Scott: "I saw something. There were tunnels. Pipes along the walls. There were these huge blue pipes at the entrance, two on both sides."
Stiles: "Wait a second-- I've seen this before. That's one of the tunnels I used to skateboard in. Remember? My dad caught me one time and told me never to go back?"
Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski about the Water Treatment Plant in the Underground Tunnels in Ouroboros

The Underground Tunnels are a network of tunnels and sewers underneath Beacon Hills, California that serve as passageways to several subterranean locations in the town, including the residential area as well as the Beacon Hills Preserve. The tunnels and the locations therein have been the sites of major events in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons of Teen Wolf, and many of the above-ground locations have basement entrances to these underground tunnels.

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

While the underground tunnels are a location in itself, it also contains a number of other significant locations in the Teen Wolf series.

Underground Locations[edit | edit source]

Water Treatment Plant[edit | edit source]

In the passageways of the tunnels that include Beacon Hills' sewers, there is a water treatment plant that is used to purify sewer water for public consumption. The plant is notable for its painted blue pipes running along the entrance and the walls of the sewers. Stiles Stilinski used to use these tunnels as a place to skateboard until he was caught by his father, Noah Stilinski, and was forbidden to return. ("Ouroboros")

This plant's sewers also acted as the hideout for Kate Argent and her Berserkers, as well as a meeting place for her and Peter Hale to discuss their plans, since Kate believed the large amount of chemicals and fecal matter would prevent any of the McCall Pack's shapeshifters from using her scent to track her. ("Orphaned") Unfortunately, Peter's highly developed sense of smell allowed him to find her, as did her own brother, Chris Argent, who tested a Berserker claw that he had pulled from Scott McCall's body and determined her location based on the chemicals on it. ("A Promise to the Dead")

Dread Doctors' Operating Theater[edit | edit source]

The Dread Doctors created an operating theater adjacent to the water treatment plant whose location was marked by a painted metal snake eating its own tail, the ouroboros, which could be turned to open the secret door. ("The Sword and the Spirit") Inside the operating theater, the Doctors performed experiments on humans with genetic chimerism, turning them into pseudo-supernatural Chimeras through injections of Modified Mercury and other surgical procedures. ("Parasomnia")

For this purpose, the theater included a dentist-style chair and an operating table, both of which were outfitted with restraints to prevent the Chimeras from fighting back or escaping before they were done. ("Condition Terminal"), ("Strange Frequencies") The floors and walls of the theater were covered in yellow tile which had become grungy-looking with age, and it had several mini-staircases with metal steps and railings. The operating theater also had fluorescent lighting and was implied to sit on a convergence of Telluric Currents, which were needed to properly contain the test subject known as Der Soldat, an Alpha Löwenmensch who was held in a tank of the Dread Doctors' green serum, which was used to extend the Doctors' lives. ("Heartless")

After the Dread Doctors successfully created their successful Chimera to act as the vessel for the Beast of Gevaudan, they abandoned their operating theater, which was then used as a hide-out for Theo Raeken and their Chimera Pack. ("The Sword and the Spirit") However, before this occurred, The Surgeon broke down one of the tiled walls with his hammer-headed sword-cane, revealing a fresco painting of a Hellhound fighting the Beast on top of a huge pile of dead bodies. ("Status Asthmaticus"), ("The Sword and the Spirit")

Argent Bunker[edit | edit source]

Down in the tunnels, the Argent Family has a bunker which acts as a secure hideout as well as an armory and storage area for weapons, tools, and other objects and artifacts that aid them in their roles as Hunters and arms dealers. A major feature of this bunker is a freezer unit that can be used to put shapeshifters such as Jordan Parrish, a Hellhound, Scott McCall, a True Alpha Werewolf, and Malia Tate, a Beta Werecoyote, into trance-like states. This can do anything from allowing the Hellhound's own consciousness to overpower the consciousness of its host so that that the Hellhound spirit can communicate with others, to triggering memories that have been suppressed by the Ghost Riders. ("The Sword and the Spirit"), ("Memory Found")

The bunker houses a large cache of weapons and gadgets, including non-lethal ones such as taser wands and ultra-sonic emitters, and lethal ones such as assault rifles. It also contains silver bars with the Argent Family's symbol, the fleur-de-lis, stamped on it so that they can be melted down and forged into bullets and arrowheads, as well as tools and other implements for weapon maintenance and repair. It also appears to have books outlining the Argent Family's history, which were referenced by Gerard and Chris Argent during the fight against the Beast of Gevaudan. ("Maid of Gévaudan")

