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SCOTT: [voiceover] Previously on Teen Wolf...
LYDIA: The Beast...
VALACK: The Beast of Gévaudan. The Beast was a man first. A human killer in the late 1700s.
GERARD: Marie-Jeanne faced the Beast armed with nothing but a steel-tipped pike.
SEBASTIEN: All of history will remember my name!
MARIE-JEANNE: No one will remember.
ARGENT: They erased every detail of him.
LYDIA: Damnatio memoriae...
VALACK: The Dread Doctors are trying to get it to remember itself. It's still bound to its host, the teenage Chimera inside. Discover its identity. Then, your friends would have a fighting chance.
SCOTT: But I got its scent.
LIAM: It's you...
SCOTT: Wait!


[Mason awakens inside a large tunnel in the sub-level of the sewers to find that he had fallen asleep in Corey's arms. He suddenly starts to remember the events of the previous night and stands before he begins to pace around, waking Corey up and causing him to look panicked as he approaches him]

MASON: What are we doing down here?
COREY: It was the only place I could think of...
MASON: [confused] Wait, what do you mean?
COREY: Scott can't follow you down here. He can't follow your scent.

[Mason is clearly overwhelmed by all of this information and begins to pace around again]

MASON: Okay, hold on-- It's not me! I'm not even a genetic chimera.
COREY: [anxiously] You sure about that?

[Mason looks as though he's struggling to come up with answers, and Corey sighs before he continues]

COREY: It was on the bus. After I made us disappear, I felt something. I don't know how to describe it, but it felt... wrong. Completely and totally wrong. And trust me-- every other second I'm with you is completely and totally right.

[Mason seems briefly mollified by this romantic remark, but is then consumed by panic once again while he processes what he's just learned]

MASON: It can't be me...
COREY: After we left the bus, I lost you at the game. Remember? Where did you go?

[Mason frowns and tries to remember the timeline of events]

MASON: I went to... I was...

[Mason continues to struggle to recall what he did, and Corey looks even more concerned]

COREY: All those times you said the Beast showed up, everything you said about frequencies... Where were you all those times? The night at the transmission towers...

[Corey continues to ask questions in voiceover as Mason experiences flashbacks of the events as he mentions them. In the first flash, Mason remembers attacking and killing the technician and chasing after Valerie, Hayden and Liam in Damnatio Memoriae]

COREY: [voiceover] The observatory downtown?

[Mason experiences a flashback to the events of Codominance when he attacked dozens of innocent bystanders]

COREY: [voiceover] The Army base?

[Mason has a flashback to The Sword and the Spirit, when he tried to kill Deaton and broke up the fight between the Desert Wolf and Malia before returning to the present, where Corey is still looking at him with concern]

COREY: All the times you said there were transmissions...

[Mason, who has been pacing and rubbing his face with his hands in disbelief, suddenly stops when he has a realization]

MASON: Wait. They can still find me! They can find me by frequency...
COREY: [confused] Who? Scott?
MASON: [panicked] No. Them...

[All of a sudden, the skittering noise that indicates the presence of the Dread Doctors can be heard as the three Doctors march in lock-step toward Mason and Corey from three different directions. Mason turns to Corey with fear in his eyes]


[The two do as Mason said and rush down the adjacent hallway, but they're quickly cornered by the Geneticist, forcing them to back up and turn around, only to run straight into the Pathologist. With the Doctors closing in on them, Mason and Corey cut down another hallway as the two Doctors meet up with the Surgeon and pursue Mason together. The boys finally reach an alcove where they find a ladder that leads up through a sewer grate to the outside world, which Corey immediately starts to climb. However, Mason is so distracted by the Doctors that it's almost like he's in a trance as they start to chant his name]

THE SURGEON: Mason... Mason... Mason...

[As the Doctors start to close in on them, Corey stops and turns around to look at Mason]

COREY: Come on!

[Mason finally snaps out of it and quickly follows Corey up the ladder as the Doctors continue to follow them]


[Corey uses his super-strength to lift up the grate and jumps out of the sewer, which leads them to the grassy land just next to a road leading downtown. It's pouring down rain as he helps Mason out, and the two lightly skim down the steep hill onto the highway below them, not even bothering to close the grate behind them. Once they make it to the road, which is conveniently free of cars, the two start to sprint down the highway away from where they just lost the Dread Doctors. However, when Mason hears them calling out his name again, he immediately stops in his tracks, causing Corey to repeat the motion when he realizes Mason is no longer following him]


[Corey looks frantically at Mason, who is frozen in terror]

COREY: Come on!

[Mason stays where he is, gaping in shock at the Pathologist, who has just appeared on the bridge above them. He jumps down to block their way, but when the boys turn to run in the opposite direction, they're blocked by the Surgeon and the Geneticist. Corey, at a loss for options, grabs Mason's hands and causes them to become invisible, but the Surgeon takes his sword-cane and hits Corey in the temple with it, knocking him to the ground and briefly causing him to become unconscious, leaving Mason defenseless. When Corey finally groans and opens his eyes, he's horrified to see that they have knocked Mason out as well and are carrying his unconscious body in a fireman's carry away from him]



[Josh, Tracy, and Theo are gathered around the exam table, where the Dread Doctor mask that Theo stole from Valack is sitting on the table. Josh is staring at the mask with both curiosity and horror while Deucalion, who is still hooked up to the large wolfsbane IV drip and is still sitting on the floor with his back leaning against the wall, listens to their conversation. Josh finally glances up and looks at Theo incredulously]

JOSH: You want me to put it on?

[Theo turns to Tracy, muttering "Yeah" under his breath so quietly that it's barely audible, and gives her a knowing look, which Tracy returns before she looks forward to address Josh]

TRACY: You won't die if you put it on...
JOSH: [scoffs] How do you know that? Or is it just that you don't want to put it on yourself?

[Josh turns and stares Theo in the eyes]

JOSH: Or you?

[Theo looks at him as though he's a young child throwing a tantrum and maintains his calm demeanor]

THEO: I'm not afraid to do it, Josh. I'm just not stupid.

