Victoria: "I can feel it. It's happening. You know what to do. You know what to tell people. Tell them I had a history of depression. Promise me."
Argent: "I will. I will... even though I've never seen you depressed once in twenty years."
Victoria: "Allison needs to say it too."
Argent: "But I won't let her believe it."
Victoria: "She'll hear things. People will say I was weak. They'll say I took the easy way out."
Argent: "And I'll tell her it was the hardest thing you ever did. [...] She'll know you did it for us."
Victoria: "I can't do this myself, Chris. Help me."
Victoria Argent's last conversation with her husband Chris Argent before her suicide in Party Guessed

Victoria Argent was a supporting character in Season 1 and Season 2 of Teen Wolf. She was the wife of Chris Argent, the mother of Allison Argent, the daughter-in-law of Gerard Argent, and the sister-in-law of Kate Argent. Victoria was initially believed to be a naive wife of a licensed arms dealer who had no idea that he was truly a Hunter of supernatural creatures, but in reality, she was the matriarch of the Argent hunter family and was a skilled Huntress in her own right.

In Season 2, she and her husband led the Argents' takeover of Beacon Hills High School so they could keep a closer eye on the growing supernatural population there following Derek Hale's ascension to Alpha status, which led him to build a pack out of teenagers who would benefit from the Bite in one way or another. While her father-in-law replaced the previous school principal, Victoria became the new English teacher to increase their family's surveillance while also monitoring their daughter Allison's romantic relationship with Scott McCall and her friendship with the recently-bitten Lydia Martin.

She was so devoted to the family's belief that werewolves and other supernatural creatures were simply violent killers that she attempted to kill Scott McCall despite the fact that he had never killed before and was turned without his consent, and she preferred to kill herself as per the Argent Code than live her life as a beta werewolf after she had been inadvertently bitten during a fight with Derek Hale. Her death affected her family so deeply that Argent and Allison moved out of their family home after temporarily quitting the Hunter lifestyle, and Allison even hallucinated that Victoria was with her on several occasions in the months after her death.

Victoria was a member of the Argent Family of Hunters and was a teacher at Beacon Hills High School.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Next to nothing has been revealed about Victoria's life prior to her introduction into the series. What is known is that she married Chris Argent in the late 1980s or early 1990s, joining the Argent Family of hunters in the process. ("Letharia Vulpina") However, it is unknown if she was raised in a hunter family similar to the Argents, or if she was introduced to the supernatural world and trained as a hunter by her in-laws. Regardless, her extreme prejudice toward werewolves and supernatural creatures in general seems to suggest that she has had a past history with them, and it is obvious by the combat skills that she demonstrated that she was given Hunter training at some point in her life.

In 1994, she and Argent gave birth to a daughter, Allison, and, for reasons unknown, they raised her outside of the hunting lifestyle, although Victoria and Argent continued their hunting career, which caused the family to have to constantly move around the country to wherever their skills were needed. ("The Tell") At some point, she taught math at a boy's boarding school, ("Ice Pick") and she also worked as a buyer for a boutique in San Francisco when the family lived there in 2010. ("Wolf Moon") Victoria, Argent, and Allison then moved to Beacon Hills in early 2011, after the former two had heard rumors that Laura Hale had been killed and had her powers stolen by an unknown rogue werewolf. ("Lunar Ellipse")

Throughout Teen Wolf[edit | edit source]

