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The full moon... That feeling...? It was worth it. Did you know there's a lunar eclipse? I always wondered what... What that felt like for one of us. For one of us...
Boyd's last words to Derek Hale before his death in Currents

Vernon Boyd III, more commonly known as Boyd, was a supporting character in Season 2 and Season 3 of Teen Wolf. As of Season 3, he was a junior at Beacon Hills High School, where he was in the Air Force ROTC program, as well as a member of the cross-country team and briefly a member of the lacrosse team. It was revealed in Motel California that Boyd had a sister, Alicia, who went missing when he was a young child.

Boyd was introduced as a shy loner at the high school who didn't have many friends, which is what motivated him to accept Derek Hale's offer to become a Beta in his new pack. He was given the Bite by Derek in Ice Pick and quickly became his second-in-command due to his quiet, thoughtful, and intelligent personality. He also became close friends with fellow pack members Isaac Lahey and Erica Reyes, the latter for whom he seemed to develop romantic feelings. After he and Erica decided to flee Beacon Hills out of fear of being killed by the Argent Hunters who had infiltrated the town, they ran straight into the newly arrived Alpha Pack and were kidnapped by them to use as leverage against Derek.

During his captivity, he became close to fellow hostage Cora Hale, and both of them were devastated when one of the Alphas, Kali, ended up killing Erica. Over several months of captivity, Boyd and Cora were eventually rescued by Derek and Scott McCall, but the pack as a whole continued to be antagonized by the Alpha Pack's members. It was during a battle with the pack that Boyd was killed, after Kali and the twins forced Derek to impale the already-weakened Boyd with his claws, causing Derek to absorb Boyd's power as he died.

Boyd was a student at Beacon Hills High School a member of the Hale Pack and an ally of the McCall Pack.

Early life[]

Not much is known about Boyd's life prior to his introduction on Teen Wolf. He had a sister named Alicia Boyd who apparently died a number of years earlier after being kidnapped from the ice rink where they were playing as children. Boyd had never mentioned her, but after being poisoned by Wolfsbane, he began to hallucinate that he saw her inside the ice machine, where she asked him why he never found her. ("Motel California") It has been implied that he got a job at the ice rink as a teenager as a result of this traumatic event, as he blamed himself for not paying closer attention to his sister before she was kidnapped.

It has also been suggested that Boyd came from a lower-class family, as he made comments to Stiles Stilinski about having to ride the bus because he didn't have the money for a car. This may or may not have led to Boyd's shy, quiet, loner personality at school that led him to not have many friends in high school. ("Ice Pick")

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

In Ice Pick, Boyd was approached by Stiles in the cafeteria during lunch at Beacon Hills High School, apparently due to a deal they had previously made. After some bartering, Stiles reluctantly gave Boyd $50 in exchange for the keys to the ice rink, as he intended to arrange an after-hours double date for himself and Lydia with Allison and Scott. The next evening, Scott, upon learning that Derek Hale intended to give Boyd the Bite, just like he did Isaac Lahey and Erica Reyes just days earlier, he rushed to the ice rink to try to convince him not to go through with it.

However, Boyd insisted that he didn't want to be the loner who sat at lunch every day, and when Scott argued that if it was friends he wanted, he could do much better than Derek, Boyd watched as Derek, Isaac, and Erica revealed themselves to Scott before engaging in a fight with him. Boyd seemed impressed by Scott's fighting prowess when he easily defeated Erica and Isaac but did become concerned when Derek joined the fight and dominated Scott with his heightened Alpha powers. Once Derek left Scott bleeding on the ice rink, Boyd approached Scott and lifted his hoodie to reveal that Boyd had already received the Bite from Derek. Scott insisted that Boyd didn't want to be like them, but Boyd agreed with him and stated that he wanted to be like Scott himself.

In Abomination, the newly-formed Hale Pack had gathered at their new home in the abandoned Railway Depot, where Boyd sat on the sidelines and watched as Derek trained Isaac and Erica. He laughed when Isaac, who kept using predictable moves, was defeated by Derek again and again, as well as when Erica tried to catch Derek off-guard by seducing him, but when Derek broke Isaac's arm to prove a point, Boyd seemed to become very concerned for his new friends as Derek explained that his Betas would have to learn everything Derek knew in order to survive the current threats in Beacon Hills.