[Tracy looks at Josh in exasperation]

TRACY: Are you not getting that it could kill us? You're the one with the power!

[From across the room, Deucalion sighs impatiently]

DEUCALION: They want you to wear it, Josh, because the properties of the mask are based in electromagnetism. Pick it up, and you'll see.

[Josh looks torn, but ultimately does as Deucalion suggests and picks up the mask. He can hear the faint buzzing of electricity as his hands make contact with it, and he narrows his eyes in confusion]

JOSH: What is this thing?
DEUCALION: The product of genius and madness-- two traits too often found in the same mind.

[While Deucalion continues his story in voiceover, the scene cuts to a flashback to over a century earlier, where the Surgeon is hammering pieces of metal together to make a mask/helmet]

DEUCALION: [voiceover] The man who created the first was known only as "The Surgeon." Using practices in the farthest edges of pseudoscience, he harnessed electromagnetic fields in the masks, infusing them with a unique and deadly power.

[The scene cuts back to the present, where Josh hesitantly lifts up the mask as though he's about to put it over his head. However, just as his face is about to enter the mask, he lowers it down and slams it on the table]

JOSH: I'm not putting this thing on.

[Tracy sighs loudly, and Theo looks annoyed, though Deucalion seems thoroughly amused by the entire situation. After a moment, Tracy turns and leans against the railing to the staircase, clearly frustrated by Josh's resistance]


[Parrish is on the highway on 115, where he's driving in his SUV. Meanwhile, both Sheriff Stilinski and Lydia are in their respective vehicles when the latter uses her car's Bluetooth technology to call the former]

LYDIA: [panicked] I just came from his place. Half of his stuff was gone! You can't let him leave.
SHERIFF: It's okay. I got a call from dispatch-- he's headed for the highway.
LYDIA: [sighs] Can you stop him?
SHERIFF: [frowns] Stopping him is one thing. Getting him to turn around...?
LYDIA: [determinedly] Leave that to me.

[The scene cuts back to Parrish, who continues to speed down the road until suddenly, he runs over a spike strip that Sheriff laid on the road for this very purpose, and he's forced to pull over when his tires all burst from the contact. Annoyed, Parrish gets out of his car to inspect his tires and sighs in frustration just before police sirens are heard from up on the overpass. Just then, Sheriff walks down the hill toward Parrish, who only becomes more frustrated]

SHERIFF: I don't remember giving you any vacation time...
PARRISH: [groans] Those were new tires!
SHERIFF: [shrugs] Well, they're scrap rubber now. How about I call a tow for you?

[Parrish sighs and rolls his eyes as he turns back to his car to grab his phone]

PARRISH: I'll call one myself.

[Lydia's car pulls up to join them from the other direction, and Parrish groans in exasperation when she gets out of her car and approaches him]

PARRISH: You're both out of your minds! You know that?
LYDIA: [seriously] You can't leave.
PARRISH: I can't stay! I'm a Hellhound. I have the word "Hell" in my name! Hell!

[Sheriff gives him a hard look]

SHERIFF: You're also one of my best deputies.
PARRISH: [sighs] You guys don't get it! The bodies I see in my dream are because of me. And there's gonna be more-- a lot more.
LYDIA: I've been predicting death longer than you. The things I've seen and felt? They don't always happen.
SHERIFF: What if those people die because you didn't stay?
LYDIA: Because you weren't there to protect them?

[Parrish sighs once again, but it's clear that he's affected by what Sheriff and Lydia are telling him, so Lydia continues her argument]

LYDIA: You said you were drawn to Beacon Hills. I think you're here for a reason.

[Sheriff walks toward Parrish and flicks something at him]


[Parrish catches the object and holds it up, revealing that it's his Deputy Sheriff badge]


[Kira has just brought Scott, who is still seriously injured after his battle with the Beast, back to his bedroom, where she helps him lay down in bed. Scott looks panicked]

SCOTT: We gotta find them! It's Mason--
KIRA: [patiently] I know. Everybody's looking.

[Scott lays back and realizes that he's just laid on a folder. When he sees what it is, he groans in frustration, and Kira looks at him with concern]

KIRA: What?
SCOTT: [sighs] Nothing. It's just a scholarship. I missed the deadline.
KIRA: [reassuringly] We'll figure it out. Right now, you're not going anywhere until you heal, okay?

[Scott nods weakly, and Kira leans forward to kiss him for a long moment. Stiles peeks his head in just as they're pulling away. Scott lays back and closes his eyes, and Kira turns back to Stiles, nodding to communicate that they're okay. Stiles nods in return and gently closes the door behind him, only to find Malia and Braeden waiting for him in the hallway. Stiles takes one look at the grim expressions on their faces and immediately begins to worry]


[Braeden and Malia give each other a significant look, and Stiles becomes even more panicked]

STILES: What? What did I do?

[Braeden sighs and turns to Malia]

BRAEDEN: Tell him.

[Stiles looks at Malia, both confused and concerned]

MALIA: You know how my mother wants to kill me? I think she might want to kill you, too...

[Stiles is momentarily taken aback]

STILES: Okay. Uh, that's disconcerting...

[Stiles pauses to think for a moment before looking up at the girls]

STILES: I should probably have a gun.

[Malia seems to think this is a reasonable request and looks at Braeden, who scoffs loudly]

BRAEDEN: I'm not giving you a gun!
STILES: [offended] You have a gun. The Desert Wolf-- who is trying to kill me-- has a gun. I think I should probably have a gun!

[Malia turns back to Braeden and gives her a look, and Braeden rolls her eyes before she takes out her Sig Sauer. She takes off the clip and gives Stiles a wary look before tossing him the unloaded gun. Stiles' attempt to catch it is comical at best, with him fumbling to keep it in his hands until it finally clatters to the ground. Braeden gives him a look that says, "I told you so," and Malia rolls his eyes as Stiles begins to look embarrassed]

STILES: ...I probably shouldn't have a gun.