{{Scroll-1|content= In Wolf Moon, a frantic Stiles Stilinski knocked on the door of the Argent House in search of Allison after his [[Scott and Stiles|best friend, Scott implied she might be in danger. Howver, when Victoria answered, Stiles lost his nerve and anxiously began tripping over his words in an attempt to explain that he's a friend of her daughter, Allison and he was worried she had been harmed by the Werewolf Derek Hale. Before he could say the last part, Victoria, looking at him warily, stepped aside to reveal that Allison, who was perfectly fine, was standing on the balcony, as she drolly informed Allison that she had a visitor. In Magic Bullet, Victoria met Allison's new boyfriend, Scott McCall for the first time after her sister-in-law, Kate Argent, invited him to family dinner in effort to learn more about him. Victoria offered him something to drink aside from water, which led Argent, her husband, who was playing the "overprotective dad"-act on Scott, to offer him a beer or a shot of tequila as a test. Realizing what Argent was trying to do, Scott declined his offer and reminded him that he wasn't old enough, causing Victoria to retort that being underage doesn't stop most teens, though Scott replied that it should. Argent and Victoria seemed to have been told about Scott's job at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic by Allison, and, in another test, Argent asked him what his boss, Dr. Alan Deaton, thought about the recent animal attacks. Scott nervously responded that Deaton was under the impression that it was a mountain lion, but when Victoria asked him what he thought it was, he deflected the question. She then observed as Kate questioned Scott on how lacrosse is played while Argent continued to make snarky comments, though she was not present when Allison was forced to reveal she had stolen a condom from Kate's bag. In The Tell, Victoria and Argent attended the parent-teacher conference at Beacon Hills High School, where they were informed by one of Allison's teachers, Ms. Ramsey, that their daughter was a sweet girl who had also adjusted to her new school very quickly. However, Ms. Ramsey went on to remark that the Argent family's constant moving around the country could lead to Allison developing a rebellious streak, causing Victoria to defensively assure her that she and her husband had a very open and honest relationship with Allison. Victoria, like Argent, was shocked and appalled when Ms. Ramsey went on to reveal that Allison had skipped school that day. While the two were walking toward their car in the parking lot, Victoria and Argent overheard Melissa McCall leaving an angry voicemail for Scott, who had failed to attend the conference with her as he was supposed to as a result of his poor grades (since he had skipped school to celebrate Allison's birthday). When they realized that Allison and Scott must have cut class together, Victoria and Argent accuse Scott of essentially kidnapping Allison, claiming that Allison has never displayed this kind of behavior before their arrival in Beacon Hills. Shortly afterward, Allison and Scott arrived at the school together, where Victoria and Chris wasted no time informing her of how much trouble she was in. Suddenly, everyone in the parking lot began to panic and frantically run around, which led the two Hunters to assume a supernatural creature was running around. However, Victoria, stayed calm and maintained appearances for the family, openly displaying that she, like her daughter Allison, was very embarrassed by the fact that Argent brazenly killed a mountain lion in the parking lot under the mistaken belief that it was a Werewolf. In Lunatic, Victoria entered the basement where Argent, Kate, and several other Hunters were planning their patrol for the full moon that night. She overheard Kate explaining that Derek wouldn't be out that night because he knew they would all be looking for them, but when Argent remarked that neither Derek nor the still-unknown Alpha may be able to resist the pull of the full moon, Victoria appeared in the doorway, where she brusquely insisted that they find the Alpha, kill him, and cut him in half before offering them fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies from a plate in her hands. In Code Breaker, after an incident at the Winter Formal at the high school that (during which Argent learned that, not only is Scott McCall a Werewolf, but that Allison was made aware of her family's history and current status as Werewolf Hunters by Kate against their orders), Victoria and Argent determined that it would be best for them all if Kate took Allison to their other home in Washington state while they dealt with Beacon Hills' Werewolf problem. While she was helping Allison pack her bag, she heard Allison's phone ringing and eagerly grabbed it before Allison had the chance to do so herself; she seemed relieved when she saw that it was Jackson Whittemore and not Scott as she had assumed, but she ignored the call anyway, not knowing that he was trying to inform Allison that Lydia Martin had been attacked by the Alpha, who was soon revealed to be Peter Hale. Allison curiously (and worriedly) asked Victoria what they planned to do with Scott, and Victoria briefly explained that his situation was tricky, as their family has a moral code that they follow that frowns upon killing underage Werewolves, especially ones who have never killed. However, when Allison, who was desperate to know more, demanded further explanation, Victoria lost her temper and stated that what Allison wanted wasn't as important as Allison staying quiet about what she had learned so far for the moment. Seeing Allison's hurt expression, Victoria went on to explain that Allison saw something she wasn't ready to see yet, and that there were others who weren't ready for Allison to be in on their secret, referencing the impending arrival of Argent's father and her father-in-law, Gerard Argent. Victoria then ordered Allison to promise to keep her mouth shut about what she knew about Hunters and Werewolves, which Allison reluctantly did before she was sent off with Kate with the intention of going to the family's cabin in Washington; however, the two ultimately ended up staying in Beacon Hills, as Kate wanted to further convert Allison to her way of thinking (one that goes against the Hunter Code) by enlisting her help in catching Derek Hale. Once Allison and Kate had gone to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital to see the still-injured Lydia Martin, Victoria and Argent began to discuss how they should go about catching the Alpha, during which time the latter admitted that he couldn't find the Alpha himself, but that Scott, who had been bitten by the Alpha (albeit without his consent) could through their shared connection. Victoria wasn't seen again until the end of the episode, which occurred several days after the deaths of Kate and Peter. Victoria was reading a newspaper dated February 28, 2011, and whose cover story is about Kate, who was posthumously blamed as both the mastermind of the Hale House Fire and the murders that Peter committed on those responsible for the fire. Victoria reminded Argent that their lives in Beacon Hills were about to become much tougher, because Kate's actions would make their family pariahs in the town. When she asked him what they were going to do about Scott, Chris replied that they weren't the only ones Scott needed to worry about any longer, once again foreshadowing Gerard Argent's arrival as well as Derek Hale's renewed interest in recruiting Scott to the Hale Pack now that he had become an Alpha.}}

