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Welcome to Teen Wolf Wiki! This is a place where fans or anyone interested in the show can talk about Teen Wolf and get the latest info. Please, do not spread hate. Also, note that this is not a fanon wiki; all information must be about this show and, if possible, sourced. Articles must be written in a neutral point of view, which means no use of the words "I," "You," or "We" in articles unless quoting dialogue from the show. For example, "We learned that the Beast is..." is not permitted. No wild speculation is allowed in the articles. Speculation can only be tolerated if there is a basis of fact and if in the show it is known as such, i.e "It is unknown how the Beast transforms, but..." etc. Fanfiction is also not allowed in articles; it is tolerated only in a person's user page, and even then, it is strongly recommended that you use a proper fanfiction site. Please read the policy page before editing. Thank you.

Teen Wolf Reunion 
Teen Wolf 9-Years Later MTV Reunion

Teen Wolf 9-Years Later MTV Reunion

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S4 Peter
Season 6
Peter Hale returns to the series! Ian Bohen reprises his role as Peter Hale, the sinister ever-plotting Werewolf uncle of Derek Hale, who craves power and considers himself the Alpha of beacon hills. Peter was last seen being committed to Eichen House for trying to kill Scott for his alpha spark.“

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'We Find Them, We Kill Them' Exclusive Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV

'We Find Them, We Kill Them' Exclusive Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV

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  • Orny Adams starred in the original Teen Wolf, the 1985 movie.
  • Bobby Finstock is the only character to keep his original name from the movie. Scott’s last name in the movie was Howard and Stiles' first name was Rupert.

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