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SCOTT: [voiceover] Previously on Teen Wolf...
STILES: If you can explain why this is blue, I'll let it go.
LYDIA: The Ghost Riders. The Wild Hunt. They come by storm, and they take people.
STILES: Everyone is forgetting everything!
MALIA: Who's Stiles?
STILINSKI: Why don't you tell me your name?
STILES: They're coming for me. Find some way to remember me. Remember I love you.


[In a clearing between the preserve and the high school's lacrosse field, thunder rumbles overhead as a wave of fog travels across the grass. Suddenly, multiple lightning strikes hit the field just as dozens of Ghost Riders on horses appear out of nowhere, galloping quickly in a large swarm. Meanwhile, Scott and Liam are on the lacrosse field, practicing their shots, when Scott suddenly turns toward the source of the neighing and thundering hooves, though he cannot see anything. After a moment, Scott frowns in confusion]

SCOTT: Did you feel that?
LIAM: [confused] Feel what?

[Scott hesitates for a moment before shaking his head]

SCOTT: Thought I heard something...

[Scott pauses a moment longer before shrugging it off]

SCOTT: Forget it. All right, let's keep going.

[Liam rolls his eyes, clearly ready to go home for the night, especially when he hears the thunder overhead]

LIAM: Or we could call it...
SCOTT: We gotta work on your back shots.
LIAM: [frowns] Why?
SCOTT: [chuckles] Liam, they suck.

[Liam looks at Scott with an offended expression]

LIAM: What are you talking about?
SCOTT: [smirks] Your backshots-- which suck.

[Liam shoots Scott another look before sighing and scooping up a ball before lobbing backshot after backshot at Scott, who misses every one and lets it hit the net of the goal. Scott frowns when he realizes he was mistaken about Liam's poor performance and looks at him apologetically]

SCOTT: I must've been thinking of someone else...
LIAM: [scoffs] Yeah. Maybe someone else who should be captain?

[Scott gives Liam a reassuring expression]

SCOTT: You'll make it.

[Just then, someone shuts off the lights illuminating the field one by one, plunging the area into darkness and causing Liam to give Scott a smug look]

LIAM: Well, guess we'll have to go now...

[Scott lifts his head to look Liam in the eyes with a knowing expression]

SCOTT: No, we don't.

[As Scott lifts his head, his eyes blaze bright red, using his enhanced senses to see in the dark and causing Liam to reluctantly allow his eyes to flash bright gold so he can do the same as the two continue their practice]


[Mason, Corey, and several other fellow students, including Jake Sullivan, are in the science lab, where they're in the middle of an experiment. Mason is acting as a tutor by talking the others through what they need to do, which involves creating a cream-colored putty in a bowl]

MASON: Okay, now stir in the iron filings...

[Corey looks at Mason with a curious expression]

COREY: How is this supposed to work?
MASON: [excitedly] The ferromagnetic properties are gonna interact with--

[Suddenly, Mason realizes that Corey and the others are looking at him with confused expressions and cuts himself off, looking mildly embarrassed by his enthusiasm for science]

MASON: Don't worry, it works. Just make sure that all the iron oxide is completely absorbed.

[Mason watches as Corey stirs the contents of the bowl with a metal spoon and smiles in encouragement]

MASON: Yeah...

[After a moment, Corey looks at Mason, clearly impressed by his intelligence]

COREY: How come you're here if you already know this?

[Behind him, Jake scoffs and interjects in their conversation]

JAKE: Know it? He's practically teaching it.

[Mason blushes modestly and tries to downplay what he's doing]

MASON: Well, this is, uh, my favorite physics lab...
COREY: [incredulously] We're all here for the extra credit. I mean, don't you have like, a 4-point-something?
MASON: [quietly] 4.9...

[Corey looks at Mason in awe]

COREY: I didn't even know it went that high... I'm stuck at a 2.7.

[Mason immediately tries to comfort his boyfriend when he realizes how insecure he is about his academic life]

MASON: Hey, you work two jobs--

[Mason lowers his voice so the others, who aren't paying attention anyway, can't hear him]

MASON: --And dying didn't exactly help your GPA. So, I don't know... all you need is just a little help.

[Corey, realizing what Mason is really doing there, exhales deeply before he speaks]

COREY: You're doing this for me.

[Knowing he's been busted, Mason smiles sheepishly]

MASON: Are you mad?

[Corey smiles affectionately at Mason as he looks him in the eyes]

COREY: Furious.

[The two kiss for a brief moment before returning to the experiment, and Mason smiles proudly as he takes the iron-filled putty out of the bowl and puts it on the table before handing Corey a magnet]

MASON: Okay, there you go.

[Corey holds the magnet a few inches away from the putty and is delighted when he lets go of the magnet and slides into the putty]

COREY: It worked!

[The two look at each other in excitement until a pair of metal tongs slides across the table and gets stuck to the putty as well, causing them to frown in uncertainty]

MASON: Uh...
COREY: Uh, is it supposed to be that strong?

[All of the students watch in a mix of intrigue and fear as all of the metal objects on the workbench slide into the putty. They are all so distracted by this unexpected reaction that they're all extremely startled when Coach Finstock bursts into the room and shouts at them with a glare]

COACH: What the hell are you guys doing?

[Corey, looking anxious, tries to talk Coach down]

COREY: Physics extra credit?

[Coach both laughs and scoffs at this response]

COACH: Extra credit? At nine-o'clock at night? Come on, guys. Get the hell out of here! Go have lives.

[The scene cuts to the stairwell, where Coach, who is squeezing Corey and Mason's shoulders with his hands, leads the five students down the stairs and through the entrance hall to the front doors while he chastises them for how late they stayed]

COACH: Your teenage years are not the time for academic achievement!

[Mason scoffs incredulously and looks at Coach as though he's lost his mind]

MASON: Yes, they are!

[Coach turns to face Mason as they walk and aggressively points at him with his index finger]

COACH: That's a lie sold to you by the government!

[Coach squeezes Corey and Mason's shoulders with his hands once again as he steers them toward the school's front entrance and continues to lecture them]

COACH: Go find some girls, get into trouble. Live a little, damn!

[Corey and Mason both turn to look at Coach with increasingly annoyed expressions]

COREY: We're gay.

[Coach lets go of them and gives them a double thumbs-up]

COACH: Even better-- go gays! Now, get out of my face! I don't get paid to lock up after you losers.
MASON: [scoffs] Yes, you do!

[Coach, losing patience with the young men, gently shoves them through the doors before turning and walking the opposite direction]

COACH: Get out of here! Go wreak some havoc like the other kids.

[Corey and Mason finally make it outside of the school, where they stop and give each other exasperated looks. Before they can decide what they want to do next, Mason pats his jeans and frowns when he realizes he forgot his cell]

MASON: Uh... My phone. I think I left it upstairs.

[Mason turns and quickly walks back into the school without another word, and Corey sighs as he waits for Mason to return. He walks down the sidewalk a few steps so he can watch Mason run up the stairs to the science lab, but he becomes unnerved when he sees the light go out in the entire school. When the wind starts blowing dead leaves around him, he starts to get even more concerned, leading him to pull out his own phone and text "Find it?" to Mason in an effort to help him locate his phone faster. After a moment, Corey, both unnerved and impatient, slowly walks back into the school, where the lights in the entrance hall have been shut off. He takes a few more steps down the adjacent hallway before calling out to his boyfriend]

COREY: Mason?