In Omega, Victoria came home early, heading straight towards Allison's room, where she entered without knocking, wasting no time in assuming that Scott and Allison had been sneaking around while she was gone (though, unfortunately for the young lovers, this was a correct assumption). She immediately began looking throughout the room in order to see if anyone was in there with her, searching through Allison's closet and peeking outside her window, just barely missing Scott, who was hiding behind the corner of the roof out of sight. When Allison bitterly asked her if she wanted to do a full cavity search, or if the investigation was over, Victoria coldly informed her that she had picked up her funeral dress for when they buried Kate the following day.

The next morning, Victoria, along with Allison and Argent attended Kate's funeral at Beacon Hills Cemetery; when they arrived, they had no choice but to walk through a crowd of photographers and on-lookers due to the controversy regarding Kate's involvement in the Hale House Fire; though Victoria complained about all of the commotion, Argent grimly revealed that the "paparazzi" and dramatic funeral arrangements were all "his" idea, leading Victoria to snidely retort that "he" could take care of the crowd when he arrived, then. Shortly afterward, they were joined by Victoria's father-in-law, Gerard Argent, who returned to Beacon Hills for the first time in years in response to the death of his daughter Kate, revealing that this was the mysterious person Victoria and Argent had been hinting about the last few episodes.

In Shape Shifted, Victoria, Argent and several other Hunters confronted the principal of Beacon Hills High School in the parking lot of the school. They put him into their vehicle, where Victoria evaluated his performance since becoming the principal, noting that she was disappointed in his progress. She then began to torture him with a large taser until he willingly stepped down from his position as principal, allowing Gerard to take his place.

In Ice Pick, while Allison was at school, Victoria entered her room in order to spy on her. As she looked through Allison's belongings, she found a note from Scott McCall in her textbook which read "Because I love you." In an effort to learn more about what this note meant, she intentionally cut herself on the arm with a kitchen knife and drove herself to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where she was examined by Scott's mother Melissa McCall, a nurse at the hospital after lying and claiming that she had cut herself in an embarrassing accident. While Melissa stitched her up (without anesthetic, at Victoria's insistence), Victoria took advantage of the meeting and began questioning her about what she knew about Scott and Allison's relationship, explaining that she knew how difficult young men could be after having been a math teacher at an all-boys school prior to the Argent Family moving back to Beacon Hills.

