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The following is a timeline of events that have occurred in the Teen Wolf television series.

11th Century

12th Century

13th Century

16th Century

  • A wealthy and prominent French family (which was implied to be the early members of the Argent bloodline, though this has yet to be confirmed) received a French flint-lock turnover pistol, crafted in 1645, as a gift from King Louis the XIV. Legend had it that it had only been shot once during a duel between brothers on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles. However, this was later revealed to be a cover story by a Werewolf named Kincaid-- in reality, one of the brothers had an encounter with a Werewolf in the woods, where he was bitten and turned into a lycanthrope as well. Due to their family's Code, the man's brother shot him and killed him with that very gun.
    • The gun eventually found itself in the possession of Chris Argent in the 21st century, further supporting the theory that it was given to a member of the early generations of the Argent Family. ("Silverfinger")


  • A French man named Sebastien Valet, along with his comrade, Marcel, were deployed to what is now modern-day Canada to fight for the French and Indian side against Great Britain in the Seven Years' War.
  • An injured Sebastien tripped and fell face-first in the forest, accidentally drinking rainwater from the paw print of a wolf and causing him to transform into the demonic Werewolf known as the Beast of Gévaudan.
  • Sebastien, now empowered as a Werewolf, killed dozens of innocent North American citizens and British soldiers while Marcel, out of loyalty to his best friend, helped him cover up the deaths. ("Maid of Gévaudan")


  • Legends of the Beast of Gévaudan began to travel throughout the French village of the same name as men, women, and children were all slaughtered by the dozens, though there were many conflicting reports among the villagers as to what the Beast looked like. This led Sebastien's sister, Marie-Jeanne Valet, to be skeptical of the claims that the Beast was supernatural.
  • Marcel and Sebastien returned home in Gévaudan from the war and returned to the French Tavern just before the body of a young child, Emil, was found in the woods by Henri Argent, who informed the people in the tavern that the child's last words were "La Bête," which is French for "The Beast."
  • Marie-Jeanne, as the best hunter of mundane animals in Gévaudan, was chosen to lead a hunting party for the Beast.
    • While in the woods, the majority of the hunting party was killed by the Beast, who badly injured Marie-Jeanne's leg in the process. Her life was saved by Henri, who put up a barrier of mountain ash to protect them.
  • Henri brought Marie-Jeanne back to his cabin, where he revealed he had spent most of his life collecting the skills and implements necessary to survive a Werewolf attack. Marie-Jeanne decided to combine her knowledge of hunting with his knowledge of Werewolves and the supernatural in order to finally kill the Beast once and for all.
  • Henri and Marie-Jeanne set up a plan to expose the Beast by forcing everyone in the tavern to drink wine laced with mistletoe berries under the guise of toasting to the dead. Marcel, noticing the berries in his cup and figuring out what they were doing, crushed his glass in his hand to cause a distraction so no one would see that the mistletoe in the wine Sebastien had just drank caused him to partially transform.
  • Marie-Jeanne found the bodies of dozens of men, women, and children killed by the Beast in Marcel's cellar while looking for bandages for his hand, leading her to initially believe that he was the Beast. However, when she saw that his hand had not healed from the broken glass, she realized he was actually covering for his best friend Sebastien.
  • Marie-Jeanne confronted Sebastien in the tavern about the hundreds of people he had killed as the Beast, and he explained the process by which he became a Werewolf before boasting that his immense strength, power, and blood-thirst would cause him to forever be remembered as the feared Beast of Gévaudan. He then threatened to kill everyone in the tavern if Marie-Jeanne tried to expose him, forcing her to allow him to leave in exchange for Sebastien abstaining from violence against their fellow townpeople.
  • Henri and Marie-Jeanne worked together to come up with a way to finally kill the Beast, eventually settling on a pike, as it would use the Beast's immense size and weight against it. They created a steel pike tip in the form of a fleur-de-lis, which later became the Argent Family symbol, mixing the steel with mountain ash and wolfsbane before forging it in Marie-Jeanne's blood under the light of a full moon.


  • According to reports, the Beast of Gevaudan killed over a hundred people in the province of Lozere in 1766. ("Heart Monitor")
  • According to a book found in the Beacon Hills High School library, the Beast prowled the Auverne and south Dordogne areas of France, to the point where King Louis XV sent one of his best Hunters to hunt and kill it, as the Church eventually declared the Beast to be a monster and messenger of Satan. ("Heart Monitor")


  • After three years of searching, Marie-Jeanne finally tracked her brother Sebastien to a snow-covered forest somewhere in France, where her arm was injured in the struggle. She used the pike, which she hid under a pile of snow, to impale Sebastien in the chest, forcing him to transform back into human form.
    • He began spitting up black blood, causing him to realize that his sister had, in fact, found a way to kill him, though he took solace in the fact that he would forever be remembered for his brutality and boasted about being the infamous Beast of Gévaudan. However, Marie-Jeanne revealed that she would be further punishing him with damnatio memoriae, striking his name from recorded history to ensure that he would not be remembered by name, but only as a beast.
  • After Sebastien was killed, Marie-Jeanne and the rest of the townspeople gathered together to burn every document he had ever signed and to repossess all of his personal belongings to make it appear that he had never existed as far as recorded history was concerned. However, this did not stop the legend of the world's most vicious and feared Werewolf from spreading throughout the world through word of mouth, though very few (such as the members of the Argent Family, who had learned through stories of the event that passed down through the generations) knew the Beast's human identity.("Maid of Gévaudan")

