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SCOTT: [voiceover] Previously on Teen Wolf...
LYDIA: What are they?
VALACK: Dread Doctors.
STILINSKI: There's a dead girl--
MELISSA: You know it wasn't Kira.
DESERT WOLF: My daughter's still alive... I'm just going to have to kill her again.
THEO: I'm here for a pack.
THE SURGEON: Hayden...
LIAM: You gotta give her the bite.
SCOTT: [sighs] ...No.
THE SURGEON: Success... imminent...


[In a flash-forward to the events of The Sword and the Spirit, which also picks up after the flash-forward in Creatures of the Night, Lydia is seen wading through the creek in the BEACON HILLS PRESERVE. She's in the same clothes she was seen to be wearing in Eichen House, and the camera pans underwater to show her bare feet walking across the large rocks at the bottom of the creek]

VALACK: [voiceover] Tell me where you are, Lydia. Tell me what you see.
LYDIA: [dazed] The bridge...

[The camera then cuts to Lydia laying in her bed in the closed unit of EICHEN HOUSE, revealing that the scene at the creek is actually an advanced Banshee premonition of the past that is occurring in LYDIA'S MIND. Gabriel Valack is sitting at her bedside as he gives her instructions while Lydia continues to wade through the creek in her premonition]

VALACK: [voiceover] Keep moving. Describe what you find. Tell me what he did.

[In EICHEN HOUSE, Valack takes a piece of gauze and presses it to the still-bleeding trephination wound he drilled in her head, just above her ear, and Lydia, whose gaze is still fixed on the ceiling, winces and draws in a harsh breath before speaking to him]

VALACK: Stay focused, Lydia.
LYDIA: What did you do to me?

[Valack takes the now-bloody gauze and sets it on the bedside table next to the trephination drill, which still has Lydia's blood on the drill bit]

VALACK: I've amplified your abilities. Something that might just save the lives of your friends. Now, focus on the bridge. On Theo. Why did he let his sister die?
LYDIA: [weakly] I don't know...
VALACK: You don't see it yet. Search for it, Lydia. Keep looking.
VALACK: [voiceover] Why did he let her die? What did he want?

[Suddenly, Theo's sister pops out of the water, grabbing Lydia by the wrist, and Lydia jumps and screams in terror when she sees the young girl rise out of the water, her eyes blackened from decomposition. When Theo's sister stands at her full height, Lydia gasps when she sees that her chest has been punched open, leaving her ribs broken and a gaping hole right in the middle]

LYDIA: Her heart. He wanted her heart.

[Valack, intrigued by this information, picks up a medical chart off of the nearby table and flips through it, quickly skimming the pages]

VALACK: There's no record of a heart condition... But a transplant would make Theo a genetic chimera like the others.

[The scene cuts to both Lydia's Banshee premonition and a flashback to when Theo's sister fell into the creek and cried out for Theo, who was glaring at her on the bridge and refusing to give her aid]

VALACK: [voiceover] The hypothermic conditions would keep the organ viable...

[The scene cuts to a premonition/flashback to afterward, where the young Theo is strapped to the exam table in the Dread Doctors' operating theater as The Pathologist picks up Theo's sister's heart and prepares to transplant it into Theo's body. The Surgeon picks up a scalpel and cuts open the fully-conscious Theo's chest]

VALACK: [voiceover] But why him? Why choose a ten-year-old willing to kill his own sister?

[The scene cuts back to the present, where Lydia looks up at Valack from where she is laying on her bed and looks at him in annoyance. It's obvious that she's only getting weaker from the blood loss and the constant visions]

LYDIA: Why do you care?

[It's clear by Valack's tone of voice that he's starting to lose his patience]

VALACK: Because Theo was the first step in the right direction for the Dread Doctors. Think of who they are-- parascientists who have prolonged their lives and twisted the laws of nature in pursuit of one goal: the creation of the perfect killer. And now they've done it.
LYDIA: [weakly] But Theo doesn't know who the success is... the last Chimera...
VALACK: It doesn't matter. There's a reason they chose him, a reason he failed, a reason why they changed their methods, and a reason they finally succeeded. It all starts with Theo.

[The scene cuts to outside the entrance to Eichen House. One of the security guards has just shut the gate and is walking up the front steps as another security guard radios in his report]

SECURITY GUARD 2: South Gate clear, over.

[Before the first security guard can radio in his own report, the gate opens behind him, and he turns around to investigate. Next to the broken lock is a long, slimey thread of Kanima venom dripping onto the ground. He pushes the button on his radio to inform the other guards when Tracy, transformed into her full Chimera form (claws, fangs, yellowish-orange reptilian eyes, and scales over half her body) attacks him from behind with a hiss]

[The second security guard at the South Gate notices static on his radio and picks it up to turn it off. His radio once again begins to buzz, and, sensing something sinister is afoot, he immediately grabs his taser wand from his belt and whips it out in front of him. Unfortunately for him, his assailant is Josh, whose electromagnetic manipulation ability caused the static on his radio, and whose purple eyes and fangs are glowing brightly as he simply siphons the electricity from the taser and uses it to shock the security guard. As the guard falls to the ground, Josh roars in satisfaction with his fangs out]

[Schrader is at the front desk in the Eichen House lobby, where he's in the middle of writing something on a chart. He's so distracted by his work that he doesn't even bother to look up when he hears the front door open; instead, he simply greets whomever has entered in a bored voice while he continues to write]

SCHRADER: Visiting hours are well past over...

[He finally looks up to find that Josh and the still-transformed Tracy have just walked through the front door. Corey, who had apparently been keeping watch inside the building, reveals that he had camouflaged himself against the back wall this entire time when he finally makes himself visible again to join his pack at the desk]

TRACY: We're not here to visit.

[Schrader looks alarmed and scared just as Theo, who has just appeared in front of his pack, smirks smugly at him, knowing that the orderly is definitely outmatched by them]

THEO: We're here for Lydia Martin.



[Valack is still sitting at Lydia's bedside, where he continues to ask her questions about what she learned prior to her admission to Eichen House. The scene cuts back and forth between their conversation in the "present" (technically the future, in terms of the timeline) and flashbacks/memories from the first half of the season]

[In LYDIA'S MINDSPACE, she's seeing the destroyed entrance hall of Beacon Hills High School, where the school sign has been thrown through the ceiling and has cracked in half due to the actions of the last Chimera, which was seen in Status Asthmaticus. The supermoon is visible through the hole in the ceiling]

VALACK: [voiceover] When did you know for sure? That the Dread Doctors had succeeded?
LYDIA: [voiceover] Scott and Stiles found out that night...
VALACK: [voiceover] The night of the supermoon.
LYDIA: [voiceover] But they really didn't know it yet.

[The scene returns to the "present" as Lydia continues speaking]

LYDIA: There was too much going on. Liam had almost killed Scott. Kira was still gone. Malia was trying to find the Desert Wolf...
VALACK: You were missing.
LYDIA: And Sheriff Stilinski was dying...


[Sheriff Stilinski, whose uniform is soaked in his blood, especially around his stomach, has just been wheeled into the emergency operating room at the hospital so they can prepare him for surgery. He has an oxygen mask over his face and is writhing on the gurney as Dr. Geyer explains his condition to the other surgeons and nurses]

DR. GEYER: All right, we've got a liver lac and perforated intestine...

[Sheriff tries to remove the mask so the others can hear him better]

SHERIFF: [weakly] Where's my son?
DR. GEYER: We're taking care of you, Sheriff, but you have to keep your oxygen mask on.

