It's a list of supernaturals in Beacon Hills. It's a Deadpool... and we're all on it.

The Deadpool was a supernatural hit-list created by Meredith Walker (under the instruction of then-comatose Peter Hale) during Season 4 of MTV's Teen Wolf. This event took place where people per in effort to kill all the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills and rebuild the new community in Peter's image, though the present-day Peter could not even remember making this plan while he was mentally trapped in his own comatose body. The Deadpool led to the deaths of many people, including both the supernaturals on the list as well as many of the assassins who attempted to kill them and were thus killed by their targets and their allies in self-defense. Meredith Walker had knowledge of this plan for years, but she didn't feel it was the right time to start the Deadpool in earnest until she heard fellow Banshee Lydia Martin screaming for her best friend Allison Argent's death at the hands of an Oni demon at Camp Oak Creek. ("Insatiable"), ("Monstrous")

Afterward, Meredith, feeling immense guilt about the deaths of innocents at the hands of the supernatural or as collateral damage in supernatural battles, then set Peter's original plan of resetting the supernatural community of Beacon Hills into action, which involved enlisting Brunski to help her commandeer Lorraine Martin's computer code and steal $117 million dollars worth of Peter's bearer bonds from the Hale Vault to finance the assassinations. As a result of her self-loathing about what has happened as a result of the supernatural, Meredith wholeheartedly believed that Peter, upon his return to being the Alpha, would make things right again.

History[edit | edit source]

The idea of the Deadpool originated with Peter Hale in 2009, not long after nearly being burned alive in the Hale House Fire. The fire killed most of the Hale Family and left Peter badly burned and comatose, which he stated is absolute torture to a Werewolf, as it leaves them fully cognizant but trapped inside their own body, unable to move. According to him, being locked inside his own mind for six years with nothing to do but think about all of the trauma someone like him, a Werewolf, it left him fully cognizant but unable to move and it slowly drove him crazy.

By chance, he was placed in the same hospital room as Meredith Walker, a Banshee; through unexplained telepathy, she was able to hear Peter's thoughts as he rambled on about the incident, with Lydia Martin later explaining that it was almost as if he

4x10 Burned Peter and Meredith.png

was standing right over her bed talking about the fire. This went on for anywhere from weeks to possibly even months, with Peter ranting about how he predicted that the Argent Family Hunters were going to come for them, and that even though he told his sister and Alpha, Talia Hale, about his suspicions, he claimed she ignored him. He went on to say that Talia turned Hale Pack into sheep, allowing them to be picked off by the predators.

This is when Peter, furious at having been proven right after years of feeling ignored by his sister, decided that the supernatural community of Beacon Hills needed to be wiped out and vowed to raze the earth before rebuilding the community in his image, stating that he could use the bearer bonds to fund it. His plan was to first start with professional assassins such as The Mute, The Chemist, and the Desert Wolf, before disseminating the list further until anyone could be involved, as he believed that, when it came down to it, everyone could be corrupted by large sums of money.

Funding[edit | edit source]

The funding of the Deadpool came from Peter as well, though by the time the Deadpool was actually enacted, Peter had long forgotten his idea to create the Deadpool in the first place. In his ranting through his telepathic connection with Meredith Walker, Peter suggested that he would use every penny of the $117 million dollars in bearer bonds he inherited after the Hale House Fire to fund the Deadpool if necessary, putting a price on the head of every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills. He intended to first start with recruiting professional killers before working his way down to hunters and then amateurs, believing the Deadpool would support his belief that everyone could be corrupted by the right price.

When Meredith Walker decided to enact the Deadpool that Peter envisioned, she enlisted the assistance of an Eichen House orderly named Brunski, blackmailing him into working with her by using the fact that he was an "Angel of Death," a healthcare professional who kills patients under the belief that he was giving them release from their suffering. On Meredith's orders, Brunski orchestrated an elaborate plot to get the bearer bonds from the Hale Vault under Beacon Hills High School, which first involved covertly gaining Kate Argent's help without her knowing it. While Kate, who had recently escaped the captivity of the Calavera Family after her transformation into a Werejaguar, was sleeping in her car, Brunski (or someone working with them) sneaked a cassette tape into the tape deck. Upon listening to it, Kate heard Dr. Conrad Fenris talking about the Hale Family, specifically the fact that they used a sacred object known as the Triskelion Medallion to teach their young Beta werewolves control over their transformations.

