Stilinski: "Drop your weapons!"
Stilinski: "Parrish, drop their weapons."
Parrish: "Yes, sir."
McCall: "I'm gonna need you to teach me how to do that."
Noah Stilinski, Jordan Parrish, and Rafael McCall about Parrish's Hellhound's Thermokinesis powers against Monroe's Army in The Wolves of War

Thermokinesis is the ability to generate an extreme amount of heat from one's body. user can heat their and direct the heat through their hands to melt objects such at metal. This power is not to be confused with Pyrokinesis, a similar fire-related ability but which functions differently, as it does not require the user to generate fire to be utilized, though the two powers can be used concurrently as well. The range of thermokinesis can be significantly large, as Parrish was able to send a wave of heat down a hallway which heated a group of Hunter's weapons to the point of them beginning to melt.

Users of ThermokinesisEdit

Only Hellhounds has been seen to use this ability. It was first used when Cerberus took control of Jordan Parrish's body and increased the temperature of the hallway outside of the Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital so that the emergency sprinklers released steam instead of water, concealing his presence from the other deputies so he could steal the body of the unnamed female Chimera killed by Kira Yukimura and bring her to the Nemeton. ("Ouroboros")

This power was later channeled through Parrish's hands when he used it to soften the metal of the bars of his jail cell so he could more easily escape and take care of the bodies of the recently-deceased Chimeras Corey Bryant and Hayden Romero, a use of this power that also raised the ambient temperature of the Beacon County Sheriff's Station to the point where the other deputies began sweating profusely. ("Status Asthmaticus") He also used the power to melt through the metal grate door leading into the supernatural unit of Eichen House to help break Lydia Martin free of Gabriel Valack's captivity. ("The Last Chimera"), ("Amplification") Parrish's control over this power eventually grew to the point that he was able to project a wave of thermokinetic energy at will that barreled down a hallway, heating up the guns in the hands of Monroe's Hunter Army to such great temperatures that they were forced to drop them onto the ground. ("The Wolves of War")

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