[Dr. Geyer starts bustling around the OR to get everything needed for the surgery as he talks to one of the nurses]

DR. GEYER: Contact the blood bank and type and cross-match for four units of O-neg.
SHERIFF: [whispers] Where's my son? Where's Stiles?

[In the reception area, one of the other nurses is standing at the nurse's station, where she's assisting Stiles with the paperwork]

NURSE: Stilinski, right? You said his insurance was with the county? He's a deputy?
STILES: [irritably] No, he's the Sheriff. He's the county Sheriff, okay? He's covered. I mean, he should be covered.

[Melissa sees Stiles arguing with the nurse and rushes over to help calm him down. She takes the paperwork from the nurse and gives her a sympathetic smile]

MELISSA: I'll take care of it.

[Melissa turns to address Stiles next, who is visibly overwhelmed by fear, stress, anger, and guilt about everything that has happened]

MELISSA: I texted Scott. He's coming as soon as he can. I can call Malia?

[Stiles immediately starts to freak out and begins to pace around the hallway]

STILES: No, no, no. Don't call anyone.

[The nurse returns to the nurse's station and interrupts Melissa and Stiles' conversation]

NURSE: Is there anyone else we should notify? A next of kin?
STILES: [despairingly] No, it's me. It's just me.


[At the MCCALL HOUSE, Scott is cleaning up the nasty-looking chest wound he sustained when Theo killed him in his bathroom. It doesn't seem to be healing, and Scott, devastated by everything that has happened in the last couple days, tries to trigger his healing better by transforming his eyes. However, his irises only glow red for a few brief seconds before fading away, and Scott becomes so frustrated that he roars at the top of his lungs and slams his bloody palms against the sink so hard that it rattles the plumbing. After taking a few calming breaths, Scott sighs and reaches for the gauze bandages in his medicine cabinet, which he hasn't needed to use since he became a Werewolf]

[Once he's cleaned up his wound and put on fresh clothes, he grabs his bike helmet so that he can meet his mother and Stiles at the hospital. However, when he walks into the hallway, the walls start to move in his vision, making the tunnel look like it is even longer and more narrow than usual. He starts to get woozy and loses his balance, forcing him to support himself against the wall for a moment to get his bearings. He tries his best to push through it, but his body is ultimately too weak, and he eventually faints and collapses face-first on the floor]

[Meanwhile, at BEACON HILLS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Stiles is sitting in a chair in the packed lobby, his eyes full of tears as he awaits news of his father's condition while Sheriff Stilinski is in surgery]


[Parrish is showering in his apartment, letting the water rinse off all the soot from his body being on fire, when he suddenly feels a small, pale hand reaching from behind him and caressing his jaw. He puts his hand on hers and turns around to find, much to his surprise, that Lydia is standing naked behind him with a blank, yet curious expression. Lydia lets her fingertips graze across his chest and looks at him seductively, lifting her face in an invitation for Parrish to kiss her. The two make out passionately for a long moment, and when he pulls away, he notices that the fingernails are missing from the index and middle fingers of her left hand and frowns in concern. He then look down at the floor, taking note of the mud and leaves building up around the drain, and becomes even more confused]

PARRISH: What's happening?
LYDIA: You're a harbinger of death, Jordan. Don't you know?
PARRISH: [anxiously] Know what?
LYDIA: Someone's dying.

[In the present, a driver in a car going the opposite direction on the road honks their horn loudly, snapping Parrish, who is driving his cruiser, out of his vision. Realizing he's about to get into a head-on collision, Parrish quickly swerves out of the way, screeching his tires in the process, and ultimately decides to pull over. The scene cuts to a short time later, where Parrish is calling Valerie Clark at the Sheriff's station. The two have a short conversation on the phone]

CLARK: [incredulously] What are you talking about?
PARRISH: I can't say how I know, but Lydia Martin is missing.
CLARK: [exasperatedly] Parrish, you're missing. And some people here are really confused by your behavior, me included...
PARRISH: [sighs] I know, and I'm going to try to explain it... But I need you to find whoever's available--

[Clark cuts Parrish off and begins to speak in an overwhelmed voice]

CLARK: Parrish, no one's available! Do you have any idea what's going on? The high school sign somehow ended up in one of the hallways; the library is completely wrecked; there might be a prehistoric animal running around the streets, and I am starting to seriously consider a transfer.
PARRISH: [sighs] Okay, listen-- I promise, I'm gonna explain what I can later. But right now, I've got to find Lydia.
CLARK: [frazzled] Parrish--
PARRISH: [cuts her off] I have to find her.

[Parrish hangs up, pulls his go-bag out of the back of his SUV, and sets off for the woods to search for Lydia]


[In the preserve, the flashlight Parrish is using to get around burns out, and, at a loss for options, he pulls a road flare out of his bag and lights it to use as a light source instead. When he lifts it close to his face, the flames trigger his inner Hellhound, and his eyes flash reddish-orange and begin to glow as he follows his harbinger connection to Lydia in order to locate her. He finally finds her in the clearing near the Nemeton, and when he sees that she's laying motionless on the ground, he immediately rushes next to her to check on her]

PARRISH: Lydia? Lydia!

[Parrish tries to rouse her, but has no success. He's shocked when he sees that Lydia's index and middle fingernails on her left hand have, in fact, been broken off, just like in his vision]


[Stiles is dozing in the hospital lobby when he suddenly starts to hear his father's voice in his head, just as Melissa tries to wake him up]

SHERIFF: [voiceover whisper] Stiles, you need to get up. You gotta get up now.

[Stiles awakens with a gasp and is startled by the sight of Melissa kneeling in front of him]

MELISSA: He's okay. Dr. Geyer is stitching him up right now.
STILES: Okay. I wanna see him.
MELISSA: [calmly] Okay, okay... The anesthesia needs to wear off. It's gonna be at least two hours.
STILES: Okay, yeah, but everything's gonna be okay, though? I mean, he's okay?
MELISSA: [nods] Mmhmm. He's gonna be just fine.
STILES: [shakily] Oh, thank God.


[Parrish has just arrived at the McCall House, where he has walked up the stairs and found Scott passed out on the floor in the upstairs hallway. Concern, Parrish touches his shoulder and gently shakes him in an effort to rouse him]

PARRISH: [worriedly] Scott, wake up. Scott--

[Scott suddenly awakens with a gasp, and, realizing that he fainted and has been unconscious for an unknown amount of time, weakly pushes himself onto his hands and knees so he can sit up. The already-worried Parrish looks even more concerned when he notices that Scott's chest wound has already bled through the new bandage Scott put on it, causing a red stain to bloom on his white shirt]

PARRISH: Are you all right?

[Scott nods and gets to his feet, trying to downplay his injuries]

SCOTT: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

[Parrish is clearly unconvinced as he stares at the growing stain on Scott's shirt]

PARRISH: You're bleeding...
SCOTT: [sighs] It's not that bad.

[Scott suddenly realizes that Parrish, who has never been seen at his house before until now, is standing in his hallway and takes advantage of the opportunity to change the subject away from his current state]

SCOTT: Why are you here?
PARRISH: [sighs] I need your help.
SCOTT: [frowns] With what?
PARRISH: With her.

[Parrish, who had been crouched in front of Scott, stands up and steps aside to reveal the still-catatonic Lydia, who is standing at the top of the staircase. Her head is lolling on her shoulder as she stares blankly at the floor, and its obvious by the sight of her that her body is only working on "autopilot" at this point. Scott is horrified by her condition and immediately begins to worry about Lydia's well-being as he turns back to the grim-looking Parrish]

PARRISH: I found her out in the woods...