[Liam is frantically running through the woods in an attempt to find his best friend, to no avail]


[Liam is panting heavily from the exertion, and is so distracted by his intent to find Mason that he doesn't watch where he's running and trips over an exposed tree root and falls face-first onto the ground. He groans in pain just as Hayden appears behind him and kneels next to him]

LIAM: Hi. I lost it. I lost the scent.
HAYDEN: [smiles weakly] I'll help you find it.

[She holds out her hand to help him up, and when he takes it, she pulls him to his feet. They continue to hold hands while they run through the woods and continue to track Mason]


[Scott awakens with a gasp in his bed and looks around in a daze for a moment before he remembers the events of the previous night. He lifts up his tank top and is relieved when all of his wounds have healed from his battle with the Beast, and he jumps out of bed to get dressed. Once he's clothed, he walks downstairs, where he overhears Stiles, Kira, Malia, Lydia, and Liam, all of whom apparently stayed the night the previous night, discussing what they know about their current situation around the kitchen table]

STILES: My dad's got an APB out.
KIRA: [warily] For a 5'8" sixteen-year-old?
STILES: [shrugs] I recommended "nine-foot-tall rampaging werewolf"...

[Out in the hallway, Scott chuckles to himself as he heads toward the kitchen. Liam is still a little bit in denial and frowns before chiming in]

LIAM: It still might not be him...

[The rest of the pack gives him a look that is part-sympathy, part-skepticism, and Liam sighs]

LIAM: ...But, Hayden's at the school looking.

[Scott finally joins the conversation at the table]

SCOTT: My mom can check all the hospitals in the county.

[The pack all turns to face him, looking surprised and relieved that he's healed and seemingly fine. When Scott sees the anxious look on Liam's face, his face becomes reassuring]

SCOTT: We can find him.
LIAM: What happens them?
SCOTT: We figure out a way to save him.

[Liam looks even more relieved by this answer, as do the others, and the pack starts to get back into their planning phase]

LYDIA: Okay. Where else could we look?
SCOTT: [shrugs] Let's ask Corey!

[The other frown in confusion, which quickly turns to shock when Scott reaches over toward a cupboard and roughly yanks on what looks like air, which turns into Corey, who has apparently been invisibly eavesdropping on their entire conversation. Corey looks frantic when he sees the appalled expressions on their faces and immediately becomes defensive]

COREY: Wait! WAIT! It's not my fault! They took him, and I couldn't do anything. They took him!
COREY: The Dread Doctors.


[Mason has just awakened on the floor of a decently-sized shack in the woods, only to find that the Dread Doctors are marching toward him. Behind Mason is the tank with the green fluid and the body floating inside it, and in the Surgeon's hand is what looks like a long tube with a huge needle at the end which is illuminated by a purple light. Realizing that they're going to stab him with it, Mason immediately begins to plead with them]

MASON: Wait! Don't! Wait, please! Please, don't!

[The Doctors ignore him as they pin him to the ground by his head, his right ear smashed against the dirt floor below him]

MASON: No, no, no!

[The Surgeon moves to insert the needle into the back of Mason's neck, and Mason becomes almost hysterically panicked]


[A whirring sound is heard as the Surgeon inserts the needle into Mason's brainstem, and he screams in agony]


[Theo, Tracy, and Josh are still in the operating theater, debating what to do, while the still-wolfsbane'd Deucalion listens curiously. Tracy picks up the jar with Belasko's talons off of the table and holds them up]

TRACY: What about this?

[Theo shakes his head, clearly annoyed and frustrated]

THEO: They're useless if we don't know who it is.
DEUCALION: Actually, they're just useless.

[Theo turns to give Deucalion a dirty look]

DEUCALION: Didn't Hayden mention that? Where is she, by the way? I hope her moment of dissent didn't turn into actual dissertion.

[Deucalion inhales deeply and dramatically before he continues]

DEUCALION: What about the other one? Corey? None of us can see him, blind or otherwise... So, I'm guessing he's not here either.

[This seems to be the last straw for Josh, who scoffs and turns toward the staircase]

JOSH: I'm leaving.
DEUCALION: [amused] Oh! There goes another.

[He turns his head toward where he believes Theo must be standing and pinches his thumb and index finger together]

DEUCALION: Your circle of trust is narrowing for you...

[Theo grimaces, clearly embarrassed by the truth of Deucalion's words but not wanting to show it]

THEO: Your voice is getting on my nerves.

[Theo turns to Tracy]

THEO: Paralyze his tongue.
TRACY: [gleefully] You got it!

[Tracy flicks out her claws and lunges for Deucalion, who turns his attention to her]

DEUCALION: Tell me something, Tracy-- just how powerless were you before this all happened?

[Tracy gapes at him, clearly affected by this statement, and stops what she's doing]

DEUCALION: In my experience, it's the truly powerless who are all too eager to demonstrate their new-found strength.

[Deucalion runs his hands over the large IV in the antecubital space in his right arm while he continues his conversation]

DEUCALION: So, allow me to demonstrate something more helpful to our cause... Trust.

[Deucalion, having located the IV tube, groans as he yanks it out of his arm. Once it's been fully removed, he drops it onto the ground, where it leaks black fluid at Theo's feet, and Theo immediately begins to panic at this unexpected turn of events. Deucalion pulls himself to his feet while he starts to remove the arm brace]

DEUCALION: I told you I wanted Scott McCall's eyes. That's why I let you take me. Why I have been a willing guest this entire time.

[Theo looks absolutely terrified when he realizes just how much he's underestimated Deucalion, as does Tracy, and Josh, who has stuck around, sits on the steps and watches this go down]


[Kira and Ken are in Kira's bedroom, where she has the broken pieces of her katana-belt blade and the grip arranged on top of her bed]

KEN: As your father, I'm obliged to tell you this is dangerous.
KIRA: As my father, I was hoping you wouldn't tell my mother.

[Ken smiles despite the seriousness of the situation]

KEN: That's dangerous, too.
KIRA: [sighs] I get it, Dad. I need to learn balance. I can't learn balance with the sword-- the sword brings out the Fox.

[Ken gives her a stern look]

KEN: You know it's more complicated than that. Learning balance is critical to controlling the Fox.
KIRA: What if the sword is critical to saving my friends?
KEN: [sighs] It's just a weapon, Kira. You're the critical part.
KIRA: [frustrated] I've got 800 years to find balance! We need to help Mason right now. I need my sword.