That evening, Boyd and Erica attended the lacrosse game together, but after an extremely large and brutal player on the other team, known as "the Abomination," began injuring Beacon Hills High School's players, Coach Finstock started to request that high schoolers in the stands play so they wouldn't have to forfeit. Boyd, wanting to be a star on the team, ignored Erica's protests that Derek didn't want them to expose themselves as Werewolves and joined the rest of the team on the field.

Thanks to Boyd's efforts, the Beacon Hills Cyclones won the game, and Boyd, enjoying the cheers from the crowd, removed his helmet and exposed his gold Werewolf eyes, despite Scott's warnings against doing so. This alerted Gerard Argent, an Argent Hunter who was watching the game with his granddaughter Allison Argent, that he had been turned by Derek.

In Venomous, Boyd was waiting on the lacrosse field for Scott and seemed amused when Scott arrived and immediately insisted that he wasn't there to fight. Boyd smugly reminded him that this was a good thing since he was twice Scott's size, but Scott pointed out that he was twice as fast and demonstrated this by tackling Boyd to the ground. Derek then came out of the shadows to join them, and Boyd watched as Derek and Scott argued over what to do about Lydia Martin, as Derek believed her to be the Kanima, and Scott believed her to simply be immune to the Bite she sustained from Peter Hale. When Scott realized Derek sent Erica and Isaac to kill Lydia inside the school and attempted to return to the school to protect her, Boyd stepped in and shoved Scott onto the ground before they left.

Boyd and Derek then joined Erica and Isaac outside the McCall House, where Stiles, Allison, and Jackson were hiding Lydia from them. Derek sent Isaac and Erica inside the house to take them all out while he and Boyd waited outside, and both were shocked to find that Scott and his friends had easily defeated them. Boyd was just as shocked as the others when it was revealed that Lydia really wasn't the Kanima, as it was seen crawling across the roof just as the young woman had run onto the porch to demand to know what was going on. When Scott informed the intruding pack that he had called the police, Derek and Boyd reluctantly left with the unconscious and paralyzed Isaac and Erica, though they had yet to realize that it was actually Jackson who was the Kanima; all they knew was that they were wrong about it being Lydia.

In Raving, Boyd was tasked with working with Derek while Erica and Isaac work on incapacitating Jackson and identifying his Kanima Master. While outside of the warehouse where the rave was being held, Boyd and Derek ran into Chris Argent along with several other Hunters. Boyd looked somewhat embarrassed as Derek taunted Argent, only to be outplayed when the Hunters pulled out a variety of weapons and pointed them at the two, leaving Boyd and Derek with no choice but to take cover behind the nearby dumpster as the Hunters opened fire against them.

After getting a strategy together, Boyd leaped out from behind the dumpster and took out several Hunters, covering Derek so that he could incapacitate the other Hunters who had shot at him with taser darts. Unfortunately, they were both hits with a number of wolfsbane-laced bullets and were forced to take cover once again. When Boyd realized that the wolfsbane was keeping him from healing, Derek gave Boyd the keys to his car and instructed him to go to the animal clinic so that Alan Deaton could treat his wounds. Boyd was reluctant to leave without his Alpha, but Derek insisted that he had to find Scott first, so Boyd did as he was told and left.

In Party Guessed, as the pack prepared for the upcoming full moon, which would be both Boyd and Erica's first since becoming Werewolves, Derek pulled out a trunk with a symbol on it and asked if anyone knew what it was. Boyd explained that the symbol is called a triskelion, or triskele, and that it has many different meanings, such as, “Past-Present-Future” or “Mother-Father-Child.” When Derek asked if Boyd knew what it meant to him, Boyd correctly replied, he replied “Alpha-Beta-Omega,” leading Derek to nod proudly in agreement before explaining to them that the symbol serves as a reminder that a Werewolf can always rise to one rank or fall to another.

That night, Derek brought the three Betas into one of the abandoned railway cars and requested Boyd and Isaac's help in putting a large iron ring with spikes on it on Erica's head to help restrain her, since, as a woman, she had a higher tolerance to pain. Once Erica was chained up, Derek moved on to restraining Boyd and Isaac as well. However, the chains and other metal restraints that Derek used proved to not be strong enough, as all three were easily able to break free once the moon hit its apex.

