Thank you. Thanks for invading my home. For putting me on the run. For turning me back to human so that I could look at my father every day and try to figure out how to explain to him that the reason why my sister and mother are dead is because I almost ate them on a full moon. Thank you so very much.
Malia Tate to Stiles Stilinski about the Tate Family in Echo House

The Tate Family is one of the families that appear in the Teen Wolf series. They were first introduced in Season 3B's Anchors, when Sheriff Stilinski, who was trying to solve as many cold cases as he could before he was potentially impeached from his position, found a case involving the Tate Family that he believed to be supernatural in nature.

The first known members are Henry Tate and his wife, Evelyn Tate. In the mid-late 1990s, the two adopted a newborn baby girl born into the Hale Family, who was given up for adoption by her paternal aunt Talia Hale in order to protect her from being killed by her biological mother, Corinne. They named this newborn Malia Tate, and, at some point afterward, they had a biological daughter of their own, Kylie.

In the early 2000s, Evelyn, Malia, and Kylie were driving through the back-roads of Beacon Hills on a full moon when suddenly, Corinne appeared and began shooting at the car in an effort to kill Malia and steal back the Werecoyote powers that Malia unintentional took from her during childbirth. Evelyn instinctively jerked the wheel, causing them to run off of the road and into the wood. The stress of the gun shots and the car crash that followed was so great that Malia transformed into a Werecoyote for the first time, causing her to uncontrollably attack and kill Evelyn and Kylie. Malia then felt so much grief that she stayed in her full-coyote form for the next eight years.

Due to the lack of awareness of the supernatural in the Beacon County Sheriff's Department at the time, it was believed that Evelyn merely ran off the road, killing all three of the women before mundane coyotes attacked and ate the bodies, with one of the coyotes dragging Malia's body away so that it was never found. Henry then lived believing that his wife and daughters had died in a tragic accident until Scott McCall and the McCall Pack helped change Malia back to her human form, allowing her to reunite with her father.

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Henry Tate; Human


Evelyn Tate; Human


Malia Tate; Werecoyote


Kylie Tate; Human


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