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The Beast of Beacon Hills is the nineteenth episode of Season 5 and the seventy-ninth episode of the series.


With the identity of the Beast finally revealed, Scott and his friends are in a race against time to stop the Dread Doctors from implementing their final plan.


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  • The Skinwalkers appear in this episode. They were last seen in Codominance.
  • Deucalion appears in this episode. He was last seen in Lie Ability.
  • The Desert Wolf appears in this episode. She was last seen in A Credible Threat.
  • Corey informs Mason that he has known he was vessel forthe Beast since A Credible Threat when they kissed on the Devenford Prep bus.
  • It is revealed that Gabriel Valack's Dread Doctor Mask was made by The Surgeon, who infused it and the masks that the rest of the Doctors wear with electromagnetic fields, which helped them use their powers. This mask made its first appearance in Amplification.
  • It is confirmed that all supernatural shapeshifters and Chimeras (and not simply Werewolves as originally believed) can take each others' powers by killing them and absorbing their powers through their claws. This was demonstrated when Theo, a Werewolf-Werecoyote Chimera, does this to absorb Josh's electromagnokinesis powers after killing him, which then allowed him to put on the Dread Doctor mask without being killed in the process.
  • Belasko's Belasko's Talons are referenced in this episode by Tracy and Deucalion. Theo first gained ownership of them in The Sword and the Spirit.
    • Deucalion also references the fact that he told Hayden that the talons would kill Theo if he tried to put them on his claws, which occurred in Amplification.
  • Deucalion reveals to the Chimera Pack that he purposely allowed them to capture him and had merely been pretending to be a prisoner this entire time when he easily stands to his feet and rips the Wolfsbane IV out of his arm. Deucalion was first "caught" by the Chimera Pack in Codominance.
  • Kira convinces her father to allow her to reassemble her magic katana so she can use it to help her friends. Ken broke the sword blade in The Sword and the Spirit when it became clear that her sword is the gateway for the Fox to gain control.
  • Parrish has a Hellhound premonition when he and Lydia go to the Nemeton. When he touched the stump, Lydia comfortingly touched him on the shoulder, causing him to experience a vision of Lydia laying dead on top of the Nemeton stump with her throat ripped out, foreshadowing the fact that Lydia will have her throat cut by Sebastien Valet's claws in Apotheosis.
  • It is revealed by Theo that the body in the tank of green fluid in the Dread Doctors' Operating Theater was a man who served in the German military during World War II who the Doctors called Der Soldat, which is German for "The Soldier." It is also revealed that not only was the Soldier a Nazi, but he was also an Alpha Werewolf whose body was being used by the Dread Doctors to extend their livespans.
  • Theo references the fact that Scott and Derek let Deucalion go instead of killing him in Season 3A's Lunar Ellipse.
  • When Scott and Liam ask Theo what he saw when he put on the mask, Theo confesses that he saw a man being impaled with a spear in the snow, revealing that he had seen a vision of Sebastien Valet being killed by his sister Marie-Jeanne. This death occurred in the flashbacks in Maid of Gévaudan.
  • It is revealed that Mason is indeed a genetic chimera, as he had a twin with him in utero that he eventually absorbed (a condition known as twin embolization syndrome, or fetal resorption). It has been implied several times in Season 5B that the host of the Beast had to have two sets of DNA by a different way, including The Last Chimera and Lie Ability, a statement that ended up becoming true, as Mason is the only one who wasn't a genetic chimera through an organ or tissue transplant.
  • After the Beast finally realized who he truly was, Mason turned into Sebastien Valet. This turn of events was predicted by Theo Raeken in Codominance, Gabriel Valack in Lie Ability, and the Argents in A Credible Threat.


  • The title is a reference to the newly revealed identity of the vessel to the resurrected Beast of Gévaudan, Mason Hewitt, and the fact that Sebastien Valet has taken over his body means that he is now the Beast of Beacon Hills.
  • When Parrish and Lydia touched the Nemeton at the same time, the rings began to glow the same orange as Parrish's Hellhound eyes, suggesting that the two, as the Hellhound and the Banshee with a strong supernatural connection as harbingers of death, may also have a close connection to the Nemeton itself.

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  • "Neon lights" by Pim Stones
    • Kira leaves a voicemail for Scott before she leaves for New Mexico.
  • "I Ran" by Hidden Citizens
    • Kira arrives to the desert in Shiprock and begs the Skinwalkers for help. They agree to help her, but warn her it will come at a price.


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