Argent likely couldn't have recognized him due to it being the middle of the night and since Scott was in his Werewolf form, and once Scott started to relax, Stiles insisted that they needed to just focus on lacrosse right now.

The two set out for practice, but Scott continued to be weighed down by what he had learned about Allison's family and was so distracted that it affected his performance on the field. Already stressed enough, the teasing Scott received from both Jackson Whittemore and Coach Finstock about his fumbles caused him to get so overwhelmed with anger that he lost control over himself, tackled Jackson with all the force he had, and almost began transforming on the field, though no one noticed Derek Hale lurking on the edge of the woods by the field.

Stiles wasted no time rushing Scott back to the boys locker room, where Scott was finally overtaken by his inner Werewolf and fully transformed before lunging toward Stiles. Stiles, a human cornered with few options, had no choice but to grab the nearby fire extinguisher and spray it in Scott's face to keep him away, which fortunately disoriented Scott enough to turn him back to his normal state. Scott was horrified when he realized that he almost killed his best friend, causing Stiles to remind him that this could happen any time his heart rate increased, which meant that he needed to sit out for the upcoming lacrosse game on Saturday, even when Scott argued that he had just made first line. Scott, knowing Stiles was right, reluctantly agreed to step down.

That night, Scott and Stiles video-chatted with each other from their respective bedrooms, during which time Stiles informed Scott that Jackson had a dislocated shoulder and was unable to play in the upcoming game, which meant that the team was depending on Scott to give them a win. Suddenly, Scott's computer began to glitch up, eventually freezing as Stiles tried to tell Scott something. Just then, Scott received a text message from Stiles that read, "It looks like - someone's behind you." Scott turned around and found to his horror that Derek had indeed sneaked into Scott's room and was waiting for him. He ultimately threatened to kill Scott if he played in the game on Saturday, because if he transformed on the field, it would be more than just the Hunters after them, it would be the whole town.

The next day, after Scott tried (and failed) to tell Coach Finstock that he couldn't play in the game on Saturday, Stiles called Scott over to him in the school's hallway and asked him to use his superhuman hearing to eavesdrop on a conversation his father Sheriff Stilinski was having with the school's principal. Scott learned that Stilinski was instituting a town-wide curfew as a result of the body found in the woods, which required everyone under the age of eighteen to be home by 9:30PM. Stiles was appalled by this news, especially considering Stilinski believed he was hunting a rabid animal while Derek (whom Scott and Stiles both believed had not only bitten and turned Scott but had also killed the girl they found in the woods) was living his life, free of consequences. Scott reminded Stiles that they couldn't tell Stilinski the truth about Derek, but Stiles insisted that what they could do was find the other half of the body.

After school, Scott went to the Hale House ruins to question Derek about his transformation and what it would mean, and Derek agreed to train Scott in how to use his powers in exchange for a favor that Derek would ask for at a later date. Scott then called Stiles to his house after this discussion, where he informed his best friend that he figured out how to find evidence that could get Derek arrested for the murder, but that Stiles was going to need to help him learn how to play lacrosse without shifting since the rest of the team was depending on him.

The two then went to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where Scott sneaked into the morgue to confirm that the scent of blood he smelled at the Hale House was the same smell as the half of the body he found in the woods. Meanwhile, Stiles struck up a conversation with his long-time crush Lydia Martin, who was waiting for her boyfriend Jackson to finish being seen by the doctor following Scott's tackle at practice.

After confirming that Scott had caught the scent of the dead body at the Hale House, the two hid out in the woods and staked out the house until they saw Derek leave before the two went to check out the property. When they found a recently-dug patch of earth next to the house, the two began digging, eventually finding a medium-sized bundle wrapped in burlap and tied with a hemp rope. Stiles unwrapped the bundle to find the front half of a wolf with dark brown fur. Knowing that Derek could return at any time, Scott suggested they get out of there while they still could, but Stiles noticed a purple flowering plant growing near the grave and identified it as wolfsbane, becoming appalled when Scott had no idea what the plant was or how it was significant to Werewolves. They then realize that the plant is attached to another hemp rope that is wrapped in a spiral shape around the body, and once they uncoil the rope, the wolf carcass turns into the top half of the body of the female that Scott found in the woods the night he was bitten.