[Parrish points out the fact that Lydia's index and middle fingernails have been ripped off on her left hand before the scene flashes back to when he found Lydia, where he first noticed the missing fingernails before realizing that Lydia got the injury from trying to scratch an Aquarian star (seven-pointed star) into a nearby rock as a hint to whomever ended up finding her]

PARRISH: It's a badge. It's a Sheriff's badge.
SCOTT: [grimly] No... It's a warning.


[Sheriff, who is now out of surgery, is still sedated in his hospital room with an oxygen mask over his face, the EKG machine beeping regularly as it keeps pace with his heart]


[Valerie Clark has just left the Sheriff's Station and is heading toward her deputy's cruiser to go check something out. Judging by her demeanor, she does not appear to know about Hayden's death. Liam is lurking behind a nearby car and looks as though he's about to approach her when Mason catches him and stops him by pulling him backward away from her]

MASON: [incredulously] What do you think you're doing?

[Liam looks at Mason with a guilty expression]

LIAM: Someone's got to tell her about Hayden...
MASON: [firmly] No-- someone doesn't have to be you, all right? Especially looking like this.

[Mason gestures toward Liam, indicating that he's talking about Liam's disheveled appearance-- Liam's hair is a mess, he's covered in dirt, grime, and blood, and his clothing is torn and stained from his battle with Scott]

MASON: I mean, what if they think you killed her?

[Mason and Liam watch as Valerie drives away, not noticing their argument, and after a moment, Liam sighs and slumps as he falls to the ground, clearly feeling self-loathing due to the events of the last day or so]

LIAM: [guiltily] Maybe I did.
MASON: [sympathetically] You didn't. And while the last few hours... haven't been your best... This isn't the way to fix it. She's going to find out, and it's not gonna hurt any less coming from you.

[Liam seems to know Mason's right, and his face screws up in concentration as he tries to keep himself from sobbing. Mason looks at him with an empathetic expression, and after a moment, he stands and offers his hand to help Liam up on his feet]

MASON: [softly] Come on.

[Liam, still looking devastated, takes a deep breath, which causes him to sense something that makes his expression change from grieving to confused and slightly hopeful as he looks around the parking lot. Mason looks at Liam with concern when he notices his change in demeanor]

MASON: What?

[Liam, who still seems to be healing from the battle as well, limps a few steps away from Mason, trailing his fingers across the door of the nearby Sheriff's cruiser as he tries to make sense of what he's smelling]

LIAM: It's Hayden. It's her scent.

[Liam starts to breathe even more rapidly and heavily as he turns to face Mason and continues to look around with a hopeful expression]

LIAM: She's here!

[Mason looks at Liam, clearly devastated by the loss of Hayden and how its affecting his best friend as he tries to figure out the kindest way to respond to Liam's claims. It's obvious that he thinks that Liam's grieving mind is making him think that he can sense her]

MASON: You held her body in your arms... You... You watched Parrish carry her out of the hospital. She's... She's gone...

[This reminder seems to wreck Liam all over again, and, upon seeing the anguish on Liam's face, Mason puts a comforting hand on his shoulder before trying to lead him away. Neither of them notice the fact that Hayden's reflection is visible in the window of the SUV behind them, and that she's visibly alive and well. After a moment, Hayden's reflection vanishes as she walks away, and though Liam seems to have seen the last flash of it, he's unable to see her when he looks around and appears to mentally tell himself he's just imagining things again]

MASON: Hey, come on. Let's go. Let's go.

[Mason gently pushes on Liam's shoulder to lead him away from the Sheriff's station]


[Scott has just frantically pushed open the double doors at the entrance to the hospital's emergency room, holding them open for Parrish, who is holding Lydia's now-unconscious body in his arms and is clearly desperate to get her medical attention as soon as possible]

PARRISH: Help! Get someone to help me! Quick! I need help. I've got an eighteen-year-old female, potentially hypothermic.

[Parrish is met with a doctor and several orderlies, who immediately push over a gurney so that he can lay Lydia on it. The medical professionals waste no time in taking her vitals, using a pen light to check her pupilary response and looking grim at the results. Meanwhile, Scott, knowing that Lydia's hint means that Sheriff Stilinski is in danger, heads straight for the elevator to head to the ICU, though he turns to give Parrish a guilty look as he waits for the doors to close. Parrish meets his eyes and nods at him in encouragement as he mouths "Go," making Scott feel slightly less bad about leaving Lydia]

[Meanwhile, upstairs, Stiles is in the middle of an argument with Dr. Geyer and several nurses, and though Melissa attempts to mediate, she is no match for Stiles in his current condition]

STILES: What do you mean, "You don't know?" Two hours ago, he was fine! Now it looks like somebody took a baseball bat to his neck.
DR. GEYER: There could've been some minor internal--
STILES: [cuts him off] Did you say "minor internal?" Since when is anything internal minor?
MELISSA: [calmly] Stiles...
STILES: I need to know what's going on with him, okay? Dr. Geyer, somebody needs to tell me what's happening. Somebody needs to tell me what's happening to him!
DR. GEYER: [sighs] We don't know...

[Just as Stiles is prepared to argue with the doctor further, the elevator at the end of the hall dings, and he looks up to see that Scott has just stepped out to join them as Melissa's text instructed. Stiles immediately forgets all about his argument with Dr. Geyer in favor of lunging toward Scott and yelling at him as he grabs him by the front of the shirt and slams him against the wall. Though Scott is already still hurt from his battle with Theo, he does nothing to defend himself and allows Stiles to tackle him onto the ground without interference. Stiles slams Scott's back against the linoleum floor and pins him down as he demands to know what Scott has been doing this whole time, even despite knowing that Scott was in just as much danger as Sheriff Stilinski thanks to Theo telling him so in the previous episode]

STILES: WHERE WERE YOU? You trusted him? You believed him? Right? Huh? So, WHERE WERE YOU?

[Melissa and Dr. Geyer waste no time rushing over to the two young men, with Dr. Geyer yanking Stiles off of Scott while Melissa helps her son to his feet]

MELISSA: Hey, hey, hey...

[Stiles struggles against Dr. Geyer's hold and attempts to lunge for Scott again]

STILES: Where the hell were you???
DR. GEYER: Stop it!

[Stiles, realizing he's making a scene, stops attempting to break free from Dr. Geyer's grip, though he's still furious. Scott looks at Stiles with an apologetic expression, visibly hurt by Stiles' anger as well as feeling guilty for what happened to Sheriff Stilinski]

SCOTT: Your dad's not the only one who got hurt--

[Stiles scoffs and rolls his eyes as he cuts Scott off with a withering glare, despite the fact that there is a bloody stain blooming on Scott's shirt from his brief death at Theo's hands]

STILES: Oh, you'll heal!

[Scott finally notices the bloody stain on the front of his shirt and self-consciously tugs his jean jacket over it to cover it up from Dr. Geyer's curious gaze before he sighs and looks at Stiles with an exhausted and bone-weary expression]

SCOTT: I'm not talking about me.

[This answer stuns Stiles into speechlessness when he finally realizes who Scott is talking about]

[Downstairs, Natalie is sitting at Lydia's bedside, holding her hand and looking at her daughter with tears in her eyes as she watches Lydia stare blankly at the ceiling]

NATALIE: Everything's going to be all right, Lydia. We're going to get you the best medical care. The best doctors, the best everything.

[Suddenly, a shocked and heartbroken Stiles appears in the doorway, and when Natalie notices him, her expression changes from devastation to pure fury as she jumps to her feet and rushes toward him to shoo him out of the room]

NATALIE: No! No you don't. You're not coming in here. Get out!