When Melissa explained that, while Scott had been acting odd recently, it did not seem to be due to heartbreak, leading Victoria to believe that Scott and Allison were continuing their relationship despite Victoria and Argent's orders that Allison break up with him.

In Abomination, as Victoria and Argent finished up with dinner, Gerard and Allison returned home from the lacrosse game, where they awkwardly revealed that Gerard had invited Scott home for their second family dinner.

Gerard played dumb and acted as though he did not understand the tension between the rest of the Argents and Scott, asking if it was really that uncomfortable if they previously dated, which caused Argent, who was clearly upset, to ask him if he asked the two of them if they would be uncomfortable. Still playing dumb, Gerard laughed it off, stating that it had been "a few centuries" since he was a teenager, but that they broke up and got back together all the time, and Allison, trying to lessen the tension, assured everyone at the table that they were fine, with Scott's enthusiastic agreement. Unfortunately, this led to Gerard asking the two why they broke up in the first place, and Victoria and Argent stared at the two of them harshly to communicate that they needed to have a good answer before Scott awkwardly stated, "She... dumped me...?"

Argent stated that he believed Allison and Scott were just growing apart, though he claimed he meant no offense to Scott. Gerard brightly pointed out that the father's opinion would always be biased and wondered if the pair of teens could have been as passionate as Romeo and Juliet, leading Argent to remind everyone that Romeo and Juliet committed ritual suicide. Clearly uncomfortable, Allison suggested that they talk about something else, which Victoria eagerly stated was a brilliant idea, allowing Scott to go to the kitchen with Argent under the guise of "helping him grab dessert."

Allison and Victoria then kept Gerard occupied while Argent and Scott argued in the kitchen about what would happen if Gerard knew the truth that Scott was a Werewolf. When they returned, Allison asked to be excused with Scott so they could finish up a project for school, and though Argent and Victoria disapproved, Gerard gave them permission and set them off to hang out, not realizing that they were actually searching his office for the Argent Family Bestiary.

In Frenemy, Allison is surprised to discover that the substitute teacher for her English class is her mother, Victoria. She pulls Allison to the side and asks why she has been receiving so many calls from the weird one, that being Stiles Stilinski, Allison explains that if she's going to be keeping an eye on Lydia Martin, then Stiles is the best way to do that since he's had a crush on her for such a long time. Victoria approves of this, she goes on to tell Allison that she's aware of how difficult it is to be in the same class as Scott and not talk to him. She explains to her daughter that this makes her stronger, especially compared to the other female students who are only concerned with boys and which one is taking them to prom. Allison asks if she can be strong and go to the prom, Victoria replies, yes, just not with Scott, she reminds Allison that as long as she stays strong, they won't have to kill a 16 year old boy.

In Restraint, Victoria is working at the front desk when Melissa McCall enters, Victoria assumes that she is there for Scott but she explains that she's there to talk with her. Melissa explains the condoms that she fond in Scott's room and she believes that Scott and Allison may be back together and they're likely having sex. Victoria is not convinced, shes asks Melissa how does she know that Scott isn't with another girl low standards. Melissa responds with Scott has never talked about any other girl, the way he has with Allison, she says that she just wants them to be safe and Victoria agrees.

Scott later enters the principal's office to find Victoria, angrily sharpening a pencil, she explains how she is concerned with how Allison ended up in detention with them after the fight between him and Jackson Whittemore in the locker room. She says a sink was ripped off the wall and he's lucky that she was there to explain that. Shen them moves on to another topic, that being Allison, she demands to know if they're having sex, Scott says no.

In Raving, she discovers that Allison and Scott are still dating after catching them kissing in an empty class room. This infuriates her, that night, as the other hunters attend the rave to capture The Kanima, Victoria comes up with her own plan. She goes to the rave and runs Scott over with her vehicle, knocking him unconscious, she then takes him into a empty room and when he wakes up, she reveals that she's killing him. She explains that she's going to use a cannabis vaporizer filled with Wolfsbane to kill Scott, its going to seem as if he had an asthma attack and couldn't get to his inhaler in time. As Scott slowly dies, she talks to him, mainly about his status as an Omega, telling him that it wasn't a wise decision as the omega never survives.

