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This is a list of notable vehicles shown throughout the six seasons of Teen Wolf, as listed by owner.

Stiles Stilinski[]

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Stiles's jeep first appeared in the Pilot. It originally belonged to his mother, Claudia, but was given to him when he got his license. It is the most featured vehicle in the Teen Wolf series, In season 6A he had given it to Scott use but, it was returned to Stiles by the series finale, Only three people have been seen to have driven it Stiles, Scott, and Malia. The name of his jeep was revealed to be Roscoe.

Scott McCall[]

Scotts bike season 1.png

Scott has had three different bikes throughout the series, In Season 1 was seen using a pushbike though he occasionally used his mother's car, but the pushbike was his main transportation.

Scott's Bike.jpg

In Season 3, Scott used a lime green dirt bike as transportation. It is revealed by Melissa that he saved up all summer to pay for it himself.

Scott's Bike final.png

In the series finale flashforward which was 2 years into the future showed Scott using a different motorcycle while living in LA. It is unknown how he received this vehicle but from the looks of it is appears to be new.

Derek Hale[]

Dereks 'car seaon 1 .jpg

In Season 1 and season 2, Derek is seen with a black Camaro, with California license plate 6IFS532. It is unknown what happens to the car, it was last seen in season 2, Scott is the only other person to have been seen to drive it.

Derek's car season 3.jpg

Derek is first seen with the Silver FJ Cruiser in season three. The car appeared in season 3 and 4.It is unknown when he received this car though there was at least 2 to 3 months between season 2 and 3. The vehicle made its last appearance in season 4.

Derek's car season 6 .png

In Season 6B Derek get a Chevy Camaro when he takes it from the warehouse that was being used by Hunters, In the two-year flash forward he is seen to have possession of it.

Jackson Whittemore[]

Jackson's car 1x01.jpg

Jackson was first seen driving a Porsche in Wolf Moon, Jackson comments on the fact that he has a Porsche to demonstrate that he is wealthy. The way it is revealed in Code Breaker that his parents were the ones that paid for it when Stiles and asked him if you pay for it and he replied "no"


Theo Raeken[]

Tumblr oekj2yoFtw1v79sbao3 r1 400.gif

In both Seasons 5 and 6 Theo is seen driving a blue Toyota Tundra (TRD Offroad). When he is homeless in Season 6 he is seen living out of the vehicle. This is not the first vehicle Theo is seen driving in the show, however it is the most frequent, most iconic, and likely the only vehicle that belongs to him personally.

Theo's Tundra makes its first appearance in A Novel Approach when Theo gives Malia a driving lesson. It is shown in Ouroboros after he rescues Hayden and Liam, and multiple times in Lies of Omission and Status Asthmaticus. The Tundra also makes an appearance in The Sword and the Spirit and Damnatio Memoriae.

In Raw Talent Theo is seen living out of the Tundra (2017 model) and despite the fact that the vehicle is shot up by hunters in that episode Theo is seen driving it again in Triggers and The Wolves of War, which is possibly a continuity error on the writers' part.

The other vehicle Theo is associated with is silver Toyota Highlander that likely belongs to his fake parents. Theo was seen standing beside (and later seated in the back of) this vehicle in his first appearance in Creatures of the Night. He was also dropped off at school by someone driving the Highlander in Parasomnia.

Theo's Silver Highlander .jpg

Theo later drives the Highlander later in Parasomnia when Stiles and Liam follow him to the bridge where he leaves flowers for his sister. Given that Theo is dropped off in this car and only seen driving it once, it may be that this vehicle actually belongs to his fake parents.


  • In Season 6B, Scott was temporarily in possession of Stiles' Jeep while Stiles was away in Washington D.C.