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SCOTT: [voiceover] Previously on Teen Wolf...
SCOTT: How many are there?
DEREK: A pack of 'em... an Alpha Pack. ("Tattoo")
DEREK: Cora...?
DEREK: She's my sister. My younger sister!
SCOTT: I couldn't let that be the last memory you had of her. ("Chaos Rising")
MR. LAHEY: You want to take this downstairs? ("Shape Shifted")
HEATHER: You know what I want for my birthday? To not be a virgin. ("Chaos Rising")
STILES: Emily, Heather, the guy Lydia found at the pool... all of them were virgins.
STILES: Sacrifices. Human sacrifices. ("Fireflies")


KYLE: It's not gonna hurt him, is it?
DEATON: Just a little. But, I usually find that it's the owners...
DEATON: Who feel the most pain.
DEATON: All right. Well, we'll just check the stool sample for parasites, but my guess is that he probably just ate something he shouldn't have.
SCOTT: He's got a cool name.
KYLE: He's got two brothers at home named Beretta and Trigger-- military family.
KYLE: Looks like he knows who the Alpha is.

KYLE: Let's go, buddy.
KYLE: Okay, this usually happens before we go to the vet...
KYLE: Hey!

SCOTT: Found something.
DEATON: Rinse it off.
SCOTT: What is it?
DEATON: Definitely poisonous... for the dog.
DEATON: Actually, for you as well.
SCOTT: Wolfsbane?
DEATON: Mistletoe.

KYLE: Bullet?
KYLE: Come here, Bullet... Come here, Bullet...
KYLE: Ahh! Son of a bitch! Did you just bite me?
DARACH: [distorted] Closer...
DARACH: [distorted] Come closer...



JENNIFER: [anxiously] What do you want?
JENNIFER: You gonna threaten me? Tell me that no one's gonna believe me? Try to scare me?
JENNIFER: ...Kill me?
DEREK: I was gonna see if you were okay...
JENNIFER: Physically or emotionally?
JENNIFER: [nervously] Although, I guess that presupposes I was emotionally okay before any of this, and, according to my therapist, I--
JENNIFER: ...It's been debatable for a long time.
DEREK: [amused] I think you're gonna be okay.
JENNIFER: [rambling] Obviously, you've never taught high school. In twenty minutes, I have to start two dozen teenagers on The Crucible, and I honestly have no idea what I'm gonna say.
DEREK: Well, why don't you start by telling them that it's an allegory for McCarthyism?
JENNIFER: Is that a subtle way of suggesting that I shouldn't say anything? Because I won't.
JENNIFER: ...Who are you?
DEREK: I'm Derek.
JENNIFER: [smiling] I'm Jennifer.


SCOTT: I looked everywhere. It's like he just walked away-- left his car, his dog...
STILES: [anxiously] Okay, was he, like... could he have been a virgin, maybe? Did he look like a virgin? Was he, you know, virginal?
SCOTT: [sarcastically] No, definitely not-- Deaton makes me have sex with all of his clients. It's a new policy.
SCOTT: [sighing] No, I don't know if he was a virgin...
SCOTT: And why are you talking like he's already dead? He's just missing.
STILES: [hysterically] Missing and presumed dead because he's probably a virgin, Scott! And you know who else is a virgin? Me. I'm a virgin, okay? And you know what that means? It means that my lack of sexual experience is now literally a threat to my life! Okay, I need to have sex, like, right now. Someone needs to have sex with me, like, today. Like, someone needs to sex me right now!
DANNY: All right, I'll do it.
STILES: [yelping] What???
DANNY: Come to my place at nine. Plan to stay the night. I like to cuddle.
STILES: [earnestly] Oh, that is so sweet. Are you kidding?
DANNY: [exasperatedly] Yes! I'm kidding!
STILES: [offended] Okay, you know, you don't toy with a guy's emotions like that, Danny! It's not attractive, all right?
COACH: Mr. Lahey, happy to have you back! Not happy that you're late.
ISAAC: Sorry, Coach...
COACH: I'll remind you all, cross-country is not optional for lacrosse players! I don't need you turning into a bunch of fat-asses in the off season...
COACH: [clearing throat] So, work on that...