Mid-Late 18th Century

  • Henri and Marie-Jeanne's partnership eventually grew into a romantic relationship, ending with the two ultimately getting married. Marie-Jeanne went on to take Henri's last name, Argent, to further ensure that Sebastien Valet was forgotten by history by erasing the Valet name completely. They then eventually had children of their own, training them in Marie-Jeanne's expert hunter skills and Henri's expert supernatural knowledge to create the first generation of Argent Hunters of supernatural creatures. ("Maid of Gévaudan")
  • Marcel, who greatly mourned the loss of both his best friend Sebastien and the world's best killer, the Beast of Gevaudan, dedicated his life to becoming a physician. He then became obsessed with the supernatural to the point of worshiping it, and his in-depth research of metaphysics and the paranormal led him to learn how to harness electromagnetic fields and utilize it, giving him the supernatural power of electromagnetokinesis. He then learned a way to use this power to give him extended longevity beyond the normal human lifespan and to manipulate the memories of others, eventually becoming known as The Surgeon. ("The Beast of Beacon Hills"), ("Apotheosis")
    • At some point afterward, he was joined by two other fellow physicians—a man who became known as The Pathologist, and a woman who became known as The Geneticist—with whom he shared his knowledge and powers. From then on, the trio became known as the Dread Doctors, and they began experimenting on humans in a variety of different ways with the ultimate goal of resurrecting Sebastien, the Beast of Gevaudan. ("Apotheosis")



United States

  • The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese military led to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt to enact an internment of all Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans to various camps across the United States, particularly in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Among these camps was Camp Oak Creek, located in Beacon Hills, California, where the ancient Celestial Kitsune Noshiko Yukimura and the recently turned Beta werewolf Satomi Ito were, for all intents and purposes, imprisoned with hundreds of other fellow Japanese immigrants and Japanese-American citizens. The camp was run by the US Army, including Military Police officers Merrick and Hayes, Army physician Dr. Liston, and a medic, Corporal Rhys.
  • Noshiko fell in love with Corporal Rhys and secretly began having an affair with him while periodically stealing from the supplies to ensure that her fellow internees had enough food and medicine to survive somewhat comfortably.
  • Noshiko and Rhys discovered that Dr. Liston, Merrick, and Hayes were stealing most of the medications intended for the internees and selling it on the black market for their own profit, including multiple crates of a powerful antibiotic that was necessary to treat the pneumonia epidemic sweeping through the camp.
  • Noshiko informed her fellow internees of what she had learned, not realizing that by doing so, she would be inciting so much panic and anger that tensions in the camp would eventually spiral out of control.
  • One of the internees, a young child named Michio, died from pneumonia due to not having the medication he needed, leading his father to create a Molotov cocktail out of a bottle of whiskey Noshiko had stolen weeks earlier before the internees began to riot outside.
  • During the riot, Merrick pistol-whipped Satomi across the face with his gun, causing her to lose control over her lycanthropy and expose herself as a Werewolf in front of everyone when she immediately healed and partially shifted with glowing golden eyes, fangs, and claws. She then grabbed the Molotov cocktail in Michio's father's hands and threw it at the car that Dr. Liston was attempting to use to escape, which directly hit Rhys and caused him to burst into flames.
  • The Army soldiers all opened fire on the camp, killing the majority of the internees involved in the riot, and seriously injuring both Noshiko and Satomi, the former of whom was assumed to be dead due to her heartbeat slowing considerably as her body fought to heal her numerous gunshot wounds.
  • Corporal Rhys died from his burns due to the fact that Dr. Liston had sold the morphine needed to ease his pain along with the antibiotics.
  • All of the dead rioters' bodies were loaded up, along with Rhys' body and the still-weak and healing Noshiko, so that Merrick and Hayes could burn them and the evidence of the fight.
  • Unwilling to allow the Army and the US government to cover up what had happened, Noshiko prayed to her Kitsune ancestors for kitsune-tsuki, or possession by a Fox spirit, in hopes that they would send a powerful Nogitsune who fed on chaos, strife, and pain, to possess her body and imbue her with the power she needed to heal and get revenge. However, since Fox spirits can have a dark sense of humor, the Nogitsune that was sent decided to possess Rhys' dead body instead.
  • The Nogitsune killed Merrick and Hayes before they could burn the bodies and left to return to the camp to create more chaos, forcing the still-healing Noshiko to follow him back.
  • Upon Noshiko's return, she learned that the Nogitsune had slaughtered nearly all of the internees who survived the riot, along with the soldiers running the camp and the medical personnel at the camp hospital, Eichen House. She then grabbed her magical katana from under her bed and tracked the Nogitsune down into the tunnels, where they fought viciously until Satomi, in full werewolf form, helped to restrain the Nogitsune so that Noshiko could stab him with her katana, which shattered into a dozen pieces as the Nogitsune was exorcised from Rhys' body. Rhys' last words to Noshiko before he died again were "coup de foudre", the French words for "love at first sight."
  • The Nogitsune was forced into its fly form, which Noshiko caught and put in a jar before burying it in the roots of the Nemeton, which was still whole and at its full power, allowing her to use it as a prison to contain him. ("The Fox and the Wolf")


  • Garrett Douglas, a captain in the Nazi German military division known as Anenherbe, the unit dedicated to finding a way to use the occult to win the war, proposed that they find a way to use the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt as their own personal army, arguing that since they are an unstoppable army of the dead, they would not be limited by the weaknesses of mortal men. When one of his superiors, Berend, laughed at his suggestion, Garrett revealed his true nature as an Alpha Löwenmensch (a supernatural shapeshifter who is part-wolf, part-lion) and killed him by slicing his throat open with his claws.
  • Some days later, Garrett's Kampfgruppe set out for the Röhr Valley to seek out the rift to the Wild Hunt's pocket dimension, where he forced one of his men, Grenadier Abel, to walk through the rift at gunpoint to see what would happen. When Abel was subsequently burned alive upon making direct contact with the rift, it summoned the Ghost Riders to them.
    • The Riders, upon their arrival to the "real world," wasted no time battling and erasing Garrett's men from existence one by one, and when Garrett partially transformed into a Löwenmensch to fight them, one of the Ghost Riders lashed at him with their magical whip. The whip left a gash on his back that was shallow enough that it didn't erase him from existence, but deep enough for the Ghost Rider venom to penetrate his body and prevent him from healing, forcing him to run away from them to save himself.
  • Still injured from the whip, Garrett sought out the Dread Doctors, physicians who specialized in the supernatural, to see if they could help him. However, as the Dread Doctors were in constant pursuit of a better understanding of the supernatural, they instead decided to keep him as a test subject, injecting him with their green serum mixed with a sedative before putting an oxygen mask on his face and immersing him in a tank. The serum in the tank mixed with the Ghost Rider venom and the blood from his perpetually bleeding wound, making the fluid more potent as it was reabsorbed by his body through the wound. Between this and the fact that Garrett was kept in the tank as their prisoner for the next seventy years, all the while absorbing the mystical properties of the serum, he awoke possessing the powers of an Alpha, a Löwenmensch, and a Ghost Rider, giving him an unprecedented boost in power. ("Blitzkrieg")








