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Scott: "Oh, Stiles? These aren't the keys to the Jeep..."
Stiles: "Well, that one's to your house, another to your room... Uh, this is the master key to the school, animal clinic, a key to the Sheriff's station... I just figured you should have all the copies I secretly made, so... yeah..."
Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski in Riders on the Storm

Mieczysław "Stiles" Stilinski is a main character of the Teen Wolf series. He is the son of Noah and Claudia Stilinski, the best friend to Scott McCall. His close friendship and brotherhood with Scott caused him to be the first person (and, for quite a while, the only one) in his life to know his secret, which was that he had been Power Granting turned into a Werewolf, causing the two to be the foundation for which the McCall Pack would eventually be built. As the series progressed, Stiles became obsessed with the supernatural, though he had no real desire to become a Werewolf himself, and he assisted Scott through all of the supernatural issues he dealt with while the two also dealt with high school and romantic relationships. Due to his knowledge of the law and investigations as a result of being the son of a police officer, Stiles takes great satisfaction in following the clues to lead him to supernatural threats such as the Kanima, the Alpha Pack, and the Darach.

In the second half of Season 3, he was possessed by a dark japanese spirit known as the Nogitsune, which caused him to commit several crimes that led to dozens of people getting hurt or killed, something that still causes Stiles immense guilt to this day. Once the Nogitsune was defeated, Stiles turned his attention back to investigations to take his mind off of it, and began to look into the supernatural hit-list known as the Deadpool, which caught his attention while he was also searching for the biological mother of his fellow packmate, Malia Tate, who is an assassin known only as the Desert Wolf.

In Season 5, the relationships between the pack began to fracture due to the stress of fighting the Dread Doctors and the manipulations of Theo Raeken, causing Stiles to become estranged from Scott, Malia, and Lydia. However, upon learning of Theo's schemes and the revival of a terrifying creature known as La Bête du Gévaudan, Stiles reconciled with Scott and resumed working with his best friend to help reunite their beloved pack once again.

Upon the reunion of the pack, Stiles played a large role in the defeat of the Beast, Theo, and the Desert Wolf, something that helped Stiles heal from the guilt of accidentally killing Donovan Donati out of self-defense earlier in the season. Afterwards, his father informed him that these acts were a great first step in his career in law enforcement, insinuating that Stiles will go to school for it, an assumption that turned out to be true when he was accepted to George Washington University in Washington, D.C. for the pre-FBI program. He soon was accepted for an internship with the FBI, where he ironically was assigned to investigate a "serial killer" that was revealed to be his hometown ally Derek Hale, who had been framed for the murders of a dozen Werewolves in Brazil that once again led them both back to Beacon Hills for the final battle between the supernatural community, including the McCall Pack, and the town's human population, the majority of which had joined Gerard Argent and Tamora Monroe's Hunter Army.

Early Life

He was born in 1995 to Noah and Claudia Stilinski and grew up in Beacon Hills, California. As a child, he was unable to properly say his birth name, Mieczysław (a Polish male given name pronounced mee-chee-swahv); the closest he could get to a correct pronunciation was "Mischief" which became a nickname that his mother began calling him as a result of his naturally mischievous nature. ("Blitzkrieg")

As a young child, Stiles' mother Claudia was stricken with frontotemporal dementia. During the time she endured this illness, Claudia suffered such horrifying delusions that she was under the impression that Stiles was trying to kill her despite the fact that he was really just an anxious child worried about his mother. According to the repressed memory Stiles experienced in a flashback due to reading The Dread Doctors novel by Gabriel Valack, Claudia even violently attacked Stiles on at least one occasion as a result of her dementia, which caused her to develop a very strong case of paranoia and dissociation. ("Required Reading")

Claudia ultimately died while being treated in the hospital, on an afternoon when the young Stiles was visiting with her; he unfortunately had to endure the traumatic experience alone due to his father being caught up dealing with a car accident case, as Noah ultimately decided to stay late to comfort a woman who was dying as a result of the crash. ("Alpha Pact")

At Claudia's funeral, Stiles' father, Noah, saw how badly Stiles was mourning his mother's death and assured him that he still had him, and their mutual loss caused Stiles to become incredibly close to Noah to help each other get through Claudia's death together. ("The Last Chimera") Afterward, Stiles began to experience anxiety attacks and bouts of sleepwalking, though he eventually grew out of it for a time. ("Silverfinger") He also seemed to be aware of his father's affinity for whiskey, which occasionally went too far, to the point where Noah was asked by his fellow employees to cut down on his drinking. ("Wolf's Bane") This was evidenced by when Stiles defended his father against Special Agent Rafael McCall's insinuations that Stilinski had relapsed. ("Alpha Pact"). When he was old enough to start driving, his father gave him his Jeep, which had belonged to his mother, and which she had wanted him to have once he was old enough to drive it. The first time he took it out for a drive, he went into a ditch, and his father handed him his first roll of duct tape in order to fix it, a method of DIY-repairs that Stiles maintains to this day. ("Blitzkrieg")

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Wolf Moon, Stiles went to the McCall House to inform his best friend Scott McCall about the body that the Sheriff's Department had found in the woods, specifically the fact that they had only found half of it. He then insisted that Scott come with him to the Beacon Hills Preserve to try to find the body before his father, Sheriff Stilinski, and his men found it first.

While the two were walking through the woods, Stiles saw flashlights ahead of them, causing them both to duck down and size up the situation. Believing that someone else had found the bodies, Stiles leaped forward to check it out, leaving Scott, who was out of breath and needed to use his inhaler, struggling to catch up with him. Just as Stiles was caught by his father and forced to go home, Scott, who had stopped to try to find his lost inhaler, managed to find the other half of the dead female body before he was then attacked and bitten by an Alpha Werewolf, though Scott did not immediately know what animal bit him.

The next day, Stiles met up with Scott at school and expressed his excitement that Scott had found the other half of the body before he asked to see his bite, which Scott showed him. However, when Scott remarked that he thought he was bitten by a wolf, Stiles scoffed and said there hadn't been wolves in California for decades.

Just then, Lydia Martin arrived at school and walked past them, and Stiles, who obviously had romantic feelings for her, tried to greet her, only to be ignored and rebuffed. Embarrassed, Stiles blamed this brush-off as being due to Scott "dragging him down to his nerd-depths." At afternoon lacrosse practice, Stiles resumed his usual position of benchwarmer while try-outs went underway, and was both shocked and gleeful when he saw Scott's uncharacteristically athletic display of kill on the field.

After practice, Scott and Stiles went back to the preserve to once again try to find Scott's lost inhaler while Stiles questioned him on what caused his stellar lacrosse performance earlier. Scott admitted that his physical abilities and his senses seemed to be overwhelmingly heightened (to the point where he could even smell a single piece of mint-mojito-flavored gum in Stiles' jacket pocket) before worrying aloud that his animal bite could be infected and causing his body to flood with adrenaline. Stiles jokingly pointed out that he thought he had heard of Scott's condition before and informed him it was "lycanthropy."

When Scott didn't know what this meant, Stiles fake-howled like a wolf, before joking he'd need to melt down all of his silver into bullets in preparation for the full moon on Friday. They made it to the edge of the woods near the ruins of the Hale House, where they were confronted by a scowling young man who gruffly informed them that they were on private property. The boys nervously informed him that they were just looking for something, leading the man to throw Scott his inhaler before turning and walking away. Once Derek was out of earshot, Stiles reminded Scott that the man was Derek Hale, whose entire family had died in a fire several years earlier.

The next day, before lacrosse practice, Stiles excitedly ran up to Scott to inform him of the newest developments on the murder case, namely that the Sheriff's department thought that the woman had been killed by a wolf. However, Scott was too amped up from his recent confrontation with Jackson Whittemore and his desire to make first line on the team to pay much attention to him. Stiles once again watched from the bench as Scott performed extraordinary gymnastic feats on the field and realized that something serious was truly happening to Scott. After practice, Stiles went home and immediately began doing research, both online and with various books, where he eventually learned more about lycanthropy and materials that could be used against Werewolves.

Stiles then called Scott to his house to explain what he had learned—namely, that Scott really had been turned into a Werewolf through the bite he received in the woods, and that both the full moon and strong emotions could trigger his bloodlust and violent tendencies. He then told Scott he needed to cancel his date with Allison Argent on Friday, which happened to be the night of the full moon, due to the risk caused by his impending first transformation.

When Scott, who thought Stiles was messing with him, was resistant to this advice, Stiles even tried to grab Scott's phone in order to text Allison to cancel for him, which, just as Stiles predicted, caused Scott so overwhelmed by anger that he inadvertently pinned Stiles against the wall and nearly punched him. Realizing what he was about to do, Scott became horrified and let go of Stiles, apologizing briefly before running out of the room, visibly embarrassed and unsettled by this out-of-control behavior. Once he was gone, Stiles noticed several long claw gashes down the back of his desk chair and became even more concerned about his best friend.

Scott ultimately went to the party with Allison anyway, as did Stiles. As the full moon rose, Scott began to feel so sick that he was forced to leave the party, just as Stiles feared, though he luckily did so before he could harm anyone. When Scott rushed back to his house, he immediately took off his shirt and got into the bathtub, where he turned on the hot water in an attempt to make him feel better. However, when he looked in the mirror, he realized that he was starting to grow claws and fangs, and his eyes were turning gold.

Stiles arrived moments later and pounded on his bedroom door with his fist, insisting that he could help, but Scott instead told Stiles to go check on Allison, as he believed Derek, who had taken Allison home after Scott bailed on her, was the Werewolf who bit him and was putting her in danger. Stiles then rushed over to the Argent House, where Victoria Argent answered the door and listened to Stiles ramble awkwardly for a moment before revealing that Allison was perfectly fine and had returned home safely.

The next morning at sunrise, Stiles found Scott, who was still recovering from the events of the previous night and the effects of his first full moon, walking on the side of the road along the Beacon Hills Preserve and picked him up in his Jeep. When Scott lamented the fact that he likely screwed up his chances with Allison, Stiles, while agreeing that he would need an awesome excuse, still promised to help Scott through his new life as a Werewolf.

In Second Chance at First Line, Stiles found Scott panicking in the locker room before lacrosse practice and asked him what was going on, leading Scott to inform him that he had just learned that Allison's father, Chris Argent, was the Hunter who shot him with an arrow on the full moon in the previous episode. Stiles was visibly unnerved by this information but assured him that Allison's dad likely didn't recognize him due to it being dark and Scott being transformed at the time, and suggested that they just focus on lacrosse practice for now.

However, after both Jackson Whittemore and Coach Finstock gave Scott a lot of grief on the field, his resulting anger caused Scott to start to shift on the field, forcing Stiles to rush him into the locker room while, unbeknownst to them, Derek Hale was lurking in the shadows of the nearby woods and watched them.

In the locker room, Scott fully transformed and tried to attack Stiles, who, at a loss for options, grabbed the nearby fire extinguisher and sprayed Scott with it to turn him back into human form. Scott once again was horrified by his behavior, and after Stiles informed him that he nearly tried to kill him again, he reminded his best friend that anger and an increased heart rate causes Scott to shift. He then insisted that Scott not play lacrosse until he learned control over his transformations, much to Scott's disappointment.

That night, Stiles video-chatted with Scott on the computers in their respective bedrooms, where he became alarmed upon seeing Derek lurking in the dark corner of Scott's bedroom. Though the slow internet connection caused Scott's computer to freeze up, Stiles managed to briefly warn Scott of his presence before the older Werewolf lunged forward and confronted Scott about almost exposing himself (and, by extension, Derek) as a Werewolf in front of everyone.

