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SCOTT: [voiceover] Previously on Teen Wolf...
PARRISH: It's just a straightforward robbery-homicide.
MASON: He was bludgeoned to death and stuffed in a high school air duct.
SCOTT: The Ghost Riders, the Wild Hunt...
DEATON: I've never heard of it doing anything to anyone's memory.
LYDIA: What the hell is a Stiles?
MALIA: I know that someone chained me up, and I think they wanted me to stay human.
SCOTT: What if we're all missing the same person?
LYDIA: He was sitting right there... I think I loved him.


[Garrett Douglas is teaching his physics class and is holding up a metal rod as he stands before all of the students]

GARRETT: [sighs] Power. The ability, to control things. This metal, has no power. It's small. Weak. Insignificant. Is there anything we can do to change that?

[Corey, who is sitting next to Mason, raises his hand, causing Garrett to call on him for the answer. Mason, who was reading his book, gets surprised by Corey's sudden volunteering]

GARRETT: Corey, whatchu got?
COREY: We can add electricity.

[Garrett smiles at him proudly]

GARRETT: Exactly.

[Mason gives Corey an impressed smile for his correct answer and Corey smiles back]

GARRETT: We turn this metal rod...

[Garrett places the metal rod on the table before he turns his eyes to a bowl next to him and holds up another metal rod wrapped in copper coil]

GARRETT: ...Into a magnet. Now, it has power. Now, it has influence... over others.

[Garrett places a metal ball inside the bowl. He turns on the battery attached to the magnet and starts moving the magnet around the bowl, making the ball spin around the bowl and the ball's speed increases. Suddenly, Garrett starts suffering coughing fit as the students, including Liam and Hayden sitting next to each other, on the room are worried if he is fine. He stops for a moment but starts coughing again as he experiences a FLASHBACK of the time he was stuck in the glass, liquid-filled tube of the Dread Doctors' lair]

[In the PRESENT TIME, Garrett keeps coughing and Hayden looks at her teacher with a frown of concern]

HAYDEN: Are you okay, Mr. Douglas?

[Garrett stops coughing and looks fine now before he addresses Hayden]

GARRETT: Just a little cough.

[Garrett glances at the metal ball, still spinning at a lower speed before he turns to the class]

GARRETT: Where were we? Um... Right, now we have electricity, and a little bit of power. Let's add a little more.

[Garrett increases the electricity from the battery]

GARRETT: After all, greater the power... greater the control.

[Garrett once again experiences a FLASHBACK of the time he was still stuck in the Dread Doctors' lair tube. The alarm from the lair goes off]

[The scene change back to PRESENT TIME where Garrett coughing becomes severe and he punches the table]

[The scene cuts back to the FLASHBACK of the Dread Doctors' lair where Garrett is trying to break free from the tube by giving some punches]

[In PRESENT TIME Garrett coughs more and more. The students all have a worried look, wondering if their teacher is sick. Garrett grabs his bottle of water and drinks some of it to ease his coughing. When he looks okay to continue the class, Garrett turns to the class while Liam also makes a worried look and Garret places his bottle of water in the table before he takes a steadying breath and keeps revealing more about the metal rod]

GARRETT: Imagine how powerful this rod could become with unbalanced electricity. Say... from a lightning bolt? What else could we control?

[The metal ball starts spinning around the bowl at great speed again but Garrett starts coughing once again. The scene cuts to the FLASHBACK of the time he burst out of the tube of the Dread Doctors' lair. His whole body's skin is saggy and he slowly removes the oxygen mask he has been wearing inside the tube and we can see the Pathologist and Geneticist's dead bodies after they were killed by The Beast of Gevaudan in The Beast of Beacon Hills]

[In the PRESENT DAY, he coughs more and enters to the storage room where he coughs even louder enough for the students to hear. Liam gets up from his seat, probably going to see if his teacher is fine. Inside the storage room, Garrett grabs a mask attached to a tank marked Hellium and inhales hellium deeply to diminish his cough. Liam gets closer to the storage room to see his teacher but then stops, wondering what could be happening inside the room with Garrett. Garrett increases the quantity of hellium and keeps inhaling deeply. Liam, with a frown of concern, tries to talk to his teacher]

LIAM: Mr. Douglas?

[Garrett yet again has another FLASHBACK that shows what happened right after he burst out of the tube and removed his oxygen mask. He leans on a wall, checks his skin and takes a few breathes before he starts bleeding a strange green ooze from his mouth. He then activates his accelarated healing power and his skin is restored to its healthy state as his eyes glow Alpha red and he smirks]



[In the girls' locker room, every girl's phone, including Hayden's, is ringing. Every girl has received an invitation from Nathan Pierce, saying "Start of the Season Lacrosse Party, Nathan Pierce's house. Kec DJ Be There". Meanwhile, a girl named Gwen notices something wrong with a locker]

GWEN: Where is it?

[Gwen closes the locker in anger and turns to the other girls with a demanding expression]

GWEN: Who took all of her stuff?

[Hayden, having taken notice of the ruckus, approaches Gwen with a curious and worried look]

HAYDEN: What's wrong, Gwen?
GWEN: Someone stole all of her stuff.
HAYDEN: Who's stuff?
GWEN: My sister, Phoebe. She's been on your time for 2 years.

[The name Phoebe doesn't sound familiar to Hayden at all before she gives her honest reply]

HAYDEN: I don't remember her.

[Gwen seems very upset and frustrated at this response before revealing what she has been told by many other people]

GWEN: [incredulously] You don't remember her. The whole school doesn't remember her. No one remembers her.

[Gwen storms out out of the locker room in anger and Hayden is suspicious]

[Meanwhile in the LIBRARY, Scott and Lydia have found the meaning of "Stile" before Scott begins to read it aloud]

SCOTT: [reads] "Stile: an arrangement of steps that allows people but not animals, to climb over a fence."

[Scott turns to Lydia, who has a doubtful look about the information they found]

LYDIA: Yeah, somehow I don't think this is the "Stiles" we're looking for.
SCOTT: [shrugs] Maybe Malia has found something.
LYDIA: No. She's making a test today.