  • May 3: Alexander Argent was bitten by an Alpha Werewolf (who, according to Alexander's older brother Gerard Argent, was Deucalion, though this remains unconfirmed) during a hunt. Surviving the Bite and knowing he would soon turn into a Werewolf for the first time, Alexander then rented a room at the Glen Capri Motel in north-central California, which was infamous for its high incidence of clients committing suicide during their stay. He then waited until just before the full moon hit its apex before murmuring "Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent", French for "We hunt those who hunt us," under his breath; as soon as his eyes began glowing bright gold, Alexander shot himself in the head with his shotgun, demonstrating his devotion to the Hunter Code. ("Motel California")



  • Lenore's son Caleb died mysteriously at nine years of age after drowning in Canaan, devastating Lenore to the point of mental instability. ("Ghosted")


  • Jordan Parrish was born to unnamed parents in the United States. ("Letharia Vulpina")
  • April 8, 1987: The town of Canaan, California was attacked by the Ghost Riders, who erased nearly all of its residents from reality and took them captive. The only survivor was a Banshee named Lenore, as the Wild Hunt is seemingly afraid of or otherwise uninterested in Banshees. The trauma of watching her townspeople snatched from existence combined with the devastating grief of losing her son two years earlier caused Lenore to have a mental breakdown, unleashing the full force of her Banshee powers on the town. As a result, a Banshee aura permeated the entirety of Canaan, giving her an unprecedented level of control over everything within the aura's confines and even giving her the power to conjure a seemingly flesh-and-blood phantom version of her son, who could also channel her power. ("Ghosted")


  • Chris Argent gained all the skills necessary to become a Hunter and "graduated" at age eighteen by forging a silver bullet as a testament to the Hunter Code.
  • After Chris' graduation, his father Gerard sent Chris on his first gun deal in Japan, purposely leaving out the fact that the buyers were from the Yakuza, or Japanese mafia, in an effort to test his survival instincts and ability to improvise. When Chris got there, he was stunned to learn that he would be dealing with mobsters, but things quickly got even more out control when five Oni demons appeared out of the shadows in search for a Nogitsune. Everyone in attendance began shooting at the Oni, which only made them start killing anyone who stood in their way with their ninjato swords.
    • Upon finding that the Nogitsune in question was possessing the Yakuza's leader, the Kumicho, the Oni all impaled the man at once, causing him to bleed out over a fountain in the Japanese garden.
    • A man named Katashi became so scared that he attempted to run for his life, but he was perceived by the others as preparing to fight the Oni on his own, which led to Chris standing to his feet and taking a shot at one of the Oni's heads with one of his newly forged silver bullets. Because the bullet went straight through, it didn't kill the Oni, but it did shatter its mask and give the others enough time to run to safety. ("Silverfinger")
  • Camden Lahey was born to Mr. Lahey and his wife in Beacon Hills, California. ("Party Guessed")
  • November 7: Derek Hale was born to Talia Hale and her unnamed lover in Beacon Hills, California. ("Formality")







  • Claudia Stilinski was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. ("Relics")
  • Alpha Werewolves Deucalion, Kali, and Ennis, along with their respective packs, traveled to Beacon Hills to have a summit and seek the guidance of Talia Hale, the powerful and respected Alpha of the Hale Pack.
  • One of the Beta Werewolves in Ennis' original pack killed an Argent Hunter, though whether this was intentional or accidental remains disputed. ("Visionary")
    • In retaliation, Chris and Gerard Argent captured the Beta, tortured him for information by ripping out his claws, and then cut his body in half.
  • Noah Stilinski, who was still a Sheriff's deputy at this time, had his first known run-in with the supernatural when he was confronted by an angry and grieving Ennis at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital after the Beta's death. Ennis demanded that his Beta's body be returned to him, but Noah insisted that they could not release his body until his killer was caught.
  • Fifteen-year-old Derek Hale began a romantic relationship with Paige Krasikeva, a human classmate of his at Beacon Hills High School.
  • A younger Peter Hale convinced Derek to arrange to have Ennis (who needed a new Beta to replace the power loss caused by the death of his other Beta at the hands of the Argents) to give Paige the Bite so that she and Derek could stay together forever and so Paige could protect herself from any threat.
    • However, Derek lost his nerve at the last moment and tried to intervene, only to find that Ennis had already attacked Paige, who ultimately began to reject the Bite. Derek mercy-killed Paige at her own request in the root cellar of the Nemeton, not realizing that by spilling her blood on the tree's roots, he was essentially performing a human sacrifice of a virgin, giving the mystical tree power that it hadn't had since it was cut down. ("Visionary")
  • Deucalion attempted to make peace with the Argents by arranging a meeting to form a truce at an abandoned distillery, only for Gerard Argent to orchestrate an ambush, killing the Betas who accompanied Deucalion as well as Gerard's own hunters, both out of anger that they, too, wanted peace between the two communities as well as to make it appear as though Deucalion's pack had orchestrated the attack against them. Gerard then blinded Deucalion by shoving flash-bang arrows into his eyeballs. ("Visionary")
  • The next day, Alan Deaton determined that Deucalion's blindness was permanent, and this news caused his Beta, Marco, to try to take his Alpha status by killing him. However, Deucalion, who partially transformed out of rage, learned that he could see in werewolf form before he fought back and ultimately killed Marco. This killing also led him to another realization, which was that an Alpha can absorb the power of their Beta by killing them. With his lycanthropic powers enhanced to an even higher degree, Deucalion set out to kill the rest of his Betas and take their power for his own so he would never be taken advantage of again.("Visionary")