In the hallway at school the next day, Stiles called Scott over and asked him to use his Werewolf hearing to eavesdrop on a conversation Sheriff Stilinski was having with their principal. When Scott informed him that Sheriff was instituting a curfew as a result of the body they found in the woods, Stiles scoffed at the fact that his father was too busy looking for a rabid animal to realize that it was actually Derek who was likely the killer, since both Scott and Stiles were still believed two things—that Derek had bitten and turned Scott into a Werewolf, and that Derek was the person who killed the still-unknown woman found cut in half in the woods.

After school, Scott called Stiles over to his house to inform him that when he went to seek Derek's advice at the Hale House, he smelled blood, which caused him to think they may be able to find evidence that Derek was the killer at the ruins of his family's home.

The two went to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where Stiles stood guard while Scott sneaked into the morgue to get a scent off the body the deputies found in the preserve. While he was waiting, he saw Lydia Martin waiting for Jackson in the waiting room and struck up a conversation with her, admitting that he always felt like they had a connection and that it might be nice if they got to know each other. Much to Stiles' embarrassment, Lydia was in the middle of a phone call on her Bluetooth headset and had missed everything that he had said to her. When she asked him if it was worth repeating, Stiles lost his nerve and said it wasn't.

Moments later, Scott returned and told him that the scent on the body was the same as what he smelled at the Hale House, leading Stiles to wonder aloud if Derek had buried the other half of the body on his property. Stiles decided they needed to find evidence of this that they could use against Derek, but asked Scott if his motivation was out of a desire to stop a killer, or if he was just mad that Derek forbade him from playing lacrosse and wanted to get back at him. However, when Scott replied that there were bite marks all over the girl's legs, Stiles determined that stopping Derek should be their priority before stating that they needed to find a shovel.

After nightfall, Stiles and Scott hid out near the Hale House and waited until Derek left in his Camaro before going over to the side of the house toward a recently-dug-up patch of earth. They immediately started digging, and after a few minutes, they found a burlap-covered bundle buried in the dirt that was tied up with twine. When Stiles finally untied the knots, they found, to their surprise, that there was actually the front half of a large wolf inside the bundle and not the top half of the female human body Scott found in the woods several nights earlier.

Stiles then realized that there was a purple flower planted nearby that he identified as a strain of wolfsbane and scoffed in exasperation when Scott neither knew what it was nor how it could negatively affect Werewolves. The plant was discovered to be tied to another length of twine wrapped in a spiral around the body, and when Stiles unraveled it, the front half of the dead wolf turned into the top half of the dead girl that Scott found in the woods, revealing that the dead young woman was a Werewolf as well, specifically one capable of fully-shifting into an actual wolf.

The next morning, Scott and Stiles watched Sheriff Stilinski and his deputies as they arrested Derek for the murder of the woman in the woods. When the deputies weren't looking, Stiles sneaked into the front seat to talk to Derek; he first stated that he wasn't afraid of Derek, but all it took was one scowl from Derek for Stiles to take back this statement. Stiles then pointed out that the girl he allegedly killed was a Werewolf like Derek and Scott, but, at the same time, she was also different since she could turn into a real wolf, which he knew Scott couldn't do.

Instead of answering Stiles' question, Derek retorted that Stiles was wasting his time worrying about him when he should be worrying about Scott, since if Scott transformed on the lacrosse field, it would end badly for all of them. Derek then went on to say that while its obvious that Scott won't listen to him, he would listen to Stiles, and he insisted that Stiles talk him out of playing in the upcoming game.

Just then, Stilinski realized what Stiles was doing and yanked him out of the car before Stiles could question Derek further. When the Stilinski demanded to know how Stiles found the buried half of the missing body in the first place, Stiles lied and stated that they were out looking for Scott's inhaler, not realizing until it was too late that he had just exposed his earlier lie in Wolf Moon, when he said that Scott wasn't with him in the woods. Stilinski ordered Stiles to leave, so he quickly returned to his Jeep where Scott was waiting for him. While they drive back into town, Scott looked through Stiles' books on Werewolves in an attempt to learn more about Wolfsbane, but was forced to stop when he suddenly became sick and woozy.

This discomfort led to Scott to lose his temper in response to Stiles' general excitement about him being a Werewolf (a turn of events that Scott felt was a curse rather than a blessing) before he started to have an asthma attack, leading him to realize that he was feeling sick because Stiles had put the wolfsbane plant in his backpack, which was sitting on Scott's lap. Scott then threw Stiles' backpack out the window before opening the door and running away, leaving Stiles terrified that Scott was going to transform and possibly hurt someone. He frantically called the emergency dispatch to ask if there were any calls about wild animals roaming around, but the dispatcher sternly reminded Stiles that he wasn't allowed to call in on a whim, per the Sheriff's instructions, before hanging up.

That night at the game, Stiles reluctantly agreed to not give Scott grief for deciding to take his spot on first-line after all, though he did remark that he hoped Scott knew what he was doing. When Scott replied that he just wanted a semi-normal life, Stiles instructed him not to worry too much on the field to avoid transforming, which ultimately did little to help Scott's nerves when he brought up the fact that Allison's father, who was attending the game with Allison and Lydia, was a Hunter who wanted to kill him.

Near the end of the game, Stiles was on the bench when he noticed that Scott was starting to lose control and began to panic; however, when Scott heard Allison saying "You can do it, Scott," in the stands, Scott was able to hold it together long enough to score the game-winning goal before rushing into the locker room to try to resist his transformation. During this time, Stiles was approached by his father at the end of the game, who seemed to have bad news.

After talking to his dad off-screen, Stiles rushed into the locker room several minutes later to find Scott kissing Allison, and waited politely until they were finished before approaching Scott. Scott, in his afterglow, excitedly explained that not only did Allison kiss him, but he was able to keep himself from shifting and believed that maybe being a Werewolf wasn't going to be so bad. Stiles, not wanting to ruin Scott's good mood, offered to talk to him later, but Scott insisted that Stiles tell him what was going on.

Stiles then grimly replied that the medical examiner was finally able to do an autopsy on the body after they found the other half, which led them to realize that the girl was killed by an animal, not a human. He went on to say that since, as far as the Sheriff's department knew, Derek was a human and not an animal, they were forced to release him from jail, and, to make matters even more complicated, they were also able to learn the identity of the victim-- Laura Hale, Derek's older sister.

In Pack Mentality, Stiles met up with Scott at school in the morning, where his best friend told him about a dream he had about Allison in which he lost control over his transformation and violently mauled her to death. Though Scott stated he knew it was a dream, he insisted that it felt too real and wondered if it was a warning that he could lose control and rip her throat out during their date the next night. Stiles agreed that this could be the case, but complimented Scott on how well he was handling his transformation into a Werewolf, joking that there was no "Lycanthropy for Beginners" class that he could take to help him out.

This led Scott to realize that, while the class doesn't exist, there was a potential teacher, and when Stiles figured out that Scott was talking about Derek Hale, he immediately reminded his friend that they got Derek tossed in jail for murder and that he doubted the fellow Werewolf would be willing to help him out. Just then, the two turned the corner to find that the bus Scott dreamed about the previous night, where the back door was wrenched off of its hinges, it was covered in smears of blood, and was surrounded by Sheriff's deputies and police crime scene tape, revealing that Scott's dream may not have been just a dream at all.

Stiles and Scott then made their way into the school, where Scott began freaking out that Allison may have truly been killed the previous night. Stiles assured him that Allison was likely just fine and that it must all be a coincidence, but Scott wasn't so sure, as Allison hadn't responded to any of his tests. The two then split up in hopes of finding Allison faster, and fortunately, Scott eventually bumped into Allison, proving that she was alive, though it only led to more questions about what really happened in the bus.

Stiles and Scott went to chemistry class, where they continued to unpack what they had learned about the attack on the bus. Stiles suggested that the blood they saw could have been animal blood, and when Scott questioned him, he added that maybe Scott ate a rabbit while he was prowling around. Mr. Harris then caught the two talking and forced them to sit on opposite sides of the room in hopes of getting them to focus. Unfortunately, this was quickly proven to be a pointless endeavor, as the class noticed the paramedics wheeling out a victim in the attack on a gurney through the window, revealing a man who was clearly mauled by an animal and who was so frightened that he began shouting at whomever could hear him.

At lunch, Stiles once again met up with Scott at a table to try to figure out what exactly happened last night and how Scott was involved. Stiles reassured Scott that it couldn't have been that bad, since the man who was attacked was still alive, before asking him how he thought Derek could possibly help him with this problem. Scott pointed out that when he saw Derek on his first full moon, he was completely human, indicating that there was a way he could learn to perfectly control his Werewolf side as well.

Before they could discuss this further, Allison, Lydia, Jackson, and Danny sat down at the table with Stiles and Scott, preventing them from discussing the matter further. However, the group continued to gossip about the attack and their theories as to what happened, with Danny suggesting that the man was attacked by a cougar. Jackson argued that he heard the man was attacked by a mountain lion, only for Lydia to pipe up that a cougar is a mountain lion, leading everyone at the table to look at her curiously due to this surprisingly intelligent display, forcing Lydia to downplay her intelligence as part of her persona as a ditzy mean-girl. Stiles then got a news alert on his phone and read it to the others, revealing that the victim was named Garrison Myers, whom Scott recognized as a bus driver for the school. The topic of conversation was then changed by Lydia to Allison, Scott, Lydia, and Jackson's plans for the next night, excluding Stiles and Danny from the discussion.

After lunch, Stiles called Scott out regarding his plans to go on a double date to the bowling alley, reminding him that he is a terrible bowler, a an argument with which Scott totally agreed. Stiles remained appalled at Scott's attempt to ruin his chances with Allison before changing the topic of conversation to Danny, whom Stiles believed didn't like him, causing him to worry that he is not attractive to gay guys. Scott, more worried about the "animal attack," ignored Stiles in favor of rushing to work at the animal clinic.

That night, after Scott met with Derek, who advised him to go back to the scene of the crime and use his senses to remember what happened, he and Stiles went to the high school's bus bay to investigate. Stiles balked when Scott asked him to be the look-out, pouting and remarking that it was starting to feel like he was Robin and Scott was Batman, but ultimately agreed to keep watch while Scott went into the bus. It was there that Scott had flashbacks to that night, where he realized that he had been called out in the middle of the night by another Werewolf, who was the one who attacked Garrison Myers while Scott tried to defend the latter, getting injured in the process, though it healed overnight.

When Stiles saw Sheriff's deputy cruisers approaching the school, he frantically honked the horn of his Jeep to alert Scott of their presence. Scott quickly fled toward the Jeep and got in so Stiles could speed away before they were seen by the police. On their way home, Stiles asked Scott if their plan worked, and Scott explained what he saw, adding that he believed Derek was the other Werewolf that he was fighting.

Confused, Stiles wondered why Derek would tell Scott to do this if it would implicate him, but Scott stated that he didn't understand it, either. Stiles assumed that killing together is a type of pack initiation but pointed out that since Scott didn't give in, he's not a killer; Scott was thrilled by the fact that this meant he could go on his date with Allison without worry, but Stiles was more relieved by the fact that Scott would not be killing him.

The next night, Stiles was in the process of climbing into Scott's room through the window when Melissa McCall burst into the room, armed with a baseball bat. She was mid-swing when she realized the "intruder" was Stiles and stopped just before she could hit him, exasperatedly demanding to know what the hell he was doing there. Stiles, equally exasperated, asked her if she and Scott even played baseball, just as Scott returned home from his date.

When Melissa asked if either of them cared that there was a town-wide curfew, and when Stiles and Scott both answered "No," Melissa rolled her eyes and declared she was going to bed. Once she was gone, Scott asked Stiles what was going on, and Stiles informed him that he just talked to his father, Sheriff Stilinski, who told him that Garrison had "succumbed to his wounds," leading Scott to grimly realize that the victim was now dead.