[Stiles, overwhelmed by his worry for Sheriff Stilinski and Lydia in addition to his confusion about why Natalie is acting this way, struggles to make his way past her so he can confirm his theory]

STILES: Just wait! Wait! I think I know who did this, okay? I just need to look at the back of her neck--

[This response only serves to make Natalie more enraged, and her voice becomes louder and more menacing as she continues to shove Stiles roughly on the chest]

NATALIE: I know who did this! You! All of you! GET OUT!

[Stiles, more concerned with Lydia's current state than Natalie's accusations, exasperatedly continues to try to get into the room]

STILES: Come on! Please, you just gotta listen to me. You just gotta check the back--

[Natalie's shoves become even harder, and she's nearly hysterical as she pushes against Stiles to force him out of the room, both of them speaking over each other]

NATALIE: Just get out!
STILES: Just check the back of her neck.

[Natalie finally manages to get Stiles across the threshold of the room]


[Before Stiles can protest further, she grabs the door and slams it, pressing her body against the door so that it stays shut. Stiles, seemingly realizing that there's no way he can get through to Natalie about what has happened to Lydia, leaves to go back to his dad's room]

[Once he's gone, Natalie considers what Stiles has just said, and she's unable to resist checking the back of Lydia's neck to see if what he was saying was true. Sure enough, when she gently turns Lydia's head to the left, she pushes Lydia's hair off of the nape of her neck to find that there are four vertical cuts running from her hairline to the top of her thoracic spine, reflecting the four claws that Theo inserted into her spinal cord to search her memories. Natalie looks horrified by this revelation and gasps]

NATALIE: Oh, God...

[Suddenly, Lydia, who is still catatonic and has been staring blankly at the far wall since Natalie turned her head in that direction, begins to mumble the words that Natalie herself said in Lydia's newly-recovered repressed memory that she experienced in a flashback in Required Reading]

LYDIA: [raspily] I told you to stay in the car. I told you to stay in the car.

[Natalie only becomes more concerned and horrified by this recent turn of events]

[Meanwhile, in the morgue, Scott, Stiles, Melissa, and Parrish have gathered to discuss Theo and his plans. Stiles is clearly trying to keep his distance from Scott, judging by the fact that he is standing on the other end of the room]

PARRISH: It could be a side effect of shock.
STILES: She's catatonic. It was Theo digging his way through her mind.
MELISSA: Why would he do that? What is he looking for?
SCOTT: The same thing he's always looking for-- an advantage.
PARRISH: So what did he gain by trying to kill Stilinski?
SCOTT: [sighs] It left me alone with Liam. Theo wanted to make sure no one would be there to stop him from... killing me.
STILES: [scoffs] Okay, so he gutted my dad as a distraction?
PARRISH: We need to find this kid.
MELISSA: Isn't that a little dangerous? Especially since he almost killed my kid?
STILES: Yeah, but he said he didn't want my dad to die.
PARRISH: [skeptically] And you believe him?
STILES: [shrugs] He told me where to find him... So, maybe he also knows how to save him.
MELISSA: What do you want to do? Talk to him?
STILES: If it saves my dad, then yeah.
SCOTT: I'll come with you. He doesn't know that I'm alive-- maybe that gives us an advantage.
STILES: Absolutely not. He'll know you're there. I just need to talk to him, not fight him.

[Stiles walks toward the door to leave by himself, but Melissa turns and looks at him with an exasperated and frustrated expression]

MELISSA: Stiles, you can't go alone. Does anyone even know how to find him?
STILES: We don't have to find him-- he'll come to me.

[Back upstairs, Natalie is out in the hall outside of Lydia's room, where she's talking to Dr. Conrad Fenris about admitting Lydia to Eichen House]

DR. FENRIS: She'll be well taken care of, Ms. Martin. It's a very different place now. She'll be safe there.

[Natalie's concerned expression seems to fade away, as though Dr. Fenris was using some kind of hypnosis or mind control on her]

NATALIE: [softly] She'll be safe...

[Just then, the elevator dings, and Parrish gets out and walks toward Natalie, frowning at the sight of Dr. Fenris, who seems to be nervous by Parrish's presence and urgently tries to get Natalie to focus on the task at hand]

DR. FENRIS: Just two signatures, Ms. Martin.

[When Fenris sees Natalie hesitating, he stares at her intensely]

DR. FENRIS: Ms. Martin, I promise I'll look after her personally.

[Natalie seems dazed until Dr. Fenris is finally able to snap her out of it]

DR. FENRIS: Ms. Martin... She'll be safe there.

[This last statement seems to trigger something in Natalie's mind, and she finally takes the clipboard and writes her signature on the two documents before handing them back. Dr. Fenris seems to be pleased by this outcome as he walks away. Parrish is even more concerned as he walks over to Natalie to see what is going on]

PARRISH: Ms. Martin?

[Natalie still seems to be in a daze as Parrish tries to get her attention]

PARRISH: Ms. Martin? What were you signing?
NATALIE: [dazed] She'll be safe there...

[Parrish frowns in confusion and worry]

PARRISH: What do you mean? What did you do?

[With Dr. Fenris gone, Natalie seems to be coming back to herself, and she gives Parrish a hard look]

NATALIE: I did what I had to do.


[Scott and Stiles have just gotten into their positions at Scott's house, with Stiles sitting on the bottom of the staircase while Scott hides in the upstairs hallway in order to eavesdrop on the upcoming conversation. Stiles has also spread a line of mountain ash across the threshold of the open front door. Moments later, Theo arrives as planned, smirking at the sight of the mountain ash in front of him]

THEO: I guess we're all telling the truth now.

[Theo doesn't take his eyes off of Stiles as he purposefully steps over the mountain ash, confirming to Stiles that he is, in fact, a Chimera and not a true werewolf. Stiles looks at him, his eyes glistening and betrayal and anger clear on his face. Theo frowns as he senses something, and Stiles, realizing that he has caught Scott's scent, picks up a tshirt off of the steps and throws it at Theo to hide the fact that Scott is still alive and in the house]

STILES: You killed my best friend?

[Theo gives Stiles a skeptical look]

THEO: Let's be honest, Stiles-- was he still really your best friend?

[Stiles ignores this question in favor of changing the subject]

STILES: Are you going to let my father die?
THEO: [rolls his eyes] If I wanted him to die, I wouldn't have told you where you can find him.
STILES: Then why are they saying his body is shutting down? That some toxin is poisoning him, and they don't know how to stop it?

[Theo looks shocked by this information for a brief second before he puts on his poker face in order to continue the conversation]

THEO: I'm not the bad guy, Stiles. I'm just a realist. I'm a survivor. If you knew the things that I know...
STILES: [skeptically] Yeah, but what do you know?
THEO: I know what's coming. I know what the Dread Doctors created. And, I know what Parrish is.


[Liam and Mason have just approached Dr. Geyer to ask him about the bodies that have come into the hospital in hopes of getting information on Hayden]

DR. GEYER: No, there have not been any other bodies brought in tonight-- thank God.
LIAM: [urgently] No one named Hayden?

[Dr. Geyer rolls his eyes in exasperation and stops to turn toward the boys. He gives Mason a look]

DR. GEYER: Mason, take him home. It's six in the morning.

[Dr. Geyer is about to leave to return to his work when Liam, clearly intent on getting answers, continues to ask his step-father what he knows]

LIAM: Dad, you're sure there have been no other bodies?

[Instead of answering, Dr. Geyer just sighs and gives them both a look that indicates he's done indulging their questioning]

DR. GEYER: Both of you. Home. Now.