This gave Kate the idea to use her mysterious and unexplained mystical abilities to perform a ritual to de-age Derek Hale to when he was sixteen, knowing that she needed a Hale who trusted her to use their claws to get into the Hale Vault where the medallion was kept. Unbeknownst to Kate, Derek, or Peter, this was actually Brunski and Meredith's plan, and Brunski followed Kate into the vault, using a smoke grenade to disorient her and Peter before stealing all $117 million in a locked safe. Brunski then converted the bonds into cash to use to pay the assassins who killed Deadpool targets.

The List[edit | edit source]

The Deadpool list consisted of the names of thirty-six supernatural creatures spread out upon three coded lists, each of which were valued anywhere between $250,000 and $25,000,000 depending on their power level. The list was first discovered by Lydia Martin after she unconsciously wrote a computer code during a Banshee trance. It was soon realized by Lydia and Kira Yukimura that the code needed to be decrypted using keywords, which Lydia ultimately figured out using her Banshee abilities of sound divination; these keywords were "Allison," "Aiden," and "Derek," as the first two were victims of supernaturally-involved deaths and the latter was believed to be dying as a result of Kate's ritual.

After some research, it was revealed that the computer code was originally created by Lorraine Martin prior to her death, and that Brunski stole the code after he killed her, believing that he was relieving her suffering at Eichen House. Once all three lists had been decrypted, a process that lasted several days, it was revealed that the bounties of all thirty-six targets added up to $117 million, leading the McCall Pack to realize that the stolen money from the Hale Vault was being used to fund the assassinations. The lowest valued targets, mostly anonymous and harmless supernatural creatures such as Sean Walcott, a Wendigo living in secret, or the peaceful Buddhist Betas of Satomi Ito's pack, were worth $250,000, and the highest valued target, True Alpha werewolf Scott McCall, was worth $25,000,000 due to how powerful he and his pack were.

After the Deadpool murders progressed, an updated list of the initial three was released, with the names of the killed victims (such as Sean Walcott, Reed Schall, and Richard Benefield, who were worth $250,000, and Steve Grace, who was worth $1,000,000) struck-through to indicate that they had been killed and their bounties claimed. Additionally, Derek Hale, who had lost seemingly lost his powers and was believed to be dying, was removed from the list, and his bounty of $15,000,000 was transferred to Liam Dunbar; Liam was originally valued at $3,000,000, making his final total value $18,000,000 and making him the third most valuable target on the Deadpool after Scott and Lydia Martin (worth $20,000,000).

The full Deadpool list is as follows, with each third of the list broken down based on the order in which they were decrypted by the McCall Pack, and with all of the names in the order they appeared in the printed out copies of the list.

LIST #1 (cracked in The Benefactor) SEAN WALCOTT† 250,000




LYDIA MARTIN 20,000,000

SCOTT MCCALL 25,000,000


DEREK HALE 15,000,000 (later removed from list)




ELIAS TOWN 250,000

LIST #2 (cracked in I.E.D.) KATE ARGENT 12,000,000



STEVE GRACE† 1,000,000

TOM HILL 1,000,000

BRETT TALBOT 1,000,000






LIST #3 (cracked in Orphaned) SATOMI ITO 10,000,000

MALIA HALE 4,000,000

LIAM DUNBAR 3,000,000 (later changed to 18,000,000)


LIZ MOORE 1,000,000








Keywords[edit | edit source]

In order to learn who was on the list, one would first have to enter a keyword, otherwise they would not make it past


the encryption. The first keyword was "ALLISON" as in Allison Argent, which Lydia Martin discovered through sound divination during a full moon with the pack in the Banshee study at the Martin Lake House; it was later implied that Allison's name was chosen due to the fact that her death was caused by the supernatural, specifically an Oni. After cracking the first third of the code, Lydia soon realized that she would need the other two keywords in order to reveal the rest of the targets on the Deadpool. After her attempts at using automatic writing to learn the next keyword on her own failed, Meredith Walker, a fellow Banshee, heard her plea for help and came to the Beacon County Sheriff's Station to offer her assistance to Lydia, Malia Tate, Sheriff Stilinski, and Jordan Parrish her assistance. However, the four had difficulty understanding Meredith's awkward and eccentric way of using her powers, and despite Parrish's patient and gentle way of questioning her, the seemingly incomplete number Meredith provided, 2-4-3-6 caused Lydia to lose her patience and pushed Meredith into a nervous breakdown.