The next morning, Scott and Stiles watched warily as Stilinski and his deputies arrested Derek and put him in the backseat of a cruiser, while Derek glared at them all the while. Once the police were distracted, Stiles sneaked into the passenger seat to talk to Derek, insisting that he wasn't afraid of him, although both he and Derek knew full well that he really was scared. Stiles then changed the subject to the body, pointing out that the girl he allegedly killed was a Werewolf as well, but different due to the fact that she could fully-shift into an actual wolf, which he knew Scott couldn't do. Instead of answering Stiles' questions, Derek simply urged Stiles to convince Scott not to play in the game, as he risked exposing them all, and he knew that Stiles was the only person that could get through to Scott.

After Stilinski kicked Scott and Stiles out of the crime scene, the two left in Stiles' Jeep, where Scott began thumbing through one of Stiles' books on Werewolves, but when he informed Stiles that he couldn't find anything about wolfsbane being used in rituals, he began feeling weak and woozy and ultimately lost his temper with Stiles, who he believed was being way too excited about his newly-gained lycanthropy, when so far it had only been a curse to him. Gasping for breath, Scott demanded that Stiles pull over, only to realize that the reason why he felt so sick was because Stiles had stolen the wolfsbane plant and put it in his bag, which was sitting on Scott's lap. Just as Stiles was pulling to the side of the road, Scott threw Stiles' entire backpack out the Jeep's windows, much to Stiles' frustration. Just as Stiles turned back around to check on Scott, he found the passenger door wide open and realized that Scott had turned once again.

Stiles frantically began calling the emergency dispatch out of fear that Scott may have lost control and harmed someone, but the dispatcher, who was well aware of Stiles and his reputation, simply told him that he knew he wasn't allowed to call this line for non-emergencies and hung up on him. Unbeknownst to Stiles, Scott had ended up at the Argent House, but managed to get his bearings and turn back into his human state upon seeing his reflection in the house's windows.

Saturday night, Scott and Stiles were in their uniforms and walking up to the field, where Stiles, aware there was no way of talking Scott out of this, remarked that he hoped Scott knew what he was doing. Scott argued that he simply wanted a semi-normal life, where he can be on the lacrosse team and date the girl he likes, leading Stiles to sigh and remind him not to worry too much while he's on the field, though this did little to calm Scott's nerves.

Before Scott joined the huddle, the jealous and still-angry Jackson forbade anyone from passing the ball to Scott, even after Jackson's best friend questioned him on it]]. Once this became clear on the field, Scott once again became angry, just like at practice, and began struggling to hold himself together on the field. However, this did work out to his advantage when he furiously growled under his breath, scaring an opposing team member so much that he literally tossed the ball to Scott without incident. Scott once again began to lose control despite Stiles' attempts to calm him down, but suddenly, when he heard Allison cheering him on from the stands, it settled him down enough to score the game-winning goal before rushing off the field and into the locker room.

Allison ultimately found Scott in the locker room, having shifted himself back into human form once again, and the two began kissing until Allison had to leave to find her father. Stiles then found Scott as well, and before Scott could get into the details of his relationship development, Stiles had bad news to give him—the medical examiner autopsied the full body they found and determined that the killer was an animal, not a human, so since Derek (who the general public believed to be an ordinary human) was not an animal, they had to release him from jail, making them both targets of his anger. To make matters worse, Stiles explained that the ME identified the body, and that it was Laura Hale, Derek's older sister.

In Pack Mentality, Scott met up with Stiles at school, where he told him about the extremely vivid dream he had the previous night in which he involuntarily transformed and viciously mauled his girlfriend Allison while they were hooking up on a school bus. When he worried aloud that the dream was a subconscious warning that he could lose control at any time and "rip her throat out," Stiles reassured him that he was doing remarkably well, considering there was no "Lycanthropy for Beginners" class that he could take to help him cope with his transformation into a Werewolf. Scott reminded him that there may not be a class, but there was a teacher, and Stiles, realizing he was talking about Derek Hale, argued that they had caused him to get thrown into jail and insisted that he would not be willing to help them.