In Magic Bullet, Stiles and Scott McCall were in class as Scott updated him on what he had learned the previous night during his fight with Derek Hale; namely, that Derek was not the Werewolf who turned him, nor did he kill his sister Laura Hale, and that the true culprit was a powerful Werewolf known as an Alpha (who ranked above Beta Werewolves such as Derek and Scott). Stiles immediately began peppering his best friend with questions, including "If Derek isn't the Alpha, who is?", "Did the Alpha kill the bus driver?", and "Does Allison's dad know about the Alpha?", but Scott doesn't have any more answers than Stiles does.

When the classes tests were handed back and Stiles saw Scott's uncharacteristically low score of a D-, he joked that Scott needed to study more before offering to help him himself. Scott revealed that he was planning on studying with Allison after school, and Stiles immediately takes this to mean they would be hooking up and insisted that Scott not squander his opportunity to get laid, as Stiles needed to live vicariously through him.

After school, Stiles was about to leave in his Jeep when suddenly, a pale, sickly-looking Derek (who had been shot with a Wolfsbane-laced bullet the night prior by Kate Argent) appeared in front of him to stop him, and Scott, who was about to ride his bike to the Argent House, rushed over to assist before anyone could see the three of them together.

When Scott demanded to know what he was doing there, Derek explained how he had been poisoned and he needed a special bullet of Kate's to cure himself; since Derek had overheard that Scott was going to the Argents' home, he insisted that Scott find the bullet for him. Scott immediately questioned this request until Derek reminded him that he was as good as dead if he died, which forced Scott and Stiles to help him. Derek was left in Stiles' care while Scott headed to Allison's house in search for the bullet.

Meanwhile, Stiles began driving Derek toward the Hale House, admonishing him for bleeding on his seats, but when Derek realized where they were going, he made it clear that he couldn't go home, as he was too weak to defend himself and Hunters could easily come back for him there. Stiles, overwhelmed and frustrated, bluntly asked Derek if he was dying, and Derek implied that he would be if Scott couldn't get him the "magic bullet" in time.

He then rolled up the sleeve to his injured arm, revealing that the wound itself was bleeding black blood and had darkened the blood vessels around it, a disturbing sight that nearly caused Stiles to vomit on him before ordering him to get out of the car. Derek threatened to rip his throat out with his teeth if he didn't start the car and drive somewhere else, and though Stiles initially threatened to leave him for dead in the woods, he eventually did as he was told.

By the time Derek and Stiles made it to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic to hide out, Scott had found the bullet they needed and discovered the wolfsbane inside was a rare form known as Nordic Blue Monkshood, forcing him to steal the bullet in order to cure Derek. Stiles watched in horror as Derek stripped off his shirt, revealing the blackened blood vessels were now traveling up his shoulder toward his chest, and began gagging nauseously as Derek made it clear that if it came down to it, Stiles was going to have to use a bone saw to amputate his arm if it meant saving his life.

When Derek began vomiting black blood, it became clear that his time was running out, and Stiles began panicking at the thought of cutting Derek's arm off; fortunately for the human boy, Scott arrived with the bullet just before amputation became necessary, sparing Stiles the trauma.

Both boys watched as Derek passed out and dropped the bullet onto the floor, where it rolled into a vent, forcing Scott and Stiles to split up; Scott focused on retrieving the bullet while Stiles punched and slapped Derek over and over until he woke up. They then stood awestruck as Derek wrenched open the bullet with his teeth, poured the wolfsbane onto the table, burned it to ashes, and applied the ashes to his open wound, curing his infection, though the process was excruciatingly painful.

Afterward, Scott insisted that, since Derek now owed them a life debt, he had to leave them alone, going so far as to threaten to tell Argent everything if he didn't comply, Derek was appalled that Scott would trust the Hunters over his own people and introduced him to his comatose uncle Peter Hale, who had been burned nearly to death in the Hale house fire set by the Argent Family (specifically Kate Argent).

In The Tell, Stiles was eating dinner with his father Stilinski in his cruiser, where the latter was complaining about Stiles' rule against him eating curly fries. Suddenly, the police radio turns on with a dispatch report of a 1-8-7, or a homicide, at Video 2*C. Stiles accompanied Sheriff Stilinski to the scene of the crime and was surprised to find that Jackson Whittemore and Lydia Martin, who were renting a movie, were the witnesses to the murder, though his dad forbid him from getting out of the car.

The next day at school, Stiles was in chemistry class, where Mr. Harris began berating him for the fact that he was highlighting large sections of texts in his book. When Harris asked if anyone had seen Scott McCall, Stiles' best friend, Stiles became concerned, but he was reminded of the murder that occurred the previous night once Harris assured Jackson that he could leave class if it became too stressful for him.

He then leaned over toward Danny Mahealani and asked him if Lydia was in homeroom, to which Danny answered in the negative. Stiles went on to ask if he knew what happened to Jackson and Lydia the previous night, Danny, not wanting to share his own best friend's business, hesitantly replied that Jackson was too shaken up to tell him what he saw, which Stiles found difficult to believe. On a roll, Stiles asked Danny a third question—is he hot to gay guys?-- and when Danny didn't respond, he leaned over in his chair so far that he fell onto the floor.

Intent to figure out what really happened at the video store, Stiles went to the Martin House after school to visit Lydia Martin and see how she was doing after the ordeal. Her mother, Natalie Martin, walked into Lydia's room and informed her that there was a "Stiles" there to see her, leading Lydia to mumble, "What the hell is a 'Stiles?'", further confirming how little Lydia thought of him. Undeterred by Lydia's behavior, Stiles looked at Natalie, who assured him that Lydia was just given medication for her nerves before leaving to allow them to talk.

When Lydia asked him why he was there, Stiles stated that he was only there to make sure that she was okay before asking her what it was that she saw the previous night. For a moment, she looked as though she was generally scared before slurring that she saw a mountain lion. After a few more attempts at questions, Stiles figured out that Lydia was just high on her medication and was parroting the police's theory on the incident. Stiles was about to leave when Lydia flirtatiously asked him to stay, causing him to become overwhelmed by excitement at the thought of hanging out with his long-time crush.

However, when she leaned forward as though she was going to kiss him, she called Stiles "Jackson," which was the final straw in Stiles' attempt to win her over. Right as Lydia passed out, her phone beeped, and Stiles offered to get it for her; when he picked up her phone, he found the brief video Lydia got of the Alpha breaking through the glass windows while escaping following his murder of the cashier, Leveque.

Stiles immediately contacted Scott for advice on how to handle this, but since he had skipped school to spend the day with Allison Argent, his phone was turned off to ensure his full attention. Stiles ultimately decided to send himself the video and then delete it off of Lydia's phone.

That afternoon, Stiles had returned to the Stilinski House, while he continued to try to get a hold of Scott as he paced around his room. He was soon interrupted by his father, Stilinski, who begged him to say that the evening's parent-teacher conference was going to involve him learning Stiles had all A's and no behavioral issues, but Stiles wryly stated that he shouldn't get too optimistic. Once Stilinski left, Stiles, tired of waiting on Scott, decided to delete the video from his own phone.

In Heart Monitor, Stiles was sitting in class when Scott came to sit in front of him, but he remained silent, still upset with Scott for the fact that he saved Allison from being hit by a car that ultimately hit his father, Stilinski, instead. Stiles continued to give him the silent treatment even after Scott acknowledged that Stiles wasn't talking to him, asked how his father was doing, and expressed his guilt for what happened to him.

Realizing that the only way to get Stiles to engage was to appeal to his sense of curiosity regarding the supernatural world and his distrust of Derek Hale by admitting that he was trying to get control over his lycanthropy and went to Derek for help. This caught Stiles' attention, and he gritted his teeth before responding that if he was talking to Scott, he would say he was an idiot for trusting him before petulantly adding that he obviously wasn't speaking to him. Scott, knowing Stiles would be unable to resist learning more about what happened, remained silent until Stiles finally broke down and asked him what Derek said.

Scott filled Stiles in off-screen, and they were seen walking down the hallway while Stiles processed this update. He was exasperated by the fact that Derek encouraged Scott to "tap into his animal side and get angry," sarcastically adding, "All right, well, correct me if I'm wrong, but every time you do that, you try to kill someone, and that someone is usually me."

Scott sighed and agreed with Stiles, stating that this was why Derek was unsure if he could even teach him to control it due to the difference between born and bitten Werewolves. Stiles asked how Derek planned to teach him, and Scott admitted that he wasn't sure, and he didn't think Derek even knew, either.

After learning that Derek planned to have another training session with Scott following his shift at the animal clinic that evening, Stiles decided that this would give him until the end of the school day to teach Scott how to control his lycanthropy himself, clearly not trusting Derek to be able to do so.

At lunch, Stiles teased Scott for his attempts to avoid Allison on Derek's orders, which involved hiding behind a textbook at their table. When Scott asked if Stiles had a plan yet, Stiles stated that he did, leading Scott to ask him if this meant Stiles didn't hate him anymore.

Stiles rolled his eyes and retorted, "No. But your crap has infiltrated my life, so now I have to do something about it. Plus, I'm a better Yoda than Derek." Scott, nodding in agreement and told Stiles to teach him, and Stiles was unable to resist imitating Yoda ("Your Yoda I will be!"), though he added that he still hated Scott for not understanding the reference.

During their free period, Stiles brought Scott onto the lacrosse field, where he instructed him to put on a heart rate monitor belonging to Coach Finstock, briefly bickering over the terminology as to how Stiles acquired it (Stiles originally said "borrowed," which Scott assumed meant "stole" before Stiles corrected him once again with "temporarily misappropriated").

Stiles explained that Coach used the device to monitor his heart rate when he ran and that Scott would be wearing it for the rest of the day so that Stiles could monitor his heart rate on Coach's phone, which Stiles openly admitted to stealing.

Stiles went on to explain that whenever Scott's heart rate increases, he "goes wolf," such as when he's hooking up with Allison, when he gets angry or overwhelmed during lacrosse practice, which led Stiles to believe that if Scott could learn to control his heart rate, he could control his transformations. Scott excitedly asked if this meant he was like the Incredible Hulk, which Stiles, clearly jealous, reluctantly agreed was true before insisting that Scott put on the heart monitor.

The test Stiles had devised seemed to also serve as a way for him to get a bit of payback against Scott for what happened to his father, as it involved duct-taping Scott's hands together and launching lacrosse balls at Scott while he tried to keep his heart rate steady. After being hit several times, Scott finally started to transform for a brief moment, allowing him to break through the duct tape binding his wrists before falling to his knees and reeling himself back in.

Stiles, impressed, remarked that Scott had started to transform but didn't complete it, and Scott admitted that not only did the anger cause the change, but it also felt as though the more angry he became, the stronger he became. Stiles reluctantly admitted that Derek was indeed right about how Scott will have to control himself, but Scott glumly stated that this meant he couldn't be with Allison. Stiles assumed that this was because she made him happy, but Scott lamented that it was actually because she made him weak.

Back inside in the boy's locker room, Stiles assured Scott that he would be able to stay away from Allison for a few days, but Scott pointed out the problem-- was it just for a few days, or was it forever? Stiles scoffed and retorted that the "women make you weak"-thing was "a little too Spartan warrior for [him]" and suggested that maybe this was just part of the learning process. Scott replied that Derek was a total loner and wondered if this meant Scott could never be with Allison again, Stiles pointed out that if it meant Scott survived, it may not be a bad thing, though Scott insisted that he would rather be dead.