  • Nine-year-old Malia Tate got into a fight with her adoptive mother Evelyn Tate, though Malia, to this day, cannot remember what it was about. What Malia can remember is that she told Evelyn that she wished her family was dead. ("Time of Death")
    • That night, Evelyn, Malia, and Malia's younger adoptive sister Kylie were driving on the back roads along the Beacon Hills Preserve on the night of a full moon. Suddenly, they came upon Corinne, who had finally tracked down her biological daughter Malia, and shot at the Tate family car in an attempt to kill Malia and take her power back.
    • Evelyn, terrified, accidentally jerked the steering wheel too hard and swerved off the road and into the Beacon Hills Preserve, where the stress of the subsequent car crash caused Malia to transform into a werecoyote for the first time. Since her powers had just activated, she had no control over her transformation, causing her to full-shift into a coyote. Overwhelmed by fear, confusion, and the scent of blood from the crash, Malia lost control completely and mauled Evelyn and Kylie to death. The guilt of this act caused Malia to remain in her coyote form for the next eight years, where she lived as a forest animal.
    • The Sheriff's Department, after studying the case, came to the somewhat-mistaken conclusion that that a wild mundane coyote had killed Evelyn and Kylie, and that the same coyote had killed Malia and dragged her body somewhere in the immense forest where they could not find it. The crash was declared an animal attack, and since Malia was assumed dead, Corinne seemingly assumed that the fact that her daughter had died and assumed that the same coyote had killed Malia and dragged her body into the woods where it was never found. This apparently led Corinne to believe that she had lost out on gaining her power back because Malia had died as a result of the crash and not because Corinne killed her by hand. ("Anchors"), ("More Bad Than Good"), ("A Novel Approach")
  • Tara Raeken, Theo Raeken's sister, died of hypothermia after falling off the bridge and into the creek, breaking her leg in the process, which prevented her from being able to get out of the icy-cold water before she froze to death. Theo was present during her death, but whether he outright killed her by throwing her off the bridge or whether Theo simply refused to give her aid remains to be confirmed. ("Parasomnia"), ("Strange Frequencies"), ("The Last Chimera")
  • Deucalion, after having killed all of his Betas and absorbed their powers, became an Augmented Alpha, and encouraged Ennis and Kali to do the same so that the three of them could form their own immensely-powerful werewolf pack that would be completely composed of Augmented Alphas.
    • Shortly afterward, Ennis killed his Betas and his Emissary and joined the Alpha Pack without hesitation.
    • Once Ennis joined the Alpha Pack, Kali, who was presumably in a romantic relationship with Ennis, decided to join the Alpha Pack to be with him and killed all of her Betas as well. However, she was conflicted about killing her beloved Emissary, Julia Baccari, and though she did ultimately maul Jennifer to near-death, she was unable to go through with making the killing blow. After a moment of hesitation, Kali ultimately decided to leave her for dead in the woods instead of finishing her off herself, believing it to be a more "peaceful" way to die.
    • However, unbeknownst to Kali, Ennis, or Deucalion, Julia was able to crawl across the woods to the Nemeton, which had gained a spark of power from Paige Krasikeva's virgin sacrifice. Jennifer then channeled this spark of power in order to hold onto lifelong enough to be found by Sheriff Stilinski and his deputies. ("The Overlooked")
  • While in surgery at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, Julia used her Druid powers to cause hundreds of crows to commit a mass suicide in order to gain even more power to survive her injuries. Afterward, she vowed to get her revenge on the Alpha Pack. ("The Girl Who Knew Too Much")
  • Late 2004: Sheriff Stilinski was nearly at the end of his shift one night when he was called to the scene of a car accident in town, where a car had been overturned as a result of the force by which it was hit. The girl inside had been gravely injured and knew she was going to die, so Sheriff decided to stay with her until she passed away.
    • After a few moments, she squeezed his hand so hard that Sheriff believed she would break his bones, before stating, "If you want to be with her, you have to leave now." Sheriff had no idea how she could know about his wife Claudia, who was in the hospital suffering from frontotemporal dementia, and assumed that she was just delirious, so he ignored her warning and stayed with the girl until she died.
    • Afterward, Sheriff went to the hospital to visit his wife, and found his eight or nine-year-old son Stiles sitting out in the hallway with his head in his hands, causing him to realize that Claudia had, in fact, died while he was with the dying girl at the scene of the accident. Sheriff would later realize that the girl was a Banshee who had received a premonition of Claudia's death, but his skepticism regarding the supernatural caused him not to believe her. ("Alpha Pact")


  • January: Kate Argent, along with nearly a dozen co-conspirators, caused the Hale House Fire, which killed Talia Hale and between eight and eleven werewolf and human members of the family who were gathered there. ("Wolf Moon"), ("Wolf's Bane"), ("Co-Captain")
    • Peter Hale sustained 3rd-degree burns to over 75% of his body and went into a coma while his werewolf healing recovered from the burns. ("Magic Bullet"), ("Monstrous")
    • Derek Hale and Laura Hale were at school at the time of the fire and were thus the only two known survivors who sustained no injuries. Laura then presumably inherited Talia's Alpha power due to her being the second-in-command and heir to the Hale Pack leadership at the time of Talia's death. The two siblings then fled to New York, where they would live for the next six years. ("Wolf's Bane"), ("Formality")
    • Unbeknownst to anyone, there was one other survivor of the Hale House Fire—Talia's youngest daughter Cora Hale, who was eleven years old at the time and who managed to escape while the fire was still blazing. Believing that her entire family, including Peter, Derek, and Laura, had died, Cora did as she was trained to do in such a situation and fled in order to "hide and heal," eventually ending up in South America, where she joined a pack there and lived until she heard word that Derek had become an Alpha in 2011. ("Chaos Rising"), ("Unleashed"), ("Riddled")