COACH: Pace yourselves! Come on!
SCOTT: Isaac!
ISAAC: It's them!
SCOTT: Isaac, wait!
SCOTT: Isaac!

AIDEN: Ethan, I always forget-- how many bones in the human body?
ETHAN: I don't know. Let's count!
SCOTT: ...That's one.
ETHAN & AIDEN: [simultaneously] GRRRRRR!

ISAAC: It's him, isn't it?
STILINSKI: Hey, get out of the way! Get back!
STILINSKI: Get this area cordoned off before they trample every piece of evidence.
TARA: Back up! Everyone back!
STILINSKI: Get these kids out of here!
STILES: Dad, just come here. Look, look!
STILES: Look at it-- it's the same as the others, you see?
STILINSKI: [tiredly] Yeah, I see that. Do me a favor? Go back to school, yeah?
STILINSKI: Coach, can you give us a hand, here?
COACH: You heard the man! Nothing to see here! Probably just some homeless kid...
SCOTT: Coach?
COACH: Yeah?
SCOTT: He was a senior.
COACH: Oh...
COACH: He wasn't on the team, was he?
ASHLEY: AHHHHHH! KYLE! Oh, God, Kyle! Oh, God!
ISAAC: You see the way the twins looked at him?
STILES: [scoffing] Yeah, you mean, like, they had no idea what happened?
ISAAC: No. No, they knew.
STILES: [exasperatedly] The kid was strangled with a garrote, all right? Am I the only one recognizing the lack of Werewolf-itude in these murders?
ISAAC: Oh, you think it's a coincidence they turn up and then people start dying?
STILES: Well, no, but I still don't think it's them...
STILES: Scott?
ISAAC: How 'bout you?
SCOTT: [awkwardly] ...I don't know yet.
STILES: [incredulously] You don't know yet???
SCOTT: Well, he's got a point... Seriously, dude? Human sacrifices?
STILES: [appalled] Scott, your eyes turn into yellow glow-sticks, okay? Hair literally grows from your cheeks and then will immediately disappear, and if I were to stab you right now, it would just magically heal, but you're telling me that you're having trouble grasping human sacrifices???
SCOTT: [sighing] That's a good point, too...
ISAAC: [determinedly] I don't care. They killed that kid. They killed the girl that saved me. I'm gonna kill them, too.


DEREK: Stop.
DEREK: You're not done healing.
CORA: Yeah? Well, I'm done lying around.
DEREK: [exasperatedly] Then sit.
CORA: Are you gonna help me go after them?
CORA: Come on!
CORA: Fight back!
CORA: [scoffing] I came back for this?
CORA: I can't believe I got my ass thrown in a vault for three months for you!
CORA: All those rumors I heard... A powerful new Alpha... One of the Hales! Building a pack! Do you know how long I waited to hear something like that? Do you have any idea how it felt to find out you were alive?
DEREK: [grimly] I'm sorry to disappoint you.
CORA: ...What's that?
DEREK: Trouble.
DEREK: No, wait! WAIT!
ENNIS: [growling] Ready for a rematch?
DEUCALION: ...Everybody done?
DEUCALION: 'Cause just listening to that was exhausting.
DEUCALION: So... let's chat.