[Ken, knowing that she's doing the right thing here, finally relents]

KEN: It was forged with a unique power. It takes a certain power to put it back together. You're going to need help.
KIRA: From who?
[Ken frowns and corrects her grammar]
KEN: Whom.
KIRA: [confused] Who?
[Ken sighs impatiently and drops the subject]
KEN: Just pick up the pieces.

[Kira is clearly still confused, but she does what she's told and puts the broken pieces of her katana blade pieces, along with the handle, into a small, cylindrical woven box]


[Deucalion has just dropped the torn-up arm brace from his wolfsbane drip onto the ground, and Theo, visibly panicked by this turn of events, gives the similarly-concerned Tracy a look before turning back to Deucalion with a reluctant expression]

THEO: Okay... What now?
DEUCALION: [shrugs] I teach you what you've been so desperate to learn.

[Deucalion lunges toward Theo, grabs him by the wrist, and snaps his radius and ulna, causing the bone to nearly pierce through his skin. Theo screams in agony, but Deucalion doesn't let go of his wrist]

DEUCALION: Feel that, Theo? That's the secret to taking power. Pain.

[Dark veins start to appear in Deucalion's hand that travel up his arm as he absorbs his pain]

DEUCALION: Take their pain, take their life, take their power. It's all or nothing. You take until there's nothing more to give.

[Deucalion lets go of Theo and tosses him across the room, where Theo quickly snaps his broken arm bones back into place so they can heal]

DEUCALION: That's where you find the spark of power... And then you take that as well. Pain. Life. Power. In that order, and only in that order. Do you understand?

[Theo is still kneeling on the floor with his back to the others as he recovers from his injury, and a sneer forms on his face]

THEO: Perfectly.

[He stands to his feet and turns toward them before flicking out his claws as though he's about to fight Deucalion further. Deucalion gives him an amused look, but instead of lunging for him, Theo lunges for Josh instead, stabbing him in the chest with his claws so hard that Josh immediately lets his fangs drop in an attempt to fight back. He shocks Theo with his electrokinesis, but it has no effect on him as he takes Josh's pain, and his golden werewolf/Chimera eyes glow an even brighter shade of yellow. Eventually, Josh falls back and dies, and Theo absorbs his power before standing up, holding up his bloody hand as he takes a deep breath and lets Josh's powers flow through him]

THEO: [exhales] I can feel it.

[Deucalion rolls his eyes, clearly unimpressed by Theo's reaction]

DEUCALION: Good. 'Cause you just cost yourself one member of a small and inexperienced pack.

[Theo is visibly unhappy about this slight against him, and he thinks for a moment before he looks up at Tracy]

THEO: What do you think?

[Tracy hesitates for a moment before she replies]

TRACY: I think he was small and inexperienced. And, if you've got his power now, you can put on the mask.

[She looks over at the Dread Doctor mask laying on the nearby table, and Theo looks both excited and nervous by the prospect of what's to come]


[Parrish and Lydia have just parked Lydia's car at the preserve, where they walk over to the Nemeton. He hesitantly reaches out his hand to touch the top of the stump, and Lydia gives him a reassuring look]

LYDIA: You can still save them. You can save them all.

[Parrish doesn't respond, so Lydia reaches out and squeezes his shoulder affectionately. This combination of their respective powers seems to trigger something within Parrish and the Nemeton, and he's suddenly struck by a vision of himself walking toward the stump with a body at some point during the night. When he looks down at the body he just laid on it, he sees that it's Lydia with her throat clawed out, her eyes looking glassy. Parrish snaps back to the present, where the rings of the Nemeton's stump start to glow orange, the same color as Parrish's Hellhound eyes]


[Josh's dead body is still laying on the staircase where Theo killed him, but Theo is now standing in front of the table with the Dread Doctor mask resting on top, while Deucalion and Tracy stand behind him]

DEUCALION: This kind of power requires risk, Theo. Do it. Put on the mask. Discover the Beast's identity and guarantee your place as an Alpha. As a real werewolf.

[Theo takes a deep breath before slowly picking up the mask and putting it on. Just like when Valack put the mask on Nurse Cross in Amplification, the mask snaps itself onto Theo's head and squeezes it tight, causing Theo to scream in pain and claw at the mask as though it wants to take it off. He falls onto the floor and leans his back against the wall as he's overwhelmed by everything he can see. Tracy and Deucalion both watch him curiously in anticipation for what he's about to learn]


[Scott and Liam are walking down the hallway toward the locker room while they talk about what they're about to do]

LIAM: How stupid are we to be doing this?
SCOTT: We're not stupid. We're desperate.
LIAM: How desperate?

[Scott stops just as he's about to push the locker room door open and sighs]

SCOTT: Incredibly desperate.

[The two walk into the room, where they find Theo and Tracy waiting for them. Theo looks smug at the fact that they've been forced to come to him]

THEO: I told you we'd end up on the same side.

[Liam smiles at him fakely]

LIAM: How about I punch you in the balls to remind you we're not?

[Theo genuinely laughs at this remark, but Tracy just scowls at Scott and Liam]

THEO: I love this kid!
TRACY: [irritably] I don't.
SCOTT: [sighs] We know you're not on our side, Theo. You said you wanted to help Lydia, but you left Eichen with something else, didn't you?
THEO: [curiously] You mean the mask? Are you worried about that?
SCOTT: Did you put it on?

[When Theo just smiles, Scott takes this as a "yes" and continues on]

SCOTT: Who did you see?
THEO: [shrugs] Not Mason.
LIAM: [confused] What does that mean? It's not him?

[Tracy smirks rudely at them]

TRACY: It probably means he's a lost cause.
THEO: [sighs] We all want the same thing. We want Mason back.
SCOTT: [scoffs] Okay, but the difference is that we want him back alive.
THEO: [shrugs] Well, I'm open to compromise. You still got the map with the telluric currents on it?

[Scott looks wary about this question, but ultimately nods]

THEO: Bring it to the operating theater in two hours.