Scott was still concerned about how real his dream felt when suddenly, they made it to the entrance of the school and saw that one of the buses in the bus bay had been taped off as a crime scene, where numerous Sheriff's deputies were examining the bus, which had blood splattered everywhere, and the emergency door was wrenched off its hinges. Inside the school, Scott was panicked that he really did kill Allison like he saw in his dream, but Stiles assured him that Allison was likely fine, though his expression turned grim when Scott reminded him that Allison wasn't answering any of his texts. The two then decided to split up to find Allison faster, and Scott, much to his relief, ultimately ran right into Allison, who was perfectly fine, just as Stiles had expected. However, this led to another question—who was mauled in the bus, if not Allison?

In chemistry class, Scott and Stiles continued their discussion about the attack and who could have been the victim. Stiles, trying to remain optimistic, suggested that it could be animal blood, and that Scott could have eaten an animal, such as a rabbit, but before they could speculate further, their teacher, Adrian Harris, caught them whispering and sternly forced them to move to opposite sides of the room. Fortunately for the two of them, this punishment ultimately proved pointless, as one of the students looked out the window and saw the medics wheeling the victim of the attack on a stretcher to take him to the hospital, leading the rest of the class to flock to the windows to see for themselves. This only further confirmed Scott's suspicions that he had killed someone the night before.

At lunch, Stiles and Scott sat down at a table and continued to brainstorm about what happened on the bus the previous night. Stiles, again trying to be optimistic, pointed out that the victim wasn't dead, but when this failed to cheer him up, he asked Scott why he was so sure that Derek could have answers about what to do in this scenario. Scott replied that when he first met Derek on his first full moon, Derek was not only not transformed, but he was completely calm and in control, which made Scott believe that he was capable of learning to do the same thing.

Their conversation was cut off when they were greeted by Allison, Jackson Whittemore, Lydia Martin, and Danny Mahealani at their lunch table, forcing them to drop their Werewolf-involved conversation, though the others joined in on the speculation about the bus attack. Danny suggested that the animal that attacked the man could have been a cougar, and when Jackson corrected him by stating that it was a mountain lion, Lydia surprised everyone with her intelligence by pointing out that a cougar is a mountain lion. When Jackson guessed that the victim was a homeless drug addict who would have died somehow anyway, Stiles, who was catching up on the news on his phone, revealed that the victim was identified by police as Garrison Myers. Scott immediately recognized the name as one of the bus drivers who took him to school during the short time that he lived with his father Rafael McCall.

Lydia, bored by their discussion, changed the subject to what the foursome would be doing the following evening, revealing that she and Jackson had invited themselves along to the date that Scott and Allison had planned together. Though the latter two were clearly not eager to go on a double date, they ultimately agreed to do so; the debate then turned to what they would do, and Lydia suggested they go bowling, reminding Jackson that he loves to bowl. When Jackson retorted that he only liked to play with people who were at his level of expertise, Scott lied and stated that he was a great bowler, which caused Stiles to give him an exasperated look.

After lunch, Stiles called Scott out on his lie and reminded him that he was actually terrible at bowling, but while Scott agreed that he was stupid to have lied about it, he didn't want to give up a chance to spend time with Allison. Scott, not paying attention to Stiles, continued to lament over the fact that he didn't know if he had nearly killed Garrison Myers and was worried that he could still do the same to Allison, while Stiles, also not listening to Scott, talked over him by worrying about the fact that Danny Mahealani didn't seem to find him attractive. Realizing he was late for work, Scott ran off, only for Stiles to shout after him, "Am I attractive to gay guys???" with no answer.

Despite Stiles' misgivings about going to Derek for help, Scott ultimately did just that, and was told by the elder Werewolf that he needed to return to the scene of the crime and let his heightened senses help him remember what his mind was suppressing. That night, he enlisted Stiles' help as the two drove the Jeep to the high school to examine the bus, which was still surrounded in crime scene tape. However, when Scott instructed Stiles to be the look-out, Stiles immediately balked at the fact that he didn't want to be the Robin to Scott's Batman all the time, even though Scott insisted that they were not Batman and Robin any of the time, but in the end, Stiles ultimately did as he was asked.