However, Isaac, who had managed to find an anchor with Derek's assistance, was able to help Derek get Boyd and Erica back into their restraints, allowing them to finish out the full moon without any further issues. Boyd, Isaac, and Erica presumably passed out afterward, as they were not present to see Derek be incapacitated by Lydia Martin, under the influence of Peter Hale's spirit, who used wolfsbane to knock him out before dragging him to the Hale House for the Worm Moon ritual that ultimately resurrected Peter Hale with Derek's blood.

In Battlefield, Boyd and Erica were walking through the Beacon Hills Preserve, when they suddenly heard what sounded like a wolf howling. Boyd pointed out that there were no wolves in California, but Erica argued that there were Werewolves before remarking that it didn't sound like Derek's howl. Just then, they were shocked to hear what sounded like an entire pack of wolves howling, which led them to get an idea about how to escape their current problems in Beacon Hills.

Once the two returned to the Hale House, Derek correctly guessed that Boyd and Erica had already come to a decision, and Boyd hesitantly informed Derek that they planned to leave town during the lacrosse game since everyone would be too distracted to notice that they had run away. When Derek pointed out that he had told them what they would be getting into when they accepted the Bite, Boyd argued that they didn't know it was going to be such a life-or-death situation as their current dilemma between the Kanima and the Hunters.

Derek tried to explain how difficult it is for a Werewolf to live without a pack, so Boyd mentioned that they thought they heard another pack nearby and intended to look for one outside of town. Derek scoffed at this news and told them that it could have very well just been "Beau Geste effect," when two Omega wolves modulate the tone of their howls to make it sound like they're actually a dozen, but Boyd and Erica insisted that their minds were made up and left hand-in-hand.

Unfortunately for them, Derek ended up being right, as Boyd and Erica were in the middle of running through the woods when they learned that the howls they had heard the previous night were actually on a recording being played by the Argent Hunters, led by the grief-stricken Allison who blamed Derek and his pack for the death of her mother. Allison began to shoot them with multiple arrows, and Erica begged Boyd to leave her and run away, which he initially did. However, when Boyd heard Erica pleading with Allison to stop, Boyd returned with his eyes glowing gold and his fangs and claws out to help Erica, only to be shot a half-dozen times as well.

In Master Plan, it was revealed that Boyd and Erica had been captured by the Argents and were being held in the basement of the Argent House. They were suspended from the ceiling by their wrists, which were bound with electrified cables to keep them weakened and unable to escape, and they also had black duct tape over their mouths to gag them.

When Gerard Argent's Hunters captured Stiles Stilinski and threw him down in the basement, he attempted to free Boyd and Erica, only to be shocked by the cables as soon as he touched them. Stiles demanded to know what Gerard was doing with the two Werewolves, but Gerard claimed he was simply keeping them "comfortable," since he knew that their instinct to protect their Alpha was too strong for him to be able to torture Boyd and Erica into telling them where Derek was.

Later that evening, Chris Argent, who had become increasingly worried and disturbed by Gerard's behavior and his influence on Allison, entered the basement and began explaining to Boyd and Erica a little bit about his family. He informed them that his family had been hunting for centuries, and had learned a lot about Werewolves in that time, including that they were vulnerable to electricity; lower voltages could keep them from transforming, and as the voltage level increased, it could keep them from healing, reduce their strength, and, at the highest voltage, even kill them completely.

Argent then put his hand on the dial connected to the electrical source to their restraints as though he was going to turn up the electricity while he explained that the lines between the natural and the supernatural were beginning to blur and that sometimes, one could be surprised which side of the line they end up on. He then shut off the electricity completely and allowed Boyd and Erica to escape.

The two wasted no time running back into the Beacon Hills Preserve to try to flee Beacon Hills, but when they stopped to take a breath, still weakened slightly from being shot and electrocuted, they were frightened to hear true Werewolf howls around them. Sure enough, they found themselves surrounded by a number of Werewolves, who had their claws out and began cornering them menacingly. It would later be revealed that these Werewolves were members of the Alpha Pack.

In Tattoo, Boyd was briefly seen at the end of the episode. He appeared to be held captive by the Alpha Pack in a large room with a strange black symbol on the cement floor. Boyd was seated on the floor and leaning his back against a stone support beam, where he was sitting next to a young woman whose hand he squeezed in comfort.