[Dr. Geyer leaves, and Liam sighs in frustration. Mason catches the look on Liam's face and sighs as well when he realizes what he's planning]

MASON: ...We're not going home, are we?
LIAM: [firmly] No.
MASON: Well, we both know where Hayden's body is. And if you want to find her, you're going to have to find the Nemeton.

[It's clear that Mason meant to discourage Liam from this mission, since he knows a little about the mysterious nature of the Nemeton, but Liam takes this as an excellent suggestion]

LIAM: Okay. Let's find the Nemeton!

[Liam takes off, obviously eager to find Hayden, and Mason sighs and rolls his eyes for a moment]

MASON: I need to learn to shut up.

[Mason reluctantly follows after Liam]


[Theo and Stiles are continuing their discussion at the bottom of the steps in the foyer while Scott eavesdrops upstairs in the hallway, looking very unhappy about what he's hearing and sensing from him]

THEO: Lydia figured it out. I saw it in her memories.
STILES: [scoffs] Right after you drove her out of her mind...
THEO: [shrugs] Collateral damage. But, if she's right about Parrish, then things around here are gonna get a lot worse.

[Furious at Theo's glib reaction to Lydia's currently serious condition combined with his pre-existing anger toward Theo for what he did to his father and Scott, Stiles looks at Theo with loathing]

STILES: I don't care.
THEO: You should... Because if your dad does survive, he's not gonna be Sheriff of anything much longer.

[This comment infuriates Stiles, who quickly jumps to his feet]

STILES: What's happening to him?

[Theo backs up to walk away, and when Stiles roughly grabs him by the front of the shirt to try to make him talk, Theo simply shoves him backward with so much of his Chimera strength that Stiles falls backward onto the stairs, the back of his head hitting the wood hard enough to knock him unconscious]

[After the break, Stiles is still unconscious as he hears his father's voice in his head]

SHERIFF STILINSKI: [voiceover] Stiles, you need to get up.

[Meanwhile, in the real world, Scott is gently nudging Stiles as he loudly says similar thing to try to rouse him]

SCOTT: You gotta get up now. Stiles. Stiles.

[Just then, Stiles jerks awake, and Scott, relieved, holds out his hand to help Stiles up]

SCOTT: Are you okay? Are you hurt?

[Stiles sits up and swats Scott's proffered hand away in annoyance]

STILE: I'm fine.

[Stiles stands to his feet, panting from exertion, and Scott frowns in concern]

SCOTT: You blacked out...
STILES: I'm okay. Didn't you get anything from him?
SCOTT: [grimly] Nothing. He was calm the entire time.
STILES: What about his heart?
SCOTT: I heard it jump, but only once, and only for a second.
STILES: That doesn't mean he was lying.
SCOTT: [shakes his head] Not really. The rest of the time it was steady.
STILES: When did it jump? What was I talking about?
SCOTT: It was when you said that your dad was poisoned.
STILES: That could be something. A jump could mean surprise, right?
SCOTT: Yeah. Yeah, I think so.
STILES: So, why would he be surprised that my dad's still dying?

[Scott suddenly realizes something]

SCOTT: Oh, wait... He didn't say that he was the one who attacked your dad, did he?

[Stiles' eyes widen in shock when he realizes what Scott is suggesting]

SCOTT: Well, then this means it was probably someone else...
STILES: Another Chimera.


[Sheriff Stilinski is laying in his bed in the ICU, an oxygen mask over his face and a heart monitor on his finger. He attempts to speak through his deep, ragged, breaths in case someone is listening to him]

SHERIFF: ...Chimera...


[Outside Scott's house, Stiles is heading toward a dark SUV (presumably Sheriff's off-duty vehicle) parked in the driveway while Scott quickly follows after him]

SCOTT: Stiles--

[Stiles cuts him off as he gets into the car]

STILES: I can do the rest myself.

[Scott is clearly hurt by Stiles' dismissive behavior and tries to convince him to let him help]

SCOTT: [stammers nervously] You don't even know where to start. All we know is that it's another Chimera. Do you even know where you're headed?

[Stiles rolls his eyes impatiently and attempts to ignore Scott by starting the car, and he's about to leave when Scott hops in front of the bumper to stop him]

SCOTT: Come on, let me help. I can find the clues that you can't.

[Stiles sighs and looks down at his hands, unable to look Scott in the eyes, as Scott continues his plea]

SCOTT: You can't do this alone, okay? You need me. You need all of us.

[Stiles gives Scott a skeptical look]

SCOTT: I can get more help. I can text Liam...
STILES: [scoffs] Liam just tried to kill you.
SCOTT: [sighs] Okay, then at least let me help.

[Stiles look at Scott with an expression of betrayal]

STILES: You believed him?

[Scott gives Stiles a look that is half-apologetic, and half-knowing]

SCOTT: You trusted him, too. Theo got to all of us.
STILES: [angrily] You know, you don't even know the real story?
SCOTT: I don't need to. All that matters right now is your dad.

[Stiles seems to be reluctantly considering Scott's pleading request]

SCOTT: Come on, Stiles. We survived an Alpha Pack, a Dark Druid, professional assassins... We can survive Dread Doctors and Chimeras, too.

[Something that Scott said has triggered a realization in Stiles' mind, and his eyes widen in shock when he figures it out]

STILES: We're not looking for a missing Chimera... We're looking for a missing teenager.

[Stiles reluctantly hits the "unlock" button so that Scott can get into the car with him]


[Liam and Mason, who have both apparently stopped at their respective homes to change their clothes, have just arrived at the high school library to get information on the Nemeton. It's still in shambles from Liam and Scott's battle, with police crime scene tape in an X-shape over the door to prevent anyone from entering, though both boys ignore it without a second thought]

[Liam immediately looks uncomfortable as soon as he's inside, as all of the broken furniture and knocked-over bookshelves trigger flashbacks to his fight with Scott the previous evening. Looking up at the balcony, Liam flashes back to the part of the fight where he and Scott, both fully wolfed-out, were fighting, and Scott, trying to subdue him, wrapped his arms around Liam in a bear hug from behind, causing Liam to slam his back against the nearby bookshelf]

[In the present, Liam frowns and continues making his way through the library. Mason grabs a large book off of a nearby bookshelf as the sight of the smashed study table in the middle of the room triggers another flashback in Liam's mind, this time just after Liam tackled Scott on the table, which is what smashed it, before roaring in Scott's face as he viciously clawed at Scott's torso. Mason, looking concerned at the expression on Liam's face as he remembers the night before, tries to snap him out of it, but Liam is too busy flashing back to right as Liam prepared to give Scott the killing blow, just as Mason showed up that night to stop him]

MASON: [in flashback] Liam!

[In the present, Mason, looking even more concerned now, continues to try to get Liam's attention]

MASON: Liam...

[Liam finally looks up and makes eye contact with Mason, but neither say a word until they walk over to the one table nearby that hasn't been smashed to pieces in order to look at the book. He watches as Mason flips through the pages until he finds the one he wants, which appears to be a specialized map of Beacon Hills]

MASON: All right, this is the one. You see these?

[Mason runs his fingers across the lines on the map that spans the entire two pages that are open in the large book]

MASON: These are ley lines. They're mapped according to telluric currents.
LIAM: Stiles said that he and Lydia were looking at the intersections.

[Mason nods in understanding]

MASON: Probably...

[Mason traces his finger across the page until he finds the largest convergence of ley lines, and Liam, too, points at it as well]

MASON: This one.

[Liam makes a discouraged face]

LIAM: But they never found it... They kept going out there to look, but they said the Nemeton has to want to be found.

