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Derek: "You want me to kill my own pack?"
Deucalion: "No! I want you to kill one of them. Do that, and I won't have to ask you to kill the others-- you'll do it on your own. I did it. Ennis did it. Kali did. Tell him what it's like, Kali, to kill one of your own."
Kali: "Mmm... Liberating."
Deucalion: "Listen to me, Derek. Do you really want to stay beholden to a couple of teenagers bound to become a liability? And believe me, they will become a liability. In fact, I have a feeling one of them is getting himself into trouble right now..."

Unleashed is the fourth episode of Season 3 and the twenty-eighth episode of Teen Wolf.


Scott tries to prevent a deadly confrontation. Stiles defends the werewolves.


The body of the newest murder victim is found. The Alphas attack Derek, and Deucalion offers him a proposition: join the Alpha Pack by killing his own Betas and absorbing their power, or die himself. Stiles, Lydia and Deaton figure out that the serial killer is a Darach, a dark or evil Druid. Mr. Harris is murdered next, though he seemed to know the killer. Derek, aware Deucalion wants him to kill his pack, kicks Isaac out in hopes of sparing his life, causing Isaac to move in with Scott and Melissa.


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  • It is implied that Alan Deaton is a Druid in this episode. He first demonstrated a deeper understanding of the supernatural world in Abomination.
  • It is also revealed that the person committing human sacrifices is a Darach, which is the Gaelic word for a dark Druid, or a Druid who has "gone down the wrong path."
  • Lydia draws a sketch of a tree for the first time this season in this episode, a recurring theme throughout Season 3A.
  • Lydia is drawn to the murder of yet another Beacon Hills citizen used as a human sacrifice when she unconsciously walks to the band room in a fugue state. She then was able to figure out that the band teacher had been captured, just like the others this season.
  • There are several hints to Scott McCall's impending ascension to True Alpha status in this episode:
    • Kyle, an ROTC student who brought his dog, Bullet, to the animal clinic for a checkup, saw Scott petting Bullet and remarked that the dog "knew who the Alpha was."
      • Deaton was especially affected by this comment, which lends evidence to his future claim in Currents that Deaton has believed Scott would become a True Alpha since he first learned Scott had been bitten in Season 1.
    • Scott roared at Isaac to snap him out of his panic attack-induced transformation and prevent him from harming Allison, which was ultimately successful, as though Scott were actually Isaac's Alpha.
  • Isaac finally returns to school after having been captured and injured by the Alpha Pack in Tattoo.
  • Isaac is locked into a supply closet with Allison by Ethan and Aiden during lunchtime detention, which triggered his PTSD though his claustrophobia (which he developed in response to his father locking him in a freezer to punish him for years). This caused him to partially transform and scratch Allison on accident with his claws until Scott stopped him.
    • Isaac was first revealed to have been abused in this manner in Shape Shifted.
  • Cora reveals that she had no idea that Derek was still alive, and confirms that she was captured by the Alpha Pack three months ago during her journey to Beacon Hills, after Cora heard rumors of a powerful new Hale Alpha who was building a pack in her hometown.
  • Deucalion reveals that he was close with Derek and Cora's mother Talia Hale, who was first mentioned in The Tell.
  • Isaac is kicked out of the Hale Loft by Derek in this episode, after having lived with him since some point between Master Plan and Tattoo. Derek made it seem as though he didn't have the room to house Isaac now that Cora was also living there, but in reality, Derek was afraid that Isaac's proximity to him would get him hurt or even killed by the Alpha Pack.
  • Adrian Harris is apparently killed by the Darach in this episode. However, his body is never found afterward, unlike the other Darach sacrifices, which were all found shortly after their deaths, either by Lydia or someone else. In addition, no one refers to Harris as being dead at any point afterward-- if he is mentioned, it is always said that he is "still missing." This has lent an air of mystery to his character and his supposed death.
  • Deaton reveals that Mistletoe is toxic to dogs, humans, and Werewolves in this episode, which will come into play in future episodes.
  • The concept of supernaturals having the ability to steal the powers of others is introduced in this episode when Deucalion reveals that he, Kali, and Ennis all killed their own Betas to subsume their power.
    • Deucalion also references one of his former Betas, Marco (though not by name), who attempted to kill Deucalion after he was blinded so he could become Alpha himself and was ultimately killed in the process, which revealed to Deucalion the fact that an Alpha can consume the power of their own Betas. This story will be expanded upon in Visionary.
  • Allison hallucinates her mother, Victoria Argent, in this episode for the first time, which will occur on several more occasions this season. Victoria was last seen in Party Guessed.
  • Sheriff Stilinski reveals that the FBI has sent in some special agents to help the Sheriff's department investigate the recent murders, a presence that will continue throughout Season 3A.
  • Allison and Isaac reference the fact that Isaac saw Allison helping them catch Cora and Boyd in Fireflies in this episode.
    • This episode also marks the beginning of Allison and Isaac's friendship, which will develop into a close friendship and eventually a romantic relationship throughout the rest of the season.


  • The title refers to Isaac Lahey, and the fact that Ethan and Aiden purposely attacked him with the intention of "unleashing" his violent urges on others, as well as Deucalion's intention to have Derek Hale "unleash" himself upon his own Betas in order to kill them as his initiation into the Alpha Pack.

Body Count[]

  • Kyle - three-fold death (strangled, slit throat, blunt force trauma to head); killed by the Darach
  • Band Teacher - three-fold death; killed by the Darach
  • Adrian Harris - three-fold death; killed by the Darach (presumably)



  • "Made" by Battle Tapes
    • Isaac chases after the twins at lacrosse practice
  • "Shapeshifter" by Celldweller (ft. Styles of Beyond)
    • Cora trains to fight the Alphas in the loft and gets into a fight with Derek
  • "Raveheart" by Galantis
    • Derek and Cora fight Kali and Ennis
  • "Skin" by Black Box Revelation
    • Allison hotwires Aiden's motorcycle and shows Isaac how to drive it
  • "H.O.T.S." by Bais Haus
    • Scott taunts Ethan and Aiden in English class
  • "Spank" by The Bloody Beetroots (ft Tai & Bart B Moore)
    • Isaac speeds down the hallway on Aiden's motorcycle
  • "Loksins Erum Við Engin" by múm
    • Lydia draws a tree in her notebook while in a fugue state until Danny points out that she's in the music room and not the art room


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