  • The Beacon Hills Cyclones swim team, coached by Mr. Lahey, won the state championships, a title the school's swim team has not yet achieved since. ("Party Guessed")
  • To celebrate the win, Mr. Lahey threw a pool party at the Lahey House, which included team members Camden Lahey, Kara Simmons, Tucker Cornish, Jessica Bartlett, Sean Long, and Bennett.
    • During the party, Matt Daehler came to the Lahey House to visit his friend, Isaac Lahey, and they traded comic books before becoming curious about what was going on at the party and going to the pool to see for themselves.
    • It was then revealed that Mr. Lahey had allowed the team members to drink alcohol, which resulted in them all getting very drunk and fooling around with each other in the swimming pool.
    • Camden decided to throw Matt into the water despite his protests that he couldn't swim, and because so many of the other team members were distracted by hooking up with each other, nobody noticed that Matt had sunk under the water right away.
    • Matt was eventually rescued by Mr. Lahey and given CPR to save his life, but he became so furious that he nearly got them all in legal trouble that he viciously berated Matt for not being able to swim at his age before demanding that Matt not tell anyone what happened to him.
    • In the aftermath of this near-death experience, Matt began experiencing night terrors, flashbacks, and panic attacks that neither his parents nor his doctor could explain, since Matt kept his promise to not reveal that he had nearly drowned in the Laheys' swimming pool. They assumed that he had asthma and prescribed him an inhaler, but it did nothing to help Matt.
    • The grudge that Matt held against everyone at the party who had nearly let him die is what led him to go on his killing spree five years later. ("Fury")


  • Lorraine Martin, a Banshee who had predicted her wife Maddy's death decades earlier, was desperate to figure out how she did it, and found a fellow Banshee, Meredith Walker, then sixteen years old, in Eichen House.
    • Meredith was brought to the Martin family's lake house, where they had her listen to a blank record with headphones to see what information she could divine from the vibrations. However, the volume seriously injured Meredith both physically and mentally, and she was sent to the same hospital where Peter Hale was still receiving treatment after going into a coma as a result of the burns he sustained in the fire.
    • Peter's thoughts somehow found the same metaphysical wavelength as Meredith's Banshee telepathy, causing her to hear every thought in his head for the duration that they were kept in the same room. It was then that Peter got the idea for the Deadpool and gave Meredith the information she needed to orchestrate it, such as using the bearer bonds in the Hale Vault to finance it. ("Perishable"), ("Monstrous")
  • Danny Mahealani, then fourteen years old, had surgery due to misshapen cartilage in his rib cage, a condition with which he was born. Doctors surgically implanted a metal bar to support his sternum so his heart and lungs would not be crushed by his ribs, leaving him with a scar on either side of his rib cage. ("Motel California")

