"If you say one word--"
"Oh, what? You mean, like, 'Hey Dad, Derek Hale's in my room-- bring your gun?' That's right... If I'm harboring your fugitive ass, it's my house, my rules, buddy."
Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski about the Stilinski House in Wolf's Bane

The Stilinski House is the home of the Stilinski Family and a major location in Teen Wolf. Its current residents are Noah and Stiles Stilinski, though Claudia Stilinski also resided there when she was alive and in phantom form. The house appears to have at least two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen with an attached dining room, a living room, and an office, as well as a garage.

When Stiles was a captive of the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt, they used their numerous powers to essentially hide Stiles' bedroom from Noah, using the phantom version of Claudia to keep him from realizing that the door to his room had been covered up with drywall and wallpaper. However, as soon as Noah and Lydia Martin found the hidden door and began triggering their memories of Stiles, his bedroom furniture and personal belongings began to reappear.

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  • The Stilinski House's address is 129 Woodbine Lane, Beacon Hills, CA 95351.

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