However, after looking at the phone in the Sheriff's office, Malia got the idea that the number Meredith gave them was based on algebra, leading Lydia to realize that the numbers, when corresponding to the letters on the phone dial keys, spelled out the second keyword, which was "AIDEN".

Believing that Meredith could also help them with the third keyword, Lydia, Parrish, and Stiles Stilinski went to Eichen House to talk to Meredith again. However, after the events of the previous attempt to talk to her, Meredith was anxious and scared to divulge any information. When Stiles insisted that she could give it to them in any language or code that she wanted, Meredith revealed that the Benefactor didn't want her to tell them anything else. Lydia, desperate to stop the killings, once again lost her temper and argued that more people were going to die if she didn't help them, which caused Meredith into a panic attack once again and led to her screaming so loud that it made Lydia's ears bleed.

Stiles and Lydia then left and went to the Stilinski House to try to find out the third cipher key on their own. After realizing that the first two keywords were the names of dead people, Stiles and Lydia tried the names of all the people who had died in supernatural-related deaths that they they could think of in effort crack the final third of the


list; however, none of the names were the correct answer. Soon after, Lydia began to worry that she drove the only other Banshee she had every known over the edge, but Stiles assured her that she wasn't the the only one to blame. This leads Stiles to wonder about Banshees and their ability to sense when someone dies or is near death, speculating that the third codeword could be the name of someone who isn't dead yet, but will be. Lydia decided to try to use her Banshee powers to figure it out and closed her eyes, typing blindly on the computer in a form of automatic writing. When she opened her eyes, she and Stiles were both shocked to see that the final cipher key was "DEREK."

Notable Assassins[edit | edit source]

Image Assassin name Weapon of choice Kill count First appearance
S4 The Mute.png The Mute Military grade tomahawk 5 Muted
The Mute was a professional assassin that went after a family of Wendigos know as the Walcotts; he first killed Christina, Michael, and David one evening, and then killed Sean the following evening. The Mute got his name due to the fact that he has no mouth, instead gaining his sustenance through a tube connected to a small hole in his throat. It is unknown if The Mute is simply a disfigured human or if his lack of a mouth was supernatural in nature. He was ultimately mauled to death by Peter Hale in The Benefactor.
The chemist weaponized.png The Chemist Weaponized virus and Walther P88 handgun with a silencer A dozen-plus werewolves Weaponized
Simon, also known as The Chemist, was a trained assassin with vast scientific knowledge, which is how he got his codename. He used his knowledge of biology, anatomy/physiology, chemistry, and physics to modify the canine distemper virus in a way that would target canine supernaturals such as werewolves, werecoyotes, and Kitsune; while humans would be temporarily sickened, they would recover in a matter of hours, whereas the aforementioned canine shapeshifters would ultimately begin bleeding black blood, lose control over their transformations, and go blind before they would die from the disease. He killed nearly a dozen werewolves from Satomi Ito's pack, and has likely killed even more than that just from experimenting with the virus.
S4 Violet tries to kill Scott.jpg Violet Thermo-cut garrote disguised as a bolo necklace 1 The Benefactor
Violet was a extremely young assassin in her late teens or early twenties, who, along with her boyfriend Garrett, makes up the killer duo known as The Orphans. She used her thermowire garrote to decapitate and kill Demarco Montana, earning $250,000 in the process, and helped Garrett kill Carrie Hudson, worth $500,000, by using her necklace to sever her hand. It was Violet's idea to pretend to kill Brett Talbot, worth $1 million, in order to draw Scott McCall, the most valuable target at $25 million, to her. Unfortunately for her, Scott easily overpowered her and knocked her out, allowing her to be arrested by the Beacon County Sheriff's Department with help from FBI Special Agent Rafael McCall, who informed them that there was an ongoing case file on the Orphans. Violet was later captured by Kate Argent and brought to the Argent Arms International warehouse, where she was interrogated and mauled to death by Kate and/or her Berserkers.
4x06 Garret blade.png Garrett Retractable blade 1 Muted
Garrett was a skilled assassin who, like his girlfriend Violet (with whom he make up the assassin duo known as the Orphan), was the youngest assassin to be involved in the Deadpool. He killed Carrie Hudson by stabbing her in the chest, earning $500,000 in the process, but when Violet insisted upon going after Scott McCall due to having the highest price on his head, Garrett argued that it was too dangerous since Scott was too power, even recounting the story about how Scott was the one left standing after the war against the Alpha Pack. Garrett was ultimately killed by one of Kate Argent's Berserkers, who impaled him through the back with one of their bone claws.
4x09 Dpt. Haigh.png Deputy Haigh Gasoline/Fire 0 Perishable
Deputy Haigh was Jordan Parrish's partner on the Beacon Hills police force. He became one of the amateur Deadpool assassins after he received a copy of the Deadpool and realized that killing even just one of the targets on the list could help him with his financial troubles. This led him to target his partner, Parrish, who was on the Deadpool for $5 million despite having no idea of his supernatural identity. In his attempt to kill Parrish, he knocked the man out and zip-tied his wrists to the steering wheel of his deputy cruiser. Parrish woke up as Haigh was dousing him with gasoline and tried to talk Haigh out of killing him, to no avail. However, though Haigh set Parrish on fire, Parrish managed to survive, though he didn't know at that point that it was due to his Hellhound pyrokinetic powers. Parrish was then able to return to the Sheriff's station and incapacitate Haigh so he could be arrested for his crimes.