[Suddenly, the double doors at the end of the hall burst open as a strong gust of wind and hundreds of dead leaves blow into the school, startling Corey so much that he gasps in surprise. He then wastes no time rushing over to the nearest wall and pressing himself against it as he camouflages himself. With his vision taking a green tint, Corey's eyesight becomes enhanced enough that he can see a Ghost Rider slowly walking down the hallway, his right hand lightly hovering over his gun holster in preparation for a battle. Corey, terrified, holds his breath in an attempt to not alert them to his presence, but the Ghost Rider still seems to be able to see him, though he doesn't seem to care much about him. The Ghost Rider walks down the adjacent hallway, where he meets with one of his fellow Riders, pausing for a long moment before they continue on]

[Meanwhile, Mason has just made it back to the upstairs chemistry lab, where his phone buzzes just a few rows away so he can easily find it. When he picks the phone up, he finds the first text that Corey sent him, along with a second one that reads "They're here. Don't move." Mason, concerned and confused, pushes through the double doors, where he is hit by a strong gust of wind and leaves. Not wanting to be in such an exposed area, he then walk into the library, where he finds Jake Sullivan hanging from the balcony by his throat, though, from his perspective, it looks like an invisible force is choking him]

[Mason is immediately stunned by this sight, but before he can react further, Corey grabs him by the arm and makes him invisible before pulling him down behind a nearby table. The two then watch in surprise as Corey's enhanced vision allows them to see that Jake is actually being suspended and strangled by the whips of two Ghost Riders before he suddenly vanishes in a burst of greenish-blue smoke. The Ghost Riders then jump down from the balcony and land lightly on their feet before using telekinesis to open the double doors so they can leave through them, telekinetically slamming the doors behind them afterward]



[Scott and Liam are still practicing their lacrosse shots on the field when Liam suddenly stops what he's doing, his face blank and his eyes watery as he focuses on something he's sensing from afar. Scott, seeing the look on Liam's face, immediately becomes concerned and stops what he is doing as well, following Liam's line of sight to look behind him. When he doesn't see anything, he turns back to Liam with a frown]

SCOTT: What's wrong?
LIAM: [anxiously] Something's happening to Mason.

[Liam instantly drops his lacrosse stick and starts running to the school, with Scott chasing after him to figure out what is going on]


[Scott and Liam have just run through the front doors to the library, and just as they stopped to see what was going on, Mason and Corey come rushing out, wielding a fire extinguisher and a chair as a weapon, respectively, and nearly smash Scott and Liam in the face with it before realizing who they are. All four exhale deeply in relief, and they drop their makeshift weapons before Mason starts explaining what happened]

MASON: [pants] They were here-- the Ghost Riders.
SCOTT: Here? Right now?
LIAM: I thought they left when the storm left?
MASON: I guess not, because two of them were right up there.

[Mason points up to the balcony on the second floor of the library]

SCOTT: What were they doing?
MASON: We didn't see them when they came in-- we only saw them when we turned invisible.

[Liam's concerned expression changes to that of anger as he turns his attention toward Corey and takes a step toward him]

LIAM: [aggressively] You brought him into this?

[Mason immediately steps in front of Corey to shield him from Liam's anger]

MASON: He was trying to protect me.

[Liam continues to glare at Corey, who looks nervous]

COREY: Uh, they didn't seem to care about us. They-they walked right by us.
SCOTT: Then what happened?

[Mason and Corey frown in confusion before looking at each other, as though they're trying to jog each other's memories. After a long moment, they start to slowly describe what they saw, though it's clear they're unnerved by the fact that there seem to be holes in their memories from what happened]

MASON: Uh, then they just jumped down and left.

[Scott worriedly looks up at the balcony, confused by everything that has just happened, while Liam looks at Corey skeptically]

LIAM: That's it?
COREY: Yeah...
SCOTT: They didn't take someone? There was nobody else in here?
COREY: [stammers] No. It was just us...


[Malia and a fellow student from school, Nathan Pierce, have just finished having sex in Malia's bed. Nathan is coated in a thin sheen of sweat, and both of them are panting for breath as Malia throws herself down on the right side of the bed, immediately turning her back to him as though she has little interest in his presence outside of the physical benefits of their arrangement. Nathan, on the other hand, is clearly impressed by Malia's sexual prowess as he tries to catch his breath]

NATHAN: That was, uh... wow.

[When Nathan sees that Malia has turned away from him, he turns onto his left side and snuggles up behind her, putting his arm around her and making her the little spoon. Though Malia doesn't seem interested in cuddling with him, she seems willing to tolerate it until she starts to feel Nathan's breath on the back of her neck and becomes irritated by it. She then turns around before grabbing him with both hands and flipping him on his right side so she can wrap her arm and leg around him and make him the little spoon instead. Nathan seems amused by this change in position, though he also appears to feel a little emasculated by it at the same time]

NATHAN: I'm kind of not used to sleeping like this...

[Malia, trying to sleep, cuts him off]

MALIA: Shhh...

[Nathan is about to try to fall asleep himself when he sees a bag full of chains and shackles, leftover from Malia's full moons following her return to her human form, laying on the floor next to the bed and immediately looks alarmed]

NATHAN: Are those chains?
MALIA: [sleepily] Shhh...

[After a beat, Malia's tired brain catches on to what Nathan just said and realizes how suspicious the chains must look to him, but she's still too interested in falling asleep for the evening to do more than just try to halt the conversation]

MALIA: Shhh, it's nothin'.

[Nathan doesn't seem convinced by this response and continues to look around in alarm]


[Lydia is laying on her back in bed with her eyes closed, though the rapid movement under her eyelids indicate that her brain is still active. After a moment, Stiles' voice can be heard in a brief auditory flashback to Memory Lost]

STILES: [voiceover] Do you see them?

[Suddenly, Lydia's bedroom starts to rattle, startling Lydia so much that she immediately jolts upright and looks alarmed as a train seemingly passes by the room, flooding it with golden light from their exterior lights as it honks its horn loudly. Lydia's overwhelmed by the volume of the horn and the violent shaking of her bedroom, squeezing her eyes shut and gritting her teeth as she grabs onto her bed with her hands for support. A moment later, Natalie, wearing her nightgown and a robe and looking exhausted, rushes into the room just as everything quiets down]

NATALIE: [concerned] Lydia, what's wrong?

[Lydia looks shocked by her mother's presence as she recovers from the premonition she just had]

LYDIA: Did you hear that?
NATALIE: [frowns] I heard you screaming.

[Lydia frowns as well as she struggles to recall the details of what she just experienced]

LYDIA: No, it was the sound of a train passing through my room...

[Natalie tries her best to hide her exasperation as she gives Lydia a sympathetic look]

NATALIE: Oh, honey, you were having a nightmare.

[Lydia seems disappointed and slightly embarrassed by her mother's reaction]

LYDIA: No, I wasn't. It wasn't a...

[Lydia continues to try to remember everything from the premonition, but after a moment, Natalie sighs]

NATALIE: Well, there wasn't a train, and we haven't had an earthquake, so... It must have just been a bad dream.

