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Scott: "You can't keep us here."
Allison: "Not without some kind of warrant."
Special Agent McCall: "I've got a desk full of probable cause."
Allison: "My father is a highly respected private security consultant and federally-licensed firearms dealer-- that means he has to own a few weapons... Like this 170-pound-draw tactical crossbow... or this carbon-steel Marine combat knife... 50 A.E. Desert Eagle... Hmm... smoke grenade with pull-ring igniter...?"
Scott McCall, Allison Argent, and Rafael McCall arguing about the weapons Special Agent McCall found in Chris Argent's office during the battle with the Alpha Pack and the Darach in Lunar Ellipse

Weapons are objects or devices which are used to inflict harm. In the Teen Wolf series, weapons are frequently used, most commonly by human Hunters of supernatural creatures, though others have been known to wield them as well, such as assassins, other humans who are involved in the supernatural world, and even by those who have supernatural powers. The weapons discussed in this article do not include natural weaponry possessed by supernatural creatures, such as fangs, claws, talons, and the use of superhuman powers such as Super Strength, Speed, Agility, etc.


The weapons typically wielded by the characters in the series are usually firearms, such as handguns, shotguns, and assault rifles. However, some characters are also seen using ranged weapons such as crossbows and longbows, or swords such as katanas or ninjatos. Other weapons seen in the series include retractable batons, steel spikes, throwing stars, garrotes, spears, daggers, nunchakus, and tasers. Hunters have also been seen utilizing vaporizers full of wolfsbane to weaken their Werewolf prey in order to make it easier for them to be defeated.

Characters and Their Signature Weapons[]

There are a number of characters in the series who have a specific weapon or weapons of choice that are their go-to when preparing for a fight or battle. Sometimes this can change over time, but for the most part, these characters are consistent in the use of these weapons, to the point where they become associated with them alone. Characters who have unique or signature weapons of choice include:

Alan Deaton[]

Deaton's weapon of choice was a retractable steel baton, which he often kept hidden up his right sleeve until he needed it. He was shown to be extremely capable with this weapon, as seen during his brief sparring session with Satomi Ito outside of the animal clinic ("Weaponized") and again when capturing the Wendigo Patrick Clark so he could be returned to Eichen House. ("A Promise to the Dead") His skill also seemed to extend to using swords, as noted during his battle with several Oni in which he used their ninjatos against them. ("The Divine Move")

Additionally, while this is not an offensive weapon, Deaton has been shown to use Mountain Ash to great effect in order to protect himself and others from supernatural creatures who seek to cause them harm. The rowan wood he had installed into the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic has prevented Peter Hale from being able to capture Scott McCall ("Formality") and prevented Kali from transforming and harming his sister Marin Morrell ("Frayed"). He also has been known to use the ash made from burned rowan wood ("mountain ash") to create barriers in order to contain threats, though the one time this was seen on-screen, it failed to work due to the revelation that Tracy Stewart was a pseudo-supernatural Chimera rather than a truly supernatural Werewolf as they had assumed. ("Dreamcatchers")

Allison Argent[]

Allison with her longbow.

Allison's signature weapon has always been the bow, though the type of bow used has changed throughout the seasons. She was first seen using a compound bow during Season 1 and early Season 2, ("Magic Bullet"), ("Co-Captain"), ("Shape Shifted") but by the end of the latter season, she had switched to a black longbow, which she continued to use throughout her run on the series. She was notable for being an expert markswoman, aside from the brief amount of time she was suffering from the after effects of the surrogate sacrifice ritual that caused tremors which prevented her from performing at her usual level of aptitude. ("Anchors") This marksmanship also extended to guns, though she did not use them as often, preferring non-lethal weapons; when the McCall Pack was trying to save Malia Tate and turn her back into a human from her coyote form, she used a tranquilizer gun to successfully sedate Henry Tate before he could shoot Malia, mistaking her for the coyote that killed his wife and daughters. ("More Bad Than Good")

Aside from these weapons, Allison has used a taser wand or taser gun for times when she wants to ensure she won't seriously harm someone (a skill she was initially taught by her aunt, Kate Argent, during Season 1 ("Lunatic")), and she also demonstrated at least a moderate competency in swordsmanship when she was forced to use Kira Yukimura's katana to defend herself when her own mini-crossbow jammed during a fight. ("De-Void") She also secretly carried knives that served as backups, but her favorites were Chinese ring daggers. ("Master Plan"), ("The Girl Who Knew Too Much") On one occasion, Allison even used a chain whip to disarm Katashi of his gun during a confrontation over information regarding the Oni and the Nogitsune. ("Silverfinger") She was also fond of using flash-bang arrows, just like her father Chris Argent, in order to scare away and/or temporarily disorient and blind her opponents to make it easier for her to defeat them, such as during Allison and Kate's hunt of Derek and Scott when Allison was still upset with Scott for lying to her about being a Werewolf ("Code Breaker"), helping corral the feral Boyd and Cora during their first Full Moon in four months ("Fireflies"), and giving the Beacon Hills Werewolves a second chance in their battle against the Alpha Pack in the Abandoned Mall ("Frayed").

Finally, like her father Chris Argent and her grandfather Gerard Argent, Allison was capable of setting trip-wire traps to catch her "prey." ("Fireflies") She also notably performed the Hunter ritual of forging a silver bullet as a testament to the Hunter Code, though she modified the ritual to instead be a silver arrowhead to reflect her affinity with archery. It was when she made this arrowhead, which she stamped with the Argent Family fleur de lis symbol, that she realized it was the key to killing the Oni, whom she knew from her father, Argent, was vulnerable to being pierced by silver. She then made four more arrowheads, one for each of the Oni, with the intention of using them to kill the demons once and for all. ("Insatiable"), ("The Divine Move")

Araya Calavera[]

Though Araya, as a self-proclaimed Hunter of more than forty years, presumably was trained to use a variety of weapons (such as the knife she used to kill one of her own men who was stealing from her in order to intimidate Lydia Martin ("The Dark Moon")) while in combat, she was typically seen using three main weapons. The first was Wolfsbane fog, which she used to weaken Scott McCall, Kira Yukimura, and Malia Tate in order to make them easier to capture, especially by utilizing a taser-wand to weaken Scott further. ("The Dark Moon") However, her main weapon of choice was a silver revolver pistol, which she was seen using during the battle at La Iglesia between the Calavera Family's Hunters and Kate Argent and her Berserker. ("Smoke and Mirrors")


Braeden fighting Deadpool assassins with her pump-action shotgun.