MARIN: Où allez-vous? [French: "Where are you going?"]
CLASS: [repeating] Où allez-vous?
MARIN: Je vais chez moi. [French: "I am going home."]
CLASS: [repeating] Je vais chez moi.
MARIN: Mademoiselle? Mademoiselle Argent? [French: "Miss? Miss Argent?"]
VICTORIA: Allison!
MARIN: [patronizingly] Es-tu fatiguée? [French: "Are you tired?"]
ALLISON: [embarrassed] Sorry...
MARIN: You're starting to concern me, Allison. Maybe we should chat in the guidance office sometime.
ALLISON: Or maybe you should tell me what you were doing at the bank the other night.
MARIN: Maybe you should tell me what you were doing there.
MARIN: Looks like we have a situation here.
MARIN: Tell you what-- give me the French word for it that's the same in English, and you can avoid lunchtime detention.
MARIN: Impasse.

HARRIS: All right, since inertia is a subject of which you all know plenty, why don't we start with "momentum?"
ISAAC: [muttering] They're here for a reason.
SCOTT: [muttering] Give me a chance to figure it out before you do anything. Okay?
SCOTT: Isaac...
HARRIS: Danny... What do we know about momentum?
DANNY: It's the product of mass and velocity. The more massive something is, the faster it's going.
ISAAC: Mr. Harris, can I use the bathroom. please?
SCOTT: I have to go to the bathroom, too.
HARRIS: One at a time.
SCOTT: But, I really have to go. Like, medical-emergency-have-to-go.
HARRIS: [drolly] Mr. McCall, if your bladder suddenly exploded and urine began pouring from every orifice, I would still respond, "One at a time."
SCOTT: Uhhh...
HARRIS: Is that enough hyperbole for you, or would you like me to come up with something more vivid?
SCOTT: [sighing] No... No, that's pretty good...

HARRIS: What is this? What's going on?
DANNY: You all right?
ETHAN: [dramatically] Uh, he just... He just came at me!
HARRIS: Isaac, what the hell did you do?


DEUCALION: Sorry about this, Derek-- I asked Kali to be gentle, but...
KALI: [smirking] This is me being gentle.
DEREK: [groaning] Let... let her go...
DEUCALION: See? We're not unreasonable!
DEREK: [weakly] What do you want? You want to kill me?
DEUCALION: [offended] You really think I'm that boring? Don't throw me in with sociopaths like your uncle! I'm a man with far more vision than simple murder...
DEUCALION: I'm here to show you just how much vision a blind man can have.


SCOTT: Don't let it bother you. It's just lunchtime detention. If all they want right now is to piss you off, then don't give in. They're just trying to get to you.
ISAAC: It's not just me.
AIDEN: What about tonight?
LYDIA: Nope. Studying.
AIDEN: I could help you...
LYDIA: Do you have an IQ higher than one-seventy?
AIDEN: ...Okay, you could help me.
AIDEN: Tonight, then?
SCOTT: What?
ISAAC: [satisfied] Now they're getting to you.

STILINSKI: [quietly] Your mom and dad...
TARA: Wait right here, okay?
STILES: [anxiously] Um, hi, Ashley. Hi. Can I talk to you for just one sec?
STILES: Sorry, I just need to ask you something really quick, and it's gonna sound really unbelievably insensitive, so I apologize in advance... Um...
STILES: Was Kyle a virgin?
STILES: Your boyfriend-- was he a virgin, or did you guys... You know what I mean...
ASHLEY: No. He wasn't a virgin.
STILINSKI: [furiously] Have you completely lost your mind??? I've got four murders, Stiles. You see those men in there? That's the FBI-- they're pulling together a task force to help, because it looks like we've got a full-blown serial killer on our hands. You get that?
STILES: [tiredly] Yes, Dad. I get that.
STILINSKI: Then what are you doing?
STILES: I'm trying to find a pattern.