Scott howls in a desperate attempt for help, not much long later, Derek Hale shows up to save Scott, he and Victoria get into a fight, Derek bites her and she runs off and later falls into the arms of Chris.

In Party Guessed, Victoria and Chris return to home, Chris helps her clean the werewolf bite she suffered from Derek Hale earlier that night. Victoria will have to kill herself as it is apart of the hunter's code when one is bitten. Chris is frantic, she places her hand on him, telling him its okay, she then goes upstairs to essentially say goodbye to Allison. She approaches Allison and ask if they can talk privately as Lydia is in the room, but Allison is too busy to be concerned with her, she says later but Victoria would rather they talk now, Allison blows her off anyways. Victoria returns to Chris and Gerard as she prepares to end her life, Chris says that studies show that women take their life using prescription drugs more than anything.

However, Victoria is not like most woman and she's insulted to think that Chris would assume she'd go out like that, she then grabs a large kitchen knife. She goes upstairs and writes a letter for Allison, not much longer, Chris comes up, she explains that she never got to talk to Allison before she left for her party. She wants to kill herself in Allison's room as it will make her feel close to her daughter. As she prepares to do it, she realizes that she can't do it on her own and asks for Chris' assistance, he grabs the knife, as her eyes begin to glow gold, Chris takes the knife and drivers it through her chest, thus killing her.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Victoria was a very complex person who was known for having a strict and no-nonsense personality. Though she was devoted to her family and went out of her way to protect them, she was less of a "warm and cuddly" mother and more of an authoritative figure who wanted her daughter to grow up to be strong and independent, which often led to Victoria being quite harsh to her. This overprotectiveness even bordered on paranoia after she began to constantly invade Allison's privacy to ensure she wasn't fraternizing with Scott McCall or any other supernatural creatures.

Victoria was capable of being friendly, polite, and charming as well as vicious, ruthless, and violent depending on what was necessary in her current situation, and it was this ability to change attitude on a whim that partially made her such a dangerous adversary. She was also shown to be highly intelligent and possessed a great skill in lying and manipulating others to gain what she wants. This was evidenced when she cut herself with a knife and passed the injury off as an accident at the emergency room just to get some time alone to speak with Melissa McCall about Scott and Allison, or when she purposely chose to poison Scott with a vaporizer full of purple wolfsbane, as she knew it would appear as though he had an asthma attack, a condition Scott possessed prior to his transformation into a werewolf.

As previously stated, Victoria was a skilled Hunter with a very black-and-white view with regards to the supernatural, making her an excellent choice as matriarch of the Argent Family, since the women in the family were trained to be leaders and the matriarch acted a general who planned the battles of the men, who acted as soldiers. Because of her narrow-minded perspective on the supernatural, she did not want her family to have anything to do with werewolves, to the point where she was willing to kill Scott despite the fact that he was an innocent teenager who had never spilled human blood, just so that she could ensure that he would no longer be part of Allison's life.

She extended similar desires toward Derek Hale and his pack as well. Surprisingly enough, despite the fact that she had a similar personality and point of view as her sister-in-law Kate Argent and her father-in-law Gerard Argent, she didn't seem to be particularly close with either of them, possibly because she still somewhat respected the Hunter Code as a result of her husband's influence. This was ultimately proven when she chose to kill herself after she was accidentally bitten by Derek Hale in a fight rather than living as a Werewolf.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Victoria was an attractive middle-aged woman with short, dark red hair, bright blue eyes and very pale skin. She was rather tall for a woman, standing at around 5'9". Her clothing was always neat, clean, and put-together, and usually involved her wearing dark-colored dresses or neutral pantsuits with more brightly-colored blouses. When shifted, Victoria had yellow eyes, suggesting that she was not only transitioning into a werewolf. She normally painted her fingernails a bold red color.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Had Victoria allowed herself to survive the transformation into a werewolf, she would have possessed all the common powers and abilities the species, including strength, speed, agility/reflexes, durability, and senses, as well as accelerated healing, shapeshifting, animal instincts, and the ability to absorb the pain of other living beings.