In Chaos Rising, Boyd was first seen briefly and vaguely when Peter Hale used the Werewolf memory-manipulation ritual on Isaac Lahey to try to figure out what Isaac had seen prior to his brief capture by the Alpha Pack, since Deucalion had taken most of his memories of the event. After Isaac underwent another ritual, this time led by Alan Deaton and assisted by Derek Hale, Scott McCall, and Stiles Stilinski, Boyd and another girl were briefly seen once again before Isaac unknowingly revealed that he had been locked in a closet with Erica Reyes' dead body in it.

After Derek and Scott had decided to go rescue Boyd and the other girl and find out if Erica was truly dead, Boyd was seen anxiously rubbing his head and pacing around the vault where they had been locked up inside First National Bank, while the other girl sat and looked concerned, indicating that both were feeling uncomfortable due to the full moon that night. Boyd wasn't seen again until Derek and Scott successfully punched through the vault wall, inadvertently letting in the moonlight in the process. Boyd began growling at the two, just as the other girl, who was then revealed to be Derek's long-lost sister Cora Hale, came out and insisted that they leave right then.

Just then, Peter and Stiles called Scott to inform him that, since the vault was lined with hecatolite, or moonstone, Boyd and Cora had been essentially starved of the full moon for the past three months, preventing them from transforming and making them even more feral and bloodthirsty when they finally felt the moonlight again.

Horrified, Scott looked over to find Marin Morrell finishing the circle of Mountain Ash around the vault, preventing any of the four Werewolves from escaping. This left Derek and Scott with no choice but to fight against Boyd and Cora in hopes of stalling until either the full moon ended or someone came to free them. Because Boyd and Cora were giving into their urges fully as opposed to Derek and Scott, who were controlling themselves, the former two had the advantage in the fight, and it wasn't long before Boyd impaled Scott's stomach with his clawed hand and lifted him up into the air, causing him to cough up copious amounts of blood while Derek tried to fend off Cora.

Suddenly, Allison Argent, who, unbeknownst to them, had sneaked into the bank before they arrived and had been instructed by Marin (who, despite her earlier appearances, was trying to help the Beacon Hills packs) to stay hidden until she heard the fighting, came out and saw Scott being viciously hurt by Boyd. Despite Derek's shouts not to do it, Allison shouted Boyd's name to distract him and broke the Mountain Ash barrier with her hands, freeing Boyd and Cora and saving Derek and Scott's lives, though by doing so, she also let the feral Werewolves lose on Beacon Hills.

In Fireflies, Boyd and Cora, overwhelmed by the power of the full moon after being deprived of a full moon transformation for three months, continued to run wild around Beacon Hills. Boyd split up with Cora briefly in the Beacon Hills Preserve, where he tried to attack two children catching fireflies by physically lifting up the shed in which they were hiding from him. Had it not been for Scott's intervention, Boyd could have seriously injured them. Afterward, Boyd caught back up with Cora and nearly attacked Caitlin in the woods, though they were scared off by Scott, Isaac, and Derek.

Meanwhile, after Lydia mysteriously found a brutally murdered lifeguard at the swimming pool during a Banshee fugue state, it was assumed that either Boyd or Cora were the culprits, leading Scott to insist that they call upon Chris Argent, a Hunter with decades of experience hunting and trapping supernatural creatures, for help in capturing them. Unbeknownst to her father or the others, Allison, feeling guilty for her part in Boyd and Cora's escape from the vault, began hunting them on her own with plans to capture them herself. While Allison used a little bit of her blood to lure Boyd and Cora toward the school, Argent, Scott, Derek, and Isaac used ultrasonic emitters to lead them to the same place, as they intended to lock them up in the boiler room until the full moon was over.

When Boyd and Cora finally made it to the school, Derek prepared to get them into the boiler room, but instead of going inside as expected, the two feral Werewolves jumped onto the roof, using it to go around it before jumping down into the bus bay, where Allison appeared and began steering them back into the school with flash-bang arrows until Isaac arrived and locked them in for her.

Inside, Derek and Scott led Boyd and Cora in a chase to the boiler room with Argent following behind to ensure that they didn't turn around. Once they had successfully been locked into the boiler room, Derek and Scott were momentarily relieved until they heard a third heartbeat inside the room and realized that they had accidentally trapped someone else inside with them. Despite Scott's protests, Derek went inside the boiler room to save the third person, who was soon revealed to be Jennifer Blake, the school's new English teacher, and instructed Scott to keep the door shut until the full moon passed.