Braeden, a trained former U.S. Marshal, was an excellent fighter who was competent in the majority of weapons, but her specialty was using firearms. She was most often seen using a pump-action shotgun, which she utilized to great effect in a number of fights and battles, including breaking Derek and Peter Hale from the Calavera Compound ("More Bad Than Good"), fighting against Kate Argent's Berserkers at La Iglesia ("The Dark Moon"), ("Smoke and Mirrors"), and when defending Malia Tate from her her mother, the Desert Wolf ("The Beast of Beacon Hills"), ("Apotheosis"). However, she possessed a large arsenal of firearms aside from her shotgun, and often switched to using a Sig Sauer 9mm when she needed to fire a number of shots very quickly, which she also taught her boyfriend Derek to use. ("Time of Death")

In a fight against the Alpha Pack shortly after she was hired to save Isaac Lahey by Marin Morrell, Braeden demonstrated that she has a proficiency in melee weapons as well, as she fashioned a staff out of a broken mop handle and used it to hold off three of the Alphas (Ennis, Ethan and Aiden) for several minutes until she was finally defeated by Kali. ("Tattoo")


While Brunski was not a combative person by nature, he was very outspoken about his fondness for his liberal use of "the tools of [his] trade," which were syringes full of the antipsychotic drug Haldol (also known as haloperidol, a medication that is often used to calm and sedate agitated and aggressive patients in mental health facilities) and a taser. He was not at all averse to using these makeshift weapons, as shown when he attempted to tase Meredith Walker to weaken her after she escaped from Eichen House and went to Beacon Hills High School to help the McCall Pack find Lydia Martin ("Insatiable"), when he forcefully sedated Stiles Stilinski with Haldol after he was caught with contraband during his stay at Eichen ("Echo House"), and when he used his taser against Stiles and Lydia to knock them out so he could tie them up before attempting to kill them when they learned he was an Angel of Death who killed Lydia's grandmother Lorraine Martin. ("Perishable") However, he did get a taste of his own medicine, so to speak, when his own taser was used against him by Bobby Finstock after Brunski mocked him and attempted to harm Meredith at the high school ("Insatiable").

The Chemist[]

The Chemist, also known as Simon, mainly used the Modified Canine Distemper Virus as his weapon of choice, but he also used a Walther P88 handgun equipped with a sound-suppressor when he needed a quick way to get rid of his opponents. He had this gun in hand when he held it up to Stiles Stilinski's head in order to try to force him to expose the location of Scott McCall, Malia Tate, and Kira Yukimura, as he intended to collect the Deadpool bounties ($25 million, 4 million, and 6 million, respectively) for each of them. Fortunately for Stiles, Simon was shot and killed by Rafael McCall before he could use his gun to kill him. ("Time of Death")

Chris Argent[]

Argent in a standoff with his father Gerard using his Desert Eagle handgun.

Argent, who was trained as a Hunter from the time he was born, was highly skilled in a wide assortment of weapons and not only possessed his own arsenal of modern and antique or historical weapons, but he and his family also owned Argent Arms International, a firearms retail store for both civilians and law enforcement to use as a cover for their Hunter business. ("Magic Bullet"), ("Frayed"), ("Orphaned"), ("Triggers")

Throughout the series, Argent has wielded a number of different weapons, but normally sticks with one of three main weapons he seems to prefer over all others. He was seen wielding a crossbow in his first ever appearance in the series ("Wolf Moon"), and would later be mocked by his sister Kate for relying on arrows rather than bullets. ("Wolf's Bane")

Though he continued to use the crossbow off and on throughout the series, he later began relying heavily on his 50 AE Desert Eagles, which he loaded with standard and wolfsbane-laced bullets at different points in the series; it should also be noted that Argent normally carried two of these guns on his person at all times in case he needed it. ("Time of Death") This was his primary weapon throughout most of Seasons 2 and 3. In Season 4, after the death of his daughter Allison ("Insatiable"), he first began using his crossbow again ("The Benefactor (Episode)") before switching to an M24 assault rifle, both in his fights with his Werejaguar sister Kate ("Orphaned") and against the Hunter-assassins during the Deadpool. ("Monstrous") He continued to use this gun through Seasons 5 and 6 against the Dread Doctors, the Ghost Riders, and Monroe's Army.

Argent with his M4 down in the tunnels while fighting the Dread Doctors.

However, though he clearly had his favorite weapons that he normally reached for over all others, he did use other weapons as well, such as when he commandeered one of the Ghost Riders' special guns and used it in a duel against another one while in the Phantom Train Station, allowing him to kill the Ghost Rider in question. ("Riders on the Storm") He was normally armed with a number of knives and daggers hidden in his boots and coat sleeves, ("Alpha Pact"), ("Broken Glass") and was often seen using a taser wand while dealing with supernatural creatures that he wasn't trying to outright kill, such as when he helped the Beacon Hills Werewolves catch the feral Cora Hale and Vernon Boyd ("Fireflies") and when he, Allison, and Isaac Lahey were trying to find the Darach. ("Alpha Pact")

He also used more defensive weapons, such as his family's signature ultrasonic emitters, which were used to emit a high-pitched noise only Werewolves and other shapeshifters could hear, causing them intense pain and either incapacitating them or encouraging them to run towards a trap. ("Fireflies"), ("The Benefactor (Episode)") He also was in possession of an antique flint-lock turnover pistol from 1645, which was implied to have belonged to one of the Argent ancestors and was given to said ancestors by Louis XIV; though he was never seen firing this weapon, he was prepared to sell it to Katashi in exchange for information on the Oni and the Nogitsune who were terrorizing Beacon Hills.("Silverfinger") Another defensive weapon he used were flash-bang arrows, such as the ones he utilized during the hunt he went on during Scott McCall's first Full Moon as a Werewolf, temporarily blinding Scott so that he was easier to then shoot with a real arrow. ("Wolf Moon") His sister, Kate Argent, often mocked him for using these arrowheads as well. ("Wolf's Bane")

Like his father Gerard Argent, Argent was skilled at setting traps using trip-wires, such as the one he used to try to catch Lydia Martin after she was attacked and bitten by then-Alpha Peter Hale; however, instead of catching Lydia, he instead caught Scott McCall while Scott, Stiles Stilinski, and Argent's daughter Allison found the wire and tripped it to see what it did, resulting in Scott's ankle being wrapped in a slipknot, allowing him to be hoisted into the air by said ankle and hung upside down. ("Omega") Argent presumably taught Allison to set these traps as well, as seen when she was secretly helping Argent, Scott, Isaac Lahey, and Derek Hale catch the rabid Boyd and Cora behind-the-scenes. ("Fireflies")

Argent also performed the Hunter ritual of forging a silver bullet as a testament to the Argent Code when he was eighteen years old and completed his Hunter training. According to Argent, he made six bullets total, one of which he used to shoot at an Oni demon during an arms deal in Japan in 1988. ("Alpha Pact"), ("Silverfinger") However, Argent has made it clear that he does not like using silver bullets because they don't shoot straight, and he believes lead bullets are much more accurate. ("Insatiable"), ("Raw Talent")


Corinne attempting to shoot Malia with her handgun.

