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This article is about the episode Silverfinger. You may be looking for the minor character, Katashi, who is known by the nickname Silverfinger.

"The moment the sun went down, it was like they just materialized out of the shadows. They had swords-- not curved like katanas, but straight black steel like ninjatos."
"What did they want?"
"To get to the Kumicho. They cut down every living thing in their way. [...] There were a few others who survived that night. One of them was a man named Katashi. They called him Silverfinger because of an unusual prosthetic. And it looked like he was getting ready to take them all on himself. I've known for a while that Katashi was in the country. I spent yesterday tracking him down."
Chris Argent and Scott McCall as Chris explained the Oni attack in Japan in 1988

Silverfinger is the seventeenth episode of Season 3 and the forty-first episode of the Teen Wolf.


Scott and Kira work with Derek, Ethan, and Aiden to try to avoid the masked samurai who have invaded Beacon Hills while Argent, Allison, and Isaac seek out an acquaintance of Argent's for answers. Meanwhile, Stiles becomes concerned by his worrisome recent symptoms.*

(*No official synopsis was released by MTV, so this summary was written by Wikia contributors)


Allison's father recounts his time in Japan when he was eighteen; he and members of the Japanese Yakuza encountered the hooded figures, which are revealed to be called Oni. He, Allison and Isaac plan to infiltrate the lair of the only other survivor, a man called Katashi in order to gain answers. Worrying about his sanity, Stiles seeks help from Melissa. She discovers that his symptoms are identical to those of his deceased mother, Claudia before she died in 2004. Scott, Kira, Derek, the twins, Melissa, and Agent McCall take sanctuary in Scott's home just before the Oni attack. The Oni are forced out of the house. Katashi warns Chris to let the Oni destroy the Nogitsune. The Oni breach Scott's house, but do not harm him or Kira. Stiles awakens and is confronted by the Oni, but he destroys one of them.


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  • This episode is the first to feature flashbacks to when Chris Argent was a teenager.
  • The Yakuza, otherwise known as the Japanese mafia, makes its first appearance in this episode, including Katashi and Kincaid.
  • In the episode, Kincaid tells a story about the antique gun Argent was attempting to sell to lure Katashi out, which is implied to be about the 16th century Argent Family when they still lived in France due to Kincaid's mention of their Code. The original Argent Hunter's Code was revealed to be "Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent" in Code Breaker.
  • Katashi reveals that the black masked samurai who branded Isaac, Derek, Lydia, Ethan, and Aiden are Japanese demons known as Oni who are hunting a dark Kitsune known as a Nogitsune and who have been examining supernatural creatures to make sure that they are not possessed by the Nogitsune. The Oni made their first appearance in Galvanize.
  • Kira and Scott are both finally examined by the Oni and have the jiko kanji for "self" branded behind their ears to indicate they were not possessed by the Nogitsune.
  • Stiles is revealed to be possessed by the Nogitsune after he is confronted by three Oni at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. Instead of being checked like the other supernaturals in Beacon Hills, the Nogitsune took control of Stiles and plunged his hand through the each of the Oni's chests, pulling out the firefly that animated them and killing them.
  • Kira is confirmed to be a Kitsune in this episode, both when she was unable to pass the mountain ash barrier around the McCall House and when Derek identified her by her aura using his Werewolf eyes.
  • Allison and Isaac have their first real kiss in this episode. They were first implied to have romantic feelings for each other in Alpha Pact, and began developing a friendship/sexual tension in Unleashed.
  • Claudia Stilinski is referenced twice in this episode; the first when Stiles accidentally calls Melissa "Mom" as he was falling asleep, and the second when Melissa made the connection between Stiles' symptoms and Claudia's from before she died. Claudia was first mentioned by Stiles in Season 1's Lunatic.
    • According to Claudia's medical records, she died in 2004.
  • Rafael McCall learns that Scott and Kira broke into the evidence lock-up at the Sheriff's station, which is acting as his office, in Illuminated, because the security protocols on his laptop snapped a photo of them using it to charge Kira's phone so they could delete the pictures of her Kitsune aura.
  • It is revealed that Alan Deaton helped replace the baseboards in the McCall House with Rowan wood so that they could use Mountain Ash to complete the barrier and protect the house from supernatural threats. Scott explained that this occurred due to the events of Season 3A, particularly Melissa after being captured by Jennifer Blake in The Overlooked.


  • The title refers to Katashi, a Yakuza member and acquaintance of Chris Argent, who is known by the nickname "Silverfinger" due to the silver prosthetic he wears on his right hand's little finger. He amputated his own little finger and offered it to his superior as penance, a ritual known as yubitsune, as punishment for a mistake he made in his youth. This is known as a punishment because since that finger is the strongest when used to grip a katana, and removing it weakens the warrior's ability to fight.

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  • "Silhouette" by Active Child ft. Ellie Goulding
    • Kira lays on her bed and flashes back to earlier when Scott dropped her off and revealed his werewolf to her
  • "Yes/No" by Fake Blood
    • Scott and the twins drive their motorbikes down the road toward the school
  • "2112" by Destructo
    • Kira reveals to Scott that she took the spark plugs out of the twins' motorcycles
  • "Seven" by APES
    • Allison kisses Isaac and lets him squeeze her bottom to gain the confidence to pretend to be Chris Argent at a gun deal


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