[As Liam and Scott walk out of the locker room, Liam gives Scott a skeptical look]

LIAM: How desperate are we?
SCOTT: [sighs] Incredibly.

[Back in the locker room, Deucalion unfolds his cane with a flick and walks out of his hiding spot to join Tracy and Theo]

TRACY: We don't need them to find Mason.
DEUCALION: But you'll need them if you want Mason to trust you.
THEO: [sighs] I can't take the power from him, can I?

[Deucalion shakes his head in the negatory]

DEUCALION: No. Only the Beast. But, since the full moon is getting dangerously close, the opportunity might present itself sooner than you think.
THEO: Good.
DEUCALION: As soon as you see that opportunity, take it. If Scott figures out a way to save Mason, you won't get another.

[Tracy looks frustrated and concerned by this plan]

TRACY: How are we supposed to stop him when he's the Beast?
THEO: You're not going to stop him-- you're going to paralyze him.

[Tracy looks at him with exasperation and incredulity]

TRACY: Me? Are you serious? It didn't work on Parrish!

[Deucalion grabs her by the wrist and flicks her claws out]

DEUCALION: It didn't work on a Hellhound. The Beast is still a werewolf. Just keep the tanks full, Tracy. We'll need all you've got.

[Tracy glares at him and yanks her wrist out of his grip]


[Stiles, Lydia, and Sheriff are discussing the new plans and information they've gathered that day]

STILES: Still nothing from Scott and Liam.
LYDIA: Are we really sure this is a good idea?
STILES: Uh, no... No one thinks this is a good idea.
SHERIFF: [confused] But you're trusting Theo anyway?
STILES: We're not trusting him! We're using him.
LYDIA: What if he's using us?

[Stiles makes a face before he shrugs]

STILES: ...That's probably a given. But look-- we're just trying to cover every place Mason could show up. Malia and Braeden are at Scott's house, Melissa's got the hospital, Hayden and Corey are at the school. Somebody's got to find them.
LYDIA: [sighs] Let's hope they find Mason and not the Beast...

[Stiles, Lydia, and Sheriff all share a worried look]


[Josh's body has apparently been disposed of prior to Scott and Liam's arrival to the operating theater as requested, likely because they'd be unwilling to help if they knew what he had done to Josh. Theo is standing alone in front of the now-empty tank where the body was previously held in green fluid as Scott and Liam join him]

THEO: They called him Der Soldat. That's German for "The Soldier." I'm pretty sure he fought in World War II.
SCOTT: And he was a Nazi?
THEO: [smirks] And an Alpha werewolf. The Dread Doctors were using him to prolong their lives. They've been doing it for decades. Actually, probably longer.
LIAM: [confused] How old are these guys?
THEO: Who knows? But wherever they go, he goes, too.
LIAM: So how do we find him?
THEO: Keeping him alive requires a pretty unique set of conditions. There's got to be a power source, it has to be underground...

[Scott, realizing where Theo is going with this, reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out the map from Season 3A]

SCOTT: ...And on a telluric current.

[Scott hands Theo the map, causing the Chimera to smirk in satisfaction]

THEO: Looks like we're going for a hike.

[Neither Scott nor Liam seem to have a good feeling about this plan]


[Melissa is standing behind the desk at the nurse's station at BEACON HILLS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL when two paramedics wheel in an injured person on a gurney]

PARAMEDIC: We've got a hit-and-run. Victim is a black male, approximately sixteen years of age...

[Melissa, realizing that this fits Mason's description, looks concerned as she stares at the gurney, but when it is wheeled past her, she realizes that the young man is simply an anonymous human and not the person for whom she's looking. She then conference calls Malia, who is still at the MCCALL HOUSE, and Lydia, who is still at the SHERIFF'S STATION]

MELISSA: Nothing here.
LYDIA: Same here. Anything on your end?

[The scene cuts to Malia, who is standing right in front of the mountain ash barrier across the threshold of the back door and looking grumpy]

MALIA: Not a thing. And I'm gonna lose my mind if I don't get out of this supernatural cage.

[Lydia sighs, but looks pretty understanding as she talks to her friend, not knowing that the Desert Wolf is lurking outside the Sheriff's station and is eavesdropping on their conversation]

LYDIA: The mountain ash is there to keep you safe.
MALIA: I should be keeping Stiles safe.

[Just then, Stiles heads out the door of Sheriff's office into the bullpen and ends up accidentally running into the wall before looking around in embarrassment and walking it off. Lydia rolls her eyes in exasperation]

LYDIA: He'll be fine. Call me if anything changes.

[Lydia and Malia hang up, and the Desert Wolf smirks outside of the station before she turns to leave]


[A despondent-looking Corey is sitting on the steps, visibly upset about what is happening to Mason, when Hayden comes down the stairs and sits next to him. She affectionately squeezes his shoulder and looks at him with sympathy]


[Meanwhile, back at the McCall House, Braeden is sitting at the dining room table, happily munching on a small glass dish of pistachios and lining up the shells in a perfect line. After a moment, Braeden looks up at Malia, who is looking at her incredulously, leading Braeden to slide the dish over to offer her some. However, Malia just shakes her head and gives her a look]

MALIA: I'll pass. Thanks.

[Braeden simply shrugs and takes back the dish before plucking another nut out of it, cracking the shell, and popping it in her mouth, lining up the shells with the others. Malia turns and looks out the kitchen window, clearly concerned about this plan of theirs]


[Stiles and Lydia are sitting side-by-side on the bench outside of Sheriff's office, where he is inside, leaning against his desk with a worried expression. He turns toward his crime board, where he sees the poster of the moon phases that he put up sometime prior to Strange Frequencies. He looks anxious as he focuses on the full moon on the poster]


[Theo and Scott are leading the hunting party while Liam, who knows Mason's scent best, follows behind. After a moment, Scott glances over at Theo and gives him a knowing look]

SCOTT: Where is he?

[Theo plays dumb]

THEO: I thought we were looking for him?
SCOTT: [sighs] You know who I'm talking about.
THEO: Deucalion?
SCOTT: You shouldn't trust him.