[At Natalie Martin's office, Malia is indeed making her make-up math test. She's trying to answer an equation, which asks "Find the partial fraction decomposition" but when begins writing an answer, she accidentally breaks another pencil with her super-strength and the screen shows more pencils she already broke before she grabs another one and Natalie reveals her time]

NATALIE: Only 20 minutes left.

[Malia, nervously, notices the clock and realizes it's 13:02 and Natalie, noticing how tense Malia is, decides to give Malia an advice]

NATALIE: Try to relax.
MALIA: [scoffs] Relax?!
NATALIE: Breathe in and feel yourself relaxing.

[Malia attempts to follow her guidance counselor's advice but then she looks at the equations in confusion and then looks at the clock, realizing she doesn't have much time to end the test and starts hyperventilating. Natalie is worried about Malia's condition, and Malia's anxiety causes everything to decelerate into slow-motion]

NATALIE: Malia...

[Malia is able to snap out of her trance and turns to Natalie still stressed]

NATALIE: You need to calm your breathing. Maybe try some positve self-talk.
MALIA: [frustratedly] I'm positive I don't wanna be here.

[Malia is so stressed that she is growling under her breath as she grippes the edge of the desk so hard that her claws come out just like in previous episode as a result of losing control over her shifts. Natalie takes a deep breath before she attempts yet again to mollify Malia]

NATALIE: Remember, school is a safe space. Let's breath together. Just one deep breath.

[Natalie and Malia take a deep breath together]

NATALIE: A little deeper.

[They take a deeper breath but Malia is so stressed that she is grabbing the pencil with strength]

NATALIE: A little deeper.

[Malia's stress reaches its limit and her eyes glow Beta blue before she breaks the pencil she was holding with her one hand in half. She turns into a true coyote like she did in Memory Lost and runs down the hall leaving a scared Natalie behind]

[In the library, Scott and Lydia, who were reading more about the meaning of "Stile", hear Malia's werecoyote howl. Scott, unsettled by what they just heard, looks at Lydia, who seems more than certain of what happened]

LYDIA: I guess the test isn't going well.

[Lydia and Scott leave the library in order to find Malia before anything else happens]

[Back at her office, Natalie takes a deep breath to calm herself down after watching Malia transform]

NATALIE: [to herself] Deeper. Natalie.

[Natalie removes her glasses before speaking to herself again]

NATALIE: Deep breaths.

[Scott arrives at the basement of the school and finds coyote Malia hiding behind a closet, growling at him. Scott slowly walks towards her, wanting to help his Beta]

SCOTT: Malia, it's okay. You're safe.

[Coyote-Malia comes out and keeps growling at Scott. Lydia, Natalie and Sheriff Stilinski arrive to help Scott with Malia]

SCOTT: I'm not gonna hurt you.

[Malia, upon hearing her Alpha's words, starts calming herself down and stops growling]

SCOTT: She is calming down.

[Stilinski looks a tiny scared of Malia's growling]

STILINSKI: Maybe you should growl back?

[Malia growls one more time and Natalie gets scared and Sheriff looks at Scott desperately]

STILINSKI: Scott, you're the Alpha. Can you just make a little more docile?

[Scott turns to Malia growling lower but Lydia comes to a conclusion]

LYDIA: She's not the problem. We are. This is her territory. We need to get out of here.

[Malia starts barking as Scott thinks Lydia is right and agrees with her]

SCOTT: Yes. C'mon.

[Scott, Lydia, Natalie and Sheriff start leaving the basement but they stop once Lydia bgins to speak]

LYDIA: Malia came here to get to the full moons. Then we got to the lake house.
NATALIE: [confused] I thought you said a wild animal got in the lake house.

[Lydia looks at her mother exasperatedly before retorting]

LYDIA: Just be happy for the things I don't tell you.

[They turn their attentions to Malia walking and she slowly transforms back into her human form. Sheriff dodges his attention since Malia is naked]

MALIA: It's alright. I'm okay.
NATALIE: [sighs in relief] Sweet.

[Natalie gives Malia her clothes back and looks at the Sheriff, who looks at Scott and Lydia questioningly]

STILINSKI: Any idea what made her shift?
SCOTT: She's under a lot of pressure.

[Scott glances at Lydia before turning back to the Sheriff]

SCOTT: School, her life after graduation.
LYDIA: Her mom trying to kill her.
SCOTT: That shouldn't make her shift.

[Scott looks at Lydia with a concerned expression]

SCOTT: Could it be connected to Stiles?

[Lydia doesn't look very sure due to the lack of information they possesses for now]

LYDIA: Hard to tell since we don't know what a "Stiles" is.

[Sheriff looks pretty familiar with the aforementioned name before he replies]

STILINSKI: It's a "he".

[Scott and Lydia look at the Sheriff both intrigued and confused]

STILINSKI: Stiles. It's a family nickname. I never used it, but... my father did.

[Scott and Lydia look at each other surprised, believing that Sheriff's father could help them remember Stiles]


[Lydia, Scott and Sheriff are seated in the living room and Claudia arrives and hands her husband a box]

STILINSKI: Thanks, honey.

[Claudia takes a seat next to her husband before he starts explaining about his father's life]

STILINSKI: He was an army engineer.

[Sheriff takes out a photo of his father and hands it to Scott]

STILINSKI: He ended the war, one bridge at a time.
SCOTT: He went by "Stiles?"

[Scott glances Lydia, who has a surprising look on her face before turning back to the Sheriff]

STILINSKI: So what's the discussion with the Wild Hunt?

[Scott looks at Lydia, wondering if he should tell him about the Ghost Riders but Lydia gives him a look that indicates she agrees with his option]

SCOTT: We think that somebody was taken from us.
STILINSKI: Any idea who?

[Scott sighs and hesitates before he gives an answer]

SCOTT: The Ghost Riders would have erased our memories.
STILINSKI: Well. That's convenient.
LYDIA: We found a clue. The word "stiles".
CLAUDIA: [sighs] And that's why you wanna talk to Elias?

