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Jackson: "Who told you where to find us? 'Cause there's no way in hell two amateurs would take down that many wolves without being torn apart. Where did you get the Wolfsbane, and who sent you?"
Mara: "We work alone, and we're better than you think."
Jackson: "Does the name "Gerard" mean anything to you?"
Mara: "I don't have to tell you anything."
Ethan: "You already have. He talks, and I listen... So we know when you're lying."
Jackson: "Yeah, we're getting pretty good at it. So, Gerard armed you and sent you here. Where is he? Is he in London?"
Mara: "You know where he is."
Jackson: "...Beacon Hills."
Jackson Whittemore, Mara, and Ethan Steiner about Gerard's plans

Werewolves of London is the seventeenth episode of Season 6 and the ninety-seventh episode of Teen Wolf.[1]


The pack reels after a shocking attack. Scott tries to recruit reinforcements.


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Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Special Guest Stars[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Eileen Fogarty as Nurse
  • Joseph Boyd as Hunter Richmond
  • Christopher McDaniel as Deputy Dewitte
  • Ethan Rains as Stockton
  • Miliessa Sears as Mara



  • Jackson Whittemore and Ethan Steiner are revealed to be in a romantic relationship and are living in London, where they are trying to track down other Werewolves like themselves.
    • This mission including tracking down a group of ten Omegas in Ebbing Forest, all of whom were killed by Mara, Stockton, and their allies, who took a claw from each Werewolf as a trophy and as proof of their death.
    • The two have devised a system where Jackson antagonistically questions their targets while Ethan listens to their heart rate to tell if they're lying.
  • Melissa McCall, Rafael McCall, Mason Hewitt, and Lydia Martin are revealed to have been shot in the attack on the McCall House, which occurred in Triggers. All four of them required surgery to repair the damage caused by the gunshots, and Rafael's was bad enough that he was sent to San Francisco Memorial Hospital for further treatment, though they were all declared stable and are expected to recover.
  • Gabe reveals that Aaron has been conducting tests on people, allegedly to discover if they are Werewolves or not. Aaron was first shown to be experimenting on other supernaturals, specifically Werewolves, to find his other half, in Triggers, which was also when he infected Edgar with spiders upon learning he was a Werecoyote.
    • It is this discovery that leads Theo and Liam to realize that Aaron is one half of the Anuk Ite.
  • Scott McCall and Malia Tate decide on behalf of the entire McCall Pack and their allies that they are going to fight back against Gerard and Monroe's army of Hunters with an army of their own, and the two begin to recruit others to their cause, such as Deucalion and Peter Hale.
  • Deucalion reveals that he has began studying the martial art of Bagua, which encourages the path of least resistance by causing others to harm themselves while the user dodges their blows without using violence. He then informs them that, while he is no longer a killer and is not willing to help them kill Gerard, he will still help them by giving them guidance.
  • Sheriff Stilinski references the fact that Gerard purposely withheld information regarding the Beast of Gevaudan so that he could get all the glory of killing him for himself, an act that prevented the McCall Pack from saving Monroe and her coworkers during the Beast's attack. Gerard's plans for the Beast were revealed in Season 5B's Apotheosis, and Monroe was revealed to have been a victim of the Beast in Face-to-Faceless.
  • Lydia Martin has a Banshee premonition about the Anuk Ite's activities that was triggered by Halwyn, indicating that he could still be alive in some way and is able to use their shared powers as Harbingers of Death to communicate with her and provide her with information.
  • Malia Tate forces Peter to use the Memory Manipulation ritual on her so she can show him the true effects of the Anuk Ite.
  • Scott and Malia discuss a Werewolf pack they have heard about known as the Primal, who have forsaken everything that makes them human (which, in Malia's words, includes rules, morals and electricity). They kill anyone who crosses their path and their pack symbol is a circle with a crescent moon on top.
    • However, when they find the place where they were living, the entire pack was dead, and one of the members was shown to be turned into a flayed, faceless corpse just like what they believed was Aaron's body in Raw Talent.
  • It is revealed that since a Werewolf has to burn a tattoo into their skin to bypass their accelerated healing ability, the shape of the tattoo will also be scarred onto their muscles, as is what happened with one of the members of the Primal who became a flayed, faceless corpse.
  • Malia admits to being in love with Scott McCall in this episode during a conversation with her father, Peter Hale. Scott and Malia's relationship began developing into a romance in Raw Talent, and they shared their first kiss in Triggers.

Body Count[]

  • Ten Omega Werewolves - unknown injuries; killed by Mara and Stockton
  • Unknown number of members of the Primal - eaten inside out by spiders; killed by the Anuk Ite
  • Quinn - unknown injuries; killed and then possessed by Anuk-ite
  • High school teacher - eaten inside out by spiders; killed by the Anuk Ite
  • Two students - eaten inside out by spiders; killed by the Anuk Ite


  • London, England
    • Ethan and Jackson's Apartment


  • "String Quartet No. 62 in C major ("Emperor"), Op. 76/3, H.3/77" by Franz Joseph Haydn
    • Ethan leaves a string of voicemails on Jackson's phone, complaining about the fact that they were late for the show that they were supposed to attend for their anniversary and threatening to kill him for missing it.
  • "The Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66:V.Valse" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    • The British Hunters, Mara and Stockton, invade Ethan and Jackson's apartment and drop a tied-up and seemingly-unconscious Jackson on the floor before shooting Ethan with a purple wolfsbane dart. Ethan remarks that they should have used yellow wolfsbane due to Jackson's Kanima immunity before Jackson frees himself and knocks the Hunters out. Jackson and Ethan then kiss and make up.
  • "It's OK" by Frida Sundemo
    • Peter and Malia are in Malia's car when suddenly, Peter sees Scott walking toward the Jeep and sees flashes of Malia's memories of herself and Scott. He realizes Malia's feelings for Scott and states that Scott will get himself killed before urging her not to fall in love with a "dead man." Malia informs him that it's too late.
  • "Holy Grail" by Dead Posey
    • Jackson and Ethan arrive in Beacon Hills and walk through the halls of the high school as the two check out several attractive students. They are approached by Tamora Monroe, who realizes who Jackson is and somehow neutralizes them. Jackson and Ethan awaken in Gerard's armory, tied to a fence, where Monroe tortures them for information about Scott.



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