Late 2010/Early 2011

January 2011

  • Day 3 (Tuesday):
    • Scott and Stiles walked through the woods toward the Hale House ruins to find Scott's lost inhaler and the half of the dead body Scott found the night before, where they met Derek Hale, who returned his inhaler before ordering them off the property. Afterward, Stiles explained that Derek's entire family died in a fire several years before. (See "2005" section)
      • While in the woods, Scott and Stiles discussed the strange symptoms Scott was experiencing since he had been attacked by the wolf, and Stiles joked that Scott was becoming a Werewolf, not realizing how accurate he really was.
    • Allison showed up at the animal clinic while Scott was working and was in tears because she accidentally ran over a dog. Scott helped her splint the dog's leg, offered her a dry shirt, and invited her to Lydia's party.
    • Scott returned home to the McCall House and fell asleep in bed. ("Wolf Moon")
  • Day 4 (Wednesday):
    • Scott awakened early that morning to find he had sleepwalked all the way into the woods in his boxers and had fallen asleep again in a coyote den. He was found and chased through the woods by the Alpha, forcing him to jump a fence to get away, where he fell into a neighbor's swimming pool while they were watering the garden.
    • Jackson confronted Scott before the second day of lacrosse try-outs and accused him of being on steroids. Scott denied being on drugs and briefly ranted about how he had no idea what was happening to him, but Jackson didn't believe him.
    • Stiles informed Scott that the Sheriff's department's analysis on the half of the body they found indicated she was killed by a wolf.
    • Scott made first line at lacrosse try-outs after yet another impressive round of athletics that lead Stiles to realize that something was really wrong with him.
  • Day 6 (Friday, Full Moon):
    • Stiles summoned Scott to his house to tell him that he believed he really was a Werewolf and insisted that Scott break off his date plans with Allison, since that night was the full moon, Scott's lycanthropy-induced anger got the best of him and he almost punched Stiles in the face.
    • Scott and Allison attended Lydia's party (which was also attended by Stiles, Jackson, and dozens of other classmates) together as a date. Scott briefly noticed Derek lurking outside, but he disappeared before he could get a closer look.
    • Some time later, Scott began feeling the effects of the full moon overhead and doubled over with a headache, eventually becoming so overwhelmed that he got into his car and drove home without letting Allison know what was going on. Derek, seeing an opportunity to draw Scott away from anyone he could possibly hurt while also doing reconnaissance to see what Allison knew about her family's history as Werewolf Hunters, offered her a ride home and surreptitiously stole her jacket in the process.
    • Scott jumped into his shower and became horrified when his fingernails and teeth lengthened into fangs and claws, and his eyes began to glow bright gold. Stiles arrived and offered to help him, but when he informed Scott that Derek took Allison home, Scott left to go find Derek while Stiles went to the Argent House to make sure Allison was okay.
    • Scott followed Allison's scent into the Beacon Hills Preserve, not realizing until it was too late that it wasn't Allison in the woods, but simply the jacket Derek had stolen from her, which Derek had hung in a tree to lure him there. Just as Derek assured Scott that Allison was safe from him, they were ambushed by a trio of Hunters who shot Scott with a crossbow arrow that impaled his right forearm and pinned him to the tree behind him. Fortunately, Derek managed to free Scott and incapacitate the Hunters long enough for them to get away.
    • After Derek briefly explained how Hunters had been policing and killing Werewolves for centuries, Scott, believing Derek to be the Werewolf who turned him, accused him of ruining his life. Instead of correcting Scott's mistaken assumption that he was Scott's sire, Derek assured Scott that the Bite is a gift and told him that they were brothers now. ("Wolf Moon")
  • Day 7 (Saturday):
  • The next morning, Stiles picked Scott up off the side of the road near the preserve after a confusing and exhausting night of being transformed on his first full moon. Stiles assured Scott that they would work together to help Scott control his lycanthropy as well as find a good excuse for Allison to explain Scott's behavior at the party. ("Wolf Moon")
  • Day 9 (Monday):
    • Scott approached Allison after school to apologize for what happened at Lydia's party, and though he didn't offer any explanation for his strange behavior on Friday, Allison agreed to give him a second chance.
    • Allison's father, Chris Argent, arrived to pick Allison up from school, and Scott realized to his horror that Chris was the leader of the Hunters who had shot him during the full moon. ("Wolf Moon")
    • Scott, dazed by this revelation, informed Stiles of what he had just learned about Allison's family, and Stiles insisted that Scott play it cool for now until they learned more.
    • At lacrosse practice, a still-angry and jealous Jackson purposely antagonized Scott on the field, causing him to abruptly and involuntarily transform on the lacrosse field, not noticing that Derek was once again watching him from afar. As a result of the rage caused by Jackson and Coach Finstock's taunts on the field, Scott tackled Jackson so hard that he dislocated his right shoulder and caused him to have to go to the hospital for treatment before completely losing control over his transformation.
    • Scott's change wasn't visible to the rest of the team due to his lacrosse helmet, but the risk to the other players forced Stiles to rush Scott into the locker room to calm him down. By the time they made it to the locker room, Scott had completely lost control of his lycanthropy and nearly killed Stiles, who managed to force him to shift back by hitting him in the face with a fire extinguisher. Once Scott returned to his normal human self, Stiles insisted that he needed to quit first line until he learned how to control himself to avoid exposing his new supernatural status to everyone, since lacrosse was a game that required a lot of violence and passion that could trigger a transformation.
    • That night, Melissa McCall accused Scott of being on drugs after noticing his strange behavior after informing him that she would be attending his lacrosse game. After she left, Derek broke into Scott's room to threaten him into quitting lacrosse to avoid exposing them both to the Hunters, leaving Scott conflicted. ("Second Chance at First Line")
  • Day 10 (Tuesday):
    • Scott went to Coach Finstock to reluctantly inform him that he was not going to be able to play in the upcoming game; since he couldn't tell him the truth (that he couldn't control his Werewolf transformations, he vaguely claimed he was having "aggression issues." Coach refused to accept Scott's absence at the game, and when Scott continued to argue, Coach gave him an ultimatum: either he played in the game, or Coach took him off first line and put him back on the bench.
    • Allison caught Scott in between classes and informed him that not only would she be attending his upcoming game, but that afterward, the two of them would be going out to eat with Jackson and Lydia, instructing that he should also invite Stiles to join them.
    • Lydia confronted Scott in class and demanded to know why she heard he wasn't playing in the game. When Scott didn't answer, Lydia made it clear that Scott had to play, since he hurt Jackson and prevented him from being able to play at his usual level of performance, and Lydia didn't want to be dating the captain of the losing lacrosse team. She then threatened to introduce Allison to all of the other hot lacrosse players and ruin his chances with her if he didn't play in the game, giving him the final push he needed to try to find another way to play without getting killed by Derek or killing anyone else on accident.
    • Allison was surprised to find her jacket, which had, unbeknownst to her, been stolen by Derek when he gave her a ride home from Lydia's party on the full moon so he could lure Scott to the woods, hanging in her locker; however, she shrugged it off as Lydia having found it and put it back, since she knew Allison's locker combination.
      • When Scott saw the jacket, he questioned Allison about it so aggressively that she got uncomfortable and left to go to class.
    • Scott went to the Hale House and demanded that Derek leave Allison alone, insisting that she didn't know anything about her family's legacy as Werewolf Hunters. Derek argued that Scott didn't know that for sure before reiterating that he was trying to help Scott, adding that his entire life would fall apart if he accidentally shifted in front of everyone at the lacrosse game.
      • While talking, Scott noticed a patch of earth next to the house that had recently been dug up and thought he recognized the scent of blood around the same area.
    • Scott went home to inform Stiles of this discovery, and the two went to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital so Scott could sneak into the morgue and confirm that what he smelled at the Hale House was the same scent as the dead body, which Scott confirmed. Scott and Stiles then made a plan to sneak to the Hale House that night after Derek left so they could dig up the body and confirm, intending to report him to the police if their suspicions were correct.
    • The two dug up the body, and though they were initially confused to find the upper half of a brown wolf's body, they ultimately found a wolfsbane plant tied to a spiral of twine wrapped around the body, which, when unraveled, caused the wolf's body to transform back into the upper half of the human body Scott had seen in the woods the night he was bitten, revealing that the victim was also a Werewolf. ("Second Chance at First Line")
  • Day 14 (Saturday):
    • While Scott and Stiles were driving in Stiles' Jeep, Scott was researching in Stiles' books to find information on the uses of wolfsbane in burial rituals when he suddenly became irritable and got into an argument with Stiles over his enjoyment of Scott's transformation into a supernatural creature. It was soon revealed that Scott's mood swing was caused by the wolfsbane plant from the Hale House, which Stiles had taken and put in his backpack in case they needed it later. The plant's proximity to Scott made him sick, and before Stiles could pull over, Scott had fully transformed and run away.
    • Scott ended up at the Argent House, where he leaped onto the roof so he could watch Allison through her bedroom window. However, when he saw his reflection in the glass, he was so startled by his fully-transformed appearance that he fell off of the roof just as Chris Argent was pulling into the driveway, causing the Hunter to accidentally hit him lightly with his SUV.
      • The commotion caused Allison to run outside and become momentarily upset with her father for trying to run Scott over, but both Argent and Scott assured her that it was just an accident. Scott claimed to have just been passing through the neighborhood and wanting to stop by, and Argent became somewhat suspicious. When Allison once again reminded Scott that she would be attending his lacrosse game, Argent invited himself along with Allison to watch him play as well.
    • The lacrosse game is held at night, and Scott ultimately decided to play, believing himself safe since Derek was in jail. Jackson, jealous of all of the attention Scott had been getting, bullied the rest of the players into not passing to Scott for the entire game, much to the chagrin of Jackson's best friend Danny Mahealani, who just wanted to win regardless of who was scoring the goals.
      • Allison and Lydia attended the game with Argent as their chaperone, with the latter closely watching Scott's performance.
      • Though Scott's control over his transformation was tested throughout the game, and there were a few close calls, he ultimately made it through without shifting in front of the entire audience, and Beacon Hills High School ended up winning the game.
      • Once the game ended, Scott rushed into the locker room to jump into the showers to keep himself from fully shifting, and Allison ended up finding him there after he had calmed down. They discussed that Scott needed to take his second chance, and Scott finally kissed her, with the two agreeing to hang out soon.
      • Afterward, Stiles came in and informed Scott what he had just learned from his father, the Sheriff-- the crime lab had determined the hairs found on the body were animal hairs, and since, as far as they knew, Derek was human, they were forced to release him from jail. He also revealed that the identity of the body had been determined, and it was Laura Hale, Derek's older sister. ("Second Chance at First Line")
  • Day 16 (Monday):