[Scott looks at Sheriff and Claudia with a determined expression]

SCOTT: Maybe he could help us figure it out. Maybe ke knows who we're looking for.
STILINSKI: Is someone of your age?
SCOTT: Yeah, I... I think he was my friend.

[Sheriff has an understandable look on his face]

SCOTT: Maybe he was my best friend.

[Despite Scott's statements, Sheriff doesn't look just as hopeful as Scott and Lydia are]

STILINSKI: I guarantee my father can't help you.

[Scott gives the photo of Elias back to the Sheriff, who keeps it in the box before he tries to reason with him]

SCOTT: Can we try?
STILINSKI: Scott, he lives in a nursing house three towns over. He hasn't received visits for years.

[Lydia notices an elderly woman walking in the living room, who is not seen by anybody else. She stops and turns before she starts speaking]

GRANDMA: The following stops have been canceled.

[Lydia starts hearing the sound of a train that nobody else hears]

GRANDMA: The following stops have been canceled.

[The elderly woman starts walking down the hall and Lydia turns to Claudia]

LYDIA: Can I go to the bathroom?

[Lydia gets up from the couch and follows the old woman down the hall but then she looks shocked after finding a blank wall. She turns around and finds the old lady staring at the wall. She has a confused look, wondering why the old lady came here]

LYDIA: [whispers] Why are you here?

[The old lady doesn't say or do anything and instead just stares at the wall. Lydia slowly walks toward her]

LYDIA: Is there something you wanted to tell me?

[The old lady keeps staring at the wall and doesn't answer Lydia's questions]

LYDIA: What stop has been canceled?

[Lydia, wanting to know the reasons of the lady being there, tries to touch her but Claudia stops her from doing so and she snaps her up from her trance]

CLAUDIA: Lydia? Did you find it? The last door on the left.

[Lydia turns back to where the old lady was standing and is both surprised and shocked to see that she is gone]

LYDIA: Found it.

[Scene cuts back to the living room to the Sheriff reasoning with Scott]

STILINSKI: You're not hearing me. Trust me... you don't wanna talk to him.

[Scott attempts to convince Sheriff to let him and the girls see his father]

SCOTT: Just for a few minutes.
STILINSKI: Scott. My father can't help you.
SCOTT: [insistently] Just a few questions. Five minutes!

[Sheriff's exasperation reaches its peak and he speaks to Scott in a sharp tone]

STILINSKI: It's not possible for you to just talk to this guy! Okay?

[Sheriff takes a softer tone of voice when he speaks again and his expression becomes apologetic]

STILINSKI: Just find another way.
SCOTT: [hopefully] But what is this is the only way?

[Claudia cuts the discussion to side with her husband]

CLAUDIA: Scott. You have your answer.
SCOTT: Sheriff, please.

[Scott has a disappointed look on his face before Sheriff once again reiterates his point]

STILINSKI: The answer is "no".

[Scott and Lydia share a frustrated look due to the lack of information they have of the person that was taken from them by the Ghost Riders]


[Melissa comes downstairs and hears a sound coming from her kitchen that sounds like kitchen utensils. Slowly, she walks through her living room and grabs a candle holder to defend herself from who or what could be in her house. She enters the kitchen and sees a man, the man turns around and is revealed to be Chris Argent, making coffee. Melissa sighs in relief]

ARGENT: Good morning.

[Melissa looks a bit vexed at Argent for invading her property]

MELISSA: You know normal people knock?

[Chris hands Melissa a mug of coffee]

MELISSA: Something tells me you're not here just to make me coffee.
ARGENT: I need your help. There's a body in the morgue that needs to be examined.
MELISSA: And you snuck in the kitchen?
ARGENT: [embarassed] Actually, I wanted your experties about something.

[Melissa gets curious about what Argent is talking about]


[Hayden has arrived at the library, probably looking for Gwen and attempting to help her again. After looking around for a brief moment, she notices Gwen holding a book against a shelf. The camera zooms in and the book is actually yearbooks for signs, indicating she is trying to find the photo of her sister Phoebe. Hayden approaches Gwen, looking interested in what she is searching for]

HAYDEN: What are you looking for?
GWEN: Anything. Anything to prove that Phoebe is real.

[Hayden stops Gwen from searching through the book more and attempts to gain her trust]

HAYDEN: Hey. I believe you.

[Gwen, already despondent by the responses many people gave to her about her sister but not surprised at all because of Hayden's earlier reply about Phoebe's existence, doesn't fall into Hayden's trick]

GWEN: [unconvinced] No. You don't.

[Gwen puts the book back where it was and Hayden notices her holding a bracelet, which arouses her curiosity and interest]

HAYDEN: That was hers, wasn't it?

[Gwen has a face that indicates she doesn't want to share her story with Hayden but the latter becomes more serious than ever]

HAYDEN: What happened?
GWEN: We just went to bed, like any other night. I got up to get some water and I though I saw a man standing in our yard. When I looked again, there was no one in there. But this morning my sister was gone. And her room was completely empty. I can't reach my mom. I tried to call Phoebe's phone but the line has been disconnected. And no one believes she exists. The cops, the school, they're all saying there's no record of her. And everyone is looking at me like I'm crazy.

[Gwen allows Hayden to better see the bracelet she is holding]

GWEN: I made this for Phoebe for her birthday. Mom forgot to buy her anything because she traveled so much. This is the only thing I have left.

[Hayden seems intrigued by the story Gwen just told her before she asks for more details]

HAYDEN: The man in your yard. What he looked like?
GWEN: [describing] He had a black hat, long coat. I couldn't see his face.

[Hayden and Gwen's conversation is interrupted by a student, who was unable to study because of their loud conversation]

STUDENT: [annoyed] SHH!

[Hayden, now certain Gwen's sister suffered an experience related to the supernatural, takes Gwen to a more private space between the bookshelfs so she can warn her of the new threat that has arrived in town]

HAYDEN: It's called a Ghost Rider. They take people and you don't even know because they erase your memories. If you see them, according to mythology... you're next.

