But they didn't wanna talk. She died so we could keep running.
Tierney to Scott McCall and Liam Dunbar about Satomi Ito in Pressure Test

Tierney was a Werewolf and a minor character in the second half of Season 6 of Teen Wolf. She made her first appearance in Pressure Test when she, her packmate Jiang and Theo Raeken were being tortured by sadistic former Eichen House orderly Schrader. After escaping, Sheriff Stilinski held the three of them in his station under suspicion that they had murdered two human men, who were, in fact, members of Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argent's Hunter army, and whose fellow members murdered their Alpha Satomi Ito and the rest of their pack.

Despite Tierney ordering Jiang to stay quiet about their role in the murder, Theo was able to bait Jiang into confessing that he and Tierney had killed the two Hunters who came after them, albeit in self-defense. As a result, Stilinski had no choice but to release the now-exonerated Theo, but he continued holding Tierney and Jiang for the murder.

The True Alpha Scott McCall and his pack did their best efforts to protect the two young wolves from the wrath of Monroe and her army, who had surrounded the station, all heavily armed, and gave them an ultimatum-- the pack and those working in the Sheriff's station could either deliver Tierney and Jiang to them, dead or alive, by midnight as penance for their dead comrades, or they would unleash the full force of their army on the station and everyone in it.

However, unbeknownst to those in the station, Monroe had sent Nolan Holloway, one of the younger members of Monroe's Army, to infiltrate the station and kill the two Omegas with a vial of potent purple wolfsbane, which they believed would be easy since Tierney and Jiang were locked up in a cell, though, fortunately, he was caught by Liam Dunbar before he could go through with the assassination. After ensuring Nolan wouldn't cause them further trouble, Scott and Liam figured out, to their shock, that the two Buddhist Werewolves had blue Werewolf eyes, proving they intentionally murdered the members of Monroe's Army in order to avenge their Alpha and pack. This caused Scott to be conflicted about helping them, as he was adverse to killing unless absolutely necessary in self-defense.

Once it hit midnight, the two groups each prepared for a fight, and Monroe's Army was just about to start firing their weapons when FBI Special Agent Rafael McCall arrived and managed to act as a mediator to finalize a compromise deal between the warring factions. This deal stipulated that the McCall Pack would hand over Tierney and Jiang to the authorities so they could be punished for the murdered Hunters through the human legal system, and the supernatural members of the pack would leave the state of California in exchange for not killing the Omegas.

However, it seemed like neither side intended on sticking to their side of the bargain, which was quickly proven when Monroe secretly sent one of her men disguised as a Deputy to kill Jiang and Tierney with a shotgun in the armored truck driving them to the federal prison. The skin from Tierney's forearm, where she had a tattoo of her pack's symbol (stacked rocks, as a nod to the pack's Buddhist religion) was flayed from her body and encased in plexiglass, which was then displayed in the trophy room of Argent Arms International, the headquarters and armory of Monroe's Army. The McCall Pack also refused to leave their hometown and began summoning more of their allies to fight back against Monroe and her Hunters.

Tierney was a member of Satomi's Pack and was a packmate of Satomi Ito, Jiang, Demarco Montana, Carrie Hudson, Brett Talbot, Lorilee Rohr, and many others.

Throughout Teen Wolf[edit | edit source]

Season 6[edit | edit source]

Tierney was first seen in the beginning of Pressure Test in Gerard Argent's bunker in Argent Arms International, where she was tied to a metal gate with her packmate Jiang and Theo Raeken, a Werewolf-Werecoyote Chimera who had been captured around the same time that they were. The three of them were being tortured and electrocuted by Schrader, a sadistic psychopath who had been fired from his job as an orderly at Eichen House for acting out his cruel impulses on his patients, and who had just joined Gerard and Monroe's Hunter Army. Jiang and Tierney refused to tell Schrader what they knew-- in fact, Tierney made it clear that she and her packmate were not afraid to die for their silence-- but Theo was more than willing to give all the information he had in exchange for his freedom.