On the bus, Scott immediately started to get flashbacks to the previous night's events, where he learned that he did not actually attack Garrison Myers as he initially believed—he had been summoned out of bed by the Alpha's Alpha howl and had arrived at the bus bay, where the Alpha intended for the two of them to kill together to cement Scott's role in his pack, and Scott was actually the one who defended Garrison against the Alpha, which caused him to get hurt in the process.

Meanwhile, Stiles, waiting in the Jeep for Scott to return, saw deputy cruisers approaching the school and wasted no time frantically honking his horn to get Scott's attention so he could get out of there before they were caught. It was a close call, but Scott was able to hurtle over the chain-link fence and return to the Jeep, where he explained to Stiles that he had actually gotten in between the Alpha and Garrison and had defended him, getting injured in the process, though the wounds healed before he woke up.

Still under the mistaken assumption that Derek was the Alpha, Stiles, confused, wondered aloud why Derek would instruct Scott to return to the scene of the attack if it was just going to implicate him in the mauling of Garrison Myers, and Scott admitted that he didn't understand it, either. Stiles agreed that the Alpha intended for the two of them to kill the victim together as a pack initiation and then reminded him that it was good news to learn that Scott wasn't actually a killer. Scott smiled and exclaimed that he could now go out on a date without fearing that he would hurt Allison, but Stiles, offended, was more concerned with the fact that this meant that Scott wouldn't hurt him.

The two didn't see each other until the next night, when Stiles sneaked into Scott's bedroom through the window and nearly got hit in the face with a baseball bat by Scott's mother Melissa McCall, believing him to be an intruder, causing Stiles to exasperatedly ask if either her or Scott even knew how to play baseball. Scott returned home shortly afterward, and Melissa exasperatedly asked them if they cared about the police-mandated curfew before tiredly requesting that Scott tell Stiles to use the front door from now on.

Scott then asked Stiles why he was there, forcing Stiles to reveal the bad news—Garrison Myers had "succumbed to his wounds," meaning he had died while in the hospital. Scott, furious about the death of what he believed to be an innocent human, rushed over to the Hale House to confront Derek, who he still believed to be the Alpha. After a long fight, Derek finally revealed to Scott that he was a Beta Werewolf, just like Scott was, and that the Werewolf who bit him was known as an Alpha, and that the Alpha wanted Scott in his pack.

In Magic Bullet, Scott caught up with Stiles at school to brief him on everything he had learned the previous evening, including when he was called out in the middle of the night by the Alpha and saw a new female Hunter was in town. Understandably, Stiles had a few questions, including "If Derek isn't the Alpha, who is?", "Did the Alpha kill the bus driver?", and "Does Allison's dad know about the Alpha?" Scott does not know the answer to any of these questions, and they are distracted from their conversation when their teacher began handing back graded tests, on which Scott's read "D-. Not up to your usual standards."

Stiles joked that Scott needed to study more, and when he saw this hurt Scott's feelings, he immediately assured him that he was teasing him and reminded him that it was only one test and that he could get his grades up. When he asked if Scott needed help studying, Scott admitted that Scott and Allison were going to be studying at her house after school, which Stiles instantly takes to mean that they will be hooking up and not studying. Scott began to protest, but Stiles insisted that if Scott squandered this opportunity to have sex with Allison, he was going to have him "de-balled."

Meanwhile, Derek, who had been hit with a Wolfsbane-laced bullet the previous night by the female Hunter and who was pale and sweaty, arrived at the school looking for Scott. Upon listening to Allison and Lydia's conversation about Scott and Allison hanging out after school, Derek decided to catch them before they left. He went outside as the students were getting ready to leave and ran in front of Stiles' Jeep, and when Scott, getting his bike off the rack, saw him, he immediately groaned and rushed over when he saw the Jeep bump Derek onto the ground.

Scott wasted no time demanding to know what was going on with Derek, he explained that he got shot with a special kind of bullet and that it was preventing him from healing. Scott, who had overheard the female Hunter talking about someone only having "forty-eight hours to live," realized she must have been talking about Derek, which only made the Beta Werewolf more alarmed. Scott and Stiles soon realized that they were making a scene and quickly got Derek to his feet and into Stiles' Jeep while Derek instructed Scott on finding the bullet the Hunter used while he was at Allison's that evening, to which Scott reluctantly agreed. Stiles immediately became appalled that Scott would leave Derek with him and complained, though Derek wasn't interested.