[At this explanation, Gwen stares blankly at Hayden, who frowns in concern at the former's expression]

HAYDEN: ...Gwen?
GWEN: You think I'm stupid?

[Hayden, slightly exasperated at Gwen's total ignorance regarding the people who took the latter's sister, gives her a grim and concerned look]

HAYDEN: Gwen, I'm trying to help you.
GWEN: This is all the big joke to you? I don't believe in ghosts and I don't like to be made fun of.

[Gwen storms off of the library, leaving Hayden behind, who is frustrated that she couldn't make Gwen see the truth]


[Argent and Melissa arrive at the hospital's morgue to examine the dead body Argent wanted Melissa to see. They remove the stretcher from the body and Chris grabs the body's head with strength and turns it upside down, showing the damage of it]

MELISSA: I'm gonna go with with head trauma as cause of death.
ARGENT: The skull wasn't just broken. Look here.

[Melissa notices a bite wound on the head of the victim]

ARGENT: These are teeth marks.

[Melissa turns to Argent with a questioning expression]

MELISSA: A werewolf?
ARGENT: A werewolf with an unusually powerful set of jaws.

[Melissa seems fascinated and perplexed by this newest discovery]

MELISSA: Can it bite through a human skull?
ARGENT: Skulls.

[Melissa looks at Argent curiously, leading him to reveal what else he knows]

ARGENT: This wasn't the first victim.

[Melissa is shocked and alarmed with this news]


[Malia opens her locker to keep her books as Scott, who is behind her, has just arrived to tell her about the Sheriff's order but Malia is able to guess the results]

MALIA: Stilinski said no, didn't he?
SCOTT: Yeah.
MALIA: But we're going anyway?
SCOTT: Yeah.

[Malia closes her locker, revealing Liam leaning next to a row of lockers before he gives his friends a look]

LIAM: Or you could stay here and help me convince Gwen she's in danger.
SCOTT: It's not your job to convince her. It's your job to keep her safe.

[The three of them start exiting school as Malia gives Liam one of her styled-ideas]

MALIA: Just kidnap her.

[Scott disapproves the idea and warns Liam to do not listen to Malia's words]

SCOTT: Do not kidnap her. We come back at night, after we talk to Stilinski's dad.

[Malia doubts if Elias really could help them out]

MALIA: Do we really need to do this?
SCOTT: He's our only clue.

[As Scott and Malia prepare to leave the school, Liam can't hide his worries any longer]

LIAM: Okay. But if the Ghost Riders show up?

[Scott looks at Liam in the eyes in order to give him ]

SCOTT: Then you handle them, Liam. You're not alone. You've got Mason and Corey and Hayden. Just find a safe place for Gwen and keep her there.

[Liam attempts to

LIAM: Any suggestion?
SCOTT: It doesn't matter as long she is safe.

[Scott leaves with Malia but before she goes, she once again tells Liam her idea]

MALIA: [quietly] Kidnap her.

[Scott appears to have heard Malia telling Liam to kidnap Gwen due to his werewolf hearing and disapproves the idea again]

SCOTT: [from outside] Do not kidnap her!

[Malia leaves as well without saying another word to Liam, who is still uncertain if he and his friends can protect Gwen from the Ghost Riders]

[At the library, Liam has met with Hayden, Mason and Corey and they discuss in a table where they can keep Gwen safe from the Ghost Riders]

LIAM: Until we find a safe place for Gwen, we need to know her location all the time.

[Hayden looks at Gwen in the second floor of the library talking to her friends]

MASON: That's great progress at school, but what happens after that? She could go anywhere.

[Corey looks at Hayden with a solution]

COREY: Hayden could ask her.
HAYDEN: We don't have to. I know she'll be there tonight. In Nathan's party.

[Hayden shows Mason, Liam and Corey Nathan's invitation for his party this night at 8:00 pm]

HAYDEN: She's been asking everybody in school about Phoebe. I'm sure she'll do the same tonight.

[Liam thinks about this for a moment before he grimaces in frustration]

LIAM: We can't keep her safe in Nathan's. We need a place where supernaturals can't get in.

[Mason smiles, apparently remembers]

MASON: I know a place.

[Corey, Liam and Hayden look at Mason questioningly]

MASON: [confidently] The safest place.


[Scott, Lydia and Malia arrive at the nursing home where Elias Stilinski, Sheriff Stilinski's father resides in]

SCOTT: We didn't provide the breaking of a nursing home.
MALIA: After the orderlies of Eichen House, pretty sure we can handle some nurses.

[Malia walks ahead and enters the nursing house where she finds the head male nurse on a call]

MALE NURSE: I've gotta go. Someone is coming.

[Male Nurse ends the call and turns to Malia]

MALE NURSE: Hi, over there. There's something I can do...?

[Malia grabs the Male Nurse's head and slams it on the table]

MALE NURSE: What the...

[Male Nurse falls on the ground after the impact with the table and Malia, off-screen, drags him into a closet and locks him in there, preventing him from stopping them from talking to Elias]

[At his bedroom, Elias Stilinski, is listening to old trumpet music. Unbeknownst to him, Scott, Lydia and Malia arrive at his room and slowly walk towards him, wanting to talk to him. Elias turns to them and seems confused]

ELIAS: Yes? Is it time for my medicine?
MALIA: We don't have your medicine.

[Elias sighs in understanding and turns around]

LYDIA: Are you Elias Stilinski?
ELIAS: I am.

[Scott and Lydia look at each other before she walks towards Elias]

LYDIA: [smiles] I'm Lydia Martin. Do you know who I am?
ELIAS: [concerned] Should I?

[Scott walks towards him]

SCOTT: Hi. Mr. Stilinski, we're looking for someone who might be named Stiles. And you went by the name in the army, right?
ELIAS: [confirming] Yes. Those were the best years of my life.
MALIA: Do you know any of us?
ELIAS: Of course I do. How could I forget my own son.