Corinne, a Werecoyote, was not a user of weapons whatsoever until after the birth of her daughter, Malia Tate, which caused her to inherit a portion of her powers and made her weaker as a result. Unable to depend on her supernatural powers to protect her in this weakened state, and insisting upon continuing her career as an assassin known as the Desert Wolf, she began using an assortment of firearms and became such an accomplished markswoman that even Braeden (a former U.S. Marshal who ultimately lost her job as a result of her obsession with catching the highly-sought-after Corinne) could not help but be impressed of her talents and rightfully hesitant to go after her without all the information she could gather ahead of time. ("The Sword and the Spirit")

In the series, Corinne was most often seen using a pump-action shotgun (much like Braeden and Kate Argent), though she also had handguns and knives she used as backups when necessary. However, her main goal was to find Malia and kill her to steal back her power so that she would not have to rely on firearms to defend herself and perform her job effectively. ("The Sword and the Spirit"), ("The Beast of Beacon Hills"), ("Apotheosis")

Derek Hale[]

Derek armed while answering his door at the middle of the night.

Derek, as a born Werewolf in a centuries-old family of Werewolves, spent the majority of his life relying on his natural weapons (his superhuman physical attributes such as strength, speed, agility, durability, etc., as well as his fangs and claws), and openly admitted that he especially hated guns due to the fact that he had been shot countless times by Hunters throughout his life. ("Time of Death")

However, after the newly turned Werejaguar Kate Argent had performed a ritual on him to de-age him back to his sixteen-year old self, Derek, once he regained his true age, learned that he was slowly losing his Werewolf powers and abilities, concerning him. He was eventually rendered completely human and powerless during the Deadpool, which was very inconvenient timing. Fortunately, his new girlfriend Braeden taught him how to use firearms to defend himself from any threat, leading Derek to choose a Sig Sauer 9mm handgun from her arsenal as his weapon. ("Time of Death") He has used this gun while aiding the McCall Pack fight off numerous Hunters and assassins, ("Monstrous"), and to defend himself from Kate and her Berserkers. ("Smoke and Mirrors") Once he became an Evolved Beta Werewolf, Derek was no longer seen using his Sig Sauer, as he once again began relying on his supernatural gifts instead.


Deucalion about to punish Ethan and Aiden with his cane-blade.

While Deucalion, as a powerful Augmented Alpha Werewolf, had more than enough natural weaponry at his disposal, he was put at a disadvantage in the early 2000s when Gerard Argent blinded him by shoving flash-bang arrows into his eyes during a battle at the Abandoned Distillery in Beacon Hills. ("Visionary") Though he could see in wolf-form, he could not always rely on this loophole while in public, so he took to using a standard white cane utilized by most blind humans. However, he gave himself an extra advantage by putting a small, sharp, arrowhead-shaped blade in the end of his cane, which was concealed by a red cap to blend in with the rest of the cane. ("Unleashed")

This aspect of his cane was first revealed when Deucalion was admonishing his pack subordinates, the twins Ethan and Aiden Steiner, after they began fighting Scott McCall and Isaac Lahey against his instructions, with Deucalion swiping them each across their left cheeks with the blade. ("Unleashed") It came out again when he was testing Scott at Beacon Hills High School; he agreed to tell Scott where the Darach was holding his boss and mentor Alan Deaton hostage, but only if he was able to take Deucalion's cane from him during a fight, which resulted in Scott getting stabbed in the shoulder with the blade and failing the test. ("Currents")

The blade was again seen during the battle between the Beacon Hills Werewolves and the Alpha Pack at the evacuated Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where the Alphas were trying to get the younger wolves to hand over Jennifer Blake, who had just been revealed to be the Darach, who was committing human sacrifices to gain the power needed to kill the Alphas for their crimes against her. Deucalion took the cap off of his cane so that he could use the cane as a javelin, attempting to spear Jennifer with it as she fled into an elevator, though she was able to dodge it and instead caused the cane to embed itself into the wall next to it. ("The Overlooked") Finally, Deucalion had his fellow Alphas hunt down their Emissary, Marin Morrell, in the woods and when she revealed to Kali and the twins that Deucalion had been Ennis' true killer this whole time and not Derek Hale as he had led them to believe, Deucalion threw his cane towards Marin and the blade embedded itself into her shoulder, though Scott convinced the Alphas to spare Marin's life. ("Alpha Pact")

When Deucalion was healed of his blindness by Jennifer at Derek's instruction (claiming Deucalion needed to be able to see what his actions cost her but really wanting her to deplete her power so she couldn't hurt anyone), he stopped using his cane and thus no longer used any weapons, due in part to the fact that he began practicing the martial art of bagua, which involves taking the path of least resistance and using one's opponent's attacks against them. ("Lunar Ellipse"), ("Werewolves of London")


Gabe was an arrogant student in Beacon Hills High School, who quickly joined Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argent's crusade to wipe out the supernatural communities all over the world, due in part to the intense fear that the ancient shapeshifter Anuk-ite spread through the human population of Beacon Hills, causing them to fear, hate and turn against the supernaturals of their hometown, even those who were good and innocent. ("Face-to-Faceless")

Gabe preparing his crossbow to send a "message" to the McCall Pack members and their allies.