Stiles sighed and reassured Scott that he wasn't going to end up like Derek and that they would figure it out before suggesting that they leave. Scott agreed, stating that something smelled terrible in the room anyway, leading Stiles to retort that something smelling gross in a boys locker room was not exactly a new occurrence. Scott insisted that this was something else, describing the scent as being like a rotting or dying smell, not realizing that he was picking up the scent of Jackson Whittemore, who was suffering from wolfsbane poisoning after being stabbed in the neck with Derek's wolfsbane-coated claws. ("Magic Bullet")

Stiles' next class was economics, taught by Coach Finstock, which he shared with Scott and Allison, who sat next to him. He became concerned when Coach started berating Scott in front of the whole class for not doing the assigned reading despite having a D-average in the class.

As this went on for several long minutes, Stiles pulled out the phone he stole from the Coach and watched as Scott's heartbeat increased nearly to the point where Scott normally began to transform. However, much to Stiles' surprise, Scott's pulse eventually began to slow down seemingly out of nowhere, and when Stiles looked over at him, he saw that it was because Allison had grabbed Scott's hand and squeezed it reassuringly, causing him to realize the key to Scott's control issues.

After class, Stiles informed him that he had figured it out—Allison was the key to Scott maintaining control over his lycanthropy. He then laid out the evidence: during Scott's first full moon, when he was able to control himself out of a desire to protect her from Derek; during their first lacrosse game of the season, when Scott heard Allison's voice, bringing him back enough to be able to score; and after the game, when he was able to change himself back before he saw Allison to ensure that he wouldn't hurt her.

Scott wasn't sure about this, pointing out that this didn't seem to happen whenever they were fooling around, but Stiles argued that it was different, because during those times, Scott was "just another horny teenager thinking about sex" before admonishing him for beginning to think about sex at the sound of the word.

Stiles summarized his hypothesis by explaining that when Allison was holding Scott's hand in the classroom, he was able to reign himself in, which led him to believe that Allison didn't make him weak, she actually gave him control, making her like an anchor to his humanity.

Scott asked if this was because he loved her, and Stiles watched in amusement as Scott gaped in shock at the fact that Scott had said he was in love with her. Stiles then brought the subject back to the task at hand, bringing up the main problem to this theory—Scott can't be with Allison every second of every day, so they need a plan to deal with his transformations.

When Scott asked what he needed to do, Stiles admitted that he wasn't sure yet, but it was clear that he was already formulating a plan in his head as they spoke. Scott recognized the facial expression that indicated he had gotten an idea and asked Stiles two questions: "Is this idea gonna get me in trouble?" (to which Stiles said "maybe"), and "Is this idea gonna cause me physical pain?" (to which Stiles replied, "Yeah, definitely.")

Stiles dragged Scott out into the parking lot, where he then began using the keys to his Jeep to scratch up the paint of a nearby truck. He then instructed Scott to stand right next to the car as he put the keys in Scott's hands and hand him hold them up so it would look as though Scott did it.

Just as the owner of the car was walking out of the school, Stiles instructed Scott to think of Allison and try to find her voice, regardless of what happened. The owner of the car, a male student, confronted Scott and demanded to know what he did to his truck, eventually leading him and his friend to begin viciously assaulting Scott while Stiles watched and winced, once again getting slight enjoyment at the payback he was getting for Scott's misdeeds against him. Stiles monitored Scott's heart rate using Coach's phone and held it up in satisfaction when Scott was able to find Allison's voice and lower his heart rate to sixty beats per minute just as Adrian Harris appeared and broke up the fight.

Harris sentenced the two to after-school detention, where they were forced to sit in silence for thirty minutes before Scott sheepishly brought up the fact that he was supposed to be at work and didn't want to get fired. When Harris said nothing, Scott quietly began putting together the pieces of Stiles' plans throughout the day-- he knew Scott would heal from the assault on him due to keying the truck, and that while this was meant to help him learn, it was also meant to punish him, which Stiles gleefully confirmed.

Scott sadly replied that Stiles was his best friend and that he couldn't have him being angry with him, leading Stiles to assure him that he was no longer angry before getting to the point: "Look, you have something, Scott, okay? Whether you want it or not, you can do things nobody else can do. So, that means you don't have a choice anymore-- it means you have to do something." Scott nodded in agreement and assured him that he knew and that he would, just as Harris reluctantly allowed Stiles and Scott to leave detention.

When Scott arrived at work to find Derek interrogating a restrained Alan Deaton, he realized that Derek believed Deaton was the Alpha and demonstrated his new-found control when he stopped Derek from physically harming Deaton any further. He then immediately called Stiles, who wasted no time in pointing out that Scott's plan to prove Deaton wasn't the Alpha was a terrible idea.

Scott asked Stiles if he had a better idea, to which Stiles anxiously retorted, "Well, personally, I'm a fan of ignoring a problem until eventually, it just goes away..." before Scott instructed Stiles to ensure that they could get inside the school. When Derek arrived at the school with Deaton tied up in the trunk of his Camaro, Scott's plan became clear—he intended to summon the Alpha through a howl, which would prove that Deaton was not the Alpha.

Inside the school's administrative office, Stiles asked Scott what he planned to do if the Alpha showed up, and Scott sheepishly confessed that he didn't know. Stiles went on to ask if summoning him meant that Scott was part of his pack, Scott stated that he hoped not, to which Stiles wholeheartedly agreed. Stiles turned on the PA system's microphone and gave it to Scott, who tried his best to howl but sounded more like a cat dying, much to Derek and Stiles' annoyance.

Stiles then began psyching Scott up, advising him to be a Werewolf, not a teen wolf, giving Scott the motivation he needed to roar loudly enough for anyone in town to hear them. When the two went back outside to meet up with Derek, Derek began berating them for not thinking through their plan when suddenly, the Alpha appeared behind Derek and clawed him in the back so severely that Derek began coughing up blood and appeared to be dead.

In Night School, Stiles and Scott ran into the school for safety after seeing the Alpha seemingly kill Derek right before their eyes. Now focused only on surviving this situation, Stiles made it clear that he now agreed with Derek that the Alpha was Alan Deaton, since he had vanished without a trace from Derek's trunk just before the Alpha showed up to attack Derek.

Stiles then attempted to come up with a plan to get them out of there safely in his Jeep, but the Alpha, apparently listening to their conversation, replied by throwing the Jeep's transmission through the window, landing on the floor in front of them in the hallway where they were sitting on the floor, under the windows and out of sight. At a loss for other options, Scott and Stiles decide that their best course of action would be to hide in the locker room, since it has the least amount of windows. However, shortly after they took refuge there, they were terrified by the sound of footsteps approaching them and stuff themselves into nearby lockers to hide, only to be found by the janitor, who attempted to kick them out of the building, stating that they were not allowed inside after hours.

Meanwhile, Allison, Lydia, and Jackson arrive at the school looking for Scott, as he was meant to hang out with Allison and was over a half-hour late to their date, and Jackson, who was seemingly romantically interested in Allison, invited himself and Lydia along when Allison mysteriously received a text message to meet him at the school, not knowing that Scott's phone had been stolen by the Alpha.

While this was going on, Stiles decided to use his keys as part of a trap to lure the Alpha into the boiler room, managing to successfully lock the Werewolf inside. However, though the Alpha was unable to get out through the thick metal door, he was able to break through the ceiling tiles by climbing into the crawlspace and getting back into the hallways.

In the parking lot, Jackson noticed Stiles' "crappy car looked even more crappy than usual" and Lydia, already creeped out, insisted that she wouldn't stay in the car if she was left by herself, as Allison had already gone inside to find Scott. The two then decided to go inside and find Allison to make sure she was okay, and when Lydia went into the restroom, Jackson saw the Alpha in the hallway, initially believing it to be Scott before it started walking on all fours.

Elsewhere in the school, Scott heard the sound of Allison's cell phone's ringtone and realized she must be inside and asked Stiles to use his phone to call her. They all end up meeting up together in the entrance hall, where Scott discovered that the Alpha had used his stolen phone to lure Allison (and, by extension, Jackson and Lydia) there, though he cannot tell anyone else this. This makes everything much more difficult when Scott and Stiles hear the Alpha in the vents above them and tell the others to run, but can't explain why they're in danger without exposing the supernatural to them.

They move into a classroom and start using chairs to cover the door so it can't be breached, with everyone ignoring Stiles, who keeps trying to interrupt them until finally he shouts that while they did a good job locking the door, they should be paying more attention to the large row of huge windows behind them that are easily accessible.

Allison, Lydia, and Jackson all understandably have questions about what is going on and why they're currently in so much danger, but since Scott can't tell them the truth, they both struggle to come up with an effective lie until finally, left with no other options and assuming that Derek's death makes it not matter either way, Scott informed them that they're being pursued by Derek, stating that he is a serial killer and has been behind all of the recent murders and is trying to kill them now as well.

They then begin to argue over the merits of calling the police-- Stiles doesn't want to put his father, Sheriff Stilinski, in danger, and Scott doesn't want any more people involved in this supernatural debacle, but the others don't understand why they wouldn't want the police to come back them up. Lydia ultimately ended up calling, only for the operator to inform her that they were already warned that prank calls about an attack on the school and hung up on her.

Concerned about finding a safe way out of the school, Stiles remembered that there was a door leading to a fire escape, but that it was locked, leading Scott to volunteer to get the keys off of the janitor's body. Lydia decided to help out with weapons and made a self-igniting Molotov cocktail from the ingredients in the chemistry closet, but Jackson was the one handing her ingredients and was not paying close attention to what he was handing her.

Armed with the Molotov cocktail, Scott left the others in search of the janitor's body by using his superhuman sense of smell to locate the janitor's body, which he eventually found under the bleachers in the auditorium. He's then nearly smashed when the bleachers start folding into the wall, forcing him to escape at the last moment and allowing him to be caught by the Alpha. When Scott threw the cocktail at him, it broke without exploding and did nothing to harm the Alpha, who jumped on him and roared at him with such force that Scott's Werewolf eyes briefly flash red. Somehow, Jackson was able to hear the howl in the classroom, and the sound of it caused him to collapse on his knees, and the claw gashes inflicted on him by Derek in Magic Bullet began glowing.

The howl triggered some sort of violent impulse in Scott, but just as he was about to go into the classroom to attack his friends, he is stricken by flashbacks of his love for Allison that breaks him out of the Alpha's control, causing him to break the key in the lock of the door so that they can't escape and be harmed.

Suddenly, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, and Jackson heard police sirens and saw through the windows that police cruisers are filing into the parking lot.

When Stiles walked out of the school with his dad and Scott, the Sheriff asked Scott if he was sure that Derek was behind the killings. Still thinking Derek was dead, Scott nodded in agreement, and Stiles backed him up by saying he saw him as well. Both boys were confused when Stilinski informed them that the janitor's body was not found where Scott said he last saw it and assured them that the deputies were still looking for it.

After the Sheriff went to talk to the others, Stiles admitted his pride for Scott in being able to outlast the Alpha's machinations. Scott, having realized the point of this entire situation, explained that the Alpha could have killed them at any point during the night, but he didn't, and he thought it was because the Alpha wanted Scott to kill his old "pack"-- Stiles, Allison, Lydia, even Jackson-- before joining his new one, which horrified Stiles.

In Lunatic, after learning that Scott made out with Lydia, Stiles takes pleasure in locking Scott up on the full moon. Alison's father Chris Argent wonders whether or not Stiles is the second Beta they were hunting.

In Wolf's Bane, Stiles helps Derek hide from both the police and the Hunters. He and Derek soon discover who the Alpha Werewolf is.

In Co-Captain, Stiles plies his dad with whiskey in an attempt to get him drunk enough to share information about the "animal attacks." Stiles later helps Scott stop Scott's mother Melissa's date with Peter Hale, the recently revealed Alpha Werewolf who intended to turn her in order to gain Scott's allegiance.