[Mason looks at Liam with a mix of awe and disbelief]

MASON: It's a supernatural tree that has to want to be found in order for you to see it??
LIAM: [shrugs] Yeah.
MASON: That's awesome!

[Mason turns his attention back to the book]

MASON: We should just make a copy--

[Before Mason can move any further, Liam quickly rips the needed page out of the book and walks away, leaving Mason looking appalled and dumbfounded between the book and where Liam was just standing, as though desecrating the book was highly offensive to him. Still stunned by Liam's behavior, Mason gently closes the book and follows after him]


[Dr. Fenris, Schrader the orderly, and Natalie are in the middle of loading the still-catatonic Lydia into the back of an ambulance to be transferred to Eichen House. Parrish stands behind the ambulance and looks at Natalie with an upset expression as she climbs into the back with her daughter]

PARRISH: I'm going to find a way to get her out of there... Even if I have to break through the walls.

[Dr. Fenris, who is preparing to go around the vehicle to get into the passenger seat, just gives Parrish a skeptical look]

DR. FENRIS: Good luck with that, Deputy.

[Dr. Fenris gets into the passenger seat next to Schrader, who is preparing to drive the ambulance to Eichen House. However, when he looks in the side mirror, it is revealed that it actually isn't Dr. Fenris at all-- it is Gabriel Valack, who is using his illusion powers to appear as though he is the doctor for some nefarious purpose. Schrader gives Valack a knowing look]

SCHRADER: She's a pretty little thing, isn't she?

[Valack's expression makes it clear that he doesn't appreciate Schrader's leering at Lydia]

VALACK: That "pretty little thing" could shatter your skull with her voice if someone decided to teach her how.

[Schrader rolls his eyes and starts the engine before setting off for Eichen House]


[At the STILINSKI HOUSE, Scott and Stiles are in Stiles' bedroom, looking at the two large crime boards that Stiles has set up to investigate the Chimera threat. Stiles is looking at an alert he received on his phone as he reads it aloud to Scott]

STILES: There was a call a few hours ago about a sophomore from Beacon Hill High who never came home last night.
SCOTT: What's his name?
STILES: Noah Patrick.

[Scott looks at the list of genetic chimeras that the Sheriff's Department created as part of their search for new pseudo-supernatural Chimeras, and points at where Noah Patrick is second on the list. Among the others on the list include Hadley Langford, Danielle Moss, Kristen Howard, Lily Johnson, Robert Wilson, Karen Roberts, and Michelle Sink]

[The scene cuts to BEACON HILLS HIGH SCHOOL, where Scott and Stiles have just found Noah's locker. Scott rips the combination lock off of the locker door and opens it before pulling out a sweater and showing it to Stiles]

SCOTT: Now we can catch his scent.

[Scott turns in the opposite direction upon hearing footsteps approaching and immediately throws the sweater in the same direction as Malia appears. She deftly catches the sweater and puts it to her face so she can inhale and memorize the scent. When Scott turns back to Stiles, he looks upset at the sight of his ex-girlfriend]

STILES: You called her??
SCOTT: We need all the help that we can get. I should be calling everyone!

[Malia gives Stiles a hard look]

MALIA: And I know what this kid looks like.

[Stiles rolls his eyes and looks away from them both]


[Noah Patrick, the Chimera who attacked Malia in the previous episode, is running for his life through the entrance to the railway depot. He stops for a moment to catch his breath, his eyes wild with fear, before he starts sprinting away again. He jumps down onto what used to be railroad tracks and hides by pressing himself against the wall, taking a moment to quickly peek over the top of the wall only to become even more frightened by the skittering sound that indicates the Dread Doctors are pursuing him.]


[Liam and Mason are walking around in the woods, and Mason, who is consulting the map, stops for a moment and looks around at the numerous trees surrounding them]

MASON: This is it. There should be a clearing here.

[Mason groans in frustration]

MASON: Maybe the clearing doesn't want to be found, either?

[The two boys look around for a few more moments before Liam, overwhelmed by grief, shame, guilt, embarrassment, and, most of all, exhaustion, kneels onto the ground and sighs loudly. Mason looks at him in concern and crouches down to get on his level as Liam finally admits what has been bothering him all day]

LIAM: ...I couldn't save her.
MASON: [sympathetically] No one could. I was standing right there. Melissa did everything medically possible.
LIAM: While I was trying to kill Scott...
MASON: [sigh] You can't take all the blame. I mean, there was like, eight hundred extenuating circumstances. It wasn't just the moon-- it was losing Hayden, and fear, anger... And Theo took advantage of it.

[Liam doesn't seem to believe Mason's words and continues to frown in self-loathing]

LIAM: Or maybe it was just me.
MASON: Liam, you're a werewolf. There was a full moon-- a supermoon. And you can't let yourself...

[Mason trails off as he's distracted by a new train of thought, and after a moment, Liam frowns in confusion as he watches Mason rise to his feet and look around the woods. After a moment, Liam stands up as well and looks at Mason with concern]

LIAM: What?
MASON: The Nemeton's a beacon for supernatural creatures, right?

[Liam doesn't seem to know where Mason is going with this line of thinking]

LIAM: Yeah...
MASON: So, what if it takes a supernatural creature to find it?
LIAM: [scoffs] I am a supernatural creature, and I can't find anything.

[Liam gestures around at the trees surrounding them in emphasis, visibly frustrated by their failure to find the Nemeton]

MASON: But you've been looking with your human eyes.

[Liam's eyes widen in surprise when he realizes what Mason is talking about, and after a moment, he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. When he opens them again, his irises are glowing their bright Beta gold, and it only takes a few seconds for Liam to finally find what they've been looking for all morning. He gapes in surprise and grabs Mason by the arm to point him in the right direction]

LIAM: Mason...

[Mason still doesn't seem to know what he's supposed to be looking at and appears to be confused]

MASON: What? What?
LIAM: Look.
MASON: I don't see any...

[Liam grips the back of Mason's neck tightly to get him to look at the right spot, and sure enough, Mason's eyes widen in shock, and his jaw drops when he sees the Nemeton several yards away, where the stump is in the middle of the clearing and surrounded by several bodies. He nods in acknowledgement as he stares at the stump in awe]

MASON: Intense.


[Malia, Scott, and Stiles seem to have followed Noah's scent to the railway depot, where they jump down onto the now-abandoned train tracks to keep tracking him. After a moment, Stiles lags behind to look around for more clues, allowing Scott and Malia to talk quietly and privately several meters away]

MALIA: He didn't want you to call me, did he?
SCOTT: [sighs] No. Is it that bad?
MALIA: We kind of broke up, I guess...
SCOTT: [nods] Yeah, we kind of broke up, too.

[Malia, not wanting to think about her current romantic situation, sets off again to distract herself by tracking Noah, and Scott rushes after her so they can keep talking]

SCOTT: Hey, you can tell me what's going on with you.

[Malia gives him a blank look, causing Scott to backtrack so he can clarify what he meant]

SCOTT: I mean, besides Stiles. You can talk to me.

[It's clear that Malia is not in the mood to talk to anyone about anything, and she sighs in frustration and exhaustion, since, like the rest of the pack, she hasn't seemed to get any rest since before the events of Status Asthmaticus]

MALIA: [sighs] I said I'd help find this kid, and I'm doing it to save Stiles' dad. Don't ask me to talk.
SCOTT: [patiently] Well, I'm not asking-- I'm offering. I'm just saying... its okay, if you want to...

[Malia sighs once again, only this time, it's because she seems to feel slightly bad for her attitude toward Scott, and she makes eye contact with him for a brief second]

MALIA: I know.