Shortly after joining the younger generation of Monroe's Hunter army, Gabe was taught by Gerard in how to use a crossbow, which he, under Monroe's guidance, used during the confrontation between their army and the members of the McCall Pack and their allies (who were protecting Jiang and Tierney, two Beta Werewolves of Satomi Ito's now-destroyed pack who killed two Hunters of Monroe's army in retaliation for their Alpha and pack's deaths at the hands of the army) in Beacon County Sheriff's Department; Gabe fired an arrow, which landed inside and embedded itself into one of the walls, and it had a bloody piece of the lacrosse jersey of Brett Talbot, a good friend of the McCall Pack who was killed a few days ago by one of the Army's Hunters, to further psychologically taunt Scott McCall, his packmates and their allies, who were all being already greatly affected by the Anuk ite's fear aura. ("Pressure Test")

During the attack on Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, Gabe was carrying an assault rifle and shot Liam Dunbar and Theo Raeken, slightly wounding them. Ironically, Gabe was the one who met his end in this final battle when Monroe had one of her Hunters shoot Gabe in order to kill Liam as well, but the latter dodged the shots just in time whereas Gabe was shot multiple times in the chest. ("The Wolves of War")


Garrett threatening Scott with his yellow wolfsbane-laced forked blade.

Garrett and his girlfriend, Violet, were a pair of young assassins known as "The Orphans," and were thus prepared to deal with supernatural targets. Garrett carried a double-bladed dagger, which he used to stab Beta Werewolf Carrie Hudson to death in order to receive her Deadpool bounty of $500,000, and coated it with a rare and potent yellow Wolfsbane formula to later poison Carrie's packmate, Brett Talbot, during the lacrosse game between Beacon Hills Cyclones and the players of Devenford Prep. ("I.E.D.")

When Violet was arrested for attempting to kill Brett and the True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall, Garrett coated his blade once more with yellow wolfsbane to poison Scott's Beta Liam Dunbar before throwing him into a well in Beacon Hills Preserve. Garrett then blackmailed Scott into helping him free Violet from federal custody because if not, he would not tell Scott where Liam was, and the young Beta would ultimately die from the wolfsbane poisoning, leaving Scott with no choice but to work with Garrett to save Liam. However, the Werejaguar Kate Argent and her Berserker bodyguards attacked the van where Violet was being transported to prison and captured her for answers about the Benefactor's identity. Garrett attached his blade to his lacrosse stick to turn it into a spear as he prepared to face one of the Berserkers, though he was caught off-guard when the second Berserker impaled him in the back with its bone claw, killing him. ("Orphaned")

Gerard Argent[]

Gerard killing his own Hunters and Deucalion's Betas with his spiked mace (covered in Werewolf claws) during an ambush in the early 2000s.

As the well-known cold-blooded patriarch of the Argent Family, Gerard, like his children and other members of his family, was shown to carry numerous weapons throughout the series. His favorite weapon was a broadsword, which he has used multiple times to cut his Werewolf victims in half to ensure that they don't heal from their wounds and survive. ("Omega"), ("Battlefield") He was also shown to have built a mace of his own by covering a baseball bat with Werewolf claws from his previous victims and used it to not only kill two of Deucalion's Betas, but also his own men during a "peace summit" requested by Deucalion; the wounds the mace caused would later support Gerard's plan to frame Deucalion by blaming him and his pack for orchestrating the massacre, which would perpetuate the conflict between Hunters and supernaturals to the present day. ("Visionary")

Gerard's broadsword after cutting a homeless Omega in half with it.

Like his son, Argent, Gerard was shown to possess many firearm weapons due to his career as an arms dealer, though he preferred handguns, ("Apotheosis"), and has used spikes that emitted an ultrasonic frequency to disorient his supernatural prey and lure them into a trap. He used one emitter to keep the Dread Doctors from attacking him, as he knew that the emitter's frequency would disrupt their powers, during their confrontation in the underground tunnels. ("The Sword and the Spirit") On one occasion, Gerard used a small dagger to stab Scott McCall in the stomach while he was blackmailing the young Beta to help him with his battle against the Hale Pack, threatening to do the same to his human mother, Melissa McCall. ("Abomination")

Gerard also demonstrated that he was a competent creator of booby-traps, as he set up a trip-wire in the underground tunnels shortly after the Ghost Riders were banished from Beacon Hills that launched a large, sharp pipe covered in equally sharp, short nails; after Lorilee Rohr accidentally tripped the wire while she and Scott McCall, Malia Tate, and Liam Dunbar were searching for the injured and poisoned Brett Talbot, the pipe launched forcefully and impaled Scott in the stomach. The pipe was designed to create double the damage, because not only did the initial stab wound and the subsequent slices from the nails cause immense trauma to his internal organs, the removal of the pipe caused just as much, if not more damage, resulting in it taking a long time for Scott to fully heal, even with pain-absorption-assistance from Malia. ("After Images")

Henry Tate[]

Henry Tate with his hunting rifle, which he intended to use on a coyote (though, unbeknownst to him, it was actually his Werecoyote adopted daughter Malia Tate).

Henry was an avid hunter of mundane animals and possessed a number of firearms and traps with which to kill them. His main gun of choice appeared to be a standard hunting rifle, but he also had handguns as well. ("More Bad Than Good") Once a coyote (which was ultimately revealed to actually be the Werecoyote Malia Tate, Henry's adopted daughter who was believed to have died in a car accident eight years earlier) began lurking around the areas where the car accident occurred, Henry, believing the coyote to be the same one who killed his wife and daughters, immediately sought to kill it in order to get justice for their deaths, buying an inordinate amount of traps online that he scattered across the entirety of the Beacon Hills Preserve in hopes of catching and killing it. ("More Bad Than Good")

Nearly a year after Henry and Malia were reunited, Henry saw Malia off when her then-boyfriend Stiles Stilinski (accompanied by Scott McCall and Liam Dunbar) came to pick her up in Stiles' Jeep; upon seeing Stiles kiss Malia hello, as well as hearing Liam joking about wanting a kiss himself, Henry reminded the two boys that he had a gun and was not afraid to use it, though his wink afterward indicated to Malia that he was merely giving them a hard time to scare them as most fathers do with their daughters' boyfriends. ("Creatures of the Night")

Jennifer Blake[]

Jennifer, a Druid Emissary, became a dark Druid known as a Darach when her desire to get revenge on Deucalion and his Alpha Pack after he ordered one of his packmates, Kali, to kill her, resulting in Jennifer's face being mauled so severely that she was unrecognizable and nearly resulting in her death. ("The Girl Who Knew Too Much"), ("The Overlooked") Though she did have Druid abilities of her own, she needed to obtain an immense amount of mystical power in order to become strong enough to defeat such a powerful opponent as Deucalion, leading her to perform a five-fold knot sacrifice ritual that required her to kill three people of each "type"—virgin, warrior, healer, philosopher, and guardian, which caused her to gain powers related to each of the "types" of sacrifices she made. ("Unleashed"), ("The Girl Who Knew Too Much"), ("The Overlooked")

Jennifer strangling Lydia with a garrote and trying to slit her throat after hitting her hard in the head as part of the "three-fold death."

