I just want you to know that I'm here for you guys. I know I haven't been in the position all that long, but I also know that students at this school have seen and been through things that don't exactly come with the easiest explanation.

Tamora Monroe is a recurring character in Season 6 of Teen Wolf. She made her first appearance in the midseason premiere, Said the Spider to the Fly, where she was revealed to be a human who was hired as Beacon Hills High School's new guidance counselor after Natalie Martin was promoted to principal of the school.

Though she initially gave off the impression of being an ordinary counselor, it was soon revealed that she knows more about the supernatural than she was letting on, as she attempted to get information on what the students knew about it during class scheduling and removing all books about mythology and superstition from the library. She then revealed herself to be a Hunter, or at least an amateur one, when she shot the Hellhound Halwyn in the head and seemingly killed him.

After Gerard Argent became aware of her talent as a Hunter, he began mentoring her to make her an even more effective opponent against supernaturals, eventually assisting her in creating her own army of Hunters with the mission of the complete genocide of the local (and eventually global) supernatural community. It was soon revealed that her hatred of supernaturals (especially Werewolves) was the result of barely surviving one of the newly resurrected Beast of Gevaudan's attacks at the high school the previous semester.

Monroe and Gerard not only began recruiting fellow witnesses and victims of supernatural attacks at the high school who sought her counsel, but also adults who worked at the Sheriff's department and Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital who had also been exposed to the supernatural in their hometown; soon, it seemed as though all the humans not in alliance with the McCall Pack or other supernatural creatures had joined Monroe's cause.

She continued her vendetta against the pack until the end of the present-day scenes in The Wolves of War, where she was run out of town after the Anuk-ite was killed and it's fear-inducing power over the town's citizens wore off. However, in the flashforwards to two years in the future, Monroe had rebuilt her army, which grew into a global operation that had thousands of members, forcing the McCall Pack to recruit orphaned supernaturals and create alliances with other supernatural populations in an effort to stand up to her.

Monroe was the guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High School' and was the leader of Monroe's Army.

Early life Edit

Monroe was a member of the Beacon Hills High School faculty who seemingly joined the staff during the 2012-2013 school year. In the fall of 2012, while leaving a faculty meeting, Monroe and some of the others faculty members were attacked by the Beast of Gevaudan, who had recently been resurrected by the Dread Doctors. This attack, intended to be a trap for the Hellhound Cerberus/Jordan Parrish and the McCall Pack, resulted in a number of staff members being viciously torn apart. Monroe was one of the few survivors, though she was badly injured, and she managed to avoid being killed by hiding under one of her dead colleagues.

She then heard the Hellhound fighting the Beast while Scott McCall, Liam Dunbar, Stiles Stilinski, and Chris Argent watched in shock and horror. Monroe was appalled when she realized that the four assumed everyone was dead and did not bother to check to see if there were any survivors; instead, Monroe was found and saved by Sheriff Stilinski, who was called to the scene after the Beast and the Hellhound had left. To add insult to injury, Monroe was ultimately told that she was a victim of a bear attack and became furious, knowing that the Beast was not a bear and realizing she was being lied to by those in charge of protecting her and her fellow citizens. As a result, Monroe began resenting the supernatural community of Beacon Hills, believing that they were willing to let innocent people die in order to keep their existence a secret and feeling it was unfair that supernatural creatures were given such extraordinary gifts (like accelerated healing and natural weapons such as their claws and fangs).

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Personality Edit

Like most of the Hunters in the army she led with help from Gerard Argent, Monroe is ruthless, paranoid and utterly devoted to her mission-- eliminating all supernaturals in Beacon Hills (and eventually the whole world). Although she initially tries to portray herself as a simple guidance counselor who wants nothing more than to help students in her care, after the McCall Pack learns of her true motives, she ultimately abandons this persona and revealed herself to be a cold and ruthless individual.

Monroe shows little to no compassion for anyone who is supernatural, seeing them as less than human and preferring to kill them no matter who they are. However, somewhat hypocritically, she shares the same feeling for any human who aligns themselves with supernatural creatures. While she does show some level of care to younger members of her army (such as Gabe and Nolan Holloway), she was disappointed when Nolan revealed he struggled to comply with her order to kill Edgar, a Werecoyote), leading her to begin to doubt his devotion to the cause. She later criticized Nolan, stating that she could trust Gabe, who killed Edgar without question, and wondering aloud if Nolan was strong enough to do whatever was necessary in the name of their mission.

Monroe demonstrated a complete lack of empathy toward supernaturals to the point that she easily tortured them physically and emotionallythat she could trust Gabe, due to him obeying her orders to kill Edgar, while she felt Nolan was not strong enough to do what is necessary. Tamora also has no problem with torturing supernatural creatures and humans both physically and mentally; she and her cohorts were seen not only electrocuting and stabbing captured supernaturals such as Theo Raeken, Jiang, Tierney, Jackson Whittemore, and Ethan Steiner, but she used psychological warfare towards the McCall Pack by shooting an arrow with a bloody piece of the recently-killed Brett Talbot's lacrosse jersey into the Sheriff's station and by skinning the pack tattoo from Tierney's body and framing it in the trophy room in Argent Arms International, their army's headquarters. 

Relationships Edit

  • Tamora and Gerard (allies, mentor/mentee relationship)
  • Tamora and Gabe (former teacher/student relationship, allies)
  • Tamora and Nolan (former teacher/student relationship, enemies, former allies)
  • Lydia and Tamora (enemies)
  • Scott and Tamora (enemies)
  • Malia and Tamora (enemies)
  • Liam and Tamora (former student/teacher relationship, enemies)
  • Tamora and Corey (former student/teacher relationship, enemies)
  • Tamora and Mason (former teacher/student relationship, enemies)
  • Noah and Tamora (enemies)
  • Agent McCall and Tamora (enemies)
  • Parrish and Tamora (enemies)
  • Theo and Tamora (enemies)
  • Chris and Tamora (enemies)
  • Jackson and Tamora (enemies)
  • Ethan and Tamora (enemies)
  • Tamora and her Hunter Army (allies)

Trivia Edit

  • Tamora shot Halwyn with a bullet with the Argent Family fleur-de-lis carved into it. It is unknown how she came to have this ammunition—she may be affiliated with the Argents or could have stolen the ammunition.
    • Tamore does later enter into an alliance with Gerard Argent but how she got the ammo before joining Gerard is unknown.
  • Its revealed in the two-year time jump in the series finale that Tamora has been recruiting hunters to continue to kill supernaturals all around the world

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