Your parents are dying. That storm you hear? She's burying them-- it's her connection to the telluric currents.
Deucalion to Scott McCall about Jennifer Blake's Terrakinesis in Lunar Ellipse

Terrakinesis is the ability to manipulate the earth which includes both soil and stone. The primary beings with this power are Druids who have gone dark (who are known as Darachs) and have used ritual human sacrifices to connect to and become in-sync with telluric currents. ("Alpha Pact") Jennifer Blake, a Darach who was formerly an Emissary to Kali and her original pack prior to the formation of the Alpha Pack, used this power to cause earthquakes throughout Beacon Hills. Her intention was to destroy the root cellar under the Nemeton and kill Noah Stilinski, Melissa McCall, and Chris Argent as the last trio of human sacrifices, which would give her the power necessary to kill Deucalion. However, her power took a great deal of energy to use, and after she utilized her healing power to reverse Deucalion's blindness in order to force him to see her un-glamoured, mutilated face, she was too weakened to use her terrakinesis or any other powers for several minutes. ("Lunar Ellipse")

This power has also been used to a limited and less-powerful degree by other beings as well. For example, the Skinwalkers were able to cause a small earthquake on their land in Shiprock, New Mexico due to the connection they have to their territory; not only were they able to use their spears to cause a minor earthquake that caused fissures to form in the ground around them, but they were able to imbue the Thunder Kitsune Kira Yukimura's magical katana with their terrakinetic powers so she could create another large fissure in the ground in the underground tunnels in Beacon Hills that led to a prison deep in the earth where she trapped the Werewolf-Werecoyote Chimera Theo Raeken. ("Codominance"), ("Apotheosis")

The Ghost Riders, phantom warriors who ride the lightning and can control the weather, were also able to use a limited form of terrakinesis, causing a minor earthquake that shook the McCall House to the point where objects fell off of tables and counter-tops and shattered on the floor. ("Creatures of the Night")

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