[Natalie gives Lydia a patronizing look before turning and walking out of her room, closing the door behind her. Lydia, visibly frustrated, mutters under her breath after her mother is gone]

LYDIA: But I wasn't asleep...


[The scene cuts to the McCall House, where Scott, wearing only a pair of sweatpants as pajamas, sits on the end of his bed and stares at his lacrosse stick. He catches the shadow cast on the wall by the stick out of the corner of his eye and turns his attention to his bulletin board, which has a very conspicuous blank space right in the middle among the photos of Scott and Liam after lacrosse games, ticket stubs, newspaper articles, and other papers pinned around it]

[He drops his lacrosse stick on the bed and gets up to examine the board up-close, only to groan in pain when he accidentally steps on a push-pin. He quickly pulls it out before becoming distracted by a photo laying face-down on the floor in front of him, which he immediately picks up. When he flips it over and pins it back on the board, he finds that it is the candid photo Sydney took on yearbook photo day in the previous episode-- Malia is sitting on the picnic table, while Lydia and Scott are sitting next to each other with another conspicuous blank space right between the two where Stiles had been sitting. It's clear to Scott that something is off about the photo, but he can't seem to figure out what it is]


[Lydia has just arrived at school, where she looks around at all of the students milling around the entrance hall and smiles at passerby. She instinctively wanders over to a locker as though she's waiting for someone, but after a moment, she frowns, as though she can't remember why she was there. She thinks about it for a beat before sighing and leaning back against the locker. The camera then pans upward to show that she's waiting next to locker 1075]


[Early morning lacrosse practice is underway on the field, where Nathan, the boy Malia hooked up with the previous night, has just scored a goal after tackling several people in the process. Nathan looks pumped up and crows happily as Coach Finstock yells at the top of his lungs to congratulate him as the team members all gather around]

COACH: Yes! Now that's what I'm talking about! That's how its done. That is captain material!

[Just then, Liam runs up in his work-out gear, carrying his gloves, lacrosse stick, and helmet in his hands as he rushes to join them, causing Scott and the Coach to shoot him a look]

COACH & SCOTT: [simultaneously] You're late.
COACH: Which makes you not captain material.
SCOTT: [stammers] Liam is captain material! He's--

[Coach cuts him off by blowing his whistle in Scott's face]

COACH: Let's go! Gather around!

[The rest of the team members gather around in a loose circle around them, with Scott and Liam on either side of Coach Finstock]

COACH: Listen up-- thanks to McCall's selfish desire to focus on his-- [Coach makes sarcastic air-quotes with his fingers]-- "grades" and his "graduation," we are leaderless. You want to be a champion? You want to be a hero? Now's your shot. All right, all you wannabe captains, I wanna see you guys tear each other apart!

[They all go back to practicing, with Liam, now motivated to do as Scott suggested and go after the team captain position, jumping in to play. However, he is quickly knocked to the ground, where he groans as Coach walks up to him with a mocking attitude]

COACH: Definitely not captain material there, Dumb-bar.
LIAM: [grunts angrily] Dunbar.
COACH: Yeah, that's what I said.

[Liam does his best to reign in his anger rather than acting on it with violence]

LIAM: You said "Dumb-bar."
COACH: And your mouth just bought you equipment duty.

[Liam clenches his jaw as Scott, unimpressed with Liam's behavior, rolls his eyes and shakes his head in exasperation]


[Corey is standing on the ground floor of the library, where he's staring up at the balcony where they saw the Ghost Riders the previous night. Mason appears behind him and looks at him with concern]

MASON: Don't you have class?

[Corey, startled, turns around and looks at Mason face-to-face]

COREY: Don't you?

[Mason lowers his voice slightly, but it's still too loud]

MASON: I can't stop thinking about last night...
COREY: Me either.

[A blonde female student who is reading next to one of the bookshelves glares at the two of them as she shushes them again]

STUDENT: [glares] Shhh!

[Mason and Corey lower their voices even more and walk further into the library in hopes of not disturbing the other students]

MASON: I've read everything about the Wild Hunt-- You know, how they come in by storm, collecting souls, riding lightning. But, I just don't know why they were here. You know, they're Ghost Riders. What were they doing in a high school library?

[After a moment, Mason realizes that Corey was in the library first and stops walking before turning to face him with a confused expression]

MASON: What are you doing here?
COREY: [stutters] I just had a feeling.
MASON: About what?
STUDENT: [annoyed] SHHH!
MASON: We only saw them 'cause of your power. What if you have some kind of special ability no one knows about?

[Corey smiles bashfully]

MASON: So... what do you feel?
COREY: [sighs] When the Ghost Riders were up there...?

[Corey turns to look back up at the balcony where the Ghost Riders strangled Jake, though neither of them have any memory that Jake was there]

COREY: I think they were holding something.

[The scene quickly flashes back to the previous evening, where Corey saw the Ghost Riders each tightly holding onto the ends of their whips, pulling back as though they're playing tug-of-war, until finally the pressure lifts and they let the ends of their whips fall to the floor]

[Once the flashback ends, the scene returns to Mason and Corey, who are both still staring at the balcony]

COREY: Why can't we remember what happened?

[Mason's eyes widen in horror when he suddenly gets a theory as to what happened]

MASON: What if they weren't holding something... but someone?

[Meanwhile, in the boy's locker room, Liam has just dragged the team's equipment into Coach's office before walking toward Scott, who is sitting on a bench and tying his shoes. Liam gives Scott a guilty look and hesitates for a moment before he speaks]

LIAM: I blew it, didn't I?

[Scott shakes his head, making it clear he's disappointed in Liam's lack of effort with regard to lacrosse]

SCOTT: You blew it off. You'd have to be trying in order to blow it.

[Liam sighs, looking even more guilty as he responds]

LIAM: Maybe someone else can be captain. With school work and all the other stuff we have to deal with...

[Liam gives him a significant look that indicates he is referring to their responsibilities as the supernatural protectors of Beacon Hills but doesn't want to say it aloud in case any humans are listening. However, Scott, who continues to sit on the bench, stares at the lacrosse stick in his hands as he makes his point]

SCOTT: Devenford Prep started practice three weeks before us. Riverside, two weeks. We're behind before we even start. Half our team can't even cradle the ball, let alone score.
LIAM: Why can't you stay captain?

[Scott shrugs and stands up, walking over so that he can look Liam in the eyes]

SCOTT: I'm graduating. You know, I'm not gonna be here next year. Somebody's gotta step up and fill in the gap. It should be you.
LIAM: Yeah? Well, Coach doesn't want me. I don't know if the team wants me.

[Scott becomes determined to make his case as he tries to motivate Liam with his words, taking great care to make it obvious that he's not only talking about the lacrosse captainship, but also his intent to have Liam lead the pack once he starts college as well]

SCOTT: It's not up to them! It's up to you. You have to want this, because they're gonna keep coming at you. They're gonna keep knocking you down. And you have to get back up. You have to show them that you can get back up. Leaders don't run!

[Just then, the two are startled by the sound of slow applause as an impressed Coach Finstock, who seems to have overheard their argument, walks into the locker room. He looks at Scott and smiles, visibly proud of Scott's enthusiasm]

COACH: Now that's what I'm talkin' about, McCall!

[Coach's smile takes on a somewhat scary tone as he turns his attention to Liam]

COACH: And you? I'm looking forward to crushing that little adorable baby-face of yours.