Once Scott arrived at Allison's, the two began making out before either of them could even begin to study. Just as Scott was beginning to lose control over his transformation, Stiles called and provided the distraction Scott needed, though he didn't initially answer it; instead, he stated he was going to have to call Stiles back later. He then saw a picture of Allison and the female Hunter from the night before on her nightstand, and Allison explained that it was her aunt Kate Argent, who was her father's sister but who was more like a sister to Allison.

Some time later, after the two were caught by Argent and Kate making out in the garage, Scott asked Allison if she wanted to keep studying, but Argent made it clear that he wanted him to leave. Despite Argent's best efforts to get Scott away from Allison, Kate insisted that he was staying for dinner, giving Scott another opportunity to find the bullet Derek described.

Stiles called Scott again during dinner to ask what the hold up was, and Scott exasperatedly informed them that the Argent House was "like, the Walmart of guns" and that finding one single bullet wasn't going to be easy, but Derek got on the line and informed Scott that he would die without it. Realizing he didn't have a choice, Scott began snooping around, accidentally setting off an alarm on a door that was locked and causing Kate to come out to investigate. Scott nervously pointed out that he was looking for the bathroom, and Kate teased him for the fact that the alarmed door was not the bathroom before showing him where the guest bathroom was. Once inside, Scott was able to find the bullet they were talking about in Kate's bags and managed to steal one on Stiles and Derek's instructions, though he was delayed in getting it back to them due to Kate's suspicions that he had stolen something.

Finally, Scott made it back to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, where Derek and Stiles had been hiding out, and was appalled to see that Stiles was about to cut off Derek's infected arm with a bone saw at Derek's insistence. Both were relieved to find that Scott got the bullet, but Derek passed out as soon as it was handed to him, and he dropped it on the floor, where it rolled into a vent. Stiles was tasked with waking Derek up before the wolfsbane killed him, while Scott used his claws to get the bullet out of the vent.

They both watched as the now-conscious Derek opened up the bullet, burned the wolfsbane inside of it, and then applied it directly to his gunshot wound, which caused a great deal of pain but ultimately cured him of his poisoning. Scott and Stiles then insisted that, since they had saved Derek's life, he needed to leave them alone, with Scott threatening to go to the Argents if he didn't. This led Derek to bring Scott to the long-term care facility where his uncle Peter Hale had been in a coma for six years after the fire that the Argents set, causing Scott to become confused about who was in the right and who was in the wrong.

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In The Last Chimera, Stiles was at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital with Melissa McCall, waiting for news about Sheriff Stilinski, who had just been rushed into surgery after being attacked by a then-unknown Chimera and was in critical condition. When Melissa informed Stiles that she had texted Scott and that he would be there at any moment, Stiles became upset and told her not to call anyone else, as he was overwhelmed and blamed Scott for trusting Theo Raeken.

Scott, however, was still suffering the side-effects of his own injuries caused by Theo prior to his brief death and subsequent resurrection, and it took him longer than expected to make it to the hospital. After being awoken by Jordan Parrish, who had just found a catatonic Lydia in the woods, Scott learned about Sheriff's condition and rushed to the hospital to both comfort Stiles and inform him about Lydia's similarly-precarious situation. Unfortunately, upon Scott's arrival, Stiles became furious and attacked Scott, shoving him against the wall before throwing him onto the ground and pinning him there while he demanded to know where Scott was when his father was being attacked, though he had already been informed by Theo that Scott was already in danger prior to giving him the Sheriff's location.

After Melissa and Dr. Geyer pulled the two apart, Scott pointed out that Sheriff Stilinski wasn't the only one who was hurt, and Stiles, assuming that Scott was talking about himself, scoffed and remarked that Scott would heal, not realizing that Scott was actually talking about Lydia. Once Stiles returned from his failed attempt to visit Lydia, where he was rebuffed by Natalie Martin, he rejoined Scott, Melissa, and Parrish in the morgue, though he made sure to keep his distance from his estranged best friend while they discussed the Sheriff and Lydia's current conditions and Theo's upcoming plans.

