"The scabs on your neck are nothing to worry about."
"So, I'm okay for the game tonight?"
"Oh, yeah. Absolutely. But, I do want to give you an antibiotic. Have you been eating any strange herbs lately?"
"Like what?"
"Well, you have aconite poisoning..."
"What the hell is aconite?"
"Well, it's a purple flower, also called monkshood or--"
"Yes. So, you're familiar with it, then?"
"No, I-I have no idea how I knew that."

Wolf's Bane is the ninth episode of Season 1 and the Teen Wolf series.

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Jackson Whittemore puts Scott McCall in danger. Allison Argent starts to question her family's strange behavior.

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  • Nolan Godfrey as Lacrosse Player

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  • It is revealed that Mr. Harris was a co-conspirator in the Hale House Fire when the Alpha comes after him at the high school to kill him like the others involved in the fire, though he was saved at the last moment by Derek Hale. Harris revealed to Sheriff Stilinski that Kate Argent (though he didn't know her name) came onto him when he was drunk at the bar and got him to explain how to commit arson without getting caught.
  • Dr. Conrad Fenris makes his first appearance on Teen Wolf in this episode after appearing in the Teen Wolf webseries called The Search for a Cure.
  • Jackson Whittemore finally figures out that Scott McCall is a Werewolf in this episode, and threatens to out him to Allison Argent if he doesn't help him become a Werewolf as well. Jackson first became suspicious of Scott in Wolf Moon, and first started investigating into it in Pack Mentality.
  • It is revealed that the cause of Jackson's strange hallucinations and other symptoms are the result of aconite (wolfsbane) poisoning. Jackson was exposed to wolfsbane by Derek Hale in Magic Bullet, when Derek accidentally impaled the back of his neck with his claws, which likely had residue on them from the gunshot wound caused by Kate Argent's Nordic Blue Monkshood-filled bullets.
  • It is revealed that Peter Hale is the Alpha, and that he killed Laura Hale to take her Alpha power so that he could finish healing his burns from the Hale House Fire. Laura was killed just prior to the events of Wolf Moon.
  • Harris gives Derek a drawing of a pendant worn by the mysterious woman he talked to about how to commit arson, which Scott identifies as Allison's Argent pendant. Allison was given this pendant by Kate as a birthday present in The Tell.
  • Derek, who is still a fugitive thanks to Scott and Stiles' false murder accusations, is forced to hide in Stiles' room, where he encounters Danny Mahealani to help him track the text Allison Argent received to summon her to the high school the night that the Alpha locked them in. This event happened in Heart Monitor and Night School
    • In a comical twist, Stiles lies to Danny by saying that Derek is his "cousin Miguel" so that he doesn't realize Derek is the missing fugitive. This joke will eventually be referenced again in 117.
  • This episode has the first mention that the name "Argent" is French for the word "silver," which will continue to play a huge role in their family's storyline throughout the rest of the series.
  • Kate asks Chris if a person can be turned into a Werewolf by a scratch from an Alpha, and Chris suggests it's possible if the claws go deep enough. Ironically enough, Kate would later become a Werejaguar after Peter Hale clawed her throat out and killed her in Code Breaker; the power of the impending full moon and her recently-activated accelerated healing ability allowed her to be resurrected, as revealed in Season 4's The Dark Moon.

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  • "Homo Sapiens" by The Cooper Temple Clause
    • Derek is on the run from the police
  • "Wall Of Death (Cyberpunkers Remix)" by Make The Girl Dance
    • Scott is driving himself and Stiles at top speed in Derek's Camaro to lure the hunters away from Derek
  • "Overdrawn" by White Sea
    • Scott and Stiles talk about how they're going to get Allison's necklace at school
  • "Redeemer" by Imaad Wasif
    • Jackson confronts Scott about being a werewolf at his locker
  • "You Are The Ocean" by Phantogram
    • Scott talks to Stiles about how Jackson knows he's a werewolf
  • "I Don't Feel It Anymore (Song of the Sparrow)" by William Fitzsimmons
    • Allison starts to cry in the hallway after Scott sends her photos of them together and asks him if he's purposely trying to hurt her
  • "I Want The Sky" by Lucy Schwartz
    • Jackson and Allison swim in the swim team's pool as Jackson flirts with her
  • "The Loneliness and the Scream" by Frightened Rabbit
    • Lydia angrily approaches Jackson about his break-up text
  • "Next Time" by Harry's Gym
    • Scott is in Allison's room while she's on her run and searches for her Argent pendant
  • "Bigger Than Us" by White Lies
    • Allison runs through the woods and comes upon the Hale House
  • "Monsters" by Connor Youngblood
    • Scott stumbles upon a book about werewolves in Allison's room while looking for the pendant


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