[Liam sighs deeply, though he seems to be taking Scott's words to heart]


[Malia is sitting in the math classroom, where she is highlighting passages in her Economics textbook while she waits for class to start. She frowns when she comes upon the word "style" in one of the paragraphs, and after a moment, she pulls out her red highlighter (which she uses for concepts she doesn't understand) and highlights that single word before continuing with the yellow highlighter. After a moment, Lydia, looking flustered, rushes into the classroom and takes the empty seat behind Malia just as the late bell rings. The camera pans outward to draw attention to the fact that the desk next to Lydia remains empty]

MS. FLEMMING: I'm impressed with most of you. It really speaks to your study habits and your commitment to your own education. Everyone else? See me for extra help.

[Ms. Flemming gives Malia a knowing look and hands her the quiz she had recently taken, when was given a D-. This angered Malia so much that she began growling under her breath as she gripped the edges of her desk so hard that her claws came out. Lydia, seeing that Malia was losing control, immediately began distracting Ms. Flemming]

LYDIA: Ms. Flemming, um...

[Before Lydia can say another word, Ms. Flemming cuts her off]

MS. FLEMMING: I already told you, Lydia-- I don't give extra credit for alternate equations based on your own theoretical findings.

[Lydia makes an awkward face as Ms. Flemming walks away to continue passing back the tests before turning her attention back to Malia, who is still struggling to regain control]

LYDIA: [whispers sharply] Lia! Claws. Claws, Malia.

[Malia, alarmed, realizes what has just happened and manages to retract her claws before anyone can notice, though she's clearly concerned by her lack of control. After a moment, Lydia notices someone out of the corner of her eye and turns to find that an older woman wearing scrubs and a white lab coat is sitting at the desk next to her. Lydia frowns and looks around, confused as to why no one else finds this strange, before she leans toward the woman and whispers to her]

LYDIA: Excuse me, who are you?

[The woman, Dr. Sandra Hugo, turns to look at Lydia with wide eyes, but says nothing]

LYDIA: What are you doing in this class?

[Dr. Hugo's eyes widen and her mouth gapes in shock when she sees a golden light coming toward her. Just like Lydia's dream/premonition the previous night, the classroom starts to rattle as what appears to be a train passes right next to the school, causing a high-pitched squeal that is so loud, Lydia is forced to cover her ears with her hands as she flinches in pain. After a moment, the premonition passes, and Lydia frantically looks around to find that the doctor is gone and that no one else in the class, Malia included, seems to have witnessed what just occurred, concerning Lydia deeply]

[Outside the classroom, the hallway is completely empty except for Scott, who is slowly making his way down to his classroom when he suddenly gets a weird feeling and stops what he's doing. He slowly turns his head to the right, where he notices a locker with a blue combination lock on it right next to him. Scott seems to recognize the locker, but is unable to remember why it is significant to him, so he walks closer to the row of lockers to examine it better. He briefly looks around to make sure no one is watching before extending his arm and pressing his palm against the locker door. When he continues to be unable to conjure his memories of why the locker is important, he sighs and walks away, just as the camera zooms in to show that, just like with Lydia earlier, the number is 1075, Stiles' locker number]

[Meanwhile, in the administrative office, Mason and Corey have just walked into the lobby, where they are skimming through the list of absent students until Natalie Martin walks toward them and snatches the clipboard out of their hands with a skeptical expression]

NATALIE: You want to see the absentee list?
NATALIE: [frowns] May I ask why?

[Mason and Corey share an anxious look before Mason finally lowers his voice, speaking quickly so no one can hear him]

MASON: ...Werewolf stuff.

[Natalie's eyes widen in surprise, and she scoffs loudly before she, too, lowers her voice, though she continues to speak to the two teens in a firm tone]

NATALIE: I thought I made it clear that Beacon Hills High School is a dedicated safe space? I had to convince twenty-three students that what they saw in the library last semester was a large bear, and the fangs on Scott McCall were the result of acute teenage hallucination syndrome!

[Mason and Corey look confused for a moment before Corey replies]

COREY: ...What is teenage hallucination syndrome?

[Natalie, now exasperated by their questions, scoffs once again]

NATALIE: I have no idea!
MASON: But we think someone could be missing, and they could be in danger...
NATALIE: [sighs] Well, I can assure you that nobody has reported a student missing.

[Natalie skims through the absentee list one last time]

NATALIE: And all absentees are accounted for.

[Natalie walks toward Mason and Corey, putting a hand on each of their shoulders and steering them out of the administrative office]

NATALIE: Gentlemen, I appreciate your concern, and I thank you for your vigilance.

[Once the two are in the hallway outside the door to the office, Natalie stops and gives them one last look]

NATALIE: Remember-- safe space. Now, go back to class.
MASON: ...We don't have class.
NATALIE: [frustratedly] Then go back to something. Anything.

[Natalie turns and quickly steps into the office, closing the door in the boys' faces before they can say anything more, causing Mason and Corey to sigh in exasperation]


[Math class has just ended, and Lydia, still unnerved by the premonition she just had, is rushing down the entrance hall in hopes of catching up with Dr. Hugo and getting answers about what the premonitions mean. When she makes it to the end of the hall and pushes open the double doors, the scene turns from day to night as Lydia experiences a very vivid and intense auditory and visual premonition. It is dark outside, and Lydia's appearance has changed-- instead of wearing the green jacket, black blouse, black floral skirt, and black tights with boots and her hair in an elaborate French braid, her hair is worn loose with a navy blue dress with pink flowers and no tights, which is the exact outfit she wore in Memory Lost). Lydia then looks around in confusion as Stiles' voice is heard, though he is not physically present]

STILES: [voiceover] You know me? Oh, thank God you know me!

[Lydia quickly turns toward the voice a strong gust of wind tousles her hair, causing the dead leaves that are associated with the Ghost Riders to blow around her as well]

STILES: [voiceover] Do you see him?

[Lydia squints her eyes and looks around to find what Stiles is talking about, though she doesn't seem to know who it is that she is hearing thanks to the Ghost Riders' memory manipulation]

STILE: [voiceover] Do you see him?

[Lydia's hands are outstretched as though she gripping both of Stiles' hands, just as she did in the previous episode, but no one is there]

STILES: [voiceover] All right, come on! Come on!

[Suddenly, Lydia is pulled forward by an invisible force, her left arm still outstretched as though Stiles was pulling her toward the parking lot. She looks extremely confused by the fact that her body seems to be moving from a mix of muscle memory and instinct]

STILES: [voiceover] This way!

[As a Ghost Rider appears a few meters away from them, Lydia is brought to a halt]

STILES: [voiceover] Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop! This way! This way!

[Lydia is tugged in a different direction by the invisible force, but when more Ghost Riders come and surround them, Lydia begins to panic, though it is unknown if she can actually see the Ghost Riders or not, since she was unable to do so in the previous episode. Lydia, now experiencing full dejà-vú, anxiously calls out to the forgotten Stiles]

LYDIA: [worriedly] Where are they?
STILES: [voiceover] Everywhere!

[Lydia, now panicked, frantically looks around them as her hair is whipped around her face by the wind, and though she and Stiles were in the Jeep when the following conversation occurred, Lydia hears Stiles' parting words now]

STILES: [voiceover] You will forget me.
LYDIA: [tearfully] I won't. I won't!

