Valack: "Theo was a first step in the right direction for the Dread Doctors. Think of who they are-- parascientists who have prolonged their lives and twisted the laws of nature in pursuit of one goal... The creation of the perfect killer. And now they've done it"
Lydia: "But Theo doesn't know who the success is...The last Chimera..."
Valack: "It doesn't matter. There's a reason they chose him, a reason he failed, a reason why they changed their methods, and a reason they finally succeeded. It all starts with Theo."

The Last Chimera is the eleventh episode of Season 5 and the seventy-first episode of the series. It is also the mid-season premiere, or the first episode in the second half of the season, also known as Season 5B.

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In spite of the deep rift in their friendship, Scott and Stiles must strive to figure out what's behind the mysterious infection that's killing Sheriff Stilinski.

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Eichen House

In a flashforward, Lydia is walking in the creek through the nature preserve where Tara Raeken died, while Dr. Valack coaxes her to provide more details in his search for answers, explaining that he performed trephination on her to amplify her abilities and claiming that doing so may just save her friends.

After hearing this, Lydia complies, and she jumps when, in the vision she's having with her new extra-sensory perception, Theo's dead sister Tara grabs her arm to show Lydia that her chest was cracked open and her heart removed. After checking Theo's medical chart, Valack soon discovers that the Dread Doctors took Theo's sister's heart, still in perfect condition due to the hypothermia she suffered from falling into the river, and used it to give Theo a heart transplant so he would be a genetic chimera, too, which was necessary to make him a pseudo-supernatural one. Valack still has questions though. "But why him? Why choose a ten-year-old willing to kill his own sister?" Lydia asks the more pertinent question-- "Why do you care?"

Valack states that the Dread Doctors are attempting to create the perfect killer, and since Theo was the first step in the right direction and the reason why the Dread Doctors changed their methods, Valack wants to figure out how Theo fits into everything. Just as that is happening Theo arrives at Eichen House with his so-called pack with the intention of kidnapping Lydia.   

Tracy and Josh take out the guards and enter the building. Theo tells the Schrader, the Eichen House orderly at the front desk, that they're there for Lydia Martin.  


In the present day, a nurse talks to Stiles about Sheriff's health insurance, while Liam's step-father, Dr. Geyer, tries to save Sheriff's life as they prepare for surgery, but the Sheriff is more worried about Stiles. "Where's my son? Where's Stiles?" Melissa McCall takes care of the insurance and asks if e wants her to call anyone for him, such as Scott (who she has already called) or Malia but Stiles does'nt want anyone there. The nurse asks Stiles "Is there anyone else we need to notify? A next of kin?" Stiles: "No, it's me. It's just me."

McCall House

At the McCall House, Scott isn't healing from the wounds Theo inflicted that temporarily killed him, and he can barely make his eyes glow red, which makes him so frustrated that he slams his bloody hands against the sink. After he pulls himself together, Scott bandages himself up, gets dressed, and grabs his bike helmet. However, while walking down the hall, his vision begins to cause the hallway to spin around and eventually leads him to faint and fall on the floor.


While Scott lies unconscious and alone on the floor of his house, Stiles sits alone crying in the waiting room at the hospital while he waits for news on his father's condition.

Downtown Beacon Hills

Parrish has a hallucination-dream that his Hellhound spirit and Lydia's Banshee spirit are having a hot steamy shower together, but when he lifts up Lydia's hand, he sees that two of her fingernails have been ripped off. He then notices leaves and mud in the shower, and when he asks Lydia what is happening, she replies, "You're a harbinger of death, Jordan. Don't you know? Someone's dying."

Parrish then awakens just in time to realize he's driving in the industrial area of downtown, and barely has time to swerve out of the way before running head-on into oncoming traffic. His SUV does a doughnut in the road as he comes to a halt, and he realizes the vision he had is Lydia's Banshee-spirit's way of warning him that she (and someone else) is in trouble.

Parrish then calls Deputy Clarke in order to arrange a search party for Lydia, but She tells Parrish they have far too many things to worry about "Do you have any idea what's going on? The high school sign somehow ended up in one of the hallways, the library is completely wrecked, there might be a prehistoric animal running around the streets, and I am starting to seriously think about a transfer."

Knowing that he's on his own, Parrish grabs the safety bag from his car and heads out to find Lydia. He heads to the nature preserve, due to the leaves and mud in his vision, and uses his Hellhound eyes to help him find Lydia, who is still laying catatonic on the ground by the Nemeton where Theo left her in Status Asthmaticus.

McCall House

Parrish goes to Scott to get help, only to find him still passed out and bleeding from his chest wound in the hallway of the McCall House. Parrish tells Scott about finding a catatonic and nearly-hypothermic Lydia by the Nemeton, where she carved a symbol of a Sheriff's badge into a rock to warn them when they found her. Scott discovers that its a warning about Sheriff Stilinski, and Parrish and Scott decide to take Lydia to the hospital


Melissa wakes Stiles and tells him his dad will be just fine. Stiles is overjoyed to hear this information.

Sheriff Station (outside)

Liam is out front of the sheriff station, and wants to tell Deputy Clark that her sister Haydn is dead, before Liam can tell her Mason intervenes by telling him. Its a bad idea, especially with Scott's blood all over him, he continues to tell him. "Although the last few hours haven't been your best, this is no way to fix it. She's gonna find out. It's not gonna hurt any less coming from you." Liam agrees and gets distracted by Hayden's scent Mason convinces Liam that Hayden is dead while the audience sees her reflection behind them.