The majority of the sacrifices were killed using the three-fold death, which involved strangling the person, slitting their throat, and causing critical blunt-force trauma to the head, not necessarily in this order. ("Fireflies"), ("Unleashed"), ("Alpha Pact") As a result, her signature weapons were a garrote, which she used to strangle her victims, and the knife she used to slit their throats, along with whatever object was available at the time with which to bludgeon the victim upside the head.

The first trio, "virgins," were all killed in this manner, with Heather, Emily, and the lifeguard all being strangled, beaten over the head, and had their throats cut with Jennifer's knife, though Heather was seemingly the only one of the three who was strangled with a garrote and not just a piece of rope, and Emily was simultaneously tied to a tree by her neck and strangled at the same time. ("Fireflies")

Danny, suffering from tension pneumothorax after being poisoned with mistletoe by Jennifer in an attempt to kill him for knowing too much about her plans.

Instead of using these weapons with the "healer" trio, Jennifer instead utilized regular rope to hang her victims (Alan Deaton, Dr. Hilyard, and the attending physician at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital's emergency room) by the wrists, causing them to suffocate from lack of blood flow to the lungs. ("Currents")

She also used her knife and garrote to attempt to kill Lydia Martin with the three-fold death due to the fact that the young Banshee knew too much about her plans, and she also threw the knife at Noah Stilinski when he tried to intervene, which stabbed him in the left shoulder. ("The Girl Who Knew Too Much")

In addition to her knife and garrote, Jennifer was also fond of using mistletoe as a poison against people who got into her way, or when she needed to cause a distraction or blackmail someone into helping her. She first did this by poisoning "warrior" sacrifice Kyle's dog Bullet in order to get him to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, located on the telluric current necessary to utilize for her ritual. ("Unleashed") She then poisoned Danny Mahealani with it when she learned he was researching telluric currents and feared her was catching onto her plans. ("Currents") She poisoned the recital pianist she ended up killing as part of her "philosopher" sacrifices, possibly as a back-up plan. Finally, she poisoned Cora Hale, her lover Derek Hale's younger sister, in order to blackmail Derek and his friends into helping protect her from the Alpha Pack by promising to heal her if they did so. ("The Overlooked")

Jordan Parrish[]

Parrish, who is possessed by the Hellhound spirit known as Cerberus, is immensely powerful without weapons, but he uses his service weapon, a 9mm Beretta handgun, as part of his human job as Deputy Sheriff of the Beacon County Sheriff's Department. He has been seen using this gun on numerous occasions, including (but not limited to): fighting against the Oni at the Sheriff's station ("The Divine Move"); saving Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin from being killed by Brunski by shooting the Eichen House orderly ("Perishable"); fighting against Kate Argent and her Berserker in battle at La Iglesia ("Smoke and Mirrors"); defending Beacon Hills High School when Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Malia Tate, and Liam Dunbar attempted to turn it into a fortress to protect Hayden Romero from the Dread Doctors ("Strange Frequencies"); and holding a Ghost Rider at gunpoint during a party at the McCall House ("Sundowning")

In addition to this gun, Parrish remarked that he also used to carry a military-grade tomahawk while serving in the United States Army as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician, though he was never seen using this weapon. ("The Benefactor (Episode)")

Kate Argent[]

Kate aiming her sniper rifle at a Werewolf (unbeknownst to her, it was Derek Hale) that was pursuing thee Alpha.

As a Hunter trained from a very young age, Kate is proficient in a wide range of weaponry. However, she is very open about the fact that she prefers firearms to weapons favored by her brother, Chris Argent, or niece, Allison Argent, such as longbows and crossbows. ("Wolf's Bane") She is most often seen using pump-action shotguns (much like human mercenary Braeden and Werecoyote assassin the Desert Wolf), though she has also been seen using handguns as well when she runs out of shotgun ammunition. ("Magic Bullet"), ("Orphaned"), ("Smoke and Mirrors") In her first appearance in the series, she used a sniper rifle with rounds that were filled with the rare wolfsbane strain known as Nordic Blue Monkshood; she used one of these rounds to shoot Derek Hale, which nearly killed him and required him to use ashes of the same strain of wolfsbane in order to cure himself. ("Magic Bullet")

With that being said, she is not opposed to using other weapons when it suits her. Like her brother, Argent, Kate has been shown using high-voltage taser wands when fighting against supernatural creatures such as Werewolves, such as when she and several of her Hunter companions ambushed Derek Hale in the Hale House ruins to reveal that the Argents were not the ones who killed his sister, Laura Hale, and to try to get him to tell her the identity of the Alpha who did, in fact, kill Laura and stole her powers, promising to kill him for Derek so he wouldn't have to do so himself. However, she revoked this offer when it became clear that Derek didn't actually know who the Alpha was, causing her to begin shooting him with a handgun. ("The Tell")

When Kate was killed by Peter Hale, his claws went into her throat so deep that he actually transformed her into a shapeshifter, only instead of a Werewolf, Kate became a Werejaguar. She was then captured by the Calavera Family, who forced her to comply with the Hunter Code, which stated that a Hunter who was bitten and turned would kill themselves before their first full moon, even giving her a straight razor with which to do it. However, she instead decided to live and faked her death so she could kill her way out of the Calavera Compound. ("The Dark Moon") She then kept the straight razor as a reminder of what she had gone through with it. ("Orphaned")

Kate after stealing the yellow wolfsbane she planned to use to kill Scott McCall.

Despite the new natural weaponry she possessed in the form of superhuman physical skills such as strength, speed, and agility/reflexes and the claws and fangs she could retract at will, Kate continued to use weapons, likely due to an underlying self-loathing about her new supernatural nature after years of Hunter conditioning to see them as monsters. This was notable when she used guns to storm Derek's loft to overpower the Calavera Family and kidnap Derek Hale ("The Divine Move"), and when she used her shotgun to fight against the Deadpool assassins in order to try to find out the identity of The Benefactor; in this case, she only began using her claws and fangs when she was shot by one of the assassins, causing her so much anger that she involuntarily shifted and went into a frenzy. ("Orphaned")

She returned during the war between the Beacon Hills supernatural creature community and Monroe's Hunter Army with the intention of making a special bullet full of yellow wolfsbane with which to kill Scott McCall, only to end up being shot with the same kind of bullet by her own father, Gerard Argent, who resented her for her transformation into a "monster." ("Broken Glass"), ("The Wolves of War")

Kira Yukimura[]

Kira using her magical katana in a fight against the Werewolf-Kanima Chimera Tracy Stewart, causing her newly enlarged aura to emerge.