Inside the boiler room, Derek got in between Boyd and Cora, distracting them long enough for Jennifer to hide until the full moon passed. Once the sun began to rise, Boyd and Cora, exhausted from their eventful evening, promptly passed out and collapsed onto the floor, allowing Isaac and Scott to get them back to Derek's loft.

In Unleashed, Boyd returned to school for the first time since he was captured by the Alpha Pack four months earlier. He was seen leaving an Air Force-themed card at Kyle's memorial at his locker when he was approached by Stiles Stilinski, who cheerfully remarked that he didn't know that he had started school again. Boyd sarcastically retorted that he would have told him, but that they weren't actually friends, causing Stiles to look awkward as he asked Boyd if he was friends with Kyle. Boyd revealed that they were in ROTC together before adding that he only had one friend who is now dead as he walked away.

Later that day, after Stiles, Lydia Martin, and Alan Deaton realized that the next trio of human sacrifices was of "warriors," Stiles rushed away to call Boyd to warn him that he could be a target, since he was in the pre-military program at school. However, Stiles was not able to get a hold of him, although Adrian Harris was ultimately the final "warrior" sacrifice, saving Boyd from any threat against his life.

In Frayed, Boyd was at Derek's loft with Derek Hale, Peter Hale, and Cora Hale, discussing their next move with regards to the Alpha Pack, when Scott McCall, who had just been confronted by Deucalion while leaving Allison Argent's apartment, arrived to inform them that Deucalion and the Alphas were staying in the same apartment complex. However, the Hale Pack were already aware, as Boyd and Cora followed Ethan and Aiden home one day.

When Scott, appalled, pointed out that this meant that the Alpha Pack wanted them to know where they were staying, Peter retorted that it was more likely that they simply didn't care if they knew this or not. Scott, noticing Boyd and the others standing around the table, asked what it was that they were doing, and Peter retorted that the "schemers are scheming" and revealed that they were planning a pre-emptive strike against the Alphas before Derek insisted that Scott was going to help them.

Scott was exasperated when he learned that the plan was to simply kill the Alphas first, and when Boyd argued that they wouldn't see it coming, Scott asked them why the default plan was always murder, and Peter, surprisingly, agreed with him, though not without making it clear he thought Scott was "blandly moral." Frustrated, Scott argued that they couldn't beat a pack of Alphas, but Cora reminded him that they were only going after Deucalion for this reason, with Boyd adding that if they cut the head off of the snake, the body would die. Peter pointed out that the snake in this metaphor was a hydra, and that the rest of the pack were also Alphas, but Derek stated that since Deucalion was the leader, the rest of the pack would fall apart without him.

The next night, the Boyd and the rest of the Hale Pack, knowing that Scott would try to bargain with the Alpha Pack for peace, followed him and Isaac Lahey to the Abandoned Mall where they were going to meet with Deucalion. However, what they did not expect was that Deucalion would bring the rest of the Alphas with him, leading the two packs to get into a standoff. During the battle, Boyd and Cora teamed up to fight Ennis, but Boyd was ultimately beaten when Kali joined in and slashed him across the chest with her claws.

Once everyone was incapacitated, Deucalion gave Derek an ultimatum-- kill Boyd, taking the first step to joining the Alpha Pack, or Kali would kill Derek's sister Cora. Fortunately for Boyd, Allison Argent appeared and began shooting flash-bang arrows at the Alphas, allowing the others to pull Boyd to safety before once again resuming the fight. The battle ended with Derek and Ennis falling over an exposed ledge and landing on the escalator below, nearly killing them both.

The following day, Boyd sat next to his packmate Isaac on the bus to a cross-country meet, while Scott and Stiles sat in the back. Isaac, seeing Boyd's upset expression, instructed Boyd to "stop thinking about it," referencing the previous night's battle. When Boyd retorted that Isaac, too, was thinking about what happened, Isaac insisted that nothing they could do would change the outcome, causing Boyd to turn around and look at the back of the bus, where Ethan Steiner was sitting with his boyfriend Danny Mahealani.