[Theo shoots him an exasperated look]

THEO: And you're the one who let him live.
SCOTT: I'm not a murderer.
THEO: [scoffs] You still think you're gonna get through this without killing anyone?

[Scott rolls his eyes in annoyance]

SCOTT: I didn't say that.

[Just then, Liam stops walking, leading the other two to stop as well]

LIAM: We're close.
SCOTT: You get his scent?

[Liam nods worriedly, which visibly interests Theo]

THEO: Which way?

[Liam glares at Theo before turning to Scott, clearly unwilling to trust him enough to share this information. When Theo realizes this, he scoffs again in frustration]

THEO: You think you're going to leave me behind?

[Liam continues to glare at Theo while remaining silent, and Scott tries to reason with him]

SCOTT: Liam...
LIAM: Look, he wants to kill him--

[Theo cuts him off and interjects]

THEO: I just want his power! You want to fight someone that actually wants to kill Mason? Go fight Parrish.

[Liam continues to glare at Theo]

LIAM: Who did you see when you put on the mask?
THEO: [impatiently] I already told you, it wasn't Mason.
LIAM: [firmly] Who was it?
THEO: [sighs] I saw a man dying in the snow. He was impaled on a spear.

[Scott's eyes widen in recognition and shock]

SCOTT: It's called a pike. Lydia told us the story.
THEO: Then both of you know what it means. Time's running out.

[Theo turns to Liam, who still does not look pleased]

THEO: Where is he, Liam? What direction?

[Liam sighs and looks at Scott for advice. When Scott shrugs, Liam reluctantly answers his question]

LIAM: This way.

[The three keep walking and following Mason's scent until they come upon a small cabin in the middle of the woods. Liam is eager to go inside, but Scott grabs him by the wrist to stay his hand when he tries to open the door]

SCOTT: Listen.

[They all focus their hearing and pick up the sound of a heart beating relatively quickly, which Liam immediately recognizes]

LIAM: It's him.

[They rush inside the cabin and down the steps, with Liam leading the group]

LIAM: [anxiously] Mason?

[They make it down and are all relieved to find Mason sitting on the floor with his head dropped down toward his knees. His back is leaning against the large green tank with Der Soldat floating inside inside it. However, when they crowd around Mason, their relief turns to horror when they realize something is wrong with him. Mason is breathing quick, shallow breaths as Scott's eyes travel from the plug in his neck to the tank and realizes what is happening]

SCOTT: It's connected to him...


[Kira is standing outside her house near her car as she calls Scott. However, the call goes straight to voicemail, and Kira sighs in disappointment before she hears the beep to leave her message]

KIRA: [on the phone] Hey, it's me. Oh, God, I wish you'd just picked up. I hate leaving messages. I always ramble. I always say stupid things. And then, when I finally get to the super-important thing that I'm supposed to say, the voicemail cuts me off, and--

[Just then, the phone beeps, cutting her off just like she was saying and causing her to sigh again before she calls Scott back, which goes straight to voicemail once again]

KIRA: [on the phone] Me again. I have to leave... But I'm coming back to help. Because you're right, Scott. If anyone is going to save Mason, it's you. It's us.

[After a pause, Kira hangs up the phone before climbing into the driver's seat of her car. On the passenger seat is the small woven box that has the pieces of her broken katana, and she gives it a long look before she starts the car and drives away]


[Scott and Liam are still nearly around the half-conscious Mason, trying to figure out how to disconnect him from the plug in his cervical spine while Theo stands nearby and watches impatiently]

SCOTT: [exasperatedly] What is this thing?
THEO: I don't know.

[Just then, Mason briefly comes to and weakly calls out to his best friend]

MASON: Liam, I can feel it... It's in my skull.

[He whimpers in pain but keeps his head dropped down so that his chin is against his chest, and Scott and Liam look panicked and at a loss for what to do as they continue to examine the plug]

LIAM: [to Mason] Don't move.

[Liam reaches his hand to touch the plug in Mason's neck]

SCOTT: Careful...

[Liam looks up at Theo with a horrified expression]

LIAM: What are they doing to him??
THEO: [impatiently] I don't know!
SCOTT: [sighs] Guys, let's focus.

[Scott moves so he's in front of Mason to look him in the eyes as best as he can]

SCOTT: Mason, we're gonna get you out of here.

[Mason nods weakly as Scott turns to Liam, though it's obvious that Scott is concerned that he has no idea what they're doing]

SCOTT: Hold him still.

[Scott moves around so he's behind Mason in preparation to try to unplug Mason from the tank]

SCOTT: Okay. All right. I'm going to try to pull it out. Let me know if it hurts.

[Liam holds onto Mason as Scott reaches for the plug, wrapping his hand around the base of it and holding Mason's neck with his other hand to stabilize it. However, Mason starts to moan loudly in pain as soon as Scott grabs it, and Scott quickly lets go]

MASON: AHHHH! It hurts!!

[Scott immediately lets go out of fear of hurting Mason more and looks at Liam apologetically, though it's obvious that he's extremely worried about their current situation]

SCOTT: I barely moved it...

[Suddenly, they're all distracted by the clicking, skittering sound of the Dread Doctors approaching them and instantly become panicked]


[Lydia has just walked back into the Sheriff's office from the bullpen to find Stiles sprawled out asleep on his couch, his left leg propped up on the back of the couch in a way that causes his foot to smush the mini-blinds covering the windows. Lydia looks at him in exasperation for a moment before poking him in the forehead with her index finger. Stiles awakens with a gasp and reflexively scrambles into a seated position, still disoriented from being awakened so quickly]

STILES: Mmm, what? What happened? Who's dead?
LYDIA: [rolls her eyes] No one.

[She shrugs as she sits down on the open seat next to him]

LYDIA: Well, at least not yet.

[She pulls out her phone to check it for updates, and when Stiles just stares at her, she gives him a look that demands that he do the same, causing him to quickly pull his phone out of his back pocket and check it as well. When neither of them have received any news from anyone, they both look anxious with anticipation]

LYDIA: You okay?
STILES: [sighs] Yeah. I'm still thinking. Still trying to figure out... Why Mason? I mean, he wasn't even on the genetic chimera list.