In Formality, Allison convinces Lydia to attend the Winter Formal as Stiles' date. Stiles soon impresses Lydia by knowing how smart she really is and they dance. Not long after Lydia left to find Jackson, Stiles ran onto the lacrosse field to find Peter had viciously mauled and bitten Lydia. He begs Peter not to kill her, and Peter forces him to help him find Derek in exchange for Lydia's life.

In Code Breaker, Stiles helps Peter find Derek. Peter offers him the Bite but Stiles refuses. Stiles and Jackson team up to help Scott but are stopped by Chris Argent, who questions them. Arriving at the Hale House in the middle of Scott's fight with the Alpha, Stiles tosses a Molotov cocktail at the transformed Peter, which Allison shot with an arrow to ignite it. When Peter shifted back to human form due to the pain of being burned over his entire body, Stiles, Scott, Allison, Jackson, and Chris watch in horror as Derek claws out Peter's throat and becomes the new Alpha.

In Omega, Stiles, Scott, and Allison go to searching for Lydia who has gone missing from the hospital after entering a fugue state. Mr. Harris gives Stiles a week's worth of detention in retribution for what Sheriff Stilinski put him through in the previous season.

In Shape Shifted, Stiles purposely throws paper at Mr. Harris's head as a way to get him and Scott out of class to try to find Isaac, a newly turned Werewolf, getting another detention in the process. When Isaac is arrested, Derek, Stiles, and Scott try to rescue him from the Sheriff's station before he can turn on that night's full moon.

In Ice Pick, Stiles, Lydia, Scott, and Allison all go to the ice skating rink. When Erica, another new Werewolf turned by Derek, figures out that Stiles is trying to stop them from turning Boyd, she takes out a part of Stiles' Jeep's engine and knocks him out with it before throwing him into a dumpster.

In Abomination, Stiles helps Scott and Allison keep their relationship a secret by delivering messages back and forth between them. Stiles tries to find something on a flash-drive in Gerard Argent's office but is caught by Erica and later is trapped by the Kanima while trying to keep Derek alive.

In Venomous, when Derek believes that Lydia is the Kanima, Stiles tries his best to keep Lydia alive. Stiles is later attacked by Isaac in the McCall House.

In Frenemy, when Stiles and Scott discover Jackson is the Kanima, they lock him up in a prison transport van they stole from the Sheriff's station.

In Restraint, Stiles goes to Lydia and later Erica to find out about more information about Jackson's parents. After he and Erica stop Scott and Jackson's fight, they all are given detention along with Matt and Allison. When Jackson transforms into the Kanima and attacks Erica, Stiles, and Scott bring her to Derek to heal her.

In Raving, when the group decides to set a trap for the Kanima and its master, Stiles sets up a circle of mountain ash at Dr. Deaton's instructions around the warehouse. Later, he interrogates the master through the sedated Jackson.

In Party Guessed, Stiles learns from his father that Mr. Harris was brought in for questioning, Stiles isn't convinced that he was truly the killer. Stiles calls his drag queen friends from Jungle to come to Lydia's birthday party. He then hallucinates and sees his father yelling at him in a drunken rage.

In Fury, Stiles tries to convince his dad that Matt is the killer and that they need to look at the evidence at the police station. When they are at the police station Matt appears and holds everyone at gunpoint. After Derek arrives, both Derek and Stiles are paralyzed by Jackson and fall onto each other. Stiles stays paralyzed the remainder of the episode only being able to drag himself around.

In Battlefield, Stiles explains to Ms. Morrell that he's not sleeping, He suffers from a constant overwhelming fear that something terrible is about to happen. He confesses to Scott that he feels helpless after having to watch while Matt hit his dad's over the head. He says that he and Scott are losing their fight. For the first time, Stiles gets to play lacrosse. He scores three goals leading the BHHS Cyclones to the championship. He then disappears.

In Master Plan, it's revealed that the Hunters kidnapped Stiles and is temporally imprisoned with Boyd and Erica. After doubting that Gerard could beat him to a pulp, Gerard does. He comes home with his dad him a heart to heart talk. His father tells him when all seemed lost he was the "hero" and helped save day, although he meant the lacrosse. Stiles feels he's no hero, Stiles and Lydia go to the warehouse to help save Jackson.

In Tattoo, he is seen with Scott, who is on his way to get his first tattoo. While at the tattoo shop, Stiles voices his fear of needles and ultimately faints watching Scott getting inked. On the drive back home, he freaks out as he watches Scott's tattoo burn off of his skin.

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In Chaos Rising,

In Fireflies,

In Unleashed,

In Frayed,

In Motel California,

In Currents,

In Visionary,

In The Girl Who Knew Too Much,

In The Overlooked,

In Alpha Pact,

In Lunar Ellipse,

In Anchors, Stiles begins hallucinating, suffering from sleep paralysis and partial dyslexia.

In More Bad Than Good, after being reassured by Lydia of his skills of deciphering puzzles without instructions and helping his father reunite Malia Tate with her father, Stiles regains his confidence and his dyslexia is cured.

In Galvanize,

In Illuminated, Stiles figures out that he was supposedly the one who left the coded message on the chemistry lab blackboard for Barrow to kill Kira Yukimura.

In Silverfinger, Stiles is revealed to the audience to be possessed by the Nogitsune, the newest threat, that feeds off of pain, strife and tragedy as he refused to be "tagged" by the Oni and destroys three out of the five.

In Riddled, during a bout of sleepwalking, he sees himself and the Nogitsune's spiritual form in a basement that has the Japanese kanji (己) carved on a wall. The dark kitsune spirit communicates with Stiles in his visions asking the riddle, "Everyone has it, but no one can lose it," which Stiles, terrified, eventually solves as a "shadow". Stiles comes to the realization he's possessed by the Nogitsune when the demon assumes his very face.

In Letharia Vulpina, under the Nogitsune's control, Stiles sets off a series of traps which leaves innocents injured and dead, including Isaac being induced into a coma, but the Nogitsune's hold over Stiles is temporarily broken when Deaton poisons Stiles with a shot of letharia vulpina or 'wolf lichen'.

In Echo House, Stiles with the realization he is dangerous and to prevent the Nogitsune from harming anyone else, he has himself institutionalized at Eichen House. He succeeds in keeping the Nogitsune from getting back into his head by keeping himself awake with amphetamines provided by Marin Morrell. He sees that Malia Tate is also interned there. He is shown around by his roommate, Oliver who's there for trepidation and is nightly held by a "five-point restraint system". Stiles develops suspicions regarding a fellow intern, Meredith Walker.

Stiles also recognizes the basement as the same one from his dream. With Malia's help, Stiles gets into the basement. Stiles explains his situation to Malia where they bond over their horrific dilemmas. Eventually they kiss and proceed to have sex. Behind the hollow wall, they find the Nogitsune's physical body, but are caught by Oliver who knocks Malia out and binds Stiles with the same system used on him at night. The Nogitsune managed to get into Oliver's head. Stiles gives up his fight with the Nogitsune, lets the dark spirit back in so that he will spare Malia's life.

In De-Void, Void-Stiles tricks Allison, Derek, Sheriff Stilinski and Chris into coming to Derek's loft to protect him from the Oni. During the attack, Void Stiles returns to Eichen House and confronts Kira's mother, Noshiko, about why she carved the kanji for “Self” into the wall. She says to signify that her former love interest, Rhys, died as himself and not as the Nogitsune. Void Stiles asks what happened to the Noshiko who called out for chaos, strife, and pain to descend upon everyone and everything. Noshiko says she doesn't want that anymore. Void Stiles counters that it does and snatches away her dagger, her last “tail,” and cuts into Stiles's stomach, unleashes a swarm of flies that proceed to possess all the werewolves in Beacon Hills to enact vengeance.

Stiles is later found unconscious by Lydia and Aiden and is taken to Scott's house. After choking Aiden, Void Stiles is paralyzed with Kanima venom provided by Dr. Deaton. With assistance from Lydia and Peter, Scott enters Void Stiles's mind and finally manages to separate Stiles from the Nogitsune. What seems to be the Nogitsune covered in bandages, Scott unmasks him and it turns out to be the real Stiles. They look back and the Nogitsune and see him and Lydia gone.

In Insatiable, at his own request, he has Noshiko summon two of her Oni near him to make sure he is fully cured. They "tag" him successfully. After embracing his father, Stiles has the Sheriff go to Eichen House to find Meredith Walker, whom he suspects is a Banshee like Lydia. Despite being free of the Nogitsune, Stiles is shown to be in constant internal pain and freezing. After they are informed of Lydia's current location at Oak Creek, they rush to save her. Stiles lets Scott know he doesn't care if he dies, because of all the things he did under the Nogitsune's control, no one else is going to die because of him. Stiles and Scott successfully locate Lydia, unfortunately Allison is killed by the Oni, which are now controlled by the Nogitsune.

In The Divine Move Stiles is weakened and is helped around by Lydia. They enter the school and are immediately in an illusion of a garden in the winter, cast by the Nogitsune. While Kira and Scott are fighting the Oni's the Nogitsune tried to convince Stiles to kill himself to save his friends and family. Stiles realizes that it is all just an illusion that it looks real and it feels real but it's not. The four walk out of the illusion and into the school unharmed, where the Nogitsune then knocks out Scott and Kira and attempt to kill Lydia and Stiles.

Scott then bites the Nogitsune (a bite from an Alpha can turn you into a werewolf) because he can not be both a fox and a wolf. Kira then impales the Nogitsune with a katana the Nogitsune's true form as a fly flys out of Void Stiles but is trapped by a box made from the Nemeton by Issac Void Stiles then starts to crack and turns into dust. Stiles is last seen with Scott and Malia, Scott training Malia on how to use her supernatural abilities.

In The Dark Moon, Stiles journeys to Mexico to try and buy Derek's freedom from the Calaveras with thousands of dollars they stole in Echo House, only to find out later that the Calaveras do not have Derek.

In 117, Stiles tries to help young Derek, and later witnesses as Kate helps young Derek escape through a bedroom window.

In Muted, he and Scott accidentally hurt Liam in lacrosse tryouts. He is later seen studying and then making out with Malia.

In The Benefactor, he aids Scott in his plan to kidnap and tie up Liam. He also helps out when Scott tries to help Liam through his first full moon.

In I.E.D., he helps his friends try and figure out more about The Deadpool.

In Orphaned, he goes to Meredith for help along with Lydia and Deputy Parrish.

In Weaponized, he is at the school during the quarantine and threatened to be killed by the Chemist, an assassin, if he doesn't tell where his friends are hiding. He later tells Scott the cure for the disease that was started by the Chemist to infect supernaturals. Malia also finds out the Stiles kept the truth that she is Peter Hale's daughter a secret from her and leaves in silence when he reunites with them in the Hale vault.

In Time of Death, Stiles helps out with the pack's plan to fake Scott's death in order to find out the identity of The Benefactor while dealing with his heartbreak over Malia. During the plan which took place at the hospital, Stiles worked with Chris and had the unfortunate spot of witnessing a family reunion between Chris and his sister Kate, who wanted Scott's body but was denied by Chris. After returning home from the hospital, he finds a forgiving Malia waiting for him in his room. Malia informs him about how she visited Peter, was told that her mother was alive, and the night of the Tate car accident, where Malia believes she intentionally killed her adoptive family because of a fight they had earlier that day, where Malia said she wished them dead. Stiles assures her killing doesn't run in the family, but Malia sadly replies "maybe it does in mine".

In Perishable, Stiles is with his father in the hospital after the Sheriff was accidentally shot in the shoulder at the police station. Stiles confronts his father over the unpaid bills, especially the one for Eichen House, but the Sheriff angrily replies to Stiles about not going through his stuff and how as his dad, he takes care of him, not the other way around. Stiles corrects him by saying that they are supposed to look after each other, which his father calmly agrees to before succumbing to morphine. Later, he helps Lydia uncover another portion of the Deadpool after hearing the story about Lydia's grandmother, Lorraine. The two then head to Eichen House to learn more about Lydia's grandmother and there they are attacked by Brunski, the head orderly. He tries to kill the two of them but they are saved by Jordan Parrish. After Brunski's death, Meredith Walker is revealed to be alive and the Benefactor.