Prior to her transformation, she was known for being a great hunter who was skilled in close-quarters combat with and without weapons. However, despite these skills, her true talents laid in tactical planning, as she was the Argent matriarch, a role that is essentially the hunter equivalent of a general who leads the organization of plans in order to deal with supernatural threats. She was also shown to be knowledgeable in the use of Wolfsbane against werewolves, as evidenced by the fact that she intended to use a vaporizer of the herb to kill Scott and make it look as though he died of a serious asthma attack. In addition to these skills, she was great at manipulating and threatening people into doing what she wanted, and possessed enough academic knowledge in both English literature and mathematics to work as a high school teacher.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

After fully transitioning into a werewolf, Victoria would have had all the common weaknesses associated with the species, such as Wolfsbane, mountain ash, mistletoe, electricity, [[Lese, etc. Being a newly bitten werewolf, she would have presumably had trouble maintaining control, especially on a full moon and when experiencing powerful emotions such as anger, fear, or stress that would cause her heart rate to rise. During the peak phase of lunar eclipses, Victoria would have lost her powers like all shapeshifters who are beholden to the moon, and she would be vulnerable to ultrasonic and subsonic frequencies, with the former causing her inner ear pain and the latter weakening her and making her feel drunk and nauseous.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Cannabis vaporizer filled with wolfsbane
  • Dagger

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • Victoria: Victoria is a feminine name found in various languages. It means "victory" in Latin, and was also the name of the Roman goddess of victory whose Greek counterpart was Nike. It is also the feminine form of the Latin name Victorius. Variants of the name in other languages include: Latoya (African American English); Viktoria (Bulgarian, Estonian, Hungarian, Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian), Viktoriya (Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian); Viktorija (Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian); Viktorie (Czech); Victoire (French); Wikolia (Hawaiian); Toya (Hispanic American English); Vittoria (Italian); Wiktoria (Polish); Vitória (Portuguese).
  • Argent: Argent is an interesting surname with two known origins. The first is from the Old French argent, meaning "silver," likely used as a nickname for someone with silvery hair, as an occupational name for someone who was a silversmith, or a topographical name for someone who lived near a silver mine. There are also several French towns and villages called Argen or Argent, particularly in Aude and in Bassey-Alpes, due to silver being mined there, so the surname could also be a locational name derived obtained by being a resident there. The town name derives from the Late Latin personal name Argenteus or Argentius, meaning "silvery." Argent as a surname dates back to the late 12th century, and variations of the spelling include Argente, Arghent, Argentt, Argont, and Argontt.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Victoria was shown to be a very skilled hunter who had been rigorously trained in combat and weaponry. However, just before she killed herself on her first full moon after being bitten by Derek Hale.
  • Victoria has been shown to bear some similarities to Noshiko Yukimura:
    • They both hid their daughters' family legacy from them until they were roughly seventeen years old, and then trained them to be strong and independent women who could take care of themselves afterward (with Victoria, it was hiding Allison's hunter heritage, whereas with Noshiko, it was hiding Kira's kitsune nature).
    • They both have gruff, no-nonsense personalities that rely more on tough love than on "warm and cuddly" affection with regards to their daughters. For Victoria, this was evidenced by Allison's hallucination of her in Frayed that sternly helped her thread the needle so she could sew up Scott's wounds, while Noshiko astral-projected to Kira to coach her through activating her healing ability to save her own life in Smoke and Mirrors. In both cases, Victoria and Noshiko encouraged their daughters to calm down and focus on the task at hand while blocking out everything else so they could complete their respective tasks.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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