[Suddenly, Melissa rushes into the room with a medical file in her hands, which she immediately opens and places on the Sheriff's desk]

MELISSA: He is now.

[Lydia and Stiles waste no time getting to their feet and walking over to join her so they can see what she's found]

MELISSA: Mason was born with twin embolization syndrome.
LYDIA: [shocked] You mean fetal resorption?
MELISSA: [nods] Mmhmm.
LYDIA: He had a vanishing twin in utero?
MELISSA: Which accounts for two sets of DNA.

[Stiles looks at them both with an exasperated and impatient look for a moment before he interjects]

STILES: Can someone please say it with words that have less than three syllables?

[Melissa rolls her eyes and over-enunciates her simplified answer in an impatient voice]

MELISSA: He. Ate. His. Twin.
STILES: [repulsed] Oh, God...
LYDIA: But did it help?
MELISSA: [shrugs] I don't know. But it's just bizarre enough to sound like it might be important, right?
LYDIA: It has to help. There has to be something.


[Scott, Liam, and Theo are looking around at each other in horror as the Dread Doctors approach them, and Theo gets a dawning realization]

THEO: They wanted us here.

[Scott turns to Liam as he starts to come up with a quick game plan]

SCOTT: Liam, try to get that thing out of Mason's neck.

[Liam prepares to do as he's told as the Dread Doctors close in on them]

THE SURGEON: Theo... Theo Raeken...
THEO: [irritably] He's coming with us.
THE SURGEON: Failure. Theo Raeken...

[This remark visibly hurts Theo, whose voice is quiet when he replies]

THEO: I'm not a failure.

[While Scott and Theo deal with the Doctors, Liam is still trying to remove the plug, which causes Mason to yell in agony until Liam stops and looks guilty at the pain he's causing him]

MASON: [panting] Liam... Get out of here. Just go!

[Meanwhile, the Doctors are still slowly approaching them]

THE SURGEON: Not a complete failure. We learned from you.

[Theo is both upset and angry about their words, and Scott tries his best to talk him down in a low voice]

SCOTT: Theo, he's trying to get to you. This is what they want! Don't give it to them! We can't beat them.
THE SURGEON: The mark of a true failure-- repeating the same mistake again and again.

[Theo turns back toward Scott]

THEO: We're taking Mason.

[Theo then wolfs-out in preparation for a fight against the Doctors, and Liam, who has yet to be able to remove the plug from Mason's neck, looks at Scott with worry]

THEO: And then, I'm taking what's mine.

[Theo growls at the Doctors menacingly]


[Malia has just ended a call with Stiles and sticks her phone back into her pocket as she walks down the hallway]

MALIA: Braeden? Something's wrong. We gotta go--

[Just then, Malia senses something is wrong and stops in her tracks as she focuses on what she's feeling. Downstairs, Braeden has her shotgun in her hands and is ready to shoot as she walks into the kitchen, where she finds the mountain ash barrier across the threshold of the back door has been broken. A moment later, Tracy slowly walks past the doorway on the porch, taking great care to stop and smirk smugly at Braeden before she leaves. Braeden, now on high alert, sneers at Tracy before spinning on her heel and getting into a defensive position as she aims her gun for the doorway. The camera pans around the rooms downstairs before landing in the entrance hall, where the Desert Wolf has her back pressed against the wall next to the staircase and has her gun up in anticipation for a fight]


[Gerard and Argent have just walked into the still-trashed library, where a huge hole still remains in the large wall of windows from where the Beast broke through it and escaped in the previous episode. The two are mid-conversation as they look around the library]

GERARD: Mason?
ARGENT: Mason Hewitt. He's a sophomore. Liam's best friend.
GERARD: And a mass-murderer.
ARGENT: We're going to need to tell Scott the rest.
GERARD: Not necessarily.
ARGENT: [insistently] If there's a way to save him--
GERARD: [cuts him off] The pike won't save him. It'll kill him. Mason Hewitt is gone.
ARGENT: But you still can't tell me where it is. How do we know it's not a steel cup gathering dust in someone's antique collection?
GERARD: [smiles] Oh, I think it's closer to us than that. We'll find the pike, whatever shape it's in.

[Argent looks at his father with concern]

ARGENT: If we can't, then we're going to need a lot more firepower to take on the Beast.

[Just then, Parrish appears in the doorway with a determined expression as he calls out to them]

PARRISH: How much firepower do you want?

[Parrish's eyes glow orange-red like flickering flames to emphasis his point]


[The Dread Doctors, Mason, Scott, Liam, and Theo are still in the shed where the Doctors were keeping Mason and Der Soldat. Theo, who is still wolfed-out, glares at the Doctors as they stand in front of the group]

THEO: Let him go.
THE SURGEON: You have the entitlement and narcissism typical of your generation. In that, you are a profound success.

[Liam, who is desperate to free Mason before this standoff becomes violent, tries to grab the plug in Mason's neck to pull it out, and Mason screams in agony]


[Liam stops what he's doing and looks at Scott frantically]

LIAM: Scott! Scott, I... I can't get it out. I don't know what to do.

[Scott rushes over to Liam to help him, though they're both ignored by the Doctors and Theo in favor of continuing their conversation]

THE SURGEON: But your failure taught us one thing-- the banality of evil. That you were and would always be an ordinary evil.
THEO: [offended] You think I'm ordinary?
THE SURGEON: We believed that to resurrect the perfect killer, we had to start with the perfect evil. From you, we learned true evil only comes by corrupting something truly good.

[Scott and Liam, who have been listening to this conversation while they work on trying to free Mason, look horrified when they realize what The Surgeon means]

SCOTT: Not something...

[Scott and Liam look at Mason in concern]

LIAM: Someone.

[The Pathologist reaches out his gloved hand, his fingertips glowing blue as he prepares to shock Theo, but the Chimera responds by punching him in the chest and head repeatedly, though his blows do little to him aside from pushing him backward slightly. Liam looks back and forth between the fight that has just broken out and Mason, eventually deciding to stand to his feet and join Theo. When Scott realizes what he's about to do, he stands to stop him]

SCOTT: Liam, wait!