Although Kira's parents were both collectors of weapons, specifically swords, and at least one of them (Kira's mother, Noshiko Yukimura) were proficient at using them, Kira did not seem to possess much, if any training in using weaponry until after her Thunder Kitsune powers began to manifest in the fall of 2011. ("Illuminated") Her first use of weapons in the series was during a battle with an Oni demon outside of the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic; she was helping her new friend and crush Scott McCall protect their friend Stiles Stilinski (who was currently possessed by a Void Kitsune known as the Nogitsune) from the Oni who were hunting him.

When Scott became overwhelmed by the three Oni he was battling, Kira, despite having little fighting skills at the time, jumped in to help by using a lead pipe as a type of sword/staff with which to hit the Oni. She quickly tapped into her Kitsune power of Intuitive Aptitude and began wielding the pipe as effectively as any trained swordsman would and was able to knock one of the Oni onto its back and disarming a second, stealing their ninjato sword in the process. ("Letharia Vulpina") She later found that she was able to quickly gain proficiency in using swords because of this power and was soon one of the primary fighters of the McCall Pack, eventually inheriting her mother Noshiko's magical katana, which she imbued with her own power. She began carrying it around in its sheath for some time until her father Ken modified it to double as a belt so that it was easy and inconspicuous to carry. ("Creatures of the Night")

Kira using her glowstick nunchakus in a battle against a Calavera Hunter in Araya's nightclub.

Though the katana is her main weapon of choice, she has been seen using others when the need arises. During the fight with Malia Tate against several Calavera Hunters in the Calavera Compound's nightclub, she fended off one of the Hunters using a pair of glow-stick nunchakus, which she used to strike the woman in the torso and the arm several times before hitting her over the head and knocking her out with the final shot. ("The Dark Moon") When her father turned her katana into a belt that she could wear, he also equipped it with at least one shuriken, or throwing star, which was built into the belt buckle; she was seen using it to disable an alarm that went off when she and Scott McCall broke open the back door to the Sinema nightclub during their hunt for a Werewolf-Scorpion Chimera named Lucas. ("Condition Terminal") Finally, she was seen wielding a spear during a fight against the Skinwalkers after she was told that she failed their test and would thus be forced to become a Skinwalker as well and stay with them for eternity, as per their earlier agreement. ("Codominance") Surprisingly, though she had incredibly powerful electrokinetic abilities utilizing a special type of electricity known as foxfire, she rarely used it in battle, instead relying on her sword and other weapons to defend herself.

Lydia Martin[]

Lydia did not become an active fighter until Season 5 of the series, as her powers as a Banshee and her genius-level intellect led her to be more on the "brains" side of the McCall Pack rather than the "brawn," especially considering she did not have superhuman physical attributes. However, after an injury she sustained from the Werewolf-Kanima Chimera Tracy Stewart, Lydia decided to learn how to fight in order to defend herself and was trained by Jordan Parrish, the Deputy Sheriff of the Beacon County Sheriff's Department and a former Army Soldier. ("Required Reading") During the same season, she also learned how to use her Banshee Scream as a concussive blast, giving her very little need for a physical weapon. ("Creatures of the Night"), ("The Sword and the Spirit")

With that being said, she has been seen using regular objects as weapons when the need arose, particularly before she learned close-quarters combat. This was first demonstrated when she took a page out of Stiles Stilinski's proverbial book and used a baseball bat in an attempt to fend off the Berserker that was preventing her and Mason Hewitt from leaving Beacon Hills High School and warning the McCall Pack that Kate Argent and Peter Hale were working together. ("Smoke and Mirrors") She was also seen attempting to wield a canoe oar as a weapon when she believed someone was breaking into her grandmother's boat house, stopping only when she realized it was just her mother, Natalie Martin. ("Time of Death") Also, since her voice became her primary weapon in Season 5, she also found a way to use it to make the weapons of others more effective, such as when she combined the force of her scream with Noah Stilinski's regular handgun bullets, making it powerful enough to kill the phantom version of Stilinski's deceased wife, Claudia Stilinski. ("Riders on the Storm") During the half-season long war against the Beast of Gevaudan, both Chris Argent and Gerard Argent believed that Lydia would be the best choice to be the one to kill him and urged her to use their ancestor, Marie-Jeanne Valet's pike, once they found it, to slay the Beast just as Marie-Jeanne did in 1767, but Lydia refused, reminding them both that she was not Allison Argent, Argent's daughter and Gerard's granddaughter, who also just happened to look identical to Marie-Jeanne. ("Maid of Gévaudan")

Marie-Jeanne Valet[]

Marie-Jeanne killing her brother and Beast of Gevaudan, Sebastien, with a pike made of mountain ash and wolfsbane and forged with her blood.

In flashbacks to the 18th century, Marie-Jeanne Valet discovered, to her shock and horror, that her brother Sebastien Valet was the vicious Werewolf known as the Beast of Gevaudan slaughtering hundreds of innocent people, including children. Even despite the fact that Sebastien was her brother, Marie-Jeanne was determined to find a way to end Sebastien's reign of terror, leading her to join her reluctant ally Henri Argent in ultimately creating a weapon that could kill her brother—a special pike forged with Valet blood under the light of a full moon mixed with substances that weakened lycanthropes: Wolfsbane and Mountain Ash. After three years of hunting her brother, Marie-Jeanne came across him in 1767 and impaled him through the chest with the pike that she and Henri had created. To punish her brother for the countless lives that he had taken, Marie-Jeanne decided to erase his name from existence through Damnatio Memoriae to ensure that although he would not be remembered by name, he would always be remembered as a Beast. Once Sebastien succumbed to his wounds and died, Marie-Jeanne removed the pike from he brother's lifeless body and headed back home. ("Maid of Gévaudan")

Like her descendant and doppelgänger, Allison Argent, Marie-Jeanne was seen wielding crossbows and longbows during her hunting time, and was seen secretly keeping knives as back-ups.