[Scott looks frowns in confusion at what Elias just said]

SCOTT: Your son?

[Scott shares a confused and concerned look with Lydia, who seems put his intelligence on proof]

LYDIA: Mr. Stilinski. What year is it?
ELIAS: 1976. My son's birthday is next week.

[Lydia turns to Scott and Malia with the answer of Elias' problem]

LYDIA: He has dementia.

[Scott turns to Elias with a frown of concern]

ELIAS: Is it time for my medicine?


[At the living room, there's a DJ spinning to a huge crowd of students, dancing and drinking. In the middle of the crowd, a student puts his drink in the table and Liam makes a run for it]

LIAM: Hey. Not there.

[Liam is apparently making sure the students don't damage the living room. Nathan enters the room in a bad mood and slams the door with such force that he causes a picture of Scott and Melissa to fall but, fortunately, Liam catches it in time before it can make contact with the floor]

NATHAN: You stole my party.

[Nathan grabs Liam and shoves him against the wall furiously]

NATHAN: Are you gonna be lacrosse captain too?
LIAM: [stammers] I didn't want you to be mad.
NATHAN: How did you think I wouldn't?

[Mason appears behind him with money to save Liam from Nathan's fury]

MASON: Do you accept hundred notes?

[Nathan takes Mason's money and releases Liam before he brags for getting money easily]

NATHAN: Whoooo!

[Liam is thankful to Mason for saving him but at the same time admonishes for him choosing his Alpha's house when he has a complicated relationship with Melissa]

LIAM: That definitely wasn't a good idea.
MASON: Scott told us to do everything it takes to keep Gwen safe.

LIAM: [worriedly] What if Melissa shows up? She already doesn't like me.

[Mason tries to boost his best friend's confidence by giving him some good news]

MASON: She is on night shift. She'll only return at 4 AM.

[Mason puts Melissa and Scott's picture back on the wall while relating his plan]

MASON: And we'll have this place cleaned up... way before that. Scott told us to protect Gwen. And putting her in a house lined with Mountain Ash...

[Mason covers the entrance with Mountain Ash, ensuring no supernatural creature can enter]

MASON: ... Is a good plan. Believe in the plan.

[Mason closes the entrance's door before returning to the party]


[Scott, Lydia and Malia keep asking Elias if he knows who they are and if he knows the person they're looking for]

ELIAS: [sighs] Scott McCall?

[Scott smacks lips in agreement]

ELIAS: No, no, no. You're my son.
MALIA: [impatiently] Shut down, old guy. You'll wake up the other old people.

[Malia starts eating peas from Elias' dinner and Lydia and Scott look at her in confusion while Elias looks uncomfortable with Malia's behavior]

ELIAS: I don't like her.

[Lydia sits next to Elias to help him with his memory problems and gives him a firm look]

LYDIA: Your son... is the sheriff of Beacon Hills.
ELIAS: [confused] Sheriff? No, no, no. I was in the army.
MALIA: Use your claws, Scott.

[Scott, realizing that Malia wants him to use the memory manipulation ritual, makes a worried look]

SCOTT: It could kill him.
MALIA: I get that but we're running out of time.
SCOTT: I can't.

[Malia, both impatient and frustrated that Scott won't perform the memory manipulation ritual, flicks out her left hand's claws to perform the ritual herself and starts lunging toward Elias but Scott stops her by grabbing her wrist. Elias notices Malia's claws and gets a bit scared]

SCOTT: No. We're not hurting him.

[Scott releases Malia from his grip while Elias looks at the Werecoyote with a snide expression]

ELIAS: Young lady, you need to clip those nails.

[Malia, instead of being angrier with Elias' comment, looks calmer now]


[Hayden is sat drinking and Liam walks towards her]

HAYDEN: I did this for you.
LIAM: You know that alcohol doesn't work on us, right?
HAYDEN: [confused] What?
LIAM: Yeah. Our bodies heal too quickly and we can't... You know.

[Hayden looks visibly a little upset that she can't get drunk]

HAYDEN: You're kidding, right?

[Liam attempts to make Hayden see

LIAM: It's not that bad.

[Hayden and Liam smile playfully before they kiss for a couple of seconds]

LIAM: Have you seen Gwen?
HAYDEN: Over there. Talking to everyone but me.

[Hayden points to where Gwen is dancing with some students]

LIAM: You know what? If the Ghost Riders don't come tonight, it's our first okay date.
HAYDEN: [smiles] And some day... we'll have one better than "okay."

[Hayden and Liam kiss again and Hayden notices Gwen upstairs and realizes she has to watch her]

HAYDEN: I've better go.

[Hayden leaves Liam to watch Gwen and make sure she is safe and Liam leans against a wall, alone]


[Elias is becoming more agitated because of Scott, Lydia and Malia's presence]

ELIAS: [threatening] You shouldn't be here. If you don't leave, I have to report you.

[Scott opens his mouth in worry that he and his friends could go arrested before turning to Lydia with an inquiring look]

SCOTT: Uh... What's wrong with him?
LYDIA: [notices] The sun went down.
SCOTT: So...

[Elias starts becoming even more agitated and groans in anger while Lydia becomes aware of what is going on with Elias]

LYDIA: He's sundowning. It's when patients with dementia lose their faculties after the sun goes down.
ELIAS: [agitated] I don't wanna talk to you anymore!

[Elias starts throwing newspapers at them in fury]

MALIA: So what do we do?
LYDIA: Wait until the sun comes back up.

[Malia looks at Lydia as though she's crazy]

MALIA: We can't wait that long.
SCOTT: There's gotta be something we can do to keep him quite.

[Elias now starts to cry and pleading with them]

ELIAS: Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave
MALIA: I can calm him down.

[Scott and Lydia turn to Malia with an unconvinced look since she already tried to use the memory manipulation ritual on Elias and prevent her from doing some stupidity again]

LYDIA: No. Elias look at the equations. Look.

[Lydia puts on the table sheets of math equations for Elias to calm down]

LYDIA: It's binomial of probability. What's "P"?