In the morgue, they determined that Theo was trying to locate the Nemeton in Lydia's mind to gain an advantage, and had the Sheriff attacked to ensure that no one would interfere with Liam's attempt to kill Scott. When Parrish insisted that they needed to find Theo, Melissa argued that it was too dangerous, since he almost killed Scott and tried to have the Sheriff killed as well. Stiles replied that Theo made it clear he didn't want the Sheriff to die, but Parrish was skeptical that they should believe him. Despite the numerous warnings, Stiles decided that he needed to talk to Theo since he could have information on how to save his father, and only reluctantly allowed Scott to accompany him to do so due to the fact that Theo didn't know he had survived their fight.

The two then went to the McCall House, where Scott hid in the upstairs hallway and eavesdropped on Stiles' conversation with Theo in the foyer, during which time Theo revealed his Werewolf-Werecoyote Chimera nature and admitted to knowing what the Dread Doctors were planning and what creature Parrish was, though he was unwilling to share the information. After a tense ending that led to Theo shoving Stiles against the steps so hard that he briefly blacked out, Scott managed to rouse him, only for Stiles to slap away his proffered hand. They then discussed Stiles and Theo's conversation and determined that it wasn't Theo who attacked the Sheriff, but another Chimera.

Since he had the information he needed, Stiles set off to search for the newest Chimera on his own and firmly refused Scott's help, forcing Scott to step in front of Stiles' car to stop him long enough to convince him to let him accompany him on his search, arguing that he didn't have to do it alone and that his werewolf senses could allow him to find the clues he couldn't. Stiles once again brought up the fact that Scott trusted Theo, which lead Scott to remind Stiles that he, too, had trusted Theo near the end after Theo saved Stiles' life from Josh Diaz's attack.

When Stiles reminded him that he didn't even know the true story of what happened when he killed Donovan Donati, Scott insisted that he didn't need to know, because all that mattered was saving his dad. He then argued that the two of them (and the rest of the McCall Pack) had survived the Alpha Pack, a Dark Druid, and Deadpool assassins, which meant that they could survive the Dread Doctors and Chimeras as well, an argument that eventually caused Stiles to relent and allow Scott to accompany him.

After learning that the newest Chimera was a young teenager named Noah Patrick, Scott and Stiles drove to Beacon Hills High School, where they broke into his locker to get a lock on his scent. Scott then tossed the jacket he retrieved aside, where it was caught by Malia, whom he had called for additional help despite Stiles' insistence that they do it themselves, arguing that they needed all the help that they could get and that Malia already knew what Noah looked like as a result of their previous encounter.

Scott, Stiles, and Malia tracked Noah to the railway depot, where Malia informed Scott that she and Stiles had broken up, leading Scott to admit that he and Stiles seemed to have broken up as well. In the tunnels beneath the railway depot, they found Noah, who shoved Stiles so hard that he hit the wall and was briefly knocked out again, causing Malia to tackle Noah while Scott roused Stiles awake. This time, however, Stiles took Scott's hand and allowed him to help him up rather than swatting it away, indicating that there was still hope to mend their friendship.

When it became clear that the Dread Doctors had deemed Noah to be a failure and were coming after him to kill him, Scott insisted that Stiles help Noah to safety while he and Malia, along with help from Chris Argent, slowed the Doctors down. After managing to do so, Scott, Malia, and Chris returned to the hospital, where they were relieved to hear that Sheriff Stilinski had survived the attack and would recover.