Hours later, Boyd's simmering anger began to get the best of him, causing him to begin to transform on the bus. Seeing his claws, fangs, and glowing gold eyes, Scott came to the front of the bus to talk him out of starting a fight with Ethan that would only make things worse. Boyd was initially resistant to his advice, but when he and Isaac noticed that Scott was still hurt and bleeding black blood from the wounds he sustained the previous night, they decided to let go of their violent impulses for the moment. However, this changed when Scott took a turn for the worse; Isaac, believing his new friend and foster brother was going to die from wounds the Alphas inflicted, began viciously beating Ethan up at a truck stop while Boyd eagerly egged him on.

In Motel California, Boyd was with the rest of the Beacon Hills High School cross-country team when they stopped at the Glen Capri Motel for the night as they waited for their postponed meet. He shared a room with his good friend Isaac, and, unbeknownst to them all, the Werewolves on the bus (Boyd, Isaac, Scott, and Ethan) had all been exposed to purple wolfsbane that had been secretly hidden in Coach Finstock's whistle.

Boyd became the first to display strange side effects due to the inhaled wolfsbane poisoning, as evidenced when he and Stiles visited the vending machine outside in the parking lot; when the crackers he bought got stuck, instead of shaking the machine, he simply punched his hand through the glass and took what he wanted without a word. Later on, when he was getting ice from the ice machine, he began hallucinating that he heard the voice of his dead younger sister Alicia, who was asking him why he left her all those years ago, scaring him so much that he dropped the ice bucket and ran back to his room.

Unfortunately for Boyd, he continued to hallucinate once he had returned to his room, with his radio constantly playing the interview tape between his younger self and the detective after his sister's disappearance even after Boyd stepped on it and shattered it into pieces. The guilt and shame for what he believed to be his role in his sister's disappearance (and, likely, death) caused him to attempt suicide by drowning himself in the bathtub, using a safe stolen from the reception office to weigh him down and ensure that neither he nor anyone else would be able to remove it to save him. Fortunately, he was found by Stiles and Lydia just in time for Stiles to use a road flare to burn the poison out of him.

After he and the other Werewolves were successfully saved, Boyd, Isaac, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Allison all slept in the bus to ensure nothing else would happen to them. On the way back to Beacon Hills, Lydia discovered that Coach's whistle had wolfsbane in it, leading to the realization that the Darach had tried to make her mission easier by killing off the wolves on the trip.

In Currents, upon learning that the Alpha Pack had left a warning at Derek's loft, Boyd and Isaac decided to skip school in order to help their Alpha plan their next move against them, with Boyd claiming he had "explosive diarrhea" to get out of class. It was there that Boyd, having been reminded of Gerard Argent's capture of himself and Erica earlier in the year, got the idea to electrify Derek's loft by flooding it with water in hopes of shocking and killing the Alphas upon their entrance into the apartment.

However, their plan went awry when somehow, the Alpha Pack figured out what Derek, Isaac, and Boyd were up to and disabled the power to the loft before they entered. When Kali, along with Ethan and Aiden, revealed that Derek would have to fight her one-on-one or else they would kill Derek's girlfriend Jennifer Blake, Derek forbade Boyd and Isaac from assisting him in the fight. Though Boyd and Isaac mostly listened to Derek's orders, there were several instances where the two jumped in to help when they thought Derek was in real danger.

Fortunately for them, Boyd was able to text Cora to tell her that their plan failed, which allowed her to rush to the loft with Stiles and Lydia so they could reset the electricity. Unfortunately, Boyd didn't have enough time to get back on the landings when the power was switched back on, causing him to be electrocuted along with Derek and Kali. The electrical current disabled his healing ability, making it easy for the furious Kali to enlist the twins to forcibly impale him on Derek's claws, killing him and causing Derek to unintentionally steal Boyd's power.

Kali and the twins warned Derek that if he did not agree to their ultimatum and kill his Betas to join the Alpha Pack by the next full moon, they would return to kill them all, before they left. A dying Boyd assured Derek that it was not his fault why this happened and remarked that the feeling of running free during the last full moon was worth all of the trouble he went through. Before his imminent death, he got a flashback back to when he was being held hostage with Erica in the vault of First National Bank, where she wondered aloud what happened to Werewolves during the lunar eclipse. She believed that it would make them stronger and went to battle Kali in order to conquer her freedom, leading to her death at the hands of the toe-clawed Alpha. The scene returned to the present, and Boyd died, with his body collapsing on the flooded floor of the loft. Just then, Cora, Lydia, and Stiles arrived, and Cora rushed over to sob over his body.