Unfortunately for them, Schrader insisted that he didn't have any questions for them, making it clear that he was only there to satisfy his own impulses to cause pain to other people and continued to electrocute the teens for fun, much to Theo's displeasure. However, Theo soon realized that the heat from the electrical currents running through them was melting the plastic zip-tie cuffs on their wrists, and decided to bait Schrader into turning up the current, choosing to endure the pain a little longer (much to Tierney and Jiang's exasperation) in order to melt through his cuffs and attack him. After Schrader was incapacitated and Theo had freed Tierney and Jiang from their restraints, Theo, who was trying to barter with the two young Werewolves over Schrader's car keys, noticed that Tierney had a tattoo on her right forearm of stacked ovals of decreasing sizes.

When Jiang scoffed at the implication that Theo had never seen a pack symbol before, Theo retorted that he wasn't a "pack animal" and asked what it meant; upon learning that the symbol was a reference to the Buddhist practice of stacking rocks, Theo realized that the two were Betas from Satomi Ito's Werewolf pack. Theo was shocked by their revelation that Satomi and the rest of their pack were killed by Hunters, and he then remarked that they should look for Scott McCall, as he "has a thing for taking in strays."

Tierney, who was familiar with Scott, curiously asked Theo if he knew where to find him, allowing Theo to ultimately work out a deal in which Tierney and Jiang would allow Theo to leave with them in the stolen car in exchange for an introduction to the True Alpha. The three then left the facility together, with Theo making a point of putting the remote to the electrical current face-down, keeping the button pressed so that Schrader, who was now hooked up to it, would be electrocuted non-stop until he presumably died. However, Sheriff Stilinski found them in the parking lot and arrested them for murder before they could get to Schrader's car, much to Theo's annoyance.

While locked up in the Sheriff's station's holding cells, Theo, knowing that, for once, he was not guilty for the murders he was being accused of committing, verbally baited Jiang and Tierney until finally, Jiang admitted that they killed a Hunter who was trying to kill them. Satisfied, Theo looked at the cameras and gestured to Stilinski to indicate he deserved to be released for his help. Despite Scott McCall and the rest of his pack's attempts to sneak Tierney and Jiang out of the station to safety, they were ultimately too late, and Monroe's Hunter Army quickly surrounded the station and demanded that they hand the two Werewolves over by midnight, dead or alive, or the militia would open fire on the entire building.

Nolan, one of Monroe's teenage recruits who seemed to have a history with Jiang, showed up and attempted to kill the two Werewolves with the same strain of Wolfsbane that killed their packmate Brett Talbot, believing that this would get him off the hook with Monroe. Fortunately for Tierney and Jiang, Liam, sensing Nolan's arrival, appeared and stopped him before he could do so and allowed the deputies to arrest him for the assassination attempt. However, shortly afterward, Liam realized the truth about their Werewolf guests when he saw that their eyes were now glowing blue, a sign that they did, in fact, take an innocent human life.

This forced Tierney and Jiang to admit that, after the Hunters killed Satomi, who was attempting to come to a truce with the Hunters and who in the end tried to buy them time to escape, they decided they didn't want to run anymore and instead began fighting back against the Hunters by using public records to discover where they and their families lived. This news caused Scott to be conflicted about how to proceed with their current situation, and though they attempted to hand over the bodies of two guards who had killed themselves as a result of the Anuk-ite's influence and pass them off as Jiang and Tierney, Rafael McCall ended up arriving just in the nick of time to negotiate a deal: Jiang and Tierney would be arrested and taken to prison for murder, and the rest of the supernatural community of Beacon Hills (namely the members of the McCall Pack) would move out of the state of California.

Though it seemed that this plan succeeded as a peaceful conclusion, a Hunter disguised as a deputy ended up killing the two with a shotgun in the back of their armored prison transport van. However, the McCall Pack also had no intention of holding up their end of the deal and made plans to start fighting back.

In Triggers, Scott McCall and Malia Tate went to Argent Arms International, where Gerard had restarted his firearms dealership to cover up its secondary use as the headquarters and armory of Monroe's Army. Just before they were about to leave, they caught Tierney and Jiang's scent and broke into Gerard's trophy room, where they found Jiang's ears and the skin from Tierney's right forearm where her pack symbol tattoo was placed, which had been flayed from her arm and encased in plexiglass to further disturb Scott and Malia on a psychological level.

