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Noshiko: "My power is yours now, Kira. If the Oni can't stop Stiles, you have to. The same as I did. And maybe seek out a wolf to help you."
Scott: "You didn't tell us anything."
Noshiko: "You want to save Stiles? Kill him. That's the only way."
Scott: "You agree with this?"
Ken: "Sometimes, history does repeat itself, Scott."
Scott: "Only if you don't learn!"
Ken: "But sometimes even then, fate conspires against you."
Scott: "There's a way to save him. There has to be."

The Fox and the Wolf is the twenty-first episode of Season 3 and the forty-fifth episode of Teen Wolf.


An important clue is revealed in the story of a World War II internment camp. Kira's role is more crucial, and she discovers unusual abilities.


Void Stiles appears at the high school and confronts Ken Yukimura, revealing that he is looking for Noshiko's last kaiken, or Kitsune tail. When Ken refuses to tell him the location of the tail, Void Stiles uses a Nogitsune fly to infect Ken, though even this does nothing to force Ken to tell him where the kaiken is. Scott and Kira come to the school at Noshiko's urging and give her reishi mushrooms to cure him of the infection. Afterward, the two demand to know how Noshiko is involved in the current Nogitsune crisis. Noshiko is forced to reveal that she is actually a Kitsune who is close to 900 years old before she shares the story of her time in a Japanese internment camp during World War II, where she fell in love with a young medic.

In 1943, a riot broke out at the camp after it was revealed that the camp physician and several MPs stole medications meant for the internees and sold it on the black market, causing several patients to die from the pneumonia epidemic. During the riot, Noshiko's friend, an Omega Werewolf named Satomi Ito, lost control over her transformation and threw a nearby Molotov cocktail at the car with the camp physician, which accidentally hit Rhys and critically burned him. Shortly afterward, the Army soldiers in charge of the camp opened fire on the internees, killing dozens and grievously injured Noshiko, whose heart rate slowed so much that the doctor believed her to be dead. The bodies of the gunshot victims, including Noshiko, as well as the now-deceased Rhys, were loaded into a truck and driven toward a field to be disposed of.

Knowing that she would soon be burned with the rest of the bodies, Noshiko prayed to her ancestors for kitsune-tsuki, or possession by a Fox spirit, to summon a Nogitsune to heal her and give her the strength to get her revenge on the soldiers who intended to cover up the riot. However, the Nogitsune instead possessed Rhys' corpse and went on a rampage through the camp, killing the surviving soldiers, medical personnel, and internees alike. Horrified by the carnage caused by the Nogitsune she summoned, Noshiko and Satomi, the Fox and the Wolf, ultimately worked together to slay the Nogitsune, forcing it into its fly form and trapping it in a jar she buried in the roots of the Nemeton. However, her katana was shattered in the process and the pieces were hidden in a wall of Eichen House's basement along with Rhys' body.

In the present day, Noshiko reveals that Kira, as a Thunder Kitsune, is the one person able to mend the broken katana, and helps guide Kira in using her electrokinesis to forge the pieces back together. Noshiko then gives the katana to Kira so that she could stop the Nogitsune once again. However, neither Scott nor Kira are willing to kill Stiles to stop the Nogitsune, even after both Ken and Noshiko insist there is no other way. After the two leave to assist Derek, Chris, Allison and Sheriff Stilinski at Derek's loft in an attempt to peacefully capture Stiles, Noshiko talks to Ken and implies that it was Allison, Scott and Stiles' surrogate sacrifice ritual that released the Nogitsune from its cage.


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  • This episode confirms that Noshiko Yukimura is a Kitsune like Kira, though it is unknown what type she is, aside from the fact that she is apparently not a Thunder Kitsune. It was first hinted that Noshiko was a Kitsune in Riddled when her fingers sparked with foxfire when she changed a light bulb.
    • It is also revealed that Noshiko is 900 years old and a former internee at Camp Oak Creek during World War II.
    • In interviews, Jeff confirmed that Noshiko is a Celestial Kitsune, a benevolent type of Kitsune known as zenko.
  • It is revealed by Noshiko that Kira is a Thunder Kitsune, which explains her ability to control electricity and foxfire.
    • Kira consciously used her electrokinetic powers for the first time when she creates a bolt of lightning to repair the shattered blade of Noshiko's magical katana.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Satomi Ito, who will make present-day appearances in Season 4.
  • The origin of the Nogitsune's bandaged appearance is explained in this episode by Noshiko-- the Nogitsune she summoned to avenge her fellow internees possessed the body of her deceased lover, Corporal Rhys, who had been severely burned all over his body, and his burns were covered in bandages with his World War II Army bomber jacket on top. This form of the Nogitsune was first shown in Riddled.
  • This episode marks the third appearance of the flies produced by the Nogitsune, which can be used to control others via ingestion. It was used by the Nogitsune (while possessing Stiles Stilinski) against Ken Yukimura in order to try to force him to tell him where Noshiko's last kaiken is hidden. However, it is also revealed by Noshiko that reishi mushrooms can be used to induce expulsion of the flies if the infected person eats them.
    • The first instance of the Nogitsune flies being used was in Galvanize, when William Barrow was found to have a tumor full of them inside his body during surgery, and was later revealed to have been controlled by the Nogitsune to trick Kira into using her foxfire.
    • The second instance of the flies being used was in Echo House, when the Nogitsune controlled Oliver with them and used him to help him force Stiles to let him back into his mind.
  • It is revealed by Sheriff Stilinski that the results of Stiles' MRI that indicated that he had frontotemporal dementia were actually a trick by the Nogitsune in an attempt to take away any hope he had of regaining control over his body. The MRI results were also exactly the same as Stiles' mother Claudia's. Stiles' MRI results were taken in Riddled.
  • It is revealed by Noshiko that the Nogitsune was released from his prison in the roots of the Nemeton because of Scott, Allison, and Stiles' surrogate sacrifice ritual in Alpha Pact.
  • Isaac remains in the hospital in this episode. He was hospitalized and put in the ICU after being electrocuted by a live wire dropped in a puddle of water that he accidentally stepped in in Letharia Vulpina.
  • Kate Argent and Jackson Whittemore were both mentioned in this episode when their names showed up on Stiles' chess board.
  • Sheriff, Argent, Derek, and Allison find a chess board set up in Stiles' bedroom that has a message from the Nogitsune. The chess pieces all have sticky notes with the names of the important players in the supernatural world of Beacon Hills labeled, just like in The Girl Who Knew Too Much, when Stiles used the labeled pieces to introduce Sheriff to the supernatural.
    • Just like the original set-up, Scott is a black pawn, Peter is a black knight, Argent is a white knight, Kate is a white pawn, Allison is a white knight, Jackson is a white rook, and Deaton is a black rook.
    • However, several pieces have been changed from the original set-up. Ethan, Aiden, and Isaac Lahey are all black pawns, and Isaac's piece has been taken off the board, likely due to the fact that he's still in the hospital. Additionally, Derek has been changed from a black knight to a black king to indicate that the group needs to meet the Nogitsune/Stiles at Derek's loft.
    • It is possible that Kate's piece being on the board is foreshadowing her return in The Divine Move.


Body Count[]

  • Countless Camp Oak Creek internees - shot to death; killed by Merrick, Hayes, and other MPs
  • More Oak Creek internees and US Army soldiers - mauled to death; killed by the Nogitsune
  • Corporal Rhys - succumbed to burns (1st time)/stabbed in heart (2nd time); killed by Satomi Ito (1st time)/Noshiko Yukimura (2nd time)





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