In The Overlooked, Jennifer Blake mentioned Boyd in a conversation with Derek, where she reminded him that Boyd's final words were asking him what happened to Werewolves on the lunar eclipse. She pointed out that Derek didn't get a chance to answer him before Boyd died, but that she knew that Derek was aware of what happened during lunar eclipses, leading Derek to admit that its when Werewolves temporarily lose all their powers.

In Galvanize, Scott, Stiles, and Isaac were approached by Ethan and Aiden, who requested that Scott allow them to join the McCall Pack. Both Isaac and Stiles scoffed at this request before Isaac reminded everyone that it was the twins who held Derek's claws while they forced him to kill Boyd and suggesting that they impale the twins to return the favor. Knowing the twins' role in Boyd's death, Scott refused them entry into the pack, stating that neither he nor the rest of his pack trusted them.

In Illuminated, Aiden was trying to get Lydia to warm up to him again in hopes of rekindling their romantic relationship, but Lydia argued that she was enjoying the feeling she got when she helped the McCall Pack save the lives of other people, and insisted that whenever she looked at Aiden, all she could see was the man who helped Kali kill Boyd.

In De-Void, while Isaac was infected by a Nogitsune fly that enhanced his anger and lowered his inhibitions, he became intent on killing Ethan and Aiden because of Boyd's death. Isaac went to the high school to attack the twins and created a Molotov cocktail, and when lighting it, he muttered under his breath that he needed to do this to avenge the deaths of Boyd and Erica.


Boyd was the strong but silent type and seemed to prefer to listen rather than to talk. When he was first introduced, he was basically a loner, who never really had any friends and who often sat alone at a table at lunch all by himself. However, this was not by choice, and he revealed to Scott McCall that he had accepted Derek Hale's proposal to become a Werewolf in hopes that by doing so, he would make friends and not be alone anymore.

He was shown to be incredibly protective of the people he cared for, such as the members of his pack. He was especially protective of Erica Reyes, as evidenced when she told him to run for his life after Allison Argent had shot her with arrows, only for him to return and stand in front of Erica in order to defend her. He showed this same level of protectiveness to his Alpha, Derek, as shown when he fought for Derek against Kali and the twins, an act of bravery that ultimately cost Boyd his life. It is likely that Boyd's protective nature stemmed from his guilt about his sister being kidnapped and killed when he was just a young child, as he blamed himself for not paying enough attention to her the day she was taken.

Like Erica and Isaac, Boyd seemed to enjoy the increased power that being a Werewolf gave him, as all three of them had felt powerless in their lives prior to joining the Hale Pack. However, Boyd's admiration of Scott seemed to suggest that he wasn't so power-hungry that he wanted to hurt people for his own benefit—he just wanted a way out of his lonely life and to have people who cared about him. As a member of the high school ROTC program, a pre-military education program, Boyd seemed to have a strong sense of responsibility and duty, as well as a desire to protect and serve his loved ones and his country.

He was also one to hold grudges, as he never let go of his desire to kill the Alpha Pack members for their role in Erica's death, and was perfectly willing to get hurt or die in order to get his revenge on them. Because of the loss of his best friend Erica, Boyd became more aggressive and prone to violence, as best shown in Frayed, when he nearly started a fight with Ethan Steiner in a bus full of his human peers and refused to care about about the consequences, only to be restrained and dissuaded from the idea by Isaac and Scott. In addition to these traits, Boyd also demonstrated that he was an extremely intelligent young man, as it was his idea to flood Derek's loft with water and put a live wire in it in order to shock Kali and the other Alphas when they entered the apartment; though the Alpha Pack anticipated this attack and disabled it, it was a plan that would have considerably weakened the Alphas had the attack gone as originally envisioned.

Physical Appearance[]

Boyd was a very tall and well-built young man who became very muscular and toned after his transformation into a Werewolf; his height in combination with his musculature made him a very intimidating presence as he often appeared to be a giant in comparison to his smaller peers. He had dark brown skin and eyes, and black hair that he kept cut very short. His style prior to his transformation was that of a typical teenager, but after he was turned, he began dressing in a more edgy and trendy style, with designer t-shirts under leather jackets, vests, and hooded sweatshirts paired with black combat boots.

