Argent: "What's the second problem?"
Deaton: "I checked with your contacts in Japan. The Yakuza boss you saw killed by the Oni never found the scroll."
Allison: "What scroll?"
Deaton: "A Shugendō scroll. The Shugendō were the ascetic mystics of Japan. The scroll had information on how to exorcise a Nogitsune."
Chris Argent, Alan Deaton, and Allison Argent about the Shugendō Scroll in Eichen House

The Shugendō Scroll is a very small scroll from the Japanese Shugendō religion. It is unknown when exactly the scroll was created, but it was eventually sought out by a human man named Katashi, who became interested in the Kitsune species after a near-death experience in 1988 involving five Oni demons hunting a Void Kitsune who was possessing the Kumicho of the Yakuza family to which Katashi belonged. The scroll contained information regarding Kitsune, including instructions on how to exorcise a Void Kitsune from a human host without killing them.

After Katashi's death at the hands of the Nogitsune possessing Stiles Stilinski, the McCall Pack set their sights on finding the scroll in hopes of using it to save Stiles by expelling the Void Kitsune inside of him. Upon learning it was in Katashi's possessions, which were being taken by the Federal Bureau of Investigations as part of the investigation into his death, Scott McCall, Allison Argent, Lydia Martin, Kira Yukimura, and Ethan and Aiden Steiner made a plan to break into the armored van while it was headed to federal lock-up.

Unfortunately, their plan was thwarted by Katashi's bodyguard, Kincaid, a powerful Omega Werewolf who wanted the scroll for himself, as its $3 million price tag was more desirable than the briefcase with $100,000 in cash in it that was also in the armored van. Thanks in part to Ethan and Aiden's own power, the pack was able to incapacitate Kincaid enough to steal the scroll (which was hidden in Katashi's silver prosthetic finger) and the briefcase of cash.

The scroll was then taken to Alan Deaton, who then translated the scroll for Scott; it was then that they learned that the best way to exorcise a Nogitsune is to change the body of the host, a statement that Scott and Deaton interpreted as meaning that they needed to give Stiles the Bite and turn him into a Werewolf. ("Echo House")

Trivia Edit

  • The scroll was so valuable that Katashi kept it on him at all times, hiding it in the silver prosthetic pinky finger he wore ever since he performed yubitsune on himself at some point prior to the attack in Ikeda's garden in 1988, which resulted in Katashi amputating his own right little finger as penance for his cowardice.
  • Shugendō is a syncretic religion whose origin is from Heian Japan during the 7th century. It evolved as the result of a blending of various belief systems, rituals, philosophies, and mythologies from the local areas; this includes elements from Shinto, Taoism, pre-Buddhist mountain worship, and esoteric Buddhism.

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