Mason Hewitt[]

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Melissa McCall[]

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The Mute[]

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Noah Stilinski[]

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Nolan Holloway[]

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Noshiko Yukimura[]

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Rafael McCall[]

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Satomi Ito[]

Satomi Ito wielding her steel spike in a friendly sparring match with Alan Deaton outside of the animal clinic.

Satomi was one of the oldest Alpha Werewolves ever known and the Alpha of a pack whose members, according to Derek Hale, were not considered to be fighters due to their dedication to Buddhism and their willingness to avoid combat as much as possible, not wanting to risk losing control of their animal sides. Unlike most Werewolves, who solely relied on their enhanced physical abilities as well as their fangs and claws, Satomi owned a steel spike weapon, which she used with great skill in conjunction with her advanced combat skills.

The steel spike was first shown when Satomi sparred for a few moments with Alan Deaton and his steel baton outside his animal clinic. Later on, a female blonde assassin tracked down Satomi to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital and started shooting at her with her handgun to obtain Satomi's Deadpool bounty of $10,000,000. However, Satomi gracefully dodged every single bullet thanks to her superhuman agility and reflexes and got close enough to the blonde assassin to stab her in the carotid artery with her steel spike, remarking to Derek, Deaton and Melissa McCall that while she might have learned to control her lycanthropy-enhanced anger and aggression, she still knew how to use it whenever necessary. ("Weaponized")

The steel spike made its final appearance during the intense battle between the McCall Pack members, their allies (Braeden and Chris Argent), Satomi herself and her surviving Betas against numerous Hunters and assassins in Argent Arms International. Satomi was seen spinning her steel spike weapon as she prepared to face an assassin, though Argent shielded her and killed the assassin with his M24 assault rifle. ("Monstrous")


The Skinwalkers wielding their spears and staffs in anticipation of a fight against the Yukimura women.

The Skinwalkers are a trio of powerful shapeshifting women who wear animal pelts and face painting and were seen to inhabit the deserts of Shiprock, New Mexico. Their weapons of choice are staffs and spears and were shown to use them proficiently in battle during their fight against the Thunder Kitsune Kira Yukimura, though the young Kitsune was holding back in this battle due to her fear of her unstable Fox spirit manifesting against her will as a result of the procedure that the Dread Doctors had performed on her, allowing one of the Skinwalkers to throw her spear like a javelin and pin Kira to a boulder by her shoulder. The Skinwalkers' staffs and spears appear to possess some terrakinetic and magical properties, as shown when they pounded their weapons against the desert ground in their attempt to turn Kira into one of them after she proved that her Fox spirit was indeed out of control and failed their test. ("Codominance")

The Skinwalkers were known for being very powerful, as they not only managed to repair Kira's shattered magical katana, but also granted it some of their terrakinetic and mystical powers, allowing Kira to summon a sinkhole by stabbing her sword into the ground of the Underground Tunnels in Beacon Hills in order to trap the Chimera Theo Raeken in it as punishment for his evil deeds against the McCall Pack before the sinkhole disappeared, effectively trapping Theo in another dimension. ("The Beast of Beacon Hills"), ("Apotheosis")

Stiles Stilinski[]

Stiles, as a young human who relied mostly on his incredible intelligence and knowledge, was not very fond of using weapons, unlike his close friend and former packmate, Allison Argent, who, as a Huntress born into the famous Argent bloodline, possessed a great arsenal of weapons at her disposal; despite this, Stiles previously owned a wood baseball bat, which he had stolen from Melissa McCall, and used it to defend himself in the battle between the Beacon Hills Werewolves and the Alpha Pack in Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. However, this bat was proven to be ineffective when Stiles struck the head of Ethan and Aiden's giant merged Werewolf form with it as the merged twin Werewolves' heightened durability caused the bat to shatter to splinters upon impact. He later on got an aluminium baseball bat, which he used to support the falling ceiling of the Nemeton's root cellar to save his father, Noah Stilinski, and friends from being crushed to death by it. ("The Overlooked"), ("Lunar Ellipse")

Stiles attempting to fend off the merged Ethan and Aiden with his wooden baseball bat, which exploded into splinters.

Since then, the aluminium bat has made a few other appearances, such as: when Stiles and Lydia Martin showed up in the Hale Vault after Peter Hale was robbed of his $117 million in bearer bonds; when Stiles lent it to Lydia to defend herself from one of Kate Argent's Berserkers that had trapped her in high school with Mason Hewitt; and when Stiles hit the Löwenmensch Garrett Douglas in the head by surprise in the hospital during his confrontation with Scott McCall and Liam Dunbar. ("117"), ("Smoke and Mirrors"), ("Riders on the Storm")

Stiles eventually passed down the bat to Mason, who would be acting as the "brains" in the younger generation of the McCall Pack led by Liam when Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Malia Tate graduated from high school and were about to head to their respective colleges. Mason attempted to use the bat against the Hellhound Halwyn to protect Liam but the Hellhound melted the upper part of the bat with his pyrokinetic powers, leaving hand prints in it, though this has not stopped Mason from using it to defend himself. ("Said the Spider to the Fly"), ("Genotype")

In another usage of a random object as a weapon, Stiles was shown using a wrench that he had been previously using to try to fix his broken-down Jeep to break out of Donovan Donati's hold when the Wendigo-Lamprey Chimera was trying to kill him; it was this bloody wrench that Theo Raeken used to support his lie that Stiles had killed Donovan not out of self-defense, but out of a bloodthirsty need to eliminate him before any harm could occur. ("A Novel Approach"), ("Required Reading"), ("Lies of Omission")

Although his father Noah is the Sheriff of the local police department, Stiles does seem to have little to no experience when it comes to using firearms, as demonstrated in one occasion when he comically failed to properly catch and let an empty Sig Sauer 9mm that Braeden had tossed to his hands fall to the ground, failing in proving his point at that time—since the Werecoyote and Malia's biological mother Corinne utilized firearms and could be planning in killing him, then he also should wield a gun as well to protect himself from her. ("The Beast of Beacon Hills")

Scott McCall[]

Despite all of the dangerous situations Scott found himself in, he would do his best to simply incapacitate his enemies instead of killing them, not wanting to take a life unless he had well and truly exhausted all other options. There was only one exception in the entire Teen Wolf run — the Beast of Gevaudan. The battle with the Beast marked the one and only time Scott believed his enemy was beyond redemption. He used Marie-Jeanne's Pike, which had been reforged by the Surgeon into a sword-cane, as a javelin and threw it at the spirit of the Beast once Lydia Martin's Banshee Scream had forced it out of Mason Hewitt's body, with Jordan Parrish's assistance killing the resurrected Beast for good.("Apotheosis")

