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"Since you've never skated before, maybe I should give you a few pointers?"
"Allison... Not that this is news to you or anything, but you remember the Werewolf thing? Super Speed, strength, and reflexes?"
Allison Argent and Scott McCall about a Werewolf's Super Agility in Ice Pick

Super Agility is the power to possess a superior level of agility, giving the user a highly advanced combination of balance, coordination, and reflexes. This power allows the user to perform extraordinary gymnastic, acrobatic, and martial feats such as flips, handsprings, spinning kicks, and jumps; in the latter case, this includes both leaping high in the air as well as jumping from a tall height and landing lightly on one's feet.

It also gives the user the ability to perceive projectiles heading their way, allowing them to either catch them or to dodge them with pinpoint accuracy. Users of this power are also naturally gifted in athletics, as proven by Scott McCall, Kira Yukimura, Isaac Lahey, Vernon Boyd and Liam Dunbar's participation on the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team. Super Agility is typically used in conjunction with Super Strength and Super Speed and is usually possessed by shapeshifters.

Users of Super Agility[]

For the most part, Super Agility is a power that is naturally possessed by supernatural shapeshifters, either from birth or from being transformed through a bite or scratch, as is the case with Werewolves. For example, the Chimera, an unnatural species of scientifically enhanced Humans, has been known to possess this power in cases where their powers were derived from a species that naturally possesses it, such as the Werecoyote/Werewolf Chimera, Theo Raeken, though a Chimera's level of strength can vary even among their own kind. Additionally, Jennifer Blake, a Druid who went dark, also known as a Darach, gained superior agility and strength from the sacrifice of a trio of warriors during her five-fold knot ritual.

The species and people who possess Super Agility are as follows:



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