[Elias looks well at the "P"]

ELIAS: Probability of success?
LYDIA: Right. And what means N minus K?

[Elias starts thinking of what could mean the formula until he arrives to an answer]

ELIAS: Number of trials minus the number of successes.

[Lydia chuckles that Elias got the formula right while Malia is both surprised and confused that math is calming Elias down]

MALIA: What's with math?
LYDIA: It helps on their concentration. And this one?
ELIAS: That's... um... Conditional probability.

[Scott is surprised to see that the equations are calming Elias down]

LYDIA: Let's find the moment of inertia.

[Scott sees the equations and Elias turns to him]

LYDIA: Elias.
ELIAS: That's Mr. Stilinski. Just who the hell do you think you are?

[Scott, Malia and Lydia look at each other, surprised that Elias came back to his senses thanks to the math equations]


[Corey is leaning on a wall, with a look of concern. Mason notices him and walks toward his boyfriend to help him]

MASON: Hey. What's wrong?
COREY: I just think we forgot something.
MASON: [reassuringly] We haven't. Liam is watching the back doors and Hayden is upstairs with Gwen.

[However, Mason's assurances still don't take the worried look in Corey's face away]

COREY: If the Ghost Riders come in, I don't know if...
MASON: If what?
COREY: If I can fight like Liam.

[Mason realizes that Corey is referencing his and Liam's discussion in previous episode about each other's abilities and he grabs his boyfriend and looks at him straight in the eyes as he starts to embolden him]

MASON: Look. No one doubts of you. Not Liam. Not Hayden. And not me. Okay? C'mon, we got this. C'mon.

[Mason takes Corey to the middle of the crowd so he can get some fun. Mason and Corey start dancing together and the latter's worried expression changes. Suddenly, everyone hears thunder rumbling but they ignore it and the party keeps going]


[Lydia is talking to a newly- Elias over the latter's illness' effects]

LYDIA: You know Scott isn't your son?
ELIAS: Of course I know that. The brains are getting smaller with the skirts.

[Malia starts growling under her breath again as a result of losing control but Scott is able to calm her down in order to protect Elias]

SCOTT: Malia. It's okay.

[Elias turns to Scott with a look of curiosity and familiarity]

ELIAS: So you're that McCall kid.

[Scott looks surprised that Elias knows him]

SCOTT: You know me?
ELIAS: I know your dad. He couldn't hold his liquor, and certainly couldn't keep that wedding ring on his finger. A beautiful lady walking by and poof, that ring just disappeared like magic.

[Scott looks surprised that he didn't hear that part of the story between his parents but Malia begins growling under her breath as Lydia interrogates Elias further]

LYDIA: And you know all of us?

[Elias smiles and chuckles once it appears he recognizes Lydia as well]

ELIAS: Hey. You're Natalie Martin's daughter. Am I right? You look like her. She was pretty once too.

[Malia's eyes go blue and Scott attempts to calm her down to prevent her from injuring Elias]

MALIA: [pissed] Stop talking.
SCOTT: Hey, hey. Malia.
ELIAS: She also liked to talk like she was the smartest person in her room.

[Malia loses her patience completely, flicks out her claws and lunges toward Elias]

SCOTT: Malia!

[Scott, Lydia and Malia turn around and are almost speechless at the Sheriff's presence. He is next to the equally-angry nurse that Malia locked in the closet before Scott regains his composure and attempts to justify his and the girls' actions]

SCOTT: Sheriff, we...

[The Sheriff's expression is the one that shows h couldn't be more disappointed with he three youths]

STILINSKI: I explicitly told you not come here. And who attacked a staff member?
MALE NURSE: That's her.

[Male Nurse points to Malia, still growling under her breath while Sheriff is still disappointed that Scott, Lydia and Malia went against his orders]

STILINSKI: What were you thinking?
ELIAS: Noah, we were just having a nice conversation.

[Sheriff ignores his father and turns to Scott, Lydia and Malia with an instruction]

STILINSKI: The three of you, out. Now.

[Scott, Lydia and Malia get out of Elias' room as ordered by the Sheriff]

ELIAS: Noah...

[Sheriff starts taking Scott, Lydia and Malia to the station, causing Elias to become angry toward his son for not noticing him]

ELIAS: That's right! Act like I'm not even here. Go crawling back to your dead wife and your loser son!

[Sheriff turns to his father with a confused and angry look]

STILINSKI: What did you say?

[Before Elias could answer, he instantly goes back to his confused state]

ELIAS: Is it... time... for my medicine?


[Gwen is sat in Scott's bed and is looking at the bracelet she intended to give to her sister Phoebe in her birthday, meaning Gwen misses her sister. Unbeknownst to her, Hayden is spying her from the hallway. Once again, thunder rumbles and light flashes toward Gwen's face. At the living room, Corey and Mason look uncomfortable with something]

COREY: Sounded like it was right above above us.
MASON: I think it was.
COREY: What is that?

[They both notice a black spot in the ceiling as Gwen screams and comes downstairs in panic accompanied by Hayden]

LIAM: What's wrong?
GWEN: [panicked] I saw him!

[Gwen turns around in slow motion to show Liam what she saw. In the middle of the darkness of the hallway, a Ghost Rider is seen skulking in a strong gust of wind blows hundreds of dead leaves. The Ghost Rider slowly starts going downstairs after Gwen, who still looks panicked]

GWEN: He is over there.

[Mason and Corey look at the stairs but don't see anything]

GWEN: Do you see him?

[Liam doesn't see the Ghost Rider either but it looks like it only appears for Gwen. Gwen stops freezing in terror and runs for her life, asking for help]

GWEN: Help me!
COREY: Wait!

[Gwen ignores Corey as she keeps running for her life from the Ghost Rider. Corey remembers he can also become invisible and leans against the wall behind him beofre he camouflages. With his vision taking a green tint like previous episode, Corey's eyesight become enhanced enough that he can see the Ghost Rider slowly walking in the middle of the crowd of students, looking for Gwen]

COREY: Liam. It's a Ghost Rider.
LIAM: Where?
COREY: Heading to the kitchen. Right here.