The bunker has a very thick and round iron door that can be closed and sealed against human and many supernatural threats, turning it into a fortress inside which people can seek shelter. ("Relics"), ("Riders on the Storm")

Theo's Prison[edit | edit source]

After all of Theo's acts of war against the McCall Pack, Kira Yukimura had her sword reassembled and empowered by the Skinwalkers. This gave Kira the ability to not only use it as a conduit to absorb the electromagnetic forces Theo shot at the McCall Pack in the underground tunnels after they had defeated the Beast of Gevaudan, but it also allowed her to open a large sinkhole in the tunnel floor, from which Theo's deceased sister, Tara, crawled out. She then proceeded to drag Theo down into the sinkhole before the fissure in the ground healed itself, creating an underground prison beneath the tunnel where Theo could not escape. ("Apotheosis")

He was then released from this prison several months later by Liam Dunbar, who was given Kira's sword by Noshiko Yukimura, and who believed the power of electromagnetokinesis that Theo stole from Josh Diaz were the only way the pack would be able to catch one of the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt and learn what it is they wanted in Beacon Hills. ("Ghosted") Once Kira's sword was broken once again, the ability to open a new sinkhole entrance to the prison was lost to all. ("Blitzkrieg")

Locations with Tunnel Access[edit | edit source]

In addition to containing numerous significant locations within the Teen Wolf universe, there are quite a few above-ground sites that have access to the tunnels, typically involving a grate or door in the basement of the building in question.

Beacon Hills Preserve[edit | edit source]

The nature preserve is an expansive forest area in Beacon Hills which was discovered to have an entrance to the tunnels after Scott McCall, Malia Tate, and Lydia Martin followed the trail to the last known Rift opened between the real world and the Wild Hunt's Phantom Train Station. This entrance appeared to be a large sewer pipe which had a small, rusty, wrought-iron gate in front of it, through which the three walked in order to get into the tunnels. This particular passageway then led them straight to a Rift that was being used by the Ghost Riders, though it was unable to be used to get to the Wild Hunt until it was physically opened by the Hellhound Jordan Parrish. ("Blitzkrieg")

Camp Oak Creek[edit | edit source]

The underground tunnels were first seen under what was previously Camp Oak Creek, a military base that was converted into an internment camp for Japanese immigrants through an order by US President Franklin Roosevelt during World War II. In 1943, the tunnels were the site of a devastating massacre caused by the Nogitsune summoned by Noshiko Yukimura in retribution for the riot and subsequent cover-up on the part of the United States military, which resulted in dozens of deaths of both internees and its employees. ("The Fox and the Wolf")

In 2011, the tunnels acted as the hide-out for the Nogitsune after he captured the Banshee Lydia Martin, intending to use her to determine the exact moment the Oni summoned by Noshiko arrived so that he would know when to use Noshiko's Kitsune tail to take control of the demons. Though Lydia was ultimately rescued by Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski, Stiles and Lydia were stuck in the tunnels when Lydia sensed that their good friend and packmate, Allison Argent, had been killed by an Oni, causing Lydia to Banshee scream in grief and devastation. ("Insatiable")

Eichen House[edit | edit source]

While not truly located in the tunnels, Eichen House has grates in the men's shower room that lead down to the tunnels, which was where Gabriel Valack took Lydia Martin, upon whom he had recently performed trephination and whom he intended to have wear the Dread Doctor Mask to help determine the identity of the vessel to the recently resurrected Beast of Gevaudan. After Lydia's Banshee scream killed Valack, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Liam Dunbar, and Jordan Parrish used the tunnels to flee with Lydia in order to save her life. ("Amplification"), ("Lie Ability")

Telecommunications Tower[edit | edit source]

The tower to the telecommunication company in Beacon Hills was also revealed to have access to the tunnels via the basement when Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski examined the location following an attack on the premises by the Beast of Gevaudan that led to the death of a telecommunications technician and a lucky escape by Valerie Clark, Hayden Romero, and Liam Dunbar. This was proven to be part of the reasoning behind the attack on the facility, as security camera footage did not capture the Beast or its vessel entering the building, which led the McCall Pack to realize that they had entered the tower through the network of tunnels underground. ("Damnatio Memoriae")

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