[Malia turns down a hallway that leads into the tunnels that go underneath Beacon Hills, where she is followed by Scott and Stiles, who seems to have caught up with them. After a few moments, Malia's nose twitches as she takes in all of the sensory information around her]

MALIA: I got it. I got his scent!

[Scott and Stiles share a muted look before they follow Malia as she rushes through the tunnels]


[Dr. Geyer has just walked out of Sheriff Stilinski's room in the ICU, and his expression is grim as he approaches Melissa, who seems to want an update on the Sheriff's condition]

DR. GEYER: Melissa, that man in there is dying, and I don't know how to save him. I went to Harvard Med. I have degree lining the wall of my office. And I don't have the slightest clue what's going on here.

[Melissa's expression is both worried and slightly guilty and uncomfortable, which doesn't escape Dr. Geyer's notice]

DR. GEYER: If you know something about this that I don't...

[Melissa tries to play dumb, but even she knows her response isn't very convincing]

DR. GEYER: [impatiently] Yes, you. Nothing seems to faze you. And, not to sound accusatory, but it's like you know something.
MELISSA: Knowing something is different from understanding it.

[Dr. Geyer looks at her with confusion, as though he's debating whether or not he wants to know what she knows]

MELISSA: Yeah, I could tell you things-- really bizarre things. But, right now, I can't tell you anything that is gonna save his life.

[Dr. Geyer clenches his jaw and looks through the window into Sheriff Stilinski's room, where he's still laying motionless in his bed with an oxygen mask over his face]

DR. GEYER: Then what are we supposed to do?
MELISSA: Keep him alive... For as long as we can.

[Back inside the Sheriff's room, the camera zooms closer to Sheriff Stilinski's face, revealing that darkened blood vessels are becoming visible all up and down his neck and face, making him look as though he's very bruised due to whatever is poisoning his organ systems]


[Night has fallen, and Liam and Mason have just finished evaluating all of the bodies still laying on and around the Nemeton. It appears that the only bodies left on or around the stump are those of Beth, the female Chimera that Kira killed, Donovan, and Lucas]

LIAM: There's only four here.
MASON: That means four Chimeras are missing.

[Liam, somewhat comforted by the fact that Hayden's body isn't there despite the fact that they know Parrish would have brought her there after he took her body from the hospital, becomes more hopeful than he's been this entire episode]

LIAM: I only care about one. Hayden's alive. She has to be.
MASON: [sighs] Okay... Maybe you're right. Either way, we gotta tell someone about this. We get the cops down here, and they can figure out who's dead, who's alive, and who's... whatever. Sound good?

[Before Mason and Liam can do anything else, bright lights illuminate the scene, and Liam and Mason squint as they cover their faces with their hands just as a voice calls out to them]

MALE DEPUTY: You two! Stay right where you are.

[Liam and Mason finally adjust to the bright white light around them to see that they are illuminated by the headlights of a police cruiser as well as the hand-held flashlights of several Sheriff's deputies, including Valerie Clark. Mason and Liam both look horrified and scared as chatter is heard on the deputies' radios. However, as they're approached by the deputies, the two boys become distracted by the sight of Hayden, who is completely alive and cleaned up in fresh clothes as she stands next to her sister]

HAYDEN: That's it. That's where I found the bodies-- four of them.

[Liam and Mason both gape in shock at their resurrected friend]


[Scott, Stiles, and Malia are still searching the tunnels, where Malia sees a splatter of blood on a nearby pipe and touches it with her fingertips, inhaling and studying the scent for a moment]

MALIA: This is Noah's. He was here. I think he's close.

[Stiles looks somewhat hopeful by this news, but Scott, who has turned down an adjacent tunnel, seems disconcerted by what he's seeing]

SCOTT: Guys... I think we've been down tunnels like this before. Like, when we were trying to find Liam and Hayden.
STILES: [impatiently] Okay, so what?
SCOTT: Maybe it means we're closer than we think. Maybe there's something else down here-- something that we haven't found yet.
STILES: Yeah, nothing that helps my dad. Look, we can't just be standing around here waiting for something to--

[Suddenly, before Stiles can finish his statement, a shadowy figure lunges at Stiles, shoving him so hard that he flies backward and hits his head on the far wall, which once again knocks him unconscious for the third time today. The following scene cuts back and forth between the present and a memory in Stiles' mind of his younger self and Sheriff Stilinski at Claudia's funeral]

SCOTT: Stiles--

[In the FLASHBACK, Sheriff's voice can be heard in voiceover calling out to Stiles]

SHERIFF: [voiceover] Stiles, you need to get up. Come on, you gotta get up now. You need to get up.

[In the PRESENT DAY, Scott is trying to wake Stiles up]

SCOTT: Stiles--

[In the FLASHBACK, Sheriff and the young Stiles are dressed in suits and standing in front of Claudia's closed casket at her funeral. Stiles is in tears, and Sheriff squeezes his shoulder reassuringly]

SHERIFF: [in flashback] Hey, you still got me.

[In the PRESENT DAY, Stiles finally gasps awake, and, unlike the first time Scott witnessed this happening, Stiles actually takes Scott's offered hand and allows him to help him up to his feet instead of swatting it away]

SCOTT: You okay?
STILES: [panting] Yeah. Fine.

[The sound of Malia growling brings both Scott and Stiles back to the task at hand, and they turn to see that Malia has her fangs out and is pinning Noah against the wall so he can't hurt any of them again. Noah looks terrified as he pleads with them]

NOAH: Let me go, please! Please! They're coming!

[Malia, still snarling at Noah, looks up at Scott and Stiles just as the skittering, clicking noise of the Dread Doctors can be heard in the adjacent halls, indicating that they are getting closer and closer to where they are]

[After the break, Malia, clearly still angry at Noah for what he did, reluctantly lets go of him, but when Noah quickly hops to his feet, Stiles aggressively grabs him by the front of the shirt and pins Noah to the nearby wall by putting his forearm forcefully against his throat]

STILES: You're not going anywhere.
NOAH: I said I don't remember.
STILES: [in disbelief] You don't remember anything?
NOAH: No. Not when it happens-- not when I change.

[Stiles becomes angrily and starts getting rough with Noah]

STILES: You clawed my dad half to death, okay? And now it's poisoning him. You're gonna start remembering every detail right now!

[Meanwhile, Scott and Malia, who are in a defensive position in between Stiles and Noah and the adjacent hall, start to look nervous as the clicking and skittering noises get louder]

MALIA: Scott, I hear them.
SCOTT: [sighs] Yeah, I do, too.

[After quickly thinking about their options, Scott turns back to where Stiles is still pinning Noah to the wall so he can address them]

SCOTT: Hey, Stiles-- get him out of here. Go to the hospital. Figure out a way to save your dad.

[Stiles stays where he is, and Malia looks at Scott as though he's crazy]

MALIA: We're not gonna be able to stop them!
SCOTT: But we can slow them down.

[Scott turns back to Stiles once again]

SCOTT: Stiles, go.

[Stiles looks back at Scott, and when Scott nods at him in encouragement, he reluctantly lets go of Noah's windpipe and leaves with him. Scott gets into a defensive position, though not before wincing and looking down at his chest to notice that even more blood is leaking from his wound through his shirt than before. This injury does not escape Malia's notice, and between this and the Dread Doctors' impending arrival, she looks completely horrified and seems to be feeling hopeless, though she refuses to abandon her Alpha. Scott gives her a reassuring look as the Doctors get even closer]

SCOTT: We're gonna be okay.