[Corey grabs the Ghost Rider by the arm and discamouflages, making them both visible. Uncovered, the Ghost Rider grabs Corey and shoves him against the wall hard, causing him to collapse in the floor. The other students see the Ghost Rider and start to panic. Soon, the Ghost Rider is surrounded by Liam, Hayden and Mason. Corey gets up, already recovered from the Rider's attack on him]

COREY: Everybody out! Now!

[The students oblige and run out of the McCall House. The Ghost Rider finds Gwen and Hayden in the kitchen and starts walking toward them. Mason grabs a Mountain Ash jar, runs toward the girls and seals off the kitchen from the living room with Mountain Ash, making impossible for the Ghost Rider to attack Mason, Hayden and Gwen. The Rider touches the barrier with his hand and realizes he can't go through it. Mason has a shocked look on his face]


[Argent shows Melissa through his phone photos of another victim from the werewolf with the unusual powerful set of jaws]

ARGENT: Denise Novack, found in a campsite with the back of the head cracked open.

[Melissa increases the size of the photo and sees that the bite marks are exactly the same of the body they saw earlier]

MELISSA: The size and bite pattern appear to match.
ARGENT: It looks like who did this to Denise, did the same to Mazzara.
MELISSA: [confused] That's odd, even for Beacon Hills. Why biting off the back of someone's head and not take anything?
ARGENT: But that someone took something from Denise, her pineal gland.

[Melissa looks at Argent incredulously]

MELISSA: Her pineal gland? That's right in the center of the brain.
ARGENT: Was something missing from Mazzara's brain?

[Melissa grabs Mazzara's report to confirm but can't find the detail anywhere]

MELISSA: Our report doesn't say. But there's one way to know for sure.

[Melissa reaches her doctor equipment and takes out a scalpel, ready to examine Mazzara's brain]


[The Ghost Rider keeps pressing his hand against the Mountain Ash barrier Mason created between the kitchen and the living room but he ultimately fails. Gwen, despite being protected for now, still looks a bit scared. Out of other options, the Ghost Rider takes a few steps away from the barrier, grabs his whip and lashes the barrier with it. Mason gasps in fear and Corey looks at Liam, with an intense determined expression on his face]

LIAM: We can't let him get through.

[Corey nods in agreement. Liam grabs a lamp and slams it in the Ghost Rider's head, causing it to break into a million pieces but the creature doesn't feel any pain at all from that. However, it does gets his attention toward Liam, who tries to fight him but the Ghost Rider simply slams him into the wall and Liam collapses in the floor. The Ghost Rider turns his attention back to Mason, Gwen and Hayden and lashes the barrier with his whip one more time, causing Mason to panic]

MASON: Guys, he's breaking through.

[Corey, realizing his friends are in danger, steps up in Liam's place and attempts to attack the Ghost Rider but the undead being slams him into another wall causing him to fall into the floor. Liam, already recovered, stands up to his feet and grabs the Rider's left arm and Corey grabs the right one but the Ghost Rider turns around and shoves them against opposite walls. They try again but the Ghost Rider overpowers them again and Liam and Corey collapse on the floor, defeated. After defeating Liam and Corey, the Rider turns his attention to Mason, Hayden and Gwen and lashes the barrier with his whip once more, causing Mason to take a decision]

MASON: Okay. We're leaving, right now.

[Mason grabs Gwen's hand and runs with her out of house. Hayden decides to keep behind to distract the Rider long enough for Mason and Gwen to escape safely. Mason and Gwen run out of the house but Gwen notices something]

GWEN: Stop!

[Mason halts but he doesn't find anything in front of him. However, Gwen can see another Ghost Rider in front of her and Mason realizes what Gwen is meaning]

MASON: Come back inside?
GWEN: [frantically] Yes. Now!

[Mason and Gwen return to the kitchen but the Ghost Rider lashes the barrier with his whip one last time and not only succeeds in breaking the barrier but also wraps his whip around Gwen's leg, causing her to fall into the floor. Now that he has gotten Gwen, the creature slowly starts dragging her to him and Gwen screams in panic]

GWEN: Help!

[Hayden and Mason grab Gwen's hands in an attempt to pull her back]


[Melissa is examining Mazzara's head in the morgue]

MELISSA: The corner found damage in both Mazzara's repul hemispheres but he assumed they were sustained by the wound.

[Argent nods in comprehension and Melissa, with the help of a pair of tongs, slowly cuts open Mazzara's dead body's head before she turns her attention to Argent]

MELISSA: Hold this.

[Argent holds the tongs and Melissa, wearing her doctor gloves, presses her finger into Mazzara's brain]


[Melissa reaches the center of Mazzara' brain and her expression becomes one of utter disbelief and shock]

MELISSA: Oh god! His pineal gland is missing.


[The Ghost Rider keeps trying to pull Gwen to him and Mason and Hayden are doing their best to pull Gwen to their side but are soon getting tired of doing so. Corey and Liam can't do anything since they still didn't recover from the Ghost Rider's attacks on them and look helplessly until a male voice is heard. It's Parrish, with his gun pointed to the Rider's head]

PARRISH: Freeze! Let her go!

[The Ghost Rider refuses to obey Parrish's order and keeps trying pull Gwen to his side]

LIAM: Shoot it, Parrish!

[Parrish, agreeing with Liam's advice, addresses Mason and Hayden]

PARRISH: Get down, now!

[Hayden and Mason obey Parrish's order and he shoots the Ghost Rider in the back a few times but the bullets do little effect at the creature. However, Parrish is able to get the creature's attention as the Rider turns to him and releases Gwen, who gets comforted by Mason and Hayden and slowly walks toward Parrish]

PARRISH: On your knees!

[The Ghost Rider refuses to obey Parrish's order again and keeps walking toward him until he gets closer enough with Parrish's gun pointed to his head]

PARRISH: On. Your. Knees!