In Monstrous, Stiles and Malia head to the Martin Lake House to shut down The Deadpool, that is being run there by a special computer once owned by Lorraine Martin. Through Malia hearing, both her and Stiles find this computer within the walls of the lake house which Malia rips apart to physically see it. With Lydia's help via cellphone, Stiles finds an old wine glass which contains the key to the computer and they use it to shut off the computer and end the Deadpool.

In A Promise to the Dead, Stiles is sleeping when Malia barges into his room asking for his help in an upcoming test. She later sees Stiles' detective board while he is still sleeping and finds that Stiles has added a new case of Who The Desert Wolf is, The Desert Wolf being Malia's mother. When Stiles finally wakes up, a grateful Malia kisses him. Later, The Sheriff informs both Stiles and Malia that they are cleared of their debt to Eichen House as an apology for their head orderly attempting to murder Stiles and Lydia. On the night of a big lacrosse game, Stiles and his father are asked by Derek to come over to his apartment. There, Derek informs them that Scott and Kira were on a private date earlier at his apartment and have been abducted and are missing. Deaton later calls the entire pack and tells them that Scott and Kira have been taken to Mexico by Kate Argent.

In Smoke and Mirrors, Stiles and his father argue at the police station over going to Mexico to rescue Scott and Kira, which his father forbids him to do as he wants to follow police protocol, saying that if nothing turns up they will both go together. Stiles knowing that it will be too late defies his father and travels with to the pack to Mexico on the night of a full moon. He later calls his father, saying Lydia is missing and that he has to rescue him from one of Kate's Berserkers, which the Sheriff does. Stiles witnesses the fight between Scott and Peter after Scott breaks free of being converted into a Berserker, where he sees Scott prevail and knocks out Peter. When he returns to Beacon Hills, he is greeted warmly by his dad, only to be tricked into being handcuffed to a desk by the Sheriff. The sheriff then leaves with Malia for pizza, while Stiles asks them to bring him back a slice. Stiles is later seen at school with Scott, where they both listen to Liam explanation to Bobby Finstock over why Liam, Stiles, Scott, and Kira were absent from the game. The coach immediately does not believe them and orders that the three of them start looking out for each other from now on.

In Creatures of the Night, he is seen with Scott on a cliff, reflecting on everything they've been through and how they're going to stay together. We also see that they've chained Liam to a tree after there were a dozen calls to the sheriff's office about a monstrous dog boy running loose during the last full moon.

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In Parasomnia,

In Dreamcatchers,

In Condition Terminal,

In A Novel Approach,

In Required Reading,

In Strange Frequencies,

In Ouroboros,

In Lies of Omission,

In Status Asthmaticus,

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In The Last Chimera,

In Damnatio Memoriae,

In Codominance,

In The Sword and the Spirit,

In Amplification,

In Lie Ability,

In A Credible Threat, Stiles is driving in the Jeep with Scott and Liam when they get word from Chris Argent that Jordan Parrish had gone into Hellhound-mode and was on the move. They then drove to the high school, where they met up with Chris, who informed them that he had lost track of Parrish because he was moving too fast. When Liam saw a mauled teenager in the distance, Stiles, Scott, and Chris followed Liam through the catwalk, where they tracked the spilled blood on the ground to the bus bay where dozens of teenagers had been mauled to death.

One of the students, a young man, pleaded for help, but when they tried to help, Parrish (whose body was in the control of Cerberus) appeared and told them to stand down, as the young man was beyond saving. Just then, the man's body was ripped in half, and Stiles, Scott, Liam, and Chris all looked horrified when they saw that the Beast of Gevaudan was in the bus with his victim. Stiles instantly backed away and claimed that the others never told him how big the Beast was, but Liam insisted that he did as they watched the Beast take off for the woods with Parrish/Cerberus chasing after him.

The next day at school, Stiles met up with Scott, Liam, and the recently recovered Lydia in the library, where they discussed what they had learned about the Beast, both due to their experience the previous night and Mason Hewitt's recent theory that the Dread Doctors have been using frequencies to force the Beast to shift. Stiles listened as Scott explained his theory that the frequencies weren't just to get it to shift, but to also help it get stronger and remember more and more about who it really is, which led Liam to suggest that the fact that Parrish had been fighting it at night had increased the Doctors' urgency.

Stiles then revealed that they had one clue as to the identity of the Beast's vessel, which was the sneaker print that had been left behind at the hospital in The Sword and the Spirit. However, though Stiles added that it was only a partial print, which meant they couldn't determine what brand of shoe the person was wearing, there was only one shoe out there with Parrish's blood on the sole. The likelihood that the TV news vans at the charity lacrosse game that night would trigger the Beast's transformation led Stiles and the others to decide that they should really try to get the game cancelled in hopes of preventing more deaths.

This led Stiles to visit Sheriff Stilinski at the Sheriff's station, where he pleaded with his dad to cancel the game. However, the Sheriff insisted that he didn't have the authority to cancel the game without evidence of a credible threat, since, as a charity game that raised thousands of dollars for the school, it was an important event. After Stiles argued that the Beast causing the deaths of hundreds of people was actually an incredible threat, Sheriff stated that he would double the amount of deputies in attendance before suggesting that Stiles find Coach Finstock, who had been in rehab for months, in hopes that he could forfeit the game for them.

Scott and Stiles then went to the Stepping Stones Rehabilitation Center, where they found Coach Finstock sitting as though he was catatonic on the couch. Stiles reminded him that he was in rehab, not in the hospital with a lobotomy, but was unable to rouse Coach until he tried to move one of the checkers on the board in front of him. When Scott brought up the fact that they knew Coach was fine, Stiles looked appalled as Coach remarked that he had an extreme phobia of being shot in the stomach with an arrow and claimed it was a legitimate medical condition. Stiles only became more exasperated when Coach confessed to having exaggerated the seriousness of his alcoholism each month when he was about to be discharged so that they would continue to allow him to stay there.

When the boys begged him to come back to work so he could coach the lacrosse game, Coach immediately refused, claiming that charity games were meaningless and mocking the fact that the charity in question was to raise money for cancer research. He went on to insist that there was no way he would ever coach at Beacon Hills High School ever again, but when Scott and Stiles informed him that they didn't need him to coach, just to forfeit, he seemed to change his tune.

That night, Stiles, Scott, Liam, Malia and Kira gathered in an empty classroom before the lacrosse match to discuss their plan for that night. After Scott detailed the fact that Mason and Corey would be searching the Devenford Prep bus for clues as to whether the Beast's Chimera host was one of the players while Malia disabled the cables on the TV news vans, Stiles explained that Coach Finstock would be forfeiting the game before the whistle, and that the rest of them would be keeping an eye out for a size 10 shoe with Parrish's blood on the sole.

When Malia worried that the plan could fail and pointed out that Scott was still healing from Theo's attempt to kill him, Scott lifted up his shirt and revealed that he had healed as soon as Lydia was rescued from Eichen House and the pack was reunited. Stiles looked extremely relieved by this news, and nodded in agreement when Scott insisted that since the Beast didn't have a pack like they do, they were going to make sure that no one else got hurt that night.

Right before the referee was about to blow the whistle before the game, Stiles approached Coach Finstock and reminded him that he needed to forfeit the game, Coach just ignored him and pointed out that he had never forfeited a game and never would, revealing that he was going to allow the game to go on as scheduled. Though Stiles was concerned about this change in plans, Scott insisted that they would just have to adapt and tasked Stiles with helping Lorilee Rohr look for a bloody size 10 shoe in the stands while Scott, Kira, and Liam kept an eye on things on the field.

Stiles walked to the parking lot to update his dad on what was going on and suggested that maybe they call in a bomb threat, but after Sheriff Stilinski reminded him what happened during a similar threat at the airport several weeks earlier, Stiles realized it would just attract more media to the scene and changed his mind.

While Stiles was checking everyone's shoes in the stands, he realized that his classmate, Sydney, seemed to be wearing a black pair of Chuck Taylor high-tops that could be the ones they were looking for, but when he tried to get a better look, she inadvertently kicked him in the head and briefly knocked him unconscious. While Malia was disabling the cables on the news vans, she was interrupted by her mother, the Desert Wolf, who tried to figure out why Malia was so intent on saving everyone from the Beast and eventually determined she was trying to protect her ex-boyfriend Stiles, leading Malia to worry that her mother would try to kill him to get to her.

Despite Malia's best efforts to disable the vans, the frequency still ended up being released, causing the Beast to transform and descend upon the crowd. When Liam saw it, he became intent to try to take it down himself, and when he started running toward it with his gold Werewolf eyes glowing, Stiles tried his best to stop him, to no avail.

In Maid of Gévaudan, Stiles, along with Hayden, helped bring Liam into the school, where they laid him on top of a desk in an empty classroom so they could treat the serious wounds he sustained from his battle against the Beast of Gevaudan. Hayden, horrified by the fact that Liam's chest had been ripped open and that he was writhing in pain on the desk, frantically asked what the pack usually did in situations like this. However, Stiles, who was starting to get woozy, retorted that he usually passed out, and when he saw Hayden removing the bloody and shredded remains of Liam's jersey to look at his wounds better, he added that he still might do so.

Hayden exasperatedly snapped at him to get himself together, so Stiles steeled himself before pointing out that Scott had taught him that pain keeps shapeshifters human, a tip of which Hayden seemed extremely skeptical due to the immense amount of pain Liam was already experiencing. Fortunately, Stiles' comment did cause Hayden to remember how Liam used his werewolf powers to take her pain through a kiss, and since Hayden was a part-werewolf Chimera, she tried to do the same. Stiles looked shocked when he saw that Hayden was able to completely take Liam's pain through a kiss in the exact same way, and once Liam had quieted down thanks to her pain relief, Stiles joked that next time, he would just kiss Liam, which made her laugh.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills, Stiles went with Liam, Kira, Malia, and Braeden to the McCall House after the battle with the Beast at the high school so that they could get the extremely-injured Scott home in order to heal. Stiles went into Scott's bedroom to check on him and found Scott and Kira kissing goodnight before Scott got the rest he needed in order to heal, and when Kira turned around and saw Stiles, she nodded in a silent confirmation that everything was okay, leading Stiles to shut the bedroom door to give them some privacy.

In the hallway, he was approached by Braeden and Malia, where Braeden insisted that Malia tell Stiles what was going on. Malia then hesitantly informed Stiles that she believed her mother, the Desert Wolf, was not only trying to kill her but was also trying to kill Stiles as well, which understandably concerned Stiles. However, when Stiles suggested that he should have a gun with which to defend himself, Stiles and Malia looked over at Braeden, who immediately insisted that she would not be giving Stiles a weapon.

After Stiles reminded her that both Braeden and the Desert Wolf, who was trying to kill him, had guns, Malia gave Braeden a look that led her to sigh and agree to his request. Unfortunately for Stiles, this agreement came with a test, which involved Braeden removing the clip from her spare Sig Sauer 9mm before tossing it toward him, and instead of simply catching it, Stiles comically fumbled with the gun for a long few moments before he accidentally dropped the gun on the ground. After Braeden gave him a look that said, "I told you so," Stiles reluctantly agreed that he should probably not have a gun.

The next morning, Stiles, Malia, Kira, Liam, and Lydia gathered around the table to discuss their current issues while they waited for Scott to wake up, the most important of which involved locating Mason Hewitt, who they had just learned the previous evening was the host for the Beast of Gevaudan. Stiles informed them that his dad had an APB out for Mason before Scott, now fully healed, joined them and added that his mother could check the rest of the hospitals in the county.