CORA: [desperately] You're killing him!
KALI: Not yet, little sister... But I could.
KALI: Who knows if it's five minutes or five hours before it's too late to take this thing out? But, just to be on the safe side, Deuc, you might want to get to the point...
DEUCALION: Now you see the one problem with being in an Alpha Pack-- everybody wants to make the decisions!
DEUCALION: Me? I'm more about discovering new talents... Like you.
DEREK: [weakly] Not interested.
DEUCALION: [faux-offended] But you haven't even heard my pitch!
DEREK: You want me to kill my own pack?
DEUCALION: No... I want you to kill one of them. Do that, and I won't have to ask you to kill the others-- you'll do it on your own.
DEUCALION: I did it. Ennis did. Kali did.
DEUCALION: Tell him what it's like, Kali, to kill one of your own.
KALI: [smiling] Mmm... liberating.
DEUCALION: Listen to me, Derek-- do you really want to stay beholden to a couple of maladjusted teenagers, bound to become a liability? And believe me, they will become a liability. In fact... I have a feeling one of them is getting himself into trouble right now...


HARRIS: The two of you will wash all the boards in this hall...
HARRIS: Reshelving the library...
HARRIS: Restocking the janitor's closet.
ISAAC: Oh, Mr. Harris...?
ISAAC: Um... Does it have to be with her?
HARRIS: [smirking] Now that I know you'd prefer not to... yes, you have to be with her.
ISAAC: [sighing] Great.

STILES: Whoa! Hey, Boyd! I didn't know you were back at school!
BOYD: [awkwardly] Yeah, I would have told you, but we're not actually friends...
STILES: [glumly] Oh, yeah...
STILES: Hey, so, did you, uh... so, did you know Kyle?
BOYD: Yeah, we were in junior ROTC together.
STILES: So, you two were friends, then?
BOYD: [sadly] I only had one friend... She's dead, too.
STILES: [awkwardly] Oh, sorry...

ALLISON: Are you okay?
ISAAC: Yeah. Yeah, I'm just... not a fan of small spaces...
ALLISON: Can I ask you a question?
ISAAC: Do you have to?
ALLISON: [shrugging] I guess not...
ALLISON: [sighing] I'm gonna ask anyway-- did you tell anyone that I was at the school the other night?
ISAAC: [surprised] Oh, was I supposed to?
ALLISON: [quietly] It would make me really happy if you didn't.
ISAAC: [scoffing] Yeah, well, you being happy isn't really a big priority of mine, since you stabbed me... twenty times... with knives...
ALLISON: [blushing] They were actually Chinese ring daggers, but...
ISAAC: [impressed] Was that... was that an apology?
ALLISON: [smiling] Would you accept an apology?
ISAAC: [chuckling] Uh...
ALLISON: ...Uh, maybe it locked from the outside?
ISAAC: No, there's something against it...
ISAAC: [panicking] Okay, okay, okay, okay...
ALLISON: Uh, all right, just relax...
ISAAC: No...
ALLISON: Isaac, relax...
ISAAC: Come on... Come on...
ALLISON: Isaac...
ISAAC: Come on.
ALLISON: Isaac... Isaac! Okay, Isaac! Isaac, just relax. Isaac!
ALLISON: Isaac! Isaac! Isaac!
SCOTT: Allison...
ALLISON: [shakily] I'm okay. I'm fine.
ISAAC: [horrified] I'm sorry, I didn't-I didn't mean to do that...
ALLISON: I'm okay.
ISAAC: I'm so sorry...
ALLISON: It's not his fault.
SCOTT: I know.
SCOTT: [sighing] I guess now we know they want to do more than just get you angry-- they want to get someone hurt.
ISAAC: So, are we gonna do something?
SCOTT: [nodding] Yeah...
SCOTT: I'm gonna get them angry. Really angry.