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In Said the Spider to the Fly, after Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, and Malia Tate found a Hellhound named Halwyn dead in the woods, they returned to the McCall House to decide what to do next, though the three all agreed that they couldn't leave Beacon Hills until they figured out this newest threat. The debate then turned to Stiles Stilinski and whether or not they should bring him back into the fold to help them deal with this problem. Lydia argued in favor of keeping Stiles out of it, as the last time they faced a supernatural threat, they nearly lost Stiles forever. Malia, however, countered that Stiles would be furious if something big was happening and they didn't tell him about it. Scott, after taking both arguments into consideration, pointed out that his main concern was how excited he sounded in his voicemail before he left, leading Lydia to urge him to play it for them. In the voicemail on Scott's phone, Stiles informed him that he made it to Quantico, Virginia in order to start his internship with the FBI, and though he makes it clear that he misses Scott, Malia, and especially Lydia, he wants them to get out of Beacon Hills. He brought up that he knew they likely thought they couldn't leave out of fear of the city falling apart in their absence, but that Scott just needed to get in the Jeep and drive to the University of California - Davis like he planned. Despite this message, Scott, Malia and Lydia decided to stay in Beacon Hills to protect the town.

In The Wolves of War, just when the fire-fight started against Scott, Malia, Lydia, Peter, and Deucalion by Tamora Monroe and her army of Hunters seemed to be close to a win for the latter side, a Hunter appeared with a massive shotgun and was just about to shoot Scott. Suddenly, Stiles appeared in his Jeep and hit the Hunter so hard with the bumper that he flew several meters away from him. Scott was shocked as he looked at his newly-returned best friend, causing Stiles to smirk and remark, "You didn't think you were doing this without me, didja?" Before Scott could wrap his head around this, Derek, having returned to Beacon Hills after over a year of traveling the southern United States and South America, appeared and added, "Without us?" before jumping into the fight and easily taking down two Hunters. Thanks to both the distraction and the back-up from Derek and Stiles, the battle was ultimately won by the McCall Pack and their allies, though Deucalion was sadly killed in the fight. Stiles wasted no time bringing up the fact that Scott, Malia and Lydia never told him a word about what was going on with the Anuk-ite and Monroe's Army, causing Lydia to insist that they had "really good reasons" for keeping it a secret. Scott and Stiles then climbed into the Jeep when they heard Gerard's voice over the police radio, with everyone else gathering around the Jeep to listen in as well.

After quoting a passage from William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Gerard smugly joked that Scott and the others must be feeling awfully nostalgic with the return of their dear friends Stiles and Derek before revealing that he had taken hostage Jackson Whittemore, Ethan Steiner, Jordan Parrish, and Rafael McCall in various locations and currently had Liam Dunbar, Corey Bryant, Mason Hewitt, and Melissa McCall in precarious situations that could also allow them to be harmed as well, all in an effort to lure Scott to Gerard in the Argent Arms International armory. Scott and Stiles then joined Derek, Malia, and Lydia in the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic in order to plan their next move, ultimately deciding that Scott, Malia, and Derek would go to the high school to look for the Anuk-ite while Stiles and Lydia went to the armory to rescue Jackson and retrieve Gerard's cache of Mountain Ash. After a long and brutal fight between Scott (who had gone so far as to gouge out his eyes with his claws to prevent himself from seeing the creature and being petrified into stone with its stare), Stiles arrived with the Mountain Ash]] and created a circle around it, causing its power to be rebounded upon itself and frozen into stone.

In a flashforward to 2015, Stiles was among the six total McCall Pack members (along with Scott, Lydia, Malia, Derek, and Liam) who arrived to greet Alec, a newly-turned Beta Werewolf who had been offered a place in the pack by Scott.


  • Scott and Stiles' relationship is one of the longest-lasting friendships in the series, as they have known each other since they were children.
  • Jackson Whittemore once called Scott and Stiles "Tweedledumb" and "Tweedledumber."
    • He also once called them "Testicle Left and Right."
  • Stiles gave Scott his Jeep as a goodbye present before the two left for their respective colleges, with Scott attending the University of California-Davis and Stiles attending George Washington University in Washington D.C.
  • Scott and Stiles have "passed the baton" (or, in this case, Stiles' aluminum baseball bat) to Liam and Mason, who are effectively filling their places in the McCall Pack while the former two are in college.
  • Both Stiles and Scott have dated their packmate Malia Tate.
    • Though Stiles and Malia were only together in Season 4 and 5A (which spanned from roughly December 2011 to September/October 2012, Scott and Malia were together from mid-Season 6B through the time jump at the end of the series, spanning from roughly August/September 2013 to some time in 2015.
  • Their friendship is very similar to Allison and Lydia's sisterly friendship


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