This article is about the secondary antagonist. You may be looking for the Season 4 episode of the same name.

The Benefactor was the unseen secondary antagonist of the fourth season of Teen Wolf and the person responsible for ordering the assassinations of every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills.

The Benefactor's reign of terror begun in the episode 117 when Kate Argent broke into the Hale Vault, allowing for the theft of Peter Hale's $117 million. The money would be used to fund assassins to target every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills.

It wasn't until the episode Perishable that it was revealed that the Benefactor was in fact Meredith Walker, a Banshee interned at Eichen House who had used the head orderly Brunski as her accomplice in her attempts to cleanse Beacon Hills of all supernatural creatures.

List of assassins Edit

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