The Surgeon[]

Upon learning that his best friend and the Beast of Gevaudan, Sebastien Valet, was slayed by his own sister Marie-Jeanne, Marcel, highly believing that the Beast was the world's best killer, dedicated himself to become a physician, worshiping the supernatural and becoming an enhanced human known as The Surgeon as well as gaining special powers, such as an extended lifespan, the ability to control electromagnetic fields and the ability to erase other people's memories. Somehow, unbeknownst to Marie-Jeanne, Marcel stole the pike that she had utilized to murder her brother and had it reforged into a sword-cane, which he kept for himself for unknown reasons for the following centuries. At some point afterward, he found a man known as The Pathologist and a woman known as The Geneticist who shared his powers and the three of them became known as The Dread Doctors, whose ultimate goal was to bring Sebastien back to life through experimenting on humans. ("Maid of Gévaudan") ("The Beast of Beacon Hills") ("Apotheosis")

The sword-cane made its debut when the Dread Doctors were scolding their Werewolf-Garuda Chimera, Belasko, for his failure in taking out the True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall before the Surgeon stabbed him in the chest with the sword-cane, causing numerous crows to fly out of Belasko's chest. ("Creatures of the Night")

The Surgeon's sword-cane made multiple appearances throughout Season 5, being carried and utilized by the Surgeon when either fighting his enemies, such as the McCall Pack members, or when killing his Chimera test subjects when they proved to be rejecting their transformations into pseudo-supernatural hybrids because "failures" tainted the experiment pool, leading the Surgeon to do such thing to Corey Bryant, who had attempted to escape from the Doctors by camouflaging himself, which was unsuccessful, by stabbing him in the chest with the cane. ("Ouroboros")

The Surgeon wielding his sword cane during his and his fellow Dread Doctors' confrontation with Mason and Corey.

Once the Dread Doctors were fatally mauled by the newly resurrected Beast, the cane was stolen by Gerard and Chris Argent, who then passed it to Scott and Liam Dunbar. Liam had attempted to kill Sebastien with the sword-cane to save Scott from being choked to death by Sebastien, even despite Scott reminding him that his best friend, Mason Hewitt, who was turned into Sebastien's Chimera host, was still living inside Sebastien, so if he killed Sebastien, he would be killing Mason as well. Liam ultimately failed in taking out Sebastien with the sword-cane as he defeated the younger Beta rather easily. After Lydia Martin Banshee-screamed Mason's name, Mason was separated from Sebastien's spiritual essence, which attempted to flee, only to be stopped by Jordan Parrish, who used his Hellhound powers to "grab" the Beast's spirit and prevent it from escaping, giving Scott the chance to kill Sebastien by throwing the sword-cane/pike like a javelin, causing both Sebastien and the pike to vanish in smoke. ("Apotheosis")

Tamora Monroe[]

Tamora preparing to shoot Scott in the high school with her black handgun.

Tamora did not get herself involved in the supernatural world until her traumatic attack and near-death at the hands of the resurrected Beast of Gevaudan caused her to become a supernatural Huntress dedicated to eliminate whatever signs of the supernatural. Her hunting ambitions caught the attention of Gerard Argent, the Argent Family psychotic patriarch, who decided to take in Monroe as his protégée and help her build their own Hunter Army, with the goal of exterminating all supernaturals in the world, regardless of their age, species or nature. Monroe's primary weapon was a black handgun, with which she seemingly killed the Hellhound Halwyn by shooting him in the head with a silver bullet. ("Said the Spider to the Fly") This gun made multiple other appearances throughout the second half of Season 6, including in a "peace summit" requested by Scott McCall in the Underground Tunnels, in the final battle between Monroe's Army and the McCall Pack members and allies and in Monroe's attempt to shoot Peter Hale in the head after he was petrified into stone by the Anuk-ite. ("Face-to-Faceless"), ("Broken Glass"), ("The Wolves of War") During her hunt for Brett Talbot, Monroe attempted to shoot him with a hunting rifle, though Brett successfully dodged every single shot fired at him and escaped without further injuries. ("After Images")

In addition to her gun and other firearms, Monroe learned how to use other weapons, including crossbows, as shown when she was instructing Gabe in how to send the McCall Pack members a "message." ("Pressure Test") She became familiar with the different strains of wolfsbane and how to use them to weaken her targets, as seen when she threw at Brett a lacrosse ball which she had secretly filled with powdered purple wolfsbane shortly after finding out he was a Werewolf and when she shot Scott with a yellow wolfsbane bullet, though Derek Hale cured Scott by burning the yellow wolfsbane out with a torch. ("Raw Talent"), ("The Wolves of War")


Violet choking Brett Talbot with her thermo-wire garrote, though she ultimately stopped before he was killed and instead used the young Beta (who was poisoned with wolfsbane) as bait to catch Scott McCall instead.

Violet was introduced as an assassin in her late teens or early twenties, who, like her boyfriend Garrett, was orphaned at a young age, and they were known by the codename "The Orphans." Violet carried with her a thermo-wire garrote, which also acted as a bolo necklace, allowing her to secretly wear it all the time. Violet has used her garrote to kill several of her Deadpool targets, including Demarco Montana, a Beta Werewolf in Satomi Ito's pack of Buddhist Werewolves who was valued at $250,000. ("The Benefactor (Episode)") She also managed to cut off the left hand of Carrie Hudson, another Beta in Satomi's pack, with the garrote before Garrett finally killed her by stabbing her multiple times in the heart with his forked blade, allowing him to collect her bounty of $500,000. ("I.E.D.")

However, Violet's eagerness to earn more money got the best of her when she refused to go after Brett Talbot, who was yet another member of Satomi's pack worth $1,000,000, and was more determined in taking out the True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall, who was the most valuable target worth $25,000,000. After poisoning Brett with a rare strain of yellow wolfsbane, Violet pretended to decapitate him with her garrote and used him as bait to draw Scott to her. However, Garrett's earlier warning that Scott was too dangerous, especially considering his battles against the Alpha Pack, was proven to be correct when the thermo-wire garrote had little to no effect on Scott, who easily overpowered and knocked out Violet, leading to her being taken to federal custody. The thermo-wire garrote was then taken by FBI Agent Rafael McCall. ("Orphaned")


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