[Scott's words are too late, because Liam has just attempted to hit the Geneticist with a left cross, which she easily blocks. Theo continues his battle with the Pathologist, who gives as good as he gets, and Mason, who is becoming more anxious by the second, shouts to Liam as loudly as he can without moving his head]

MASON: Liam!

[Mason watches as Liam gets punched in the gut by the Geneticist, which only makes him more anxious]


[Scott has joined the fight to help Liam fight the Geneticist, who shoves him across the room where he lands on the ground. At a loss for options, Mason grabs the plug in the back of his head with his right hand to stabilize it as he slowly rises to his feet, though the Dread Doctors don't immediately notice due to their distraction from the fight. Liam is thrown across the room, where he lands on top of the still-recovering Scott, and Theo's eyes widen in alarm and fear when he realizes that he's now severely outnumbered. However, he still lunges for the Surgeon, shoving him backwards toward the wall as he grabs Theo in a choke-hold. Liam, Scott, and the Dread Doctors all turn their heads toward Mason as he finally stands upright, groaning in agony loudly as he does so. He finally manages to rip the plug out of his neck, leaving a bloody wound behind, and the Dread Doctors manage to look shocked at this newest development]

THE SURGEON: Transformation...

[Everyone in the room stares at Mason with a mix of horror and awe as shadows begin to surround Mason]

THE SURGEON: Transformation without frequency...

[Liam frantically calls out for his best friend]

LIAM: Mason!

[Mason's eyes suddenly turn entirely bright glowing blue as he growls at them]

MASON: That's not... my name...

[The shadows completely envelope Mason until he has transformed into the Beast, and Liam and Scott look completely devastated]


[Braeden has her back pressed up against the wall and her shotgun clutched in her hands in the alcove between the kitchen and the living room as the Desert Wolf walks down the hall toward the kitchen with her gun at the ready. Braeden's thumb grazes the trigger as the Desert Wolf makes her way toward the doorway. However, when she steps into the kitchen, her boot-clad foot lands right on top of the pistachio shells Braeden saved from earlier and sprinkled across the floor, alerting Braeden to her presence]

[The Desert Wolf sighs when she realizes she's just given herself away, and Braeden rushes out into the room and wastes no time shooting her in the stomach with a shotgun shell. When she attempts to hit Braeden, Braeden backhands her in the face with her gun so hard that the Desert Wolf's gun flies out of her hand and onto the floor. Braeden reloads her gun, but the Desert Wolf grabs onto it as the two begin to try to wrestle it out of the other's hand, causing one of them to accidentally shoot at the ceiling, where the shells barely miss hitting Malia before she dives out of the way. Braeden cocks the gun and continues to struggle with her, accidentally shooting the ceiling again before she's able to use all the strength she can muster to hit the Desert Wolf in the face with her gun, briefly knocking her out. Though she was only unconscious for a few moments, it gives Braeden enough time to get out of the house and replace the mountain ash barrier. When the Desert Wolf awakens, she grabs her gun off the floor and makes her way to the door]

DESERT WOLF: You still here, Braeden?

[The Desert Wolf makes it to the front door and stops when she sees the mountain ash, realizing that she's been trapped in the house with Malia. Out of the Desert Wolf's sight, Braeden is sitting on the floor of the porch with her back against the wall next to the door, her shotgun still clutched in her hands. Though the Desert Wolf can't see her, she still knows that she's there and smirks in amusement]

DESERT WOLF: Okay. I love a cage-match.


[Night has fallen, and Kira has just arrived in the desert, where she has arranged the pieces of her sword in the sand and dust on the ground as she begins to shout to whoever is listening]

KIRA: I know you can hear me. I need your help.

[Kira's tone becomes more desperate and pleading]

KIRA: Maybe I failed your test. Maybe I don't have control yet. But I'll do whatever I have to-- whatever it takes.

[She takes a deep breath before she continues]

KIRA: Please-- tell me how to save my friends.

[Kira waits for a long moment before the wind blows the sand around her, indicating the Skinwalkers' arrival]

SKINWALKER 2: Kira! We can help her!
SKINWALKER 1: But it comes with a price.

[Kira's eyes widen slightly in fear as the three Skinwalker women surround her]

SKINWALKER 3: Everything has its price.


[Scott and Liam have just been thrown across the room, one after the other, and they land tangled up in a pile just as the Beast rips out the Geneticist's throat, leaving her twitching and bleeding out on the ground before she dies. Theo watches in horror as the Beast lifts the Pathologist up in the air in a choke-hold before literally ripping his head off and allowing it to roll across the room until it lands at the boys' feet. As the Beast backhands Theo so hard he's thrown backward into the staircase as the Beast corners the Surgeon, who makes his final observation]


[The Beast roars and shoves his hand in the Surgeon's abdomen before dragging him outside, causing the overwhelmed Scott and Liam to follow after them. The boys make it outside just in time to see the Beast drop the Surgeon on the ground before Parrish, who is on fire and in full Hellhound-mode, leaps forward and punches the Beast in the chest. Immediately afterward, gunshots are heard as Gerard and Argent appear, the former shooting with a shotgun and the latter using a handgun as they pump the Beast full of bullets. The gunfire eventually causes the Beast to turn back into a human, but everyone in the vicinity is shocked and horrified when they see that the human is not Mason, but Sebastien, the original Beast]

GERARD: La Bête du Gévaudan!

[Sebastien turns back and sneers at Gerard, who looks smug]

GERARD: I know your name. Do you remember mine?

[Sebastien's already unimpressed expression turns to that of absolute loathing]


[Sebastien runs away as fast as he can, and Scott and Liam, who have no idea what is going on, look at Argent with incredulous expressions]

SCOTT: Who the hell was that???
GERARD: [smirks] You've seen the Beast of Gévaudan. That was the Man.
ARGENT: Sebastien Valet.

[Scott and Liam look at each other, both completely overwhelmed with everything that has happened the last few days]


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