Powers and Abilities[]

Boyd possessed the standard powers of a Beta Werewolf, including super strength, super speed, super agility/reflexes, super durability, accelerated healing, pain absorption, and the ability to shapeshift his features into that of a wolf. His shape-shifting power included glowing gold eyes, a ridged brow, pointed ears, overgrown sideburns, and retractable fangs and claws.


  • Intelligence: Boyd is shown to be highly intelligent, being a quick study when it came to the history and culture of Werewolves (such as the meaning of the triskelion), and had a decent enough understanding of electrical engineering to come up with a trap for the Alphas which would have been successful had they not shut off the power.
  • Close-Quarters Combat: Boyd is shown to be a decent fighter, as he and Derek were able to hold their own against skilled Argent Hunters, only stopping when the wolfsbane poisoning affected them too much. He was also able to survive fighting against the Alphas on two different occasions, albeit with significant injuries.
  • Pain Tolerance: Boyd has shown that he is very resistant to pain, as he fought through gunfire to defend himself and Derek against Argent Hunters, took multiple arrows to the abdomen and chest while trying to rescue Erica Reyes, and endured hours of torture via electricity both from Gerard Argent and in order to help Derek battle the Alphas, the latter of which ultimately led to his death.


Boyd possessed all the standard weaknesses associated with Werewolves, such as a vulnerability to wolfsbane, letharia vulpina, the modified canine distemper virus, and electricity. He was also susceptible to the effects of the full moon and intense emotions, both of which could cause him to transform against his will, though Boyd showed exceptional control over his transformations, with the exception of the full moon on the night he was released from the Alpha Pack's captivity; since he was locked in a hecatolite (moonstone)-lined vault for nearly four months that prevented him from feeling the moon's effects, he became incredibly feral and bloodthirsty when he finally was exposed to the moon's rays upon his release. As a supernatural creature, Boyd was also susceptible to Mountain Ash, which could be used to either bar him from entering an area that was warded with it or trap him within an unbroken circle of it.


  • Vernon: Vernon is a masculine given name and surname that is derived from the Gaulish word vern, meaning "alder tree," "spring-like," "flourishing," or "full of life," and the Gaulish-Latin suffix -on, which indicates location. Thus, Vernon means "a place of alders." Interestingly enough, alder trees are known to symbolize tranquility, sheltering, and the hidden potential in humans, making it an especially fitting name for Vernon Boyd, who embodied these aspects during his life. Vernon was introduced into England as an aristocratic surname at the time of the Norman Conquest and was later adapted into Spanish as Vernón." Its earliest use as a surname dates back to 1031 in Normandy, France, and has also been used as a habitational surname relating to numerous places in France named Vernon. Variants of the name include Vern, Vernard, Verne, Verna, Sberna, and Sberno.
  • Boyd: Boyd is a surname of Irish and Scottish origin that is thought to be locational, referring to those from the island of Bute in the Firth of Clyde; locational surnames were developed when former inhabitants of a place moved to another area, usually in pursuit of work, and were best identified by the name of their birthplace. Though the place name is of unknown origin, the surname itself was derived from the Gaelic MacGiolla Buidhe, meaning "yellow-haired youth's son." In the modern day, this name appears as Boyd, Boyde, and Boyda, as well as occasionally O'Boyd.


  • Boyd was Derek's second Beta to die at the hands of the Alpha Pack, after Erica Reyes, who was killed by Kali while they were still in the Alpha Pack's captivity.
  • Boyd was enrolled in the ROTC program at Beacon Hills High School, suggesting that he may have had an interest in joining the military (specifically, the Air Force) after graduation, or at least he did prior to his transformation into a Werewolf. It was through this program that he became acquaintances with Kyle, one of the Darach's warrior sacrifices.
  • Boyd's best friend was Erica Reyes, and it was suggested that they may have had romantic feelings for each other as well.
  • Boyd is shown to be similar to Ennis, as they are both strong-and-silent-types and the brute enforcers of their respective pack. However, the difference is that Boyd is kind, caring and protective of his pack members, while Ennis is violent, aggressive and brutal.


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