[Lydia desperately rushes after the voice in hopes of finding the source when suddenly, Malia's voice is heard as well]

MALIA: [voiceover] Lydia, look out!

[Suddenly, Lydia is pulled out of her flashback-premonition and back into the real world, where she finds herself yanked backward out of the middle of the street by Malia just before Lydia, who thought she was chasing Stiles, is run over by a car. The driver of the car honks at the girls in annoyance as they pass. With the crisis averted, Malia looks at Lydia with concern as the latter attempts to catch her breath and understand what she just experienced]

MALIA: Are you okay?

[Lydia sighs before she responds, clearly confused and overwhelmed by the premonition she just had]

LYDIA: I'm fine.

[Malia does not seem satisfied by this answer and gives her a worried and confused look]

MALIA: What were you doing?
LYDIA: Trying to remember.


[Mason and Corey have just come to the Sheriff's station, where they are questioning an impatient Jordan Parrish while the deputy files away some paperwork]

MASON: [skeptically] No one is unaccounted for?

[Parrish rolls his eyes in exasperation]

PARRISH: You can reword the question as much as you want-- the answer is still no.
MASON: Does your Hellhound-intuition sense something wrong with the supernatural?

[Parrish's incredulity and exasperation reaches its peak as he sighs and gives them a look]

PARRISH: I'm a harbinger of death, not a harbinger of kidnapping! I'm also a Sheriff's deputy working on an unsolved murder that, for once, doesn't involve shapeshifters, resurrected 18th century serial killers, or me. It's just a straight-forward robbery-homicide.

[Mason looks at him incredulously]

MASON: "Straight-forward?" He was bludgeoned to death and stuffed in a high school air duct!
PARRISH: [sarcastically] And I already have your statement. Have a great day, Mason! You too, Corey.

[Parrish walks over to the evidence lock-up, using his keycard to open the door and step inside before Mason and Corey can argue with him further, much like Natalie did earlier. Mason and Corey look even more frustrated than ever due to the lack of informtion they can find to figure out what the Ghost Riders are doing]


[Scott, who can't shake the feeling that he has forgotten the importance of locker 1075, has returned to shine his phone's flashlight into the vents. When he is unable to see anything, he sighs and puts his phone back into his pocket before considering his options. He once again looks around to make sure no one is watching him, and once he's confirmed the hallway is empty, he grabs the combination lock and is about to break it when suddenly, a male voice speaks up behind him. It's Garrett Douglas, the new science teacher, who is looking at Scott with amusement]

GARRETT: Whatcha doin'?

[Scott, embarrassed and trying to conceal his actions, looks at Garrett anxiously and tries to play it off]

SCOTT: Uh, nothing...

[Garrett gives Scott a look, forcing Scott to answer honestly]

SCOTT: Just checking out this locker...
GARRETT: Is it yours?

[Scott smacks his lips anxiously and doesn't bother trying to lie]

SCOTT: [smacks lips] ...Not really.

[Garrett smiles at Scott in amusement before he continues]

GARRETT: [smiles] I'm relatively new here, but I'm pretty sure breaking into someone else's locker is against the rules.
SCOTT: I'm not breaking into someone else's locker...

[Garrett, still smiling, gives Scott a knowing look]

GARRETT: What does it look like to you?

[Scott sighs at Garrett's attempts to redirect him when he realizes what it looks like to his teacher]

SCOTT: It looks like I'm breaking into someone else's locker.

[Garrett chuckles good-naturedly, causing Scott to do the same before awkwardly gesturing down the hallway]

SCOTT: Yeah, uh... I think I'll go to class now.
GARRETT: Yeah... Probably a good idea.

[Meanwhile, over in the boy's locker room, Mason and Liam are discussing the events of the previous night and the theories regarding the Ghost Riders that Mason has made in the time since while Liam puts away his exercise gear]

MASON: They must have had someone up there. I mean, that's the only logical explanation.
LIAM: Yeah? How do you know?
MASON: Logic. And Corey has a hunch.

[Liam frowns at the mention of Corey, though he tries to cover it up with an awkward chuckle for Mason's benefit]

LIAM: What, is that a chameleon thing? I thought all they could do was disappear.

[Despite Liam's attempts to play it off like teasing, Mason frowns at the comment about his boyfriend]

MASON: Corey just wants to help.

[Mason's statement seems to be the last straw for Liam, who is unable to hide his true feelings about Corey any longer]

LIAM: Yeah? Where was he when we were fighting a nine-foot Werewolf to save you? And why was he loyal to Theo for so long?

[Though it is obvious that Mason doesn't want to fight with Liam, he also can't help but defend Corey against these accusations]

MASON: There was a time where we all trusted Theo-- including you.

[Liam clenches his jaw aggressively in response to Mason's argument]

LIAM: I'll trust him when he does something trustworthy...

[Liam points his finger toward the bookshelf several meters behind Mason]

LIAM: Unlike right now, when I can hear his heart racing from across the room.

[Knowing that he's been outed, Corey reverts back to his visible form, revealing that he had been eavesdropping on Mason and Liam's conversation while camouflaged against the bookshelf behind them. Looking hurt, Corey walks toward them and starts arguing in his own defense]

COREY: What about Hayden? You forgave her, no problem.

[Liam takes several steps toward Corey with an angry look on his face]

LIAM: She almost died that night trying to stop Sebastien. All you did was hide!
COREY: [frustrated] What was I supposed to do? You and Hayden have claws and fangs!

[Mason immediately steps between Corey and Liam in an attempt to mediate]

MASON: Liam, look-- it's not like chameleons are the apex predator of the animal kingdom. All Corey can do is disappear.

[Corey's expression darkens, visibly hurt by Mason's comment, and when Mason realizes what he has just said, he starts to feel guilty for his unintended rudeness. Liam, however, continues to reject their attempts to argue Corey's case]

LIAM: Then maybe that's what he should do.

[Liam turns and walks away without another word, leaving the library and allowing the doors to slam shut. Once he's gone, Mason turns toward Corey and gives him a look, causing Corey to become even more frustrated]

COREY: [scoffs] What?
MASON: How is he supposed to trust you if you're hiding in the walls?

[Corey sighs and shakes his head, clearly tired from the argument he just had with Liam]

COREY: I already told you-- your friends aren't my friends. Why can't you just accept that?

[Mason, too, is beginning to look frustrated as he shakes his head in disagreement]

MASON: That might work for you guys, but it doesn't work for me.

[Mason turns and walks away from Corey as well]


[Scott is in the exam room of the clinic with Deaton, where he is talking to him about the newest supernatural problem in Beacon Hills]

SCOTT: I keep having this feeling like there's pieces missing. Holes in my memory. Like this--

[Scott reaches into his jeans pocket and pulls out the shard of glass that Stiles found from the Turner family's windshield in Memory Lost, which is still a bluish-green color due to the muzzle flare from their mystical handguns]

SCOTT: I took that from a windshield at the Sheriff's impound lot, but I can't remember why I was there.

[Deaton, intrigued, nods in understanding as he processes what Scott has told him]

DEATON: The subconscious can be a conduit for our memories. Dreams and waking dreams can be powerful tools to help us remember.
SCOTT: [sighs] Could it all be connected? The Ghost Riders, the Wild Hunt, the holes?
DEATON: [frowns] The Wild Hunt are drawn to war and mayhem-- I've never heard of t doing anything to anyone's memory.