Despite Haigh being in custody, he still managed to instruct his cohorts, security guards tasked with patrolling the lacrosse season kick-off bonfire at Beacon Hills High School, to target Scott McCall, Liam Dunbar, and Malia Tate and claim their bounties; with Scott worth $25 million, Liam worth $18 million, and Malia worth $4 million, they would be set to earn $47 million total. Unfortunately for them, their assassination attempts were unsuccessful, and Haigh has since been incarcerated for the attempted murder of Parrish.

Claimed Bounties[edit | edit source]

Image Name Worth Killed by First appearance
4x03 sean eating.jpg Walcott Family $1 million The Mute Muted
The Walcotts were a family of Wendigos who lived in Beacon Hills in secret. They were killed late at night over the course of 24 hours by The Mute.
Demarco montana the benefactor.jpg Demarco Montana $250 thousand Violet The Benefactor
Demarco was a werewolf who worked for a keg delivery company. He delivered a keg on the night of a full moon and was decapitated in the parking lot by Violet.
Carrie hudson IED.png Carrie Hudson $500 thousand Garrett I.E.D.
Carrie was a werewolf from Satomi's Pack that was hunted at Beacon Hills High School by Violet. She managed to get away from Violet only to be stabbed in the chest by Garrett.
S4 Satomi'd pack dead.png Satomi's Pack Unspecified The Chemist Orphaned
Several members of Satomi's werewolf pack were killed by a modified version of the canine distemper virus. This virus was created by The Chemist, specifically designed to kill Werewolves.

Termination[edit | edit source]

Many supernatural creatures died throughout the Deadpool-- it wasn't until Stiles Stilinski and Malia Tate discovered something at the Martin Lake House that they were finally able to bring this to an end. They sat at the lake house listening to the recorder making low clicking sounds hoping to learn something, but to no avail. They turned off the recorder and

4x10 Deadpool computers.png

prepared to leave, but Malia claimed that she could still hear the noises even though the player was off, stating it sounded as if something was spinning. Checking the player, Stiles discovered a cord leading into the wall, which he yanked so hard that he split the plaster of the wall in the process. Once they pulled the chunks of the wall away, they discovered several large, 1970s-era computers that were running the computer code, which they managed to turn off after Lydia, Malia, and Stiles figure out that the physical key to the system was hidden in a wine bottle. This automatically terminated every contract The Benefactor had made for the Deadpool, sending all of the assassins, whether professionals, hunters, or amateurs, text messages to inform them that they would not be paid.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Perishable, updated versions of the three lists were faxed to a number of random printers (including Liam Dunbar, Stiles Stilinski, and Bobby Finstock's office at Beacon Hills High School which not only noted the fact that Derek Hale's name had been removed and his bounty transferred to Liam (likely due to the suspicion at the time that Derek had lost his powers), it also had the names of those already killed struck through to communicate that their bounties were no longer up for grabs. Those with names that were not known by the main characters who were scratched off the list included Steve Grace ($1 million), Reed Schull ($250,000), and Richard Benefield ($250,000).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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