[The Dread Doctors have just turned the corner and entered the hallway they're standing in, and Malia looks terrified]

MALIA: [incredulously] Scott, we're gonna die down here!
SCOTT: No, we're not.
MALIA: [skeptically] How can you be so sure?
SCOTT: [firmly] Because you're not the only one I called.

[Just then, a familiar male voice calls out from behind them]

ARGENT: [yells] Get down!

[Scott and Malia look backward and find Chris Argent, who is holding one of his sophisticated assault rifles, which he quickly cocks before he begins to fire at the Dread Doctors. The gunfire causes Scott and Malia to dive out of the way as they were instructed, allowing Argent to get closer to the Doctors to keep rapidly shooting round after round at them. Unfortunately for them, The Surgeon uses his electromagnetic manipulation abilities to create an energy field that prevents any of the rounds from hitting them, though Argent is not discouraged by their powers. After a few moments, Argent stops firing long enough to shoot at them once again]


[Scott and Malia reluctantly do as they're told and rush back the way Argent came, while he walks backwards and keeps shooting to cover them as he follows them out]

[Meanwhile, Stiles and Noah have just rushed down one of the other tunnels, only to find that the exit is blocked by a gate that has a locked chain wrapped around the door and surrounding fence. Stiles looks both frustrated and exasperated, but before he can take out his frustration on Noah, Noah turns to address him]

NOAH: Step back. I think I can break through.

[When Stiles gives him a questioning look, Noah briefly elaborates as he prepares to break the locked chain]

NOAH: It's just... sometimes-- most of the time-- I lose control. So, you better step back.

[Stiles, alarmed, does as he's told and steps back]

STILES: Okay...

[Stiles watches in shock as Noah extends the bone claws from his wrists and the tops of his hands, which seems to cause him a significant amount of pain. He groans in discomfort as his face transforms as well, causing the sockets around his eyes to sink in and turn a dark bruise color. Noah then uses his claws in conjunction with his super strength to break through the chain before then wrenching the sides of the gate open, giving Stiles the opportunity to look closer at his bone claws. He notices that one of them has had the tip snapped off and suddenly realizes something just as Noah turns around and beckons Stiles to follow him]

NOAH: Let's go!

[Stiles follows Noah through the gate as he quickly gets an idea as to what happened to his father]


[Melissa, having just gotten off the phone with Stiles, rushes over to Dr. Geyer to update him on the Sheriff's condition]

MELISSA: Dr. Geyer! We have to open him up.
DR. GEYER: [confused] What?
MELISSA: There's something inside him. Something that we didn't see.
DR. GEYER: [scoffs] Melissa, we can't just open him up--

[Melissa cuts him off]

MELISSA: It's a piece of bone! He's being poisoned by bone marrow. I know it doesn't make any sense. I know what it sounds like, but you have to open him up.

[Sure enough, when Dr. Geyer reluctantly sends Sheriff Stilinski back in for emergency surgery, they find the broken off tip of one of Noah's claw and remove it]

[The scene cuts to the entrance to the emergency room, where Scott, followed by Argent and Malia, rush through the doors to check on Sheriff Stilinski's condition. Melissa, who is standing at the nurse's station, looks at them with a smile on her face and nods at them to indicate that Sheriff is going to be okay. Melissa and Argent share a significant look, and all four of them look relieved that Sheriff seems to be finally recovering from his attack]

[Later that evening, Stiles is at Sheriff's bedside, sleeping on his arms on the side of the mattress, when Sheriff Stilinski finally wakes up and smiles at the sight of his son next to him. He pats Stiles on the back, waking him up and causing Stiles to look at him in shock]

SHERIFF: It's okay, Stiles. You still got me.

[Stiles sighs in relief and clutches Sheriff's hands tightly]


[Hayden and Theo are walking through the darkened railway depot in search of Noah. After a moment, Hayden frowns slightly as though she's sensing something new to her]

HAYDEN: He was here.

[Hayden experiences a flashback-vision of Noah running through the railroad tracks where they're currently standing earlier in the day. In the vision, Noah ducks down next to the tracks and peeks over the top of the wall to see that the Dread Doctors are pursuing him]

[Back in the present, Theo doesn't seem at all surprised by this reaction from Hayden, which doesn't escape her notice]

THEO: What else can you tell me?
HAYDEN: Why don't you tell me how I know that?
THEO: Noah's part-Berserker. You're part-jaguar. You'll be drawn to each other.

[Hayden frowns as she considers this information]

HAYDEN: Is that why I'm here with you?

[Theo gives her an amused, yet slightly threatening look]

THEO: I saved your life.

[Hayden focuses on her Berserker sense once again, and after a moment, she shudders]

HAYDEN: I think he's dying.
THEO: [sighs] That means they're going to find him. Probably already have.

[The scene cuts to Noah, who is hiding in a dark corner, modified mercury dripping from his nose, as the skittering noise of the Dread Doctors gets louder and louder, indicating they're quickly approaching]

[Back at the railway depot, Theo sees a small puddle of modified mercury on the ground before sighing in disappointment]

THEO: We could have used him.
HAYDEN: [confused] For what?

[Theo doesn't answer her, instead choosing to keep walking. The two turn the corner, where they find a large symbol carved into the corrugated metal wall by what looks like Werewolf claws. The sight of it gives Theo pause, and Hayden can tell by the look on his face that he's not thrilled about what he's seeing]

HAYDEN: What is that?
THEO: [sighs] A symbol. The symbol of an Alpha and his pack.
HAYDEN: [confused] Whose pack?
THEO: [grits his teeth] Scott's.


[Still in Lydia's room following her trephination procedure, Valack continues to question Lydia on what happened prior to her admission to Eichen House]

VALACK: It was more than a symbol, wasn't it? It was a promise to reunite them.
LYDIA: [weakly] Yes.
VALACK: But has Scott done it yet? Will he be coming for you?

[The buzzing of the door to the closed unit can be heard from Lydia's bedroom as she gets a vision of what's about to happen]

LYDIA: Someone's coming... But it's not Scott.

[Just then, the Chimera Pack, led by Theo, makes it to Lydia's room, and Tracy wastes no time grabbing Valack in a choke-hold and pinning him to the wall outside Lydia's room so Theo, Josh, and Corey can deal with Lydia themselves. Valack does his best to plead his case to Theo in hopes of avoiding a battle]

VALACK: You don't want to do this, Theo. She's safe in here. The Dread Doctors don't know how important she is yet.

[Josh and Corey follow Theo to Lydia's bedside, where all three of them frown at the sight of Lydia's weak, pale, sweaty, and bloody appearance]

JOSH: She doesn't look good...
COREY: She has a hole in her head. It's not a good look for anyone.

[Theo scoffs and shakes his head in disbelief]

THEO: I can't believe this is actually a medical establishment.

[Theo gestures from Josh and Corey to Lydia]

THEO: Pick her up. We're getting her out of here.

[Valack gives them a smug look despite still being in a choke-hold]

VALACK: Now, what would a pack of Chimeras want with a Banshee?

[Theo gives Valack an equally smug look]

THEO: I don't want a Banshee. I'm looking for a Hellhound.

[Just then, Parrish, who is completely engulfed in flames and is clearly in Hellhound-mode, judging by his flaming reddish-orange eyes, fangs, and long black claws, appears in the hallway and roars menacingly as he grabs onto the gate to the closed unit. The flames immediately melt the metal of the gate, allowing him to enter the closed unit, making good on his promise to break through the walls to save Lydia. Valack, pleased by this turn of events, looks back at Theo, who seems alarmed by Parrish's presence]

VALACK: You wanted a Hellhound? I think you found one.

[Parrish roars threateningly once again as Theo's eyes widen in alarm]


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