(work in progress)

February 2011


February 2011


March 2011


May 2011


Between Seasons 2-3

Early June- Mid-August 2011

August 2011

August 13

  • Braeden rescues Isaac from the Alphas.
  • Scott gets his tattoo but it heals.
  • A deer runs into Lydia's car smashing the windscreen, killing itself.


  • First day of Junior Year
    • Ethan and Aidan enroll at Beacon Hills High School.
  • Scott, Ennis, Deucalion and Kali arrive at the hospital. Ennis tries to kidnap Isaac. but is stopped by Scott, who attempts to fight him but loses, they are rescued by Derek.
  • Birds fly into the high school, during Ms Blake's Class.
  • Braeden looks for Scott at the high school but comes across Allison and Lydia, leaving a bruise on each of their arms.
    • The bruises on Allison and Lydia's arms when connected reveal to be the symbol of a bank vault where Boyd and Cora are being captive.
  • After taking Isaac to the Hale House to cure him, Derek repays Scott for his help by making his tattoo permanent by burning it into his skin.
  • The Alpha Pack track Braeden to the high school, Braeden and the Alpha Pack fight in the locker room, Deucalion the leader of the Alpha Pack, he reveals himself to Braeden but not long after he "kills" her.
  • Derek tell Stiles and Scott about the Alpha Pack when they discover the Pack's symbol on the front of Hale House.

15 August

  • Scott and Stiles go to Heather's Birthday Party, Heather is soon kidnapped and sacrificed.
    • Lydia and Allison arrive at the party to show Scott the bruises left by Braeden.

16 August

  • Peter performs the Memory Manipulation ritual to find out where the Alpha Pack are keeping Boyd and Erica.
  • Scott, Stiles, Deaton and Derek give Isaac a cold bath to help him recover his memories. This procedure was successful and Isaac told the others that he found Erica's dead body and Boyd and another yet unknown Werewolf girl locked inside the vault of First National Bank.

17 August

  • Scott, Stiles, Peter and Derek make a plan to break into the bank.
  • Allison invades the Alphas' lair on her own, encounters Marin Morrell there and is ordered to hide before the Alphas found her. While hiding in a supply closet, Allison, using her phone's light, finds Erica's decomposing corpse.
  • Scott and Derek break into the bank vault and face Boyd and Cora Hale, the latter of whom Derek recognized as his younger sister who he assumed was dead.
  • Derek and Scott are nearly killed by the feral Boyd and Cora until Allison frees them.
  • Scott reveals to Allison the truth about her mother's death just as a heartbroken Derek finds Erica's body and carries it out of the bank in his arms.
  • Chris helps Scott, Isaac and Derek catch Boyd and Cora without killing them, while Allison attempts to catch the feral wolves in her own way.
  • Derek and Scott lock Boyd and Cora in the high school's boiler room, until they realize that Jennifer Blake was still inside.
  • Derek protects Jennifer and allows his out-of-control Betas to claw him viciously until they pass out once the sun comes up.
  • Scott and Stiles deduce someone is committing human sacrifices.

September 2011


Between Seasons 3A-3B

October 2011

29 October

30 October

31 October (Halloween)

  • Scott, Stiles, Lydia & Kira are interrogated by Agent McCall about Barrow's death and the power outage.
  • Stiles encounters an unknown key on his keychain that he, and no one he asks, has any knowledge of.
    • While talking to Caitlin they notice that the key glows slightly green under blacklight, causing Stiles to realise where it might come from.
  • Kira reveals to Scott the strange silhouette that shows up on photos taken of her with a camera using flash, prompting the two and Stiles to steal her phone (with photos of Kira featuring the odd shadows) from evidence lock up at the Sheriff Station.
    • It is revealed later on in the night that Scott's Werewolf eyes are capable of seeing the silhouette without the assistance of a camera. In doing so, Scott notices that the silhouette takes the shape of a fox.
  • Derek is approached by the same unidentified shadowy beings that attacked Isaac.
  • Danny, with the help of Ethan & Aiden, hosts a blacklight party at Derek's loft.
  • Ethan becomes the third Werewolf attacked by the unknown assailants while at the party. Lydia is also approached by them shortly after making her their fourth victim overall; and they are shown to be capable of silencing her Banshee scream.
  • While dancing at the party, Allison notices that Isaac has a strange mark on his neck, just below his ear, in a shape that resembles a backwards 5. The same mark is shortly found on Derek, Aiden and Lydia.
  • Derek arrives back to his loft and breaks up the party, while everyone else leaves the shadowy attackers make a move towards Ethan, causing Scott, Derek, Isaac and Ethan to fight them, to no avail. During the fight the assailants are shown to be impervious to most attacks that would kill humans or other supernaturals (such as a broken neck) and to be capable of producing swords from their chests. Ethan is inspected and given the same mark as the others. ("Illuminated")

