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The relationship between Werewolf-Werecoyote Chimera Theo Raeken and The Dread Doctors.

The Dread Doctors came to Beacon Hills and into Theo's life when he was still an eight or nine-year old boy. They seemingly noticed that he possessed traits of those of a psychopath and chose him as their first candidate in their experiments. According to Theo, the Dread Doctors tricked him into killing his sister Tara Raeken to obtain her heart, which he did by either pushing his sister off the bridge in the woods or allowing her to die from hypothermia as a result of exposure to cold water by not offering his aid to save her. Tara's heart was kept viable through the cold weather and the Doctors transplanted it into Theo's chest to turn him into the very first pseudo-supernatural genetic Chimera, specifically a Werewolf-Werecoyote hybrid with the powers and abilities of both species, including the rare ability to shapeshift into a true wolf.

However, the Doctors only came really close to success with this experiment and Theo was not considered a good host for the Werewolf The Beast of Gevaudan, much to their disappointment. Despite this, the Doctors allowed Theo to live and he became their henchman for the following years, navigating through his new supernatural world and learning how to control his newly-gained powers, as they searched for more potential hosts for the Beast.

Theo was not pleased over being considered a "cheap knock-off" of real shapeshifters, such as true Werewolves and Werecoyotes. Around the year of 2012, he learned that his classmate back in the fourth grade Scott McCall was turned a Werewolf and had ascended to the rare rank of True Alpha, as well as that he was the leader of a unique pack composed of Werewolves, a Werecoyote, a Kitsune, a Banshee and humans, all of its members dedicated to protect their town from supernatural threats. Desiring to become a real Werewolf and the Alpha of a pack, Theo proposed a deal with his masters: he would help them create more Chimeras to find a suitable vessel for the Beast and keep Scott and his pack away from their plans if they helped him steal Scott's Alpha powers and his pack from him; the Doctors seemed to agree to this deal and Theo returned to Beacon Hills alongside the Dread Doctors to put his plan into motion.

However, though the Dread Doctors were successful in resurrecting the Beast of Gevaudan, Theo did not ultimately get what he was promised, causing him to somewhat turn against the Dread Doctors, or at the very least give up on helping them; instead, he focused on a new plan to gain power and become a real Werewolf, which involved stealing the powers from the Beast, regardless of how this affected his former allies. When Theo began assisting the McCall Pack in locating the Beast in hopes that it would make it easier for him to find it, the Dread Doctors, annoyed by his interference, made it clear that they always saw him as nothing but a failed experiment, and that his only value to them was that he taught them what they needed to do in order to create the perfect vessel for the Beast-- corrupt someone truly good. Afterward, Theo became intent on proving them wrong, though his plan to steal the Beast's powers ultimately failed as well, resulting in his temporary imprisonment underground by Kira Yukimura with help from her Skinwalker allies while the Dread Doctors were all mauled to death by the Beast, which they considered to be the world's perfect killer.

Throughout Teen Wolf[edit | edit source]

In Condition Terminal, Theo's association with the Dread Doctors was revealed when Theo went to the Dread Doctors Operating Theater to speak with Donovan Donati, one of the Chimera test subjects whose human teeth had just been pulled out by the Doctors in order to reveal Wendigo fangs, which seemed to be a promising development.

Theo approached the recovering Donovan, who was still bound to an exam chair, and began talking to him while looking at a file in his hands. He stated that Donovan was lucky that Theo was allowed to talk to him, albeit for a limited amount of time, because the Doctors generally didn't allow that. He went on to explain that all the Dread Doctors were interested in were numbers and results before revealing that they would eventually weigh the pros and cons of Donovan's continued survival and decide pretty quickly whether they would kill him or let him live.

He continued on by mocking Donovan for the poor results he received on his psychiatric evaluation when he applied to become a Sheriff's deputy, which seemed to indicate psychopathic deviancy and anger issues that made him unsuitable for law enforcement, an especially crushing result that prevented Donovan from becoming a cop like his father. However, Theo did have good news for him that was related to the experiments performed on him by the Dread Doctors-- "But, it doesn't matter, because you've got something else now. Power. Real power. Strength, speed, heightened senses]... So what do you do with power like that?"

Theo initially guessed that Donovan intended to go after Sheriff Stilinski, who had arrested him and denied his deputy application, and take out his anger on him by grievously injuring him; Theo insisted this was a bad idea, because in the end, physical pain eventually became manageable. He then suggested that if Donovan wanted to cause Stilinski "devastating, soul-crushing emotional pain," he needed to go after someone he loved-- in this case, his son Stiles Stilinski. With the seed of an idea planted, Theo released Donovan from his restraints to allow him to fulfill his wish, which happened so easily that it became clear that sending Donovan after Stiles was part of Theo's plan which heavily involved the Dread Doctors as well. In A Novel Approach,

In Required Reading,

In Ouroboros,

In Lies of Omission,

In Status Asthmaticus,

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Theo and the Dread Doctors had known each other for almost a decade (as they had performed the heart transplant on Theo when he was nine years old), but it was unknown how long ago it was that they had made their agreement to help Theo become an Alpha and a real Werewolf in exchange for Theo distracting the McCall Pack and keeping them from interfering with their plans to create Chimeras and resurrect the Beast of Gevaudan.
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