[Deaton pauses to think about it for a moment before he continues]

DEATON: It's almost like you have a form of phantom limb syndrome.

[Scott frowns, not knowing what that condition is, and Deaton explains it for his benefit]

DEATON: It's common in war. Amputees can have the sensation of an itch they can't scratch, or a pain that couldn't possibly be there. The missing limb is so important, the brain acts like the limb is still there.
SCOTT: So, my subconscious is trying to tell me what's missing?
DEATON: [nods] It may be.
SCOTT: How the hell do I figure out what it's saying?
DEATON: Well, the easiest way to do that would be to simply go to sleep...


[At the MCCALL HOUSE, Scott, back in his sweatpants as pajamas, has just finished washing his face and brushing his teeth in his bathroom before heading back into his bedroom. He shuts off the lights before pulling up his comforter on his bed and sliding under the covers, wriggling around for a moment to get into a comfortable position. Scott then closes his eyes and relaxes as he slips into sleep. The camera zooms in toward Scott's face, and the silence eventually into the sounds of insects, birds and other fauna chittering as though in the forest]

[Suddenly, Scott becomes aware of the noise and opens his eyes, sitting up to realize that he is no longer in his bed, but instead laying on the ground in the middle of the BEACON HILLS PRESERVE. Dan Deacon's "Of the Mountains" (the song that was also played in the pilot episode Wolf Moon when Scott awoke in the woods in this exact same manner) is heard as Scott, alarmed by the sounds of wolves howling in the distance, looks around to try to figure out why he sleepwalked all the way out there]


[Malia is sleeping soundly in her bedroom when suddenly, an owl hooting starts to stir her awake. Frowning in confusion, Malia opens her eyes and looks around her room, becoming just as alarmed as Scott was when she realizes that she had her own version of sleepwalking. However, in Malia's case, she took all of the covers off of her bed and used them to make a small little coyote den on the floor in the corner between the two open windows in her bedroom. Confused and unsettled, Malia sleepily pads over to her bed, only to stub her toe on the bag of chains still sitting on the floor by her nightstand. Malia then crouches down and picks up the shackles connected to the chains and stares at them with concern]


[It is late at night, and Lydia has just walked down the stairs toward the boiler room. She's visibly on edge, not knowing what to expect, and as she wanders through the aisles between bookshelves, she finally calls out to get a clue as to where she needs to go]

LYDIA: Hello?

[Malia's voice is quiet when she responds]

MALIA: Over here.

[Lydia follows the sound of Malia's voice until she finally finds her next to another shelf, where she has shackled one of her wrists to it and is attempting to do the same to the other. Lydia frowns and walks closer to Malia before beginning to talk to her with a mix of concern and exasperation]

LYDIA: Has it really come to this?

[Malia rattles her right hand, which is holding the shackle that she can't lock due to her left wrist already being cuffed]

MALIA: [sheepishly] Can you give me a hand?

[Lydia, not knowing how to respond to this situation, tries to defuse the tension with humor]

LYDIA: If this is a new after-school club... Count me out?

[Malia sighs in frustration and worry as she explains why she is doing this]

MALIA: I've got a problem. I'm growling at people in class, I'm clawing at my desk... I tried turning the floor of my bedroom into a coyote den.

[Lydia finally starts to understand why Malia is so unsettled, and she looks at her best friend with concern as Malia once again rattles the chains she's using to bind her wrists]

MALIA: Do these look familiar to you?
LYDIA: No, why would it?

[Malia frowns in frustration, and Lydia, not understanding where Malia is going with this, assumes that Malia is only worried about losing control]

LYDIA: Malia, do you really think this is going to keep you safe?
MALIA: They used to! Before the lake house, this is where I'd come for the full moon. But you weren't down here with me. Scott wasn't down here with me...

[Lydia, who is finally starting to follow Malia's train of thought, nods as she thinks about this new information]

LYDIA: Right. So... who was?

[To demonstrate her point, Malia once again holds up her hands, as her left wrist has been shackled, but her right hand, which is free, is still simply clutching the chains. She tries to pull her hands together, but due to the short amount of chain between the shackles and where they attach to the wall, Malia is unable to touch her hands together. This causes Lydia to realize that there is no way Malia could have locked herself up, and that someone else had to have helped her]

LYDIA: You couldn't have done it alone...

[Just then, Lydia's phone buzzes, and she pulls it out to look at it before looking up at Malia]

LYDIA: It's Scott.


[Lydia and Malia have just pulled up to the entrance to the preserve in Lydia's blue Toyota, and when they get out, Scott walks toward them to meet them there, handing them flashlights as he does so before explaining his reasoning for calling them out there so late at night]

SCOTT: Hey. I went to bed at home, and I woke up out in the woods, about a mile out. I think there's a reason why this has happened...

[Scott continues as he leads the two women further into the woods]

SCOTT: I've been out here before. It was the beginning of sophomore year, the night before tryouts for first line.

[The scene transitions to a FLASHBACK to January 2011 in Wolf Moon, where Scott, wearing a red hoodie, is navigating the woods alone in an effort to find his lost inhaler. Suddenly, the younger Scott hears the sound of twigs snapping underfoot and looks up into the tree as he gasps]

SCOTT: [voiceover] I remember because it was all that I could think about.

[The scene briefly cuts back to the PRESENT DAY, where Malia and Lydia are looking at Scott curiously]

MALIA: What were you doing?
SCOTT: I was looking for a dead body.

[The scene cuts back to the FLASHBACK, where Scott is using the flashlight on his phone to look for his inhaler among the dead leaves covering the forest floor. Just then, the light passes over the top half of Laura Hale's corpse]

[In the PRESENT DAY, Scott continues to lead Malia and Lydia through the woods as he continues his story. Lydia gives Scott an awkward look]

LYDIA: ...That's morbid.
SCOTT: So, then, what was I doing out here all alone?
LYDIA: [frowns] I wish I could help you, but I didn't know you then.
MALIA: I was still a coyote, so I might have tried to eat it...
SCOTT: Deaton said that my subconscious is trying to tell me something... But I need you guys to help me figure out what it's saying.

[Lydia sighs as she thinks about this for a moment]

LYDIA: Maybe you were just a curious teenager? You heard there was a body...

[Scott interjects before Lydia can finish her train of thought]

SCOTT: But how? I never watched the news, and I didn't have a police scanner.
MALIA: Your mom works at the hospital. Maybe she got called in and you overheard her?

[Scott shakes his head and stops walking before turning around to face Malia and Lydia]

SCOTT: My mom wasn't home that night.

[Scott pauses to think about this loss of memory for a moment before he brings up another mysterious point]

SCOTT: I live five miles away from here. How did I get here?
MALIA: You drove?

[Scott shakes his head in the negatory once again]

SCOTT: I didn't have a car.
MALIA: You ran?
SCOTT: I couldn't have. I had asthma.

[The scene cuts to the FLASHBACKS, where Scott, who is hiding from Sheriff Stilinski and his deputies after getting separated from Stiles and who is gasping for breath, quickly shakes his inhaler and takes a deep puff from it]

[In the PRESENT DAY, Scott, Malia, and Lydia have begun wandering through the woods once again as Scott brings up another point]

SCOTT: I was hiding, but they knew I was here.
MALIA: Maybe you made a ton of noise with your asthmatic breathing?
SCOTT: How would they know that it was me?

