Argent: "The Nemetons..."
Melissa: "What does Gerard want with them?"
Mason: "If they're like the one here, then they're beacons for supernaturals."
Argent: "If you wanted to kill every supernatural in the world... these are where you would start."
Melissa: "Then Gerard isn't gonna stop with Beacon Hills, is he?"
Argent: "He wants the whole world."
Chris Argent, Melissa McCall, and Mason Hewitt about Gerard Argent's plans with the Nemeton map

Triggers is the sixteenth episode of Season 6 and the ninety-sixth episode of Teen Wolf.[1]


Liam and Theo try to draw the Hunters away from Beacon Hills.




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  • The history between Jiang and Nolan is once again referenced in this episode. It was last referenced in Pressure Test.
  • It is confirmed that Rafael McCall is, in fact, aware of the supernatural, though, according to Melissa McCall, it was revealed to him somewhat recently. It was first implied Rafael had learned of the supernatural world in Pressure Test.
  • It is confirmed that Aaron is still either possessed by or influenced by the Anuk Ite when he infects Edgar with spiders. Aaron was first shown being infected with the Anuk Ite's spiders in Raw Talent.
    • It is also revealed that the Anuk Ite is looking for another shapeshifter like itself who can "do more than just shift." The Anuk Ite being composed of two different creatures was implied to be true by Alan Deaton in Pressure Test.
  • The McCall Pack continues to pretend that they have left Beacon Hills after the deal made between Rafael McCall and Tamora Monroe. This deal was made in Pressure Test.
  • Malia references the fact that she was supposed to go to France. Malia's travel plans were set to start in Said the Spider to the Fly, though she missed her flight due to her need to help the McCall Pack deal with this newest threat.
  • Liam hallucinates that Brett Talbot and the rest of the Devenford Prep lacrosse team were assaulting him with lacrosse balls, likely due to the Anuk Ite's influence. Brett was last seen in After Images.
  • Theo prevents Liam from killing Nolan in an Anuk Ite-influenced rage, further demonstrating his road to redemption in the series. Theo was first shown to be acting in a more altruistic manner in Season 6A's Memory Found.
  • Lydia has a premonition about the shooting at the McCall House, including a flashback to a premonition she had in Said the Spider to the Fly.
  • Jiang and Tierney are confirmed to be dead in this episode after Scott and Malia find a piece of flayed skin with Tierney's tattoo of the Ito Pack's symbol on display in Gerard's armory. Jiang and Tierney were presumed to be dead after being shot in the head with a shotgun by one of Gerard and Monroe's Hunters in Pressure Test.
    • Malia also found a pair of disembodied gray-brown wolf ears, implying that the Hunters killed a Werewolf (or a similar creature such as a Werecoyote) who can full-shift and cut their ears off. However, the identity of this shapeshifter remains unknown.
  • Lydia demonstrated her fighting ability for the first time this season during hers and Argent's battle with Gerard and Monroe's Hunters. She was trained in close-quarters combat by Jordan Parrish in Season 5A.
  • Scott and Malia finally kiss in this episode after nearly a half-season of relationship development. It was first hinted that the two had romantic feelings for each other in Season 6B's Raw Talent.
  • It is revealed that Gerard's ultimate goal is a global genocide of supernatural creatures by using a map of the locations of every Nemeton in the world. This was first implied to be the case by Chris Argent (albeit only on a town-wide scale in Beacon Hills) in Face-to-Faceless.


  • The episode title refers to the fact that the Anuk Ite is triggering fear and other fear-related emotions in the citizens of Beacon Hills, including Liam Dunbar, who is being affected by the creature and who is experiencing a lack of control over his anger.
  • Gerard Argent is revealed to have reopened his firearms dealership just like his son, Chris Argent. It is unknown if they are both working under the business Argent Arms International, or if either Gerard or Chris have branched out and created their own business.
  • Liam informs Theo that he's interested in history, which was why he chose the Hill Valley Zoo to set the decoy plan-- the paths that all met up with each other in the zoo resembled the same paths in the Greek island of Mykonos, which were used to cause invaders to get lost and turned around in the spiraling paths, making it easier for them to be targeted by the Mykonosian military.
  • Scott and Malia find a map in Gerard's locked room in the armory which marks all seven currently-existing Nemetons in the world. Due to the dots on the map being fairly large and the outlines of the countries ill-defined, only vague locations of the Nemeton were able to be discerned. These locations include Beacon Hills, California; the east-central coast of Brazil; somewhere in Knud Rasmusen Land in northern Greenland; somewhere in or just south of the Auvergne region of France; somewhere around the southern border of Egypt and the northern border of Sudan; somewhere in the far-north-eastern region of Russia; and somewhere on the southeastern coast of China bordering the East China Sea.
    • In the episode that follows, Werewolves of London, four of the Nemetons, excluding the one in Beacon Hills, were identified by name in conversation between Scott McCall and Deucalion. These locations include: Toulouse, France; Brasilia, Brazil; Logashkino, Russia; and Zhengzhou, China. This leaves only two Nemetons without exact locations-- the one in Greenland, and the one in the Egyptian/Sudan region of Africa.
  • It is implied that the zoo had a particular strong supernatural energy signature that allowed the Anuk Ite to trigger Liam more easily. Why this is the case is unknown, but it could be due to the creature's power to seemingly control animals.
  • It is revealed that a Banshee's scream is strong enough to break through a solid steel door that is bulletproof after Lydia was able to channel her scream through her hands to break through the locked door trapping Scott and Malia in Gerard's armory.
  • Though Lydia had a premonition of the shooting at the McCall House, she did not fully understand what it was telling her so that she could warn the others until seconds before it happened. Though most of them escaped the gunfire, it was implied that Melissa McCall was hit by at least one stray bullet.
  • Rafael McCall discovered that Gerard "donated" all of the weaponry at his armory to the citizens of Beacon Hills, free of charge, indicating that the supernatural community is even more at risk of injury and death with the large amount of firearms at the human community's disposal.

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  • "What Would You Say To The Dark" by ITG Studios
    • Edgar enters the school to see dozens of students with bandaged hands, all of whom look terrified by the sight of Gabe and Aaron. Aaron tracks Edgar to the bathroom, where it is revealed Edgar is a Werecoyote.
  • "Nobody Knows" by Autograf ft. WYNNE
    • Liam and Theo drive back home and discuss the effect the Anuk Ite is having on Liam.
  • "I'd Let You Win" by Ports
    • Malia informs Scott that one of the things she wants to do is to kiss him, and the two begin to make out in his bedroom.



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