When Lydia asked where else they could look for Mason, Stiles and the others were shocked when Scott replied that they should ask Corey before yanking him seemingly out of thin air, revealing that Corey had been using his supernatural camouflage powers to spy on them their entire conversation. With Corey's confession that the Dread Doctors had knocked him out and taken Mason, Stiles and the others immediately put their plans into action.

Stiles and Lydia went back to the Sheriff's station to discuss their next move with Sheriff Stilinski, where Stiles admitted he had yet to receive any news from Scott and Liam, who had contacted Theo Raeken and Tracy Stewart, as they believed they were desperate enough to be able to use their help if they had any. When Lydia asked him if he was sure that working with Theo and Tracy was a good idea, Stiles pointed out that no one thought it was a good idea.

Sheriff seemed surprised that they were willing to trust Theo after everything he had done, but Stiles insisted that they were simply using him, though he did acknowledge that Theo using them in return was probably a given. Stiles went on to tell them the rest of the plan so far, which included stationing pack members and allies at any location where Mason could show up: Braeden and Malia at the McCall House, Melissa at the hospital, and Hayden and Corey at the school.

Later that afternoon, Stiles was seen comically running into the door to his father's office just as Lydia was on the phone with Malia, who insisted she should be there to ensure that Stiles was safe, though Lydia assured her that Stiles would be fine despite his clumsiness. Stiles went on to nap in the office until Lydia came in and waked up him by poking him in the forehead, causing Stiles to flail upright and ask who died, though Lydia informed him that no one had... yet. They both checked their phones to make sure that they hadn't missed any calls or texts, but when they realized that they had yet to be updated by anyone else, they both sighed impatiently.

Lydia, noticing Stiles' anxiety, asked him if he was okay, which led Stiles to admit that he was still trying to figure out how Mason could have been the Dread Doctors' success since he wasn't even on the genetic chimera list. Just then, Melissa arrived and informed them that he was now because she had gone through Mason's medical records and learned that he was born with twin embolization syndrome, much to Stiles' shock and confusion, meaning that Mason absorbed his twin in utero, giving him two sets of DNA. Stiles then called Malia to warn her about what they had just learned, though the arrival of the Desert Wolf kept her from doing anything about it.

In Apotheosis, Stiles came to the animal clinic to talk to Alan Deaton and get his help with Mason being the vessel for the Beast of Gevaudan and having transformed into Sebastien Valet, the original Beast. When Stiles asked him if this was his area of expertise, Deaton grimly informed him that it wasn't exactly, but before they could discuss it further, Scott and Liam arrived with The Surgeon, who had been badly wounded by Mason/the Beast.

When they started to discuss what to do with the Dread Doctor, Scott insisted that they needed to keep him alive, while Liam was more interested in interrogating him. Stiles was more in favor of Liam's idea and pointed out that they don't utilize torture enough, but their discussion was interrupted by Sebastien's arrival. When they heard Sebastien summoning The Surgeon to him, the Dread Doctor bolted upright despite his injuries and used his powers to create a frequency to incapacitate Deaton, Stiles, Scott, and Liam before walking out of the exam room. He then used his electromagnetic powers to turn all of the metal furniture in the room into an electrified barrier in front of the door so they couldn't follow him, though it only held until The Surgeon informed Sebastien about the Argent's pike and subsequently died.

Stiles and the others then began to discuss their current predicament once again, including the fact that Mason was a genetic chimera due to having a vanishing twin in utero. When Deaton insisted that, though the Chimeras broke many of the rules of the supernatural, there are some rules that won't break, which meant that Mason must still exist in some form, whether it was simply DNA, energy, or a flicker of a memory.

This led Stiles to remember that Liam had mentioned Mason's last words before he turned into Sebastien, and Liam explained that Mason had said: "That's not my name." Scott and Stiles realized that this was due to Sebastien's punishment of damnatio memoriae, which forced the Beast to remember his true identity before Mason could become Sebastien. When Deaton reminded them of the myth of what happened to werewolves who were called by their Christian name, Liam seemed skeptical that one of them could just call Sebastien "Mason" to turn him back, but Stiles pointed out that it couldn't just be anyone—it had to be Lydia, due to her Banshee powers.

Stiles tried to text Sheriff Stilinski to let him know what he and the others had figured out, but Sheriff was too busy dealing with a confrontation with Sebastien at the Sheriff's station. It was during this confrontation that Sebastien lunged for Lydia, who was able to use her Banshee scream to throw him backward, but whose throat was still cut by Sebastien's claws in the process. Sometime later, Stiles went to visit Lydia at the hospital and squeezed her hand. When she awoke, she weakly asked Stiles if they found a way to save Mason, and Stiles sadly admitted that they did and that it was her, though the fact that her voice had been affected by her injuries made it unlikely that it would work at this point. However, after Scott listened to a pep talk voicemail message Kira left for him, he got an idea on how to make their plan work.

Stiles, Scott, and Liam were with Lydia in her hospital room when Melissa McCall entered with a syringe in her hand and insisted that they needed to keep this procedure between them since she could get fired for it. Scott explained that they were going to give Lydia a cortisone injection to relieve the inflammation in her vocal cords, but when Melissa uncovered Lydia's neck wounds and indicated she would have to inject the cortisone into her throat, Stiles immediately became woozy and insisted that he needed to leave. However, when Melissa ordered him to stay and hold Lydia's hand while she gave her the shot, Stiles relented, though he warned her that he may still pass out. Despite Stiles' warning, he managed to stay conscious through the procedure, though the same could not be said about Liam.

Stiles, Scott, and Liam helped Lydia out of her room and down to the ground floor to prepare to locate and save Mason. However, Scott pulled a package wrapped in brown paper and handed it to Stiles before instructing him to make sure Malia got it. When Stiles asked him if it was Plan B, Scott stated that it was actually Plan A and assured him that it would be successful when Stiles argued that Plan A never worked. Stiles rushed to the McCall House, but as soon as he walked through the door, the Desert Wolf instantly aimed her gun at him, causing him to mutter, "Oh, damn..." before Malia, concerned about Stiles, jumped in and began fighting her mother to ensure that Stiles remained safe, eventually tackling each other and smashing the glass coffee table in the living room. When Stiles saw the Desert Wolf going after Malia, he angrily jumped over the couch to try to attack her, but she easily threw him onto the ground, where a large shard of glass impaled him in the shoulder.

He watched in horror as the Desert Wolf shot Malia repeatedly in the abdomen to weaken her, and as Malia was cornered by her mother, Stiles quietly shouted at her to get her attention before throwing the package Scott gave him earlier, which was the jar that contained Belasko's talons. Just as the Desert Wolf sneered that it was close enough to the full moon to kill Malia and take her powers back, Malia slipped the talons onto her fingertips so that once her mother impaled her in the stomach with her claws, Malia could return the favor. Once Malia stole the Desert Wolf's powers, Braeden appeared and knocked her out, Stiles looked relieved and gave them a moment to take a breather before anxiously asking them if they could help him get the shard of glass out of his chest.

Once the Desert Wolf was locked up, the Beast was killed, and Mason was returned to his normal self, Stiles went to visit Sheriff Stilinski at the Sheriff's station. Sheriff was very proud Stiles' role in helping save the town and pointed out that helping his friends and fellow citizens must have felt pretty good, and though Stiles said it did for a while, he admitted that it didn't really last. This led Sheriff to suggest that if Stiles wanted to continue feeling good about making a difference, then he would thrive in his future career in law enforcement, implying that Stiles would be joining the police force after he graduated high school.

Some time later, Stiles and Lydia were talking in the hallway at school while they were walking toward the library when Lydia brought up the fact that Kira, who had returned to Shiprock to be trained by the Skinwalkers, would have to return, since she still needed to graduate. Stiles admitted that he didn't know for sure, but that it didn't matter, because despite how worried he had been so far in senior year about everyone ending up in the same place after graduation, he knew that regardless of what happened, they would end up finding each other, just like they always do.

He then brought up the fact that even Allison continued to help them, which confused Lydia and led him to realize that she didn't know the full story of Scott's survival against Sebastien/the Beast. Stiles went on to explain that Sebastien had choked Scott with his hand and accidentally impaled his claws in spine, which allowed him to see Scott's memories; since Scott was afraid that he was about to die, his mind flooded with memories of Allison, which shocked Sebastien due to Allison's resemblance to his sister, Marie-Jeanne Valet, the very first Argent Hunter. Sebastien was so stunned by Scott's memories that he let go of Scott, allowing him to finish the Beast off for good.

Lydia brought up the fact that Allison and Marie-Jeanne must have looked similar, or possibly identical, and Stiles agreed before insisting that Allison saved Scott's life. Stiles and Lydia then joined Scott in the library, where they sat together at a table and studied, leaving a seat open to the spirit of Allison, who was gone but not forgotten.

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In Memory Lost,

In Superposition,

In Sundowning,

In Relics,

In Radio Silence,

In Ghosted,

In Heartless,

In Blitzkrieg,

In Memory Found,

In Riders on the Storm,

In Said the Spider to the Fly, Stiles left a message for Scott after arriving in Quantico, Virginia for his first day at his internship with the FBI. After briefly discussing his excitement, Stiles, who knew Scott would be conflicted about leaving for college, urged him to stop thinking about whether or not Beacon Hills could survive without him and just leave and get started with his new life.

At the orientation for his internship, Stiles wasted no time annoying the professor by eagerly asking too many questions. However, Stiles was just about to take a sip of water from his water bottle when he saw video footage of the "unsub" they would be tracking-- Derek Hale, who they believed was a mass murderer—and spit out his water all over his desk in surprise.

In After Images,

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In The Wolves of War,

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"I'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, okay? Sarcasm is my only defense.
— Stiles about himself in Frenemy

Stiles' personality is most accurately described as anxious, hyperactive, and curious. He is a notorious bookworm who excels at piecing together clues and figuring out mysteries, such as the fact that Scott had become a Werewolf, the identity of the Kanima's first master, and the fact that a Dark Druid was behind the human sacrifices that were occurring in Beacon Hills. Since becoming aware of the supernatural world, Stiles' social and generalized anxiety has only become worse, especially after the death of his good friend Allison Argent, because he fears having to deal with the loss of any more of his friends or family as a result of their supernatural enemies.

Because of this anxiety, Stiles can often become so overwhelmed by trauma that he both physically and verbally lashes out at those around him, whether they are friend or foe, as evidenced by Stiles tackling Scott after his father, Noah, was attacked by a Chimera, despite knowing that Scott, too, was in danger from Theo's machinations as well at the exact same time that the Sheriff was hurt, preventing Scott from doing anything to help him due to being trapped in the high school with Mountain Ash.

Despite Stiles' anxiety and his increasingly violent reactions to bad news, Stiles is a very loyal person who would do anything to protect his loved ones, even if it means giving up his life to do so. This has only increased since he was possessed by the Nogitsune, because the amount of enjoyment that he got out of being powerful and in control made him frightened and ashamed of his darker nature, pushing him to do good to make up for it and to ensure that no one else gets hurt because of his actions, even if it means he has to die to make it so. Stiles is slow to trust people, but once he warms up to them and the person gains his trust, he becomes very close to them and will do whatever he has to do in order to protect them and ensure their safety, as evidenced by his relationships with Derek Hale, Kira Yukimura, and Liam Dunbar; he was suspicious of them and their motives when he first met them, but, over time, after they proved themselves to be good people who shared the McCall Pack's mission of protecting innocents from supernatural threats, he accepted them as his loved ones and would do anything to help them, just as he would with his father or Scott, the two people he loves most.