Parrish admits Lydia to the Hospital while Scott heads upstairs to find his former best friend Stiles in the middle of a breakdown and yelling at everyone. "Somebody needs to tell me what's happening to him!" Melissa McCall: "We don't know." Stiles suddenly sees Scott, and immediately turns all that rage on him. He takes Scott down, showing how injured Scott really is. Stiles: "You trusted him. You believed him. Right, huh? So where were you? So where the hell were you?" Liam's father breaks them up and Scott explains, "Look, your dad's not the only one who got hurt." Stiles: "Oh, you'll heal." Scott: "I'm not talking about me." That gets Stiles' attention. Downstairs, Mrs Martin whispers to Lydia that they will get her the best help Then Stiles walks in, Mrs Martin: "No, no you don't. You're not coming in here. Get out!" Stiles tells her that he needs to see her injury to confirm his theory. Mrs Martin: "I know who did this. You! All of you! Get out!" Once Lydia' mother kicks Stiles out of the room she ceck te back of Lydia neck to find the injuries that Theo left . Parrish Melissa Stiles and Scott try to come up with a plan, Scott explains Theo attacked Sheriff to keep Stiles from helping him but isn't sure why he needed Lydia. Parrish: "We need to find this kid." Melissa McCall: "Isn't that a little dangerous, especially since he almost killed my kid?" Stiles teels them that Theo doesn't want Sheriff dead, Melissa McCall: "What do you want to do? Talk to him?" Stiles: "If it saves my dad, then yeah.", Scott wants to come too but Stiles disagrees because Theo thinks Scott's dead.

McCall House

As Stiles sits on the stairs then suddenly Theo appears Scott hides at the top of the stairs to monitor Theo's heartbeat and just when Theo is starting to pick up on something Stiles tosses Theo, Scott's shirt to disguise Scott's scent. Stiles: "Did you kill my best friend?" Theo: "Let's be honest Stiles. Is he still really your best friend?" Stiles: "Are you gonna let my father die?" Theo looks genuinely surprised to hear of The Sheriff's recent condition, . Theo: "I'm not the bad guy, Stiles. I'm just a realist. I'm a survivor. If you knew the things that I know…" Stiles cuts him off to demand details. Theo: "I know what's coming. I know what the dread doctors created and I know what Parrish is." Just as Theo is about to leave Stiles confronts him about assaulting Lydia but Theo calls her, "collateral damage." Stiles tries to stop Theo before he walks away but he pushes Stiles against the stairs, knocking him unconscious.


Mrs Martin decides to allow Eichen House to take Lydia away. Believing that she would be safe there But Parrish objects strenuously, vowing to rescue Lydia, but things make a whole lot more sense when Eichen House Head morphs into Valack.

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  • Lydia is committed to Eichen House by her mother Natalie after she is found in a catatonic state in the woods by Parrish where Theo left her for dead.
    • Unbeknownst to Natalie, it was not actually Dr. Conrad Fenris who convinced her that Lydia would be safe at Eichen House, but Valack, who used some kind of illusion or glamouring power to make himself look as though he were Dr. Fenris.
  • Noah and Malia fight again, but this time, he regains control over his transformation before he can hurt anyone.
  • It is revealed that Noah is part-Berserker, though what his other Chimera side is has yet to be revealed, though it may have something to do with the donor red bone marrow bags he was shown eating in Status Asthmaticus.
    • It was also revealed that Hayden is part-Werejaguar (in addition to being part-Werewolf). Theo also explains that because Hayden is part-Werejaguar, she is drawn to Berserkers and Berserker-Chimeras like Noah, which allowed her to sense that she had been in the railway depot and that he was dying.
  • Noah is presumably killed by the Dread Doctors, though the death was not shown onscreen.
  • Theo discovers Scott is still alive after he finds the symbol of the McCall Pack, a circle inside another circle like Scott's tattoo, carved into the corrugated metal wall of the railway depot.
  • Liam and Mason find out Hayden is alive when she (along with her sister, Valerie, and her fellow Sheriff's deputies) find them at the Nemeton, as Liam was desperate to find where Parrish brought her body in the previous episode.
  • Parrish has another vision of Lydia, this time where she joins him in the shower and informs him that since he's a harbinger of death like her, he should know that someone is dying. He then found her in the woods, along with a rock with a carving of a Sheriff's badge to warn whoever found her that Sheriff Stilinski was dying.
  • Josh Diaz is revealed to have glowing purple eyes as part of his Chimera transformation, though what supernatural creatures his Chimera nature is made up of have yet to be revealed.
  • In this episode, Gabriel Valack tells Schrader that Lydia could shatter his skull with her voice if someone bothered to teach her how. Ironically, this will later prove to be true in Lie Ability, when Lydia (who was taught how to use her scream as a weapon by Meredith Walker while they were both catatonic and communicating through their telepathic Banshee connection) screams so powerfully as a result of the trephination that he performed on her that his skull is fatally shattered.

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Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

  • "Lost It All" by Jill Andrews
    • Scott tries to make his eyes glow red with little success, and he defeatedly bandages up his wounds from Theo's fatal attack.
  • "The Wreck" by Delta Spirit
    • Scott, Malia, and Argent arrive at the hospital to learn the good news that the Sheriff will be okay.
  • "Blow Up The Outside World" by Alex Clare
    • Theo and the Chimera Pack confront Dr. Valack at Eichen House in the flashforwards.
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