November 2011

1 November

  • The shadowy attackers move towards Scott and Kira, but before they can inspect them too, the sun rises causing them to disappear. This also marks Kiras first definitive experience with the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills (outside of her own newfound status as a supernatural of some kind).
  • Chris arrives back to his and Allison's apartment with apparent wounds, collapsing just inside the door.
  • Stiles confirms his suspicion regarding the mystery key by trying it on the chemistry classroom closet, which it is able to open. This causes Stiles to replay Agent McCall's words about someone leaving a coded message on the classroom board for Barrow to kill Kira. Stiles writes out the same numbers present in the message and discovers that he was apparently the one who left the code for Barrow.("Illuminated")
    • Stiles later tries to show this to Scott but the message has been erased by the time Scott arrives at school and Stiles apparently is no longer in possession of the key to the chemistry closet, much to his confusion and distress.
  • Chris is found by Allison, Isaac and Scott, and as Allison treats his wounds he recounts the story of his first gun deal as a hunter in 1984, involving the Yakuza and several of the supernatural attackers currently inspecting the members of the McCall Pack. He also reveals to the trio he has the shards of a broken mask from one of these creatures.
  • Scott drops Kira back at her house, and she asks about the supernatural occurrences she witnessed, as well as asking for confirmation of the status of Scott and his friends as Werewolves, and asks to see his Werewolf face.
    • Later in the day, the two discuss Kira's supernatural identity, with Kira theorizing that she is a species from Japanese folklore known as a Kitsune, which is shortly confirmed by Derek saying that its obvious when looking at her with Werewolf eyes, as young Kitsune cannot conceal their aura (which was seen previously by Scott).
  • Due to Stiles' ongoing issues with insomnia, difficulty reading, anxiety, and difficulty discerning reality from dreams combined with his theory that he was connected to Barrow's attack on Kira, Scott recommends that Stiles skips school and takes the day off. He ends up going to the hospital where Melissa notes down his symptoms and forces him to sleep using a sedative. She is troubled by the fact that his symptoms appear to mimic those suffered by his Mother prior to her death from frontotemporal dementia related complications.
  • To get more information on the shadowy attackers Chris sets up a meeting with one of the survivors from the incident with the Yakuza, Katashi, under the pretense of selling one of his rare guns. With the help of Allison and Isaac they manage to talk to Katashi and discover that the demon creatures are known as Oni; he says they are unstoppable and that they are searching for someone who is no longer themself, one possessed by a dark Kitsune or "Nogitsune". The mark left behind by the Oni's inspection is the Japanese kanji for "self" to indicate that the individual is not the possessed person they are seeking.
  • Agent McCall goes to the McCall House in search of Scott to confront him about the security photo taken by his laptop when the two broke into the Sheriff station the night before. However, having arrived just before sundown he ends up stabbed through the chest by one of the Oni trying to inspect Scott & Kira, though he manages survives the incident. Scott and Kira are inspected by the Oni and, despite Kira's worries that her Kitsune spirit was in fact a Nogitsune, both passed the judgement of the demons and were marked as being themselves.
  • Stiles wakes up at the hospital as Agent McCall is brought in to be treated for his wounds. While looking for Melissa, Stiles encounters the Oni and attempts to flee but is blocked from doing so. As one of the Oni reaches out to inspect him Stiles grabs the demon, apparently surprised by his own actions, and thrusts his hand into the Oni's chest and rips out a glowing firefly, causing the Oni to vanish and the two remaining individuals to step back in uncertainty. When Scott finds Stiles he seems unfazed by what just happened and does not mention the inicident, but the firefly is shown on the ground briefly before vanishing in shadows. ("Silverfinger")


Between Seasons 3B-4

December 2011

December 2011

  • Stiles, Scott, Kira, Malia and Lydia travel to Mexico to find Derek. In order to explain their disappearance from Beacon Hill, Stiles tells his father they went camping. ("117")
  • Lydia and Stiles enter a club owned by the Calaveras, with Kira, Malia and Scott already in side ("The Dark Moon")
    • While Stiles and Lydia try and negotiate, Scott Kira and Malia try to find Derek but are captured.Leading Scott to be tortured, While being interrogated, Scott comes to the realisation that Kate Argent is still alive and has Derek.

January 2012

  • Scott, Stiles, Malia and Kira take the PSAT at the School but are attacked by an assassin known as The chemist, using a virus weaponized to kill werewolves
  • Malia discovers that she is the daughter of Peter Hale when she sees her name listed on the Deadpool as Malia Hale.

February 2012


Between Seasons 4-5

Summer 2012

August 2012


September 2012


October 2012


Between Season 5B-Season 6

= November 2012 through January 2013

  • The McCall Pack experienced three months without any supernatural disturbances. ("Memory Lost")
  • Hayden Romero and Liam Dunbar's relationship began to grow stronger, with the two spending a lot of time together. This included: going on a double date, spending Christmas with Liam's parents, going to a New Year's Eve party, and having a vague incident in which Hayden's sister Valerie presumably walked in on them having sex. ("Memory Lost"
  • Stiles Stilinski, anxious about graduating from high school and moving away from his friends and pack, became preoccupied with fighting supernatural threats and called Lydia Martin out with him in the middle of the night to investigate deaths with her Banshee powers at least three times a week, though none of these cases end up being supernatural in nature. ("Memory Lost")
  • Scott McCall made the decision to not be team captain of the Beacon Hills Cyclones lacrosse team in order to give the team an opportunity to find a suitable replacement before he left for college. ("Superposition")

Season 6A

January 2013


February 2013


March 2013


April 2013


June 2013

  • Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin graduate from Beacon Hills High School, with Malia Tate planning to graduate after completing summer school. ("Riders on the Storm")
    • Scott decided to attend University of California - Davis in Davis, California with the goal of studying veterinary science.
    • Stiles decided to study at George Washington University in Washington D.C., where he planned to enroll in the pre-FBI program.
    • Lydia decided to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where her number of Advanced Placement credits allowed her to begin as a junior, presumably to study mathematics.
  • Scott and Stiles passed the leadership of the McCall Pack to Liam and Mason, with Stiles giving Mason his baseball bat and instructing him to make sure that he looked out for Liam just like Stiles looks out for Scott.

Between Season 6A and Season 6B

June 2013 - August 2013

Season 6B

Late August/Early September 2013

Between 2013 and 2015


  • Scott and Chris Argent track down an Omega Werewolf named Alec, who is alone and being hunted by Monroe's Army.
    • After saving Alec from being killed by the Hunters, Argent and Scott drove Alec to safety, during which time they briefed him on their history in the supernatural world and how they grew to be a such a tight-knit pack.
  • Scott and Alec met up with the rest of the core members of the McCall Pack—Stiles, Lydia, Derek, Malia and Liam—and Scott offered him a place in the pack in exchange for joining them in the war against the Hunters. ("The Wolves of War")