[Malia and Lydia consider this question for a moment before shrugging, neither having a good answer to explain it. Suddenly, the FLASHBACKS Scott is experiencing startle him so much that he turns his head at the memory of Sheriff Stilinski shouting at him as he looked around the forest with his flashlight. In the FLASHBACKS, the younger Scott is hiding behind a tree with his hood up, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes in hopes he won't be caught]

SHERIFF: [voiceover] SCOTT! Scott, you out there? Scott?

[In the PRESENT DAY, Scott once again looks at Malia and Lydia in an attempt to understand why his memories are so confusing]

SCOTT: Why would the Sheriff even think I would be out here?
LYDIA: Because, like most deaths in this town, it was related to the supernatural.

[Scott smiles, though he's still confused]

SCOTT: But I wasn't supernatural. I mean, this was the night that I was bitten.

[In the FLASHBACKS, Peter, in full-Alpha form, lunges at Scott and bites him on the side before dragging him away as Scott screams in pain and terror]

[In the PRESENT DAY, Scott continues to think hard about his memories]

SCOTT: I wasn't a Werewolf yet... And I wasn't out here alone.


[Liam has just arrived at the high school, where Corey is waiting for him outside of the main entrance. Liam looks confused and not thrilled to be there with him, which only makes Corey more nervous]

COREY: I just wanted to tell you... that I was wrong. I thought we could hate each other and it wouldn't matter... But it does matter. It matters to Mason, and he matters to both of us.

[Liam looks guilty as he takes a step closer to Corey]

LIAM: I'm not trying to come between you.
COREY: And neither am I! But, if we keep up like this, he might feel like he has to choose.

[Liam's guilty expression changes to one that is slightly aggressive]

LIAM: You want me to just act like nothing happened?
COREY: We could work together. Maybe we could find something together.

[Liam seems both intrigued and confused by Corey's response]

LIAM: Yeah? Like what?
COREY: Like a trace of them.

[Liam's eyes widen in surprise when he realizes what Corey is suggesting]

LIAM: A Ghost Rider...


[Scott, Malia, and Lydia are standing in a small circle in the middle of the woods while they discuss this newest revelation]

SCOTT: I know it sounds crazy, but...

[Scott hesitates nervously for a moment before he continues]

SCOTT: I think I had a best friend. And I think he was out here with me that night.

[Malia looks at Scott with a determined expression]

MALIA: It doesn't sound crazy.

[It's clear by the look on his face that he wasn't expecting the two to agree with him]

MALIA: I know that someone chained me up, and I think they wanted me to stay human.

[Lydia's eyes are wide with shock as she speaks up to share her story]

LYDIA: I came to school this morning, and I was sure I was supposed to meet someone... But I couldn't remember who it was supposed to be. I have been looking for them all day.

[Lydia looks nervous and confused as she pauses for a brief moment]

LYDIA: Whoever it is... I think I loved him.
SCOTT: What if we're all missing the same person?

[Scott picks up the photograph from the bulletin board in his room and shows it to Lydia and Malia]

SCOTT: I think that he was in this picture.

[Lydia's eyes widen as she points at the empty space between where she and Scott are sitting on the picnic table bench]

LYDIA: He was sitting right there.


[Corey and Liam are still outside the front entrance, where Corey has just extended his right hand]

COREY: You want to do this? Hold my hand.

[Liam reluctantly takes Corey's hand before Corey uses his powers to make them both invisible. When Liam's vision becomes tinted with green as a result of Corey's powers enhancing his eyesight, he looks around in awe for a moment before huffing a laugh]

LIAM: Wow.


[Parrish has just approached the Sheriff in the bullpen, where he is filling him in on the state of their current investigation into the death of the man driving the truck full of helium in Memory Lost]

PARRISH: The cube truck driver's name was Nick Mazzara. He has a record of petty theft and dealing drugs, but nothing violent. He was a driver of a medical supply company, which gave him access to hospital supplies.

[Sheriff's eyes widen as he puts the pieces together]

SHERIFF: Like helium. Why does a hospital need helium in the first place?
PARRISH: It's for heliox therapy. It's mostly used for respiratory injuries caused by fires or explosions. Burn victims from Afghanistan were treated with it at the local recovery hospitals.
SHERIFF: [nods] Okay, what about our hospital?
PARRISH: Someone's been raiding the supply for months. I'm also compiling a list of Mazzara's known associates. I can start interviews in the morning.

[The Sheriff smiles proudly at Parrish for a job well done]

SHERIFF: Nice work, Parrish.

[Just as Parrish is about to walk away, he remembers something and stops for a moment]

PARRISH: Oh, and your wife's waiting for you in your office.

[Parrish turns and walks away as a confused expression crosses the Sheriff's face. He walks over to his office and is surprised to see Claudia, alive and well, sitting at his desk while she waits for him]

CLAUDIA: [smiles] I thought I'd surprise you.


[Corey and Liam, still holding hands and invisible, are now in the school's library, where they're trying to find a clue as to what Corey and Mason saw the previous evening regarding the Ghost Riders]

LIAM: Do you even know what we're looking for?
COREY: If it's a book, we'll be here a while...

[Liam can't help but chuckle at Corey's joke as the two look around. After a moment, Liam notices a white card-like object wedged in the railing around the balcony above them]

LIAM: Do you see that?

[Corey looks at Liam and nods silently]

COREY: Let go.

[Liam does as he's told and becomes visible again, but Corey, still invisible, goes up the stairs to the balcony]

COREY: Do you still see the card?
LIAM: [frowns] No, its gone.

[Corey picks up the card and makes himself visible on the balcony, holding the card up as he looks down to where Liam is standing on the ground floor]

COREY: Can you see it now?

[Liam smiles in awe when he realizes the card is now visible thanks to Corey's powers]

LIAM: Yeah, I can.


[Claudia has just pulled a boxed salad out of a bag and puts it on Sheriff Stilinski's desk in front of him, looking slightly amused by the face he makes at the sight of it]

CLAUDIA: I had a hunch you probably forgot about dinner...

[The Sheriff, who is clearly not thrilled about the salad in front of him, tries his best to look appreciative of the effort]

SHERIFF: Oh, it's uh... What, uh, what-what is-- [The Sheriff struggles to pronounce the name]-- kee-noo-wah?
CLAUDIA: [smiles] It's quinoa. Quinoa and kale.

[The Sheriff swallows in distaste as he smiles fakely]

SHERIFF: Oh, that's... That's... Well, you're always lookin' out for me.
CLAUDIA: Well, I want you around for a long, long time.

[The Sheriff slowly picks up his fork and forces himself to take a bite of the salad while Claudia continues to watch in amusement. After he has reluctantly swallowed his bite of salad, the Sheriff hums in feigned delight, trying his best to humor her]


[Claudia smiles and rolls her eyes before pulling out a second paper bag, which contains curly fries and a cheeseburger. Sheriff laughs in true delight this time and quickly unwraps the food and takes a bite as Claudia sits on his lap. After a moment, the Sheriff looks up at her as though he can't believe she's real]


[Claudia smiles contentedly]

CLAUDIA: Always.