STILES: [rambling] You know that there's a temple in Calcutta where they used to sacrifice a child every day? That's every day a dead baby, Lydia-- every day! Hey, you want to know what today is? It's Dead Baby Day. Oh, no, wait, that's every day, because every day is Dead Baby Day, yay!
LYDIA: [exasperatedly] Why are you telling me this?
STILES: Because Scott's dealing with the Alpha twins.
STILES: ...You don't know about the twins?
LYDIA: [shocked] Alphas?
STILES: Ethan and Aiden...?
LYDIA: [lying] Oh, yeah. Yeah, I knew about them.
STILES: Okay. Okay, good. So, look, he's what I'm thinking-- I'm thinking that the murders maybe come in threes. Ancient people love things in threes, right? So, maybe first it's three virgins, and then, I don't know... Maybe it's three people who own little dogs?
LYDIA: I own a little dog.
LYDIA: [sighing] I am not getting rid of my dog!
STILES: [pleadingly] Would you just think about getting rid of your little dog?
LYDIA: No! And, by the way, you cannot discern a pattern by a single data point, so stop trying.
STILES: [scoffing] Wha-- okay, so, what? I'm just supposed to wait around for someone else to die, then? I'm just supposed to sit there and watch them die? Just wait around for them to wither up and die right in front of me?
LYDIA: [confused] Wither?
STILES: [exasperatedly] You know what I mean! Die, in just a hideously awful, strangulating, head-bashing, throat-cutting kind of way!
LYDIA: [carefully] Maybe it's not your job...
LYDIA: You said it yourself, they were strangled with a garrote. That's a human thing to do, so... Maybe just leave the figuring it out part to someone human?
STILES: You mean, someone like my dad?
LYDIA: I mean, your dad.

ISAAC: How long is this gonna take?
ALLISON: Okay, pull back with your left hand. Kick down to put it in gear.
ALLISON: Front brake.
ALLISON: Throttle.
ALLISON: Back brake for stopping.
ALLISON: Try not to crash.
ISAAC: [chuckling] Yeah, been there, done that...

JENNIFER: Okay, everyone. I know this is the last class of the day... To be honest, I want to get out of here, too.
SCOTT: [innocently] That looks kind of important...
SCOTT: I have no idea what that thing does.
ETHAN: Wait!
ETHAN: Aiden, don't!

AIDEN: [growling] Get off my bike.
ISAAC: [shrugging] No problem.
JENNIFER: You have got to be kidding me!
JENNIFER: You realize this is gonna result in a suspension?


DEATON: You're out of school early...
STILES: Yeah, free period, actually.
STILES: Um, I was just headed home to see my dad. He's, uh... You know, I guess you probably heard people are kind of getting murdered again. It's his job to figure it out.
DEATON: I gathered as much from the "Sheriff" title.
STILES: [nervously] Yeah, um... You know, but it gets kind of hard for him to do his job when he doesn't have all the information. And we all know he's missing pretty much half the story here, right?
STILES: So then, I started thinking, and I remembered someone else who does have a lot of information. Someone who always seems to know more than anyone else around here.


DEUCALION: See, the reason I'm always invested in new talent is simple. We all know a pack is strongest due to its individual parts-- the stronger the individual parts, the stronger the whole.
DEUCALION: When I lost my sight, one of my Betas assumed I wasn't fit for my role anymore. He tried to take it from me. Killing him taught me something about Alphas I didn't know they could do. His power was added to mine. I became stronger, faster, more powerful than I'd ever been. I tested this new ability to subsume the power of your own by killing another one...
DEUCALION: [chuckling] In fact, Derek, I killed them all. I took the individual parts and became a greater individual whole.
DEUCALION: ...You're right, Kali. He looks like his mother.
DEUCALION: You'll get to know me, Derek... like she did.
DEREK: I know you.
DEREK: [grunting] I know what you are... You're a fanatic...
DEUCALION: [scoffing] Know me? You've never seen anything like me!
DEUCALION: [loudly] I am the Alpha of Alphas! I am the apex of apex predators! I am Death, Destroyer of Worlds! I am the Demon-Wolf!
DEUCALION: ...I hate when that happens.


DANNY: Wow. That's, like, really good.
LYDIA: [distractedly] I know, right?
DANNY: You should be in art class.
LYDIA: [shrugging] Maybe...
DANNY: ...Since you're not in music?
STUDENT: Fifteen minutes!
LYDIA: What? What's that?
DANNY: Fifteen minute rule. The teacher didn't show up.
BAND INSTRUCTOR: [on recording] Recording piano, part three...


