Have you ever had a dream that's-that's so real that you thought it was a memory? Okay, in this dream, I'm lying in bed with Claudia. Its a couple weeks before we graduate from college, and we're talking about kids and what we'll call them. And I tell her that if we have a son, I want to name him after her father. And she laughs at me, and she says, "Why would you want to saddle some poor kid with a name like that?" And I told her, "Because he's a great father. The kind of father I wish I had. The kind I... I hope to be." At that point in the dream, she smiles, kisses me, and says, "Okay, we'll name him that. It won't matter-- he'll just be called Stiles anyway.
Sheriff Stilinski to Scott McCall

Sundowning is the third episode of Season 6, and the eighty-third episode of the series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

While Scott, Lydia, and Malia search for Stiles, Liam and the others throw a party to keep Mason safe from the Ghost Riders.

(Note: Though this is the official synopsis of the episode, it is not actually Mason that the pack is trying to protect from the Ghost Riders, it's Gwen)

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Continuity[edit | edit source]

  • Melissa McCall and Chris Argent appear in this episode. They were last seen in Apotheosis.
  • Claudia Stilinski continues to appear as though she never died. She first appeared in the present day in Superposition.
  • It is confirmed that Garrett Douglas is Der Soldat, the Nazi Alpha Werewolf who the Dread Doctors kept in a tank in their laboratory and used to extend their lives. He was first seen in Season 5A's Creatures of the Night and was first identified by Theo Raeken in Season 5B's The Beast of Beacon Hills.
    • It is also revealed that he is involved in the helium theft that Scott, Stiles investigated in Memory Lost, and that Sheriff Stilinski and Jordan Parrish continued to investigate in Superposition. Given what Parrish said about heliox therapy being used for burn victims with lung damage due to fires or explosions, Garrett is likely a burn victim.
  • Malia continues to lose control over her Werecoyote transformations in this episode, which first occurred in Superposition.
    • She also full-shifted into a coyote in this episode, which she last did in Memory Lost.
  • Elias Stilinski referenced Rafael McCall's alcohol addiction in this episode, which was first referenced in Season 3B's Riddled.
    • It is also implied that Rafael may have cheated on Melissa while they were married.
  • The fact that Stiles' was named after Claudia's father is referenced in this episode, though what their name is continues to remain unknown. This was first mentioned in Season 1's The Tell.
  • Lydia's powers continue to grow in this episode, with Lydia having another Banshee premonition about a person on a train in this episode. Her first premonition like this occurred in Superposition.
  • It is revealed that Corey can not only make visible that the Ghost Riders have made invisible by touching them, but he can also make the Ghost Riders themselves visible in the same manner. It was first revealed that Corey's powers are related to the Ghost Riders in Superposition.
    • However, this has a downside, which is that everyone who sees the visible Ghost Riders will become targets for erasure from existence.
  • The Ghost Riders appeared to be interested in Jordan Parrish and/or Cerberus, the Hellhound spirit for whom he's a host. It was first revealed that the Hellhound is associated with the Ghost Riders and the Wild Hunt in Season 5A's Status Asthmaticus.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The title refers to the phenomena of "sundowning," which is a term used to describe dementia patients who lose control of their mental faculties after sundown; this phenomenon was experienced by Sheriff Stilinski's father, Elias Stilinski, who suffers from dementia and is in a nursing home.
  • According to Chris Argent, the pineal gland is believed to be the part of the body where the soul resides, and it is this gland for which Garrett Douglas has been killing Beacon Hills citizens in order to eat. It is implied that the pineal glands are being removed to steal souls, but it remains unknown what kind of an effect consuming these glands gives him.
  • It is revealed that Sheriff Stilinski's first name is Noah in this episode.
    • It's also revealed that he met Claudia when they were in college, and that his father, Elias, was abusive toward him and his mother, as evidenced by a scar that the Sheriff sustained trying to protect his mother by being pushed into a glass table, a wound that the Sheriff says still has bits of glass stuck in it in the present day.

Body Count[edit | edit source]

  • Phoebe - erased from existence by the Ghost Riders
  • Denise Novak - bludgeoned to death/removal of pineal gland; killed by Garrett Douglas

Locations[edit | edit source]

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

  • "LMK" by Virgos
    • Everyone in the school gets a text message about Nathan's party, including Hayden and the other girls in the locker room. Suddenly, Gwen begins to yell about her sister's belongings being stolen and becomes upset when no one remembers Phoebe
  • "Spectre" by Clavvs
    • Scott and Lydia research who or what a "Stiles" is while Malia struggles so much with a makeup math test that she stress-shifted into a coyote
  • "Hit It" by Deorro & Dirty Audio ft Ie-Z
    • Liam, Mason, Corey, and Hayden keep Gwen safe at a party in the McCall House
  • "Good Times" by Sigma & Ella Eye
    • Liam informs Hayden that werewolves can't get drunk on alcohol before they begin to make out.
  • "Hail (Lusha Remix)" by Nantes
    • Corey and Mason talk. Corey worries that they have forgotten something and that he won't be able to fight the Ghost Riders like Liam and Hayden, but Mason reassures him that they all believe in him.
  • "Escarole" by Cash Cash
    • Corey and Mason dance until a thunderstorm begins, alerting them to the arrival of the Ghost Riders
  • "Nights" by Ryan Tennison
    • Hayden is watching over Gwen when a black spot appears on the ceiling downstairs, worrying Corey and Mason. Gwen then runs downstairs to inform them that the Ghost Rider is there.

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