[Sheriff, overjoyed, grabs Claudia by the waist and pulls her toward him until she is sitting on his lap in his chair. They look at each other adoringly for a long moment before the two kiss]


[Mason has just met up with Corey and Liam at the school library, where Corey has just handed them the pure white card they have found with his powers. Mason looks at the card for a moment before becoming excited and awestruck by this discovery before he begins to explain how the card relates to their current physics unit in class]

MASON: It's just like in physics! It wasn't there until you saw it-- then, it became real. It's Schrödinger's Cat! The quantum state of superposition. To see something is to change its very existence. It changed reality.

[Corey's eyes widen in confusion as he tries to keep up with what Mason is saying, though it is obvious that he is enjoying Mason's unbridled excitement]

COREY: I still don't get it...

[Liam, who is clearly impatient, speaks up before Mason can talk more about the physics behind the discovery]

LIAM: What do you think it is?
COREY: It looks like a library card... Except it's blank.

[Liam's face wrinkles in concentration as he thinks about Corey's statement, and after a moment, he gets an idea and snatches the card out of Mason's hand before he jumps behind the desk. Mason and Corey, visibly curious as to what Liam is doing, rushes around the desk to join him as he swipes the card through the library's key-card reader. Liam then sets the blank card on the desk in front of them as student information pops up on the computer screen. On the screen is a photo of Jake Sullivan as well as his information, such as his student ID number, his library card ID number, and the fact that he is a sophomore. The three young men quickly scan through the information before they discuss this new information]

MASON: Jake Sullivan. He was in the physics lab last night.

[Mason looks at Corey, who was in the lab with him as well, to see what he has to say about it. Corey's expression is a mix of shock, confusion, and guilt]

COREY: I completely forgot about him.

[Corey and Mason then look at Liam, who has just finished reading the information on the screen, and who looks unsettled by this revelation]

LIAM: Me too. We have Spanish together.

[Liam looks down at the floor, which causes him to notice that the card, which was completely white when Corey and Liam found it, now is red and black and has Jake's photo and information printed on it. He picks it up so he can look closer, which causes Mason and Corey to look up and experience FLASHBACKS to earlier, where they saw the Ghost Riders strangling Jake from the balcony using their whips. In the PRESENT DAY, Liam, Mason, and Corey all look horrified by this revelation]

MASON: They erased him.

[Despite the seriousness of their current situation, Liam looks over at Corey with a small proud smile]

LIAM: Your hunch was right.

[The scene cuts to Coach Finstock's office, where Liam has walked in to find that Coach is watching some kind of kung-fu movies on two different MacBooks. When Liam, standing in the doorway and looking disturbed by the sight in front of him, clears his throat to get Coach's attention, the older man abruptly slams his laptops shut, looking embarrassed before he immediately starts stammering a response]

COACH: [embarrasedly] Uh, hey, what is it, Dunbar? I'm busy online...
LIAM: I wanna sign up for team captain.

[Coach scoffs incredulously as Liam walks into his office]

COACH: Yeah, it's too late. I said "end of the day."

[Despite Coach's protests, Liam reaches out and picks up the clipboard with the sign-up sheet before signing his name anyway]

LIAM: You didn't say end of school day...

[Coach, impressed by Liam's new change in attitude, smiles despite himself]

COACH: Hey-- what changed your mind?

[Liam thinks for a moment before he responds]

LIAM: I held a guy's hand.

[Coach chuckles, not understanding the joke, and smiles, thinking that Liam is coming out as gay]

COACH: I get it. I totally get it.


[Scott, Malia, and Lydia have just arrived at the animal clinic, where they have joined Deaton in the darkened exam room. They have put the piece of greenish-blue glass from the windshield of the Turner family's car on a string that hangs from a beaker stand and have illuminated it with an LED light, which sits in front of Lydia on the exam table. Scott and Malia both look to Deaton for an explanation of what they're about to do, though Malia is clearly skeptical of its ability to help them]

MALIA: Now she just magically writes down all the answers?

[Deaton gives Malia a patient smile]

DEATON: It's not quite that simple.
LYDIA: It never is.

[Deaton turns to look at Lydia, whose left hand is holding a pen that is hovering over a piece of paper on the table in front of her]

DEATON: In automatic writing, the hand moves outside of any conscious awareness. Now, hopefully, the silence, the darkness, and the light will allow you to find a more comfortable trance-like state. Lydia, I want you to stare into the light, and let go of all thought...

[Lydia does just that, and after a moment of staring blankly at the glass, her entire body begins to relax. Shortly afterward, her hand begins to write on the sheet of paper. While she works, Deaton, Scott, and Malia step back to talk, keeping their voices low in an effort to not disturb Lydia's focus]

DEATON: I have to warn you... We may not be able to access these memories.
SCOTT: Why not?
DEATON: The legend has always been that the Wild Hunt takes people. But, if what you're telling me is right, the truth is much worse. They erase people from reality.

[Scott looks over at Lydia, who is now fully in a trance as she scribbles on the sheet of paper with her pen]

SCOTT: How do we remember someone who has been completely erased from our minds?

[Deaton's exhausted expression indicates that he has no idea of how they will do it. Meanwhile, Lydia's focus on her writing has become even more intense, with her hand scrawling words across the page in a faster and more erratic fashion. As she scribbles even more furiously, she begins rocking back and forth in the same rhythm as her hand writes on the paper. Just then, Malia, noticing Lydia's frenetic movements, jerks her head toward her as she speaks to Deaton and Scott in order to get their attention]

MALIA: Maybe he hasn't been...

[Malia, Scott and Deaton all become shocked and concerned when Lydia begins panting from exertion as she forcefully walks back and forth and writes as fast as she possibly can]

SCOTT: Oh, is she...? Should we stop her?

[Scott is about to rush forward to bring her back to the real world, but Deaton holds a hand up to stop him as he slowly steps toward her to try to gently get her attention]

DEATON: Lydia? Lydia? Slow down.

[When Lydia doesn't react to his voice, Deaton shuts off the light that illuminated the piece of glass, and Lydia instantly drops the pen and sits back in her chair, though she still remains in a trance and doesn't say a word. Deaton and Scott lean forward to take a closer look and try to get her attention, but she doesn't appear to know they are there]

SCOTT: [concerned] Is she okay?

[Deaton places his left hand on Lydia's shoulder to speak with her face-to-face, but Lydia's eyes are still fixed on the top of the table]

DEATON: Lydia?

[While Deaton and Scott try to rouse Lydia from her trance, a curious Malia slides the sheet of paper on which Lydia was scribbling to see what she wrote. On the paper, Lydia has written the word "MISCHIEF" in tiny letters all over the page in what appears to be random waves. Malia frowns in confusion before holding the page out for Deaton and Scott to see]

MALIA: What does "mischief" mean?

[Scott turns his attention from Lydia to the paper and examines it closely. After a moment, his face turns grim when he speaks up]

SCOTT: That's not what she wrote...

[The camera zooms in on the sheet of paper, revealing that the hundreds of scribbles of the word "MISCHIEF" actually form larger letters that compose one single word--"STILES." Scott and Malia share a concerned look until Lydia suddenly awakens with a gasp and looks up at the two with a confused and exasperated expression]

LYDIA: What the hell is a Stiles?


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