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Scott! Help me, Scott!
Theo to Scott in Apotheosis

The relationship between True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall and Werewolf-Werecoyote Chimera Theo Raeken

Theo and Scott were childhood friends until after 4th grade when Theo’s family moved from Beacon Hills following the death of his sister. Theo returned to Beacon Hills for his senior year of high school, claiming that he had heard Scott had become a True Alpha and wanted to join his pack.

Theo gained Scott’s trust by recounting an intimate childhood memory where Scott comforted him through an asthma attack (according to Theo, making him feel “like everything would be okay”), by pointing out the danger he would continue to be in as an Omega without a pack, and by providing support to Scott and his pack in many clutch situations.

However, as time went on it was revealed that Theo was a Chimera working for the Dread Doctors. He planned to split up Scott’s pack, steal Scott’s True Alpha powers, and then the pack for himself. Theo’s plans went awry and he ended up killing Scott (who was revived only a few minutes later) but not being able to absorb his powers. He then sets himself up with a “pack” of resurrected Chimeras, and positions himself as an “Alpha” opposite of Scott.

Theo and Scott continued to interact after Theo’s betrayal as enemies and occasionally reluctant allies against the Dread Doctors and The Beast. Theo often smirks about the nature of his and Scott’s relationship, replying that they are merely “working through some issues” when he’s questioned about it.

Throughout Season 5B several of Theo’s chimera pack dissert to Scott’s pack, and Scott eventually undermines Theo’s plot to steal the powers of The Beast of Gevaudan by placing Deucalion among Theo’s ranks and feeding him false information. Theo becomes enraged and lashes out in an attempt to kill Scott and his pack, but is quickly put down by Kira Yukimura — who opens up a portal from which a phantom of Theo’s dead sister emerges and drags him into an underground prison.

Despite the fact that Theo has hurt Scott the most out of everyone present, it is Scott that he calls out to for help as he’s being dragged away. Scott moves forward in a knee-jerk reaction, but then stops himself and Theo is swallowed up.

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In Creatures of the Night, Scott and Kira are being attacked by an unknown creature under thee bridge at Beacon Hills High School. As this glowing clawed creature disposes of both Scott and Kira, Theo arrives, taking on the creature solo, doing fairly well until the creature knocks him to the side. Theo watches as it impales Scott with it's claws, stealing his power, as the bright red glow in Scott's eyes begin to fade, it appears that he has been defeated, but Scott manages to make his way back to his feet then breaking the talons of said creature, giving it an option, stay and fight, or run and survive, the creature chose the latter. Once the battle has ended, Theo approaches Scott, wondering who he is, Theo says I guess I look a lot different since the fourth great, leading Scott to remember who he is. He explains that not too long ago he heard about an Alpha in Beacon Hills, a True Alpha named Scott McCall. So, he came home, hoping to join Scott's pack.

In Parasomnia

In Dreamcatchers,

In Required Reading,

In Lies of Omission,

In Status Asthmaticus, Scott and Theo talk about the way Liam wants really to save Hayden and the latter says to the former that he needs his pack but Scott says it looks like he doesn't have none anymore. Later when Scott was looking for Lydia on the library, he sees Theo completing the mountain ash barrier and Scott gets shocked as Theo is a chimera and he was lying the whole time, Theo says that a chimera isn't just a monster with different parts it also means something impossible to achieve or an unrealizable dream and all them can't be True Alphas like Scott. Scott tries to run to him but Theo passes the barrier which makes Scott hit so hard on hit that he's pulled back, he warns he can't call to any of his friends and he has wait for the supermoon. As Liam fails to kill Scott thanks to Mason, Theo pushes the latter to a table and kills Scott temporarily until her mother comes to revive him.

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