Personality[edit | edit source]

During her brief time in the series, Tierney has shown great bravery and loyalty to her Alpha Satomi Ito and pack and showed no fear of dying by any means of torture if it meant protecting vital information related to her pack when interrogated by Schrader; in fact, she and Jiang went so far as to hunt and kill two of the Hunters in order to avenge their Alpha and pack's deaths. However, unlike Jiang, she had the self-control to remain silent and resistant to trickery, as demonstrated when she and Jiang were being baited into admitting their crime; Tierney wisely kept her mouth shut and warned Jiang to do the same, but he fell for the trap anyway and admitted the truth to Theo Raeken.

Tierney also showed no absolute remorse or guilt over taking a human life, whether innocent or not, believing her and Jiang's actions were justified by what Monroe and her Hunter army did against their pack and Alpha unprovoked in spite of Satomi's attempt to negotiate a truce. When she was asked by Scott McCall and Liam Dunbar if the Hunters they killed were the ones who killed Satomi or their packmates Brett and Lorilee, Tierney implied that they were not by pointing out that the none of the dozens of Hunters involved in the supernatural genocide started by Monroe's Army were more innocent than she and Jiang were for killing two of their members.

However, she was ultimately willing to take accountability for her actions and did not resist when the compromise stipulated that she and Jiang were to be charged with murder and locked up in a federal prison, though she did not survive long enough to make it there due to the Hunter who infiltrated the deputies and killed them prior to their arrival.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tierney was a petite and young teenage girl with light blonde hair, blue eyes and slightly tanned white skin. In her only appearance in the series, she was wearing a wool moss green sweater under a black wool cardigan, a pair of ripped pin-rolled blue jeans and old brown shoes. She had a tattoo that represented stacked rocks, which was Satomi's Pack's symbol, on her right forearm but it was later flayed from her body after she was murdered and placed in Argent Arms International's trophy room. She was not seen wearing any make-up, though she was seen wearing a ring in her right hand.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Tierney possessed the common abilities of an Omega-level Werewolf including superhuman strength, speed, agility/reflexes, durability, and senses, as well accelerated healing and animal instincts. Like all Werewolves, she had the ability to shapeshift her features into those of a wolf (including glowing blue eyes and retractable fangs and claws) and the ability to absorb pain from other beings.

Tierney also possessed the rare ability to inhibit her scent in order to prevent shapeshifters with enhanced senses from tracking her, an ability that has been said to be possessed by everyone in Satomi's Pack, though this ability must be consciously activated to work, as she had stopped suppressing it while under the protection of the McCall Pack for a long enough period of time that their members could memorize it, and her body stopped suppressing her scent after her death, allowing Scott and Malia to smell it at Argent Arms International from inside the trophy room.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Tierney possessed the common weaknesses of a Werewolf, including wolfsbane, mountain ash, letharia vulpina, modified canine distemper virus, mistletoe, electricity, and certain high and low pitched sounds/frequencies. She is also vulnerable to the effects of full moons, supermoons, and intense emotions, all of which can trigger transformations in young and untrained Werewolves while lunar eclipses leave them powerless and human for the duration anywhere between ten and twenty minutes as long as the moon is in the Earth's umbral shadow.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • Tierney: Tierney is an Irish forename and surname derived from the Gaelic O'Tighearnaigh. It is derived from 'tighearna' meaning "lord" or "master", consequently O'Tighearnaigh means the son or male descendant of Tighearnach. Other variations of Tierney include Tierny, O'Tierney, Tiernaney, Tearny, Tearney and Terney.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tierney, along with Jiang, were the only Werewolves of Satomi's Pack whose name wasn't put in the Deadpool list. It is possible Satomi recruited Jiang and Tierney to her pack and turned them at some point between the start and the end of the Deadpool, as Brett Talbot confirmed Satomi had stopped recruiting new members after the Deadpool ended.
    • Other theories for why this could have occurred include: Satomi changed her mind and began recruiting again at some point after the beginning of Season 5; Tierney and Jiang could have been bitten and turned by a different Alpha prior to coming to Beacon Hills (or Tierney may not even be a bitten Werewolf at all) and were simply welcomed into the pack at some point after the Deadpool due to their status as lone wolves who were new to town; or this could be an example of retroactive continuity.
  • Tierney's actress, Ellery Sprayberry, is the sister of Dylan Sprayberry, who plays Liam Dunbar in the series.
  • Tierney was the only Werewolf in Satomi's Pack khown to have a pack symbol tattooed onto their bodies, though it was implied that Jiang had a tattoo as well.

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