STILES: All these symbols and things-- the triskeles, the bank logo, the mountain ash-- all of it is from the Celtic Druids. And anyone who has ever looked up "human sacrifice" before knows that the Druids had a pretty big hard-on when it came to giving one up to the gods.
STILES: You ever hear of the Lindow man? Two-thousand-year-old body found in England? He was found strangled, head bashed in, throat cut-- three-fold death. They also found pollen grains in his stomach... Guess what favorite Druid plant that was?
DEATON: [sighing] Mistletoe.
STILES: I'm just telling you everything you already know, aren't I?
STILES: Then why aren't you telling us???
DEATON: [hesitantly] Maybe because when you've spent every moment of the last ten years trying to push something away-- denying it, lying about it-- becomes a pretty powerful habit.
STILES: All right, so this guy... is he a Druid?
DEATON: No. It's someone copying a centuries-old practice of a people who should have known better. Do you know what the word "Druid" means in Gaelic?
DEATON: "Wise oak." The Celtic Druids were close to nature. They believed they kept it in balance. They were philosophers and scholars-- they weren't serial killers.
STILES: Yeah, well, this one is.
STILES: [on the phone] Hey, I can't talk right now.
STILES: [on the phone] Wait, what?
STILES: [on the phone] Yeah, are you sure he's missing?
LYDIA: [on the phone] Not just missing-- taken.


DEATON: Can we get a copy of this?
STILES: Hey, Doc...? Any help would be, you know... helpful...
DEATON: Each grouping of three would have its own purpose, it's own type of power. Virgins, healers, philosophers, warriors...
STILES: Wait, wait, wait, wait-- warrior, could that also be, like, a soldier?
DEATON: Absolutely.
STILES: Kyle was in ROTC with Boyd. That's got to be it. That's the pattern.
DEATON: Where's Boyd?
STILES: He's probably home by now. I'm gonna try and get him on the phone.
DEATON: Lydia...? Something wrong?
LYDIA: No, it was...
LYDIA: I mean... I just thought of someone else with a military connection.
LYDIA: It's sitting right on his desk... the West Point honor code.

ISAAC: Yeah, I wish I could have seen their faces. They looked seriously pissed?
SCOTT: [chuckling] Yeah.
SCOTT: ...Kind of like that.
ISAAC: We can take him...
SCOTT: [incredulously] Are you kidding? Isaac!!!
ISAAC: Who the hell is that?
SCOTT: Deucalion.

DEATON: This is just one of many possibilities. He could have simply left for the day...
STILES: Yeah, well, not without this...
STILES: This test is graded "R."
LYDIA: This one's an "H"...
DEATON: [sighing] Stiles, you remember I told you "Druid" is the Gaelic word for "wise oak?"
STILES: Yeah...
DEATON: If a Druid went down the wrong path, the "wise oak" was sometimes said to have become a "dark oak." There's a Gaelic word for that, as well...
DEATON: Darach.


ISAAC: [confused] Ah... I don't get it. Look, did something happen?
DEREK: [irritably] It's just not gonna work with both of you here. I've got Cora now, it's too much. I need you out tonight.
ISAAC: [hurt] Where am I supposed to go?
DEREK: [shrugging] Somewhere else.
ISAAC: [overwhelmed] Did I do something wrong, Derek?
DEREK: [frustrated] You're doing something wrong right now by not leaving.
ISAAC: Oh, come on--
DEREK: Just get out.
ISAAC: [pleadingly] Derek, please--
DEREK: Get out!
ISAAC: Come on--


SCOTT: Come in, Mom...
ISAAC: [sadly] I was wondering if I could ask you a favor...


HARRIS: [hysterically] Please! Don't do this!
HARRIS: I did what you asked. I did everything!
HARRIS: They'll... They'll figure this out! And they're gonna find you! You still need me!


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