[The Rider ignores him and stares at Parrish, who does the same. Liam, already recovered, wonders what is going to happen next. Parrish and the Ghost Rider stare at each other for a long moment until a strong gust of wind and hundreds of dead leaves blow again and the Rider disappears in the middle of the wind. Parrish inspects the entire living room in order to make sure the Rider is gone. Once inspecting is done, Parrish, Corey and Liam share a surprised look]


[Scott, Lydia and Malia are being scolded by a disappointed Natalie, who was informed of the nurse home break-out while Sheriff is drinking coffee from his mug in his office]

SCOTT: We know this looks bad.
NATALIE: It doesn't look bad, Scott. It is bad.

[Scott makes a sheepish face, meanting to say "Fair point." before Natalie rants on the severity of the situation]

NATALIE: You've broken into a nursing home, you harassed a dementia pacient and beat up a nurse. This could afect the rest of your lives! Especially you, Malia. They're talking felony assault!
MALIA: I didn't beat him up, I could have, but I chose not to.
LYDIA: That's an improvement.

[Stilinski comes from his office with surprising news]

STILINSKI: [sighs] By some miracle, the nurse decided to drop the charges. They're free to go.

[Stilinski goes back to his office to get ready to go home since the day is over. Lydia sighs in relief that she and her friends won't be arrested for the break-out but her mother is still disappointed at her and her friends' actions]

NATALIE: Just because you're not going to jail doesn't mean you aren't grounded for eternity.

[Sheriff prepares to leave and Claudia is there with him]

CLAUDIA: You had a long day, sheriff. Are you ready?

[Claudia helps her husband wear the jacket and Sheriff looks exhausted]

STILINSKI: All I wanted was for this day to end.
CLAUDIA: Let me take you away from all this. Crime, mayhem, those kids...

[Claudia smiles playfully before Sheriff assures that Scott, Malia and Lydia are good people]

STILINSKI: Those kids did a dumb thing, but their hearts are on the right place.
STILINSKI: [skeptically] You had second thoughts?

[Claudia looks confused at her husband's question]

STILINSKI: About us not having kids?
CLAUDIA: [honestly] Not once.

[Sheriff smiles that her wife is honest and they kiss for a moment before the Sheriff grabs his bag]

STILINSKI: Let's get out of here.

[Claudia and Sheriff leave and the latter closes his office's door]


[Scott arrives home from the Sheriff's department, shocked to see that Liam held a party in his house without his permission as Liam weakly attempts to justify his and the others' actions]

LIAM: You said to find a safe place. So we brought the party here.
SCOTT: Who said to throw a party at all?

[It is clear by Liam's sheepish expression he should have asked Scott for his permission before attempting to bring Scott to the good side of the story]

LIAM: At least we saved Gwen.

[Scott becomes concerned about what happened during his absence]

SCOTT: But you saw one of the Ghost Riders?

[Liam nods in confirmation before explaining]

LIAM: [nods] Corey made him visible so we could fight him.
SCOTT: [concerned] But doesn't the book say if you see the Wild Hunt, you are taken too?
LIAM: All of the party saw him.

[Scott gets shocked just as Liam, who realizes something]

LIAM: Does that mean...
SCOTT: They're all gonna be taken.

[Liam beomes worried because everyone at the party including himself, Mason, Hayden and Corey will be taken. Scott steps on something]

SCOTT: I should've been here.

[Later, Sheriff comes to the house and is surprised to see Scott in his bedroom picking up the trash left from the party and putting it in a trash basket. Sheriff knocks on the door in education and Scott turns to him]

STILINSKI: It looks like you had a party.
SCOTT: Yeah. I hope heaving everything cleaned before my mom comes home.
STILINSKI: I'll help.

[Sheriff starts helping Scott pick up the trash, much to the latter's surprise since Sheriff should still be mad at him for going against his orders of not visiting Elias]

SCOTT: Sheriff. I'm really sorry. We never should have never gone there to see your father.
STILINSKI: Nah. It's okay. I should've been clear about who he is. Maybe a part of me just didn't want to admit it.

[Sheriff shows Scott a scar under his left shoulder]

STILINSKI: This is my dad, Scott. He pushed me through a glass table and was going after my mom. There are still pieces of glass in here. The doctor told my mother that they would be there for the rest of my life working their way out.

[Scott looks surprised by Sheriff's story before Sheriff finishes it]

STILINSKI: It was a small price to keep away from her, that time.

[Sheriff and Scott go back picking up the trash from the party before Sheriff sits on Scott's bed]

STILINSKI: You know. My father told me something of bothering me one day. Something about memories.
SCOTT: What you mean?
STILINSKI: Have you had a dream... that is so real, you thought it was a memory? Okay. In this dream, I lay in the bed with Claudia, it's a couple of weeks before we move away from college. And we talk about the future, in kids, and what we call them. And I tell her, if we have a son, I wanna name him after my father. She laughs and says: "Why would you wanna settle a poor kid a name like that?"

[Sheriff chuckles for a moment before he keeps his story]

STILINSKI: Then I tell her: "Because he's a great father.". One I wish I had. A father I hoped to be. I nthat point of the dream, she smiles, kisses me and says: "It's okay. We'll name him that." But won't matter. By the way, he will be called "Stiles".


[Melissa is asking Chris why the pineal gland is important for the killer]

MELISSA: It's the size of a pea. Why kill for it?
ARGENT: The pineal gland is believed to be the seat of the soul. A conduit to express our souls through physical actions.
MELISSA: So someone or something, is biting open heads to steal souls.
ARGENT: It looks that way. But the real question is... why?


[A janitor is mopping up one of the classrooms. Next to the windows, red eyes glow in the darkness and Garrett Douglas punches the janitor, causing him to fall on the floor before he uses his set of fangs to bite off the back of his head, killing him. Garrett searches in the janitor's brain and takes out his pineal gland, making him the responsible for the deaths of Mazzara and Denise. Garrett smirks in satisfaction for some seconds until he puts the pineal gland in his mouth and swallows it. His eyes roll back in his head and glow Alpha red before he makes an evil smile]


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