Stiles, like his father, enjoys puzzles and acts as the lead investigator for the McCall Pack in order to gain information and evidence regarding the threats that they face. For this reason, Stiles' intelligence is his greatest strength within the pack and has either given them an advantage or has outright saved them in multiple situations throughout their time together. Despite everything that Stiles has been through, he still shows no obvious signs of wanting to become a Werewolf, preferring to maintain his humanity and use his non-supernatural gifts to help the pack protect their hometown.

Stiles's increasingly violent reactions to any bad news have also shown a darker side to his personality that has grown since his resurrection. His initial reactions to his dark side were shown through his remembrance of the Nogitsune's actions during its control of his body, though he later believed he himself was directly responsible due to letting the Void Kitsune spirit in on two occasions. While he is still a bit of a goofball, he has shown that the recent tragedies and traumas he has gone through have made him more cold and serious. This is especially demonstrated during the pack's reconciliation and hunt to discover the beasts true identity, where he has been more serious towards the pack and even his father. Even after solving the mystery and stopping the crisis, Stiles was mostly serious while telling Lydia about how Scott survived, though he was more at ease than he had previously been, showing he had recovered from the guilt of killing Donovan and the anguish of the pack's temporary breakup.

Since his return from the Phantom Train Station, where he was trapped for three months, Stiles has demonstrated a calmer and more content state of mind, diminishing his anxiety about the future and making him more optimistic in general; this latter change has made him more confident and self-assured when it comes to his personal relationships, as he has grown comfortable with expressing his love for his family and packmates, to the point where he even acted on his romantic feelings for Lydia Martin. Instead of worrying about what would happen to his friendships while at college and how his hometown would survive without the entirety of the McCall Pack to protect it as he did at the beginning of his senior year, Stiles seems much more certain that all of his packmates will always find their way back to each other and back to their home. However, when he returned in the face of the Anuk-Ite's threat, Stiles mentioned that he had lost his optimism a while ago, though he still showed his calm and content state of mind. Stiles also showed more willingness to use violence to protect his loved ones, as he slammed his jeep into a hunter that was about to shoot Scott when he returned to help the pack against the Anuk-Ite.

Physical Appearance

Stiles is a handsome, attractive, lean young man of medium stature who has pale skin, brown hair, and honey-brown eyes. He is known for having moles all over his face, neck, and body, and his hair is usually gelled into a messy style. His choice in clothing leans toward pieces that are comfortable and casual, such as hoodies, flannel button-ups, baseball-style t-shirts, and slim-cut jeans with Vans sneakers or Converse high-tops. However, he has also been known for wearing active-wear during lacrosse and cross-country seasons, such as Under Armour t-shirts and track pants with tennis shoes.

Powers and Abilities

As a human, Stiles has no known supernatural powers. However, during his brief time being possessed by the Nogitsune, "Void Stiles" demonstrated supernatural powers common to a Void Kitsune, such as superhuman strength, accelerated healing, pain absorption, illusion casting, immunity to electricity, foxfire manipulation, and the power to control flies.


Supernatural Detective: Despite being human, Stiles has several intellect skills and abilities for his role as the Detective have aided him and the pack during their time in the supernatural world.

  • Athleticism: Despite Stiles being somewhat uncoordinated, he has shown himself to be a skilled athlete in his own right. His athleticism is something that has come into play during the battles he's been involved in, such as when he fought Donovan and was able to daze him for a brief moment, and when he was able to momentarily knock Garrett Douglas down with his baseball bat, though he had taken Douglas by surprise. He has also been able to knock down, and even hurt, Theo during his brawl with him, and was able to overpower and tackle Scott to the ground in the hospital after his father was attacked, though Scott was both taken by surprise and not trying to hurt Stiles at the time.
  • Investigative/Law Enforcement Knowledge: As the son of the Sheriff of Beacon County, Stiles has an extensive understanding of the laws of California and the country at large, as well as police protocols, shorthand, and numerical codes. He also keeps a police radio in his car for this reason so he can remain up-to-date on what is happening in the town.
  • Mythological Knowledge: During Stiles' time in the supernatural world and the McCall Pack, Stiles has done a great deal of research into mythology, folklore, and the supernatural, including the Argent Bestiary. As a result, Stiles has an excellent working knowledge of the powers and abilities of various supernatural creatures, as well as their histories.
  • Heightened Intelligence: Stiles has been described as a straight-A student, and, in terms of book-smarts, he is considered to be one of the most intelligent people in the pack. For this reason, Stiles has good intuition that contributes quite a lot for he is generally referred to as the "brains" of the pack along with Lydia Martin. He is able to distinguish and recognize patterns with ease. When Kira was kidnaped, he was the first to decipher the clues and etc. He's quite an inquisitive human being, and sometimes uses it for the advantage to create humour and lighten the tone but the questions he asks usually lead to a revelation or epiphany Stiles uses to solve the Supernatural murders or mysteries and connects the dots with information he collects before writing on his Supernatural clue board which isn't an easy feat. During The Divine Move, Stiles intellect was so great that it helped him realized that the garden of snow was all just an illusion set by the Nogitsune's game that it looked and felt real but wasn't. Then the pack managed to walk out of the illusion and into the school unharmed successfully outsmarting the dark spirit.
  • Technological Knowledge: Stiles has been shown to have an advanced understanding of technology, and has been shown to have copied keycards to the Sheriff's station using an RFID emulator, hooked up all the surveillance cameras to three of the laptops owned by the pack, and hooking up a smart watch to his phone so he can use it as a hidden camera in the animal clinic. He also claims to have figured out all of Sheriff Stilinski's passwords for his work computer, though how he came upon this information remains unknown. Stiles has also shown a degree of knowledge when it comes to electrical engineering as shown when, while in the Phantom Train Station, he was able to rewire one of the radios there so he could contact the real world, specifically the police scanner in his jeep.
  • Pick-Pocketing/Theft: One of Stiles' most frequently used skills is his ability to easily and stealthily steal things without anyone being the wiser. He has stolen heart monitors, cell phones, frequency jammers, and keys/keycards to a variety of doors and vehicles throughout the course of the series, which has helped himself and the pack tremendously.
  • Combatant: While Stiles has not been formally trained in close-quarters combat as far as it is known, he has demonstrated he can defend himself using an informal brawling style that draws mainly on his instincts. Even when he only entered the supernatural world, Stiles showed that he could hurt and subdue Jackson, back when Jackson was still human, as a single punch to the face from Stiles left him with a bloody nose. The primary examples of Stiles' brawling ability are shown by his fight against Donovan Donati before he was killed, the several times that Stiles attacked Theo Raeken, and when he managed to throw Scott McCall around and punch him on the floor after his father was injured. However, in the latter cases, neither Theo nor Scott were interested in fighting back (in the former case, because Theo was purposely goading Stiles into hitting him, and in the latter case, Scott felt so guilty that he didn't want to hurt Stiles in any way), so it may not yield great results in a battle against a fully-powered supernatural who was actually attempting to cause him harm, but it could still make the difference between life and death in a fight nonetheless. Stiles also tried to fight against a Ghost Rider that was about to shoot him, managing to hold back its arm for a few seconds before he was pushed back, which caused him to realize he couldn't fight the Ghost Rider.
  • Fear Resistance: Even though he is an ordinary human, Stiles has courage so great that not even the Anuk-ite, a fearsome supernatural being, could affect him.


Stiles possesses the common weaknesses of a human, along with others that are specific to just himself.

  • Mortality: As a human, Stiles is vulnerable to physical injuries and illnesses like any other person.
  • Kanima Venom: As a human, Stiles is very vulnerable to the effects of Kanima Venom, much more so than his supernatural peers. In fact, Stiles is the character who has most frequently been paralyzed by Kanima Venom; once he's been exposed, it will take him several hours before he can regain enough control over his musculoskeletal system to stand and walk, and even then, he remains weakened for an additional hour or so.
  • Anxiety/Paranoia: Stiles' increasingly severe anxiety regarding the safety of his loved ones has caused Stiles to become quite paranoid in recent months, which typically causes him to be suspicious of any new person until they have proven themselves. While this paranoia is not always misplaced (such as his ultimately correct suspicion that Theo was evil), he does have a tendency to act on instincts rather than evidence, which can get him into trouble with those he believes to have malicious intentions, whether they are truly a threat or not.
  • Side Effects of Resurrection: Because Stiles, like Scott and Allison, temporarily killed himself in a surrogate sacrifice ritual to save his father before being resurrected shortly afterward, Stiles has a darkness around his heart that will remain for the rest of his life. This has caused him worrisome symptoms in the past, such as his development of alexia (a type of acute dyslexia), sleep paralysis, nightmares, hallucinations and somnambulism. It is also likely part of the reason why Stiles was chosen as a vessel for the Nogitsune.



  • Mieczysław: Mieczysław (pronounced mye-CHI-swahf) is a masculine Slavic given name of Polish origin that is a combination of the elements miecz, meaning "sword", and sława, meaning "glory" or "fame"; together, they form the meaning "glory of sword" or "fame of sword". The feminine form of the name is Mieczysława. Variants of the name in other languages include: Mecek, Mecik, Mecislav, Mecislavek (Czech); Mečislovas (Lithuanian); and Mecheslav (Russian). Common nicknames for those named Mieczysław include Maslaw, Mietek, Miecio, and Mieszko.
  • Stiles: Stiles is a nickname, likely a diminutive of "Stilinski," his surname.Sheriff Stilinski mentions that it is a family nickname, having been used by Stiles's grandfather too. In English, stile means "a series of steps or rungs by means of which a person may pass over a wall or fence that remains a barrier to sheep or cattle." In short, this means that a stile is a device set up in an entrance to bar passage until a charge is paid in order to record the number of people passing through. This is actually quite a fitting name for Stiles Stilinski, as he often acts as a "stile" to the McCall Pack, barring entry into the "inner circle" of his friend group out of suspicion toward the person's motives, and only allowing them into it once they've proven their motives are pure.
  • Stilinski: Though this name has been implied to be of Slavic (specifically Polish) origin, it appears to be a made-up surname with no discernible etymology as far as it is known.



  • Stiles plays on the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team, the Beacon Hills Cyclones, as #24.
  • Like his actor, Dylan O'Brien, Stiles is a fan of the New York Mets baseball team.
  • "Stiles" is a family nickname that he inherited from his paternal grandfather, Elias Stilinski. Another nickname Stiles had as a child was "Mischief," as it was the closest he was able to get to correctly pronouncing his true first name, Mieczysław, and his mother Claudia liked it due to how accurately it described the mischievous Stiles.
  • Stiles has had romantic feelings for several women throughout the course of the series. While one of his most enduring crushes has been on Lydia Martin, he has also developed romantic feelings for Malia Tate, who was his first-ever girlfriend and has briefly hooked up with Heather and Caitlin in the past as well.
  • Stiles was the first of the main characters to be admitted to Eichen House, not including Malia Tate, who was not a main character at the time that she was revealed to be a patient there.
  • The emotional trauma caused by the fact that he witnessed his mother die has been a recurring issue for Stiles throughout the series.
  • Stiles inherited his Jeep from his mother, Claudia, as she wanted him to have it when he was old enough to drive it after she died.
  • Stiles has killed the second most people than anyone else in the McCall Pack, although almost all of them were either due to self-defense in a fight or while he was possessed by the Nogitsune. The only exception to this was the Anuk-ite.
  • Stiles' totem when performing the surrogate sacrifice ritual was his father's Sheriff badge, and Lydia acted as his emotional tether to bring him back to life afterward.
  • Stiles' use of a baseball bat as a weapon during supernatural battles has become a running joke throughout the series, though the first bat he used originally belonged to Scott and Melissa McCall. When it was destroyed after he cracked Aiden and Ethan's merged form over the head with it, he replaced it with an aluminum baseball bat.


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