"So all of this started with the bite?"
"What if it's like an infection? Like my body flooding with adrenaline before I go into shock or something?"
"You know what? I actually think I've heard of this. It's a specific kind of infection."
"Are you serious?"
"Yeah, I think it's called lycanthropy."
"What's that? Is it bad?"
"Oh, yeah, it's the worst. But only once a month."
"Once a month?"
"Mmhmm. On the night of the full moon. Aroooo!"
Stiles Stilinski and Scott McCall about Scott's new condition

Wolf Moon is the pilot and premiere episode of Season 1 of Teen Wolf.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After being bitten by a creature during the search for a missing body, Scott gains strange abilities.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Police cruisers full of Beacon County Sheriff's deputies pull in to the Beacon Hills Preserve. The deputies, accompanied by their cadaver dogs and holding flashlights, begin to search the area.

Over at the McCall House, Scott McCall is sitting on his bed while he restrings the net on his lacrosse stick. Once he's finished, he does pull-ups from a bar on the lintel to his bathroom, and then heads inside the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. However, he's quickly startled by a noise outside and freezes before grabbing a baseball bat and heading out to the wraparound porch in order to investigate.

Stiles Stilinski suddenly appears in front him, where he's hanging upside down from the porch's gutter, startling both boys so much that they scream in fear until each realizes that they're not in danger. Stiles demands to know why Scott has a bat, and Scott exasperatedly replies that he thought Stiles was a predator.

Once they both calm down, Stiles gets to the point of his visit-- his father, who is the Sheriff of Beacon Hills, along with the entire Beacon County Department and the state police force, are in the woods looking for a body. Specifically, the other half of a young female's body after joggers in the woods came upon the first half while they were running.

The boys park Stiles' Jeep at the entrance of the preserve, which has been closed since sundown. They then head into the woods to search for the body themselves, although Scott seems reluctant to do so, citing the fact that he wanted to get a good night's sleep before school the next day, since they have lacrosse try-outs. Stiles jokingly remarks that since they'll both most likely be sitting on the bench as usual, Scott won't need to rest, but Scott insists that he's intent to make first-line this season, an intention that Stiles declares "pathetically unrealistic."

The boys make their way up a pretty steep hill, and Scott ends up falling behind as he desperately tries to catch his wheezing breaths. He then remarks that, as a "severe asthmatic," Stiles should have let him carry the flashlight before he stops to take a hit from his inhaler.

At the top of the ridge, Stiles spots a row of deputies and police officers with their cadaver dogs as they search for the body, and becomes so excited that he rushes toward the search area and leaves Scott, who has stopped to take a second hit from his inhaler, behind to fend for himself.

Though Stiles' intended to stay out of the police's line of sight, he ends up running right into one of the deputy's, whose cadaver dog starts to bark and lunge toward him. When the deputy shouts at Stiles, he's cut off by Sheriff Stilinski, who identifies the boy as his son and becomes exasperated and annoyed to see that he had trespassed on their search. The Sheriff questions him about listening in on his phone calls correctly assumes that Stiles' "usual partner-in-crime" Scott is nearby, but Stiles lies and says that he stayed home because he wanted to prepare for the first day of school for the winter semester the next day.

Sheriff understandably sees through this lie and calls out for Scott as he shines his flashlight into the woods, but Scott hides behind a tree several yards away and remains quiet, leading Sheriff to believe that Stiles was actually telling the truth. He then grabs Stiles by the back of the neck and leads him back to his cruiser while Scott, wanting to remain unseen, puts up the hood of his dark red hoodie and walks away in the opposite direction so he can get home while avoiding the police force.

However, he sees a shadowy figure ahead that distracts him so much that he stops in his tracks, grabbing his inhaler and shaking it to prepare to take another hit. Before he is able to inhale a puff of it, a herd of deer frantically stampede through the woods and run past him, scaring him so much that he's forced to drop to the ground for cover, causing his inhaler to be flung across the clearing.

He waits until the stampede has fled the scene before he scrambles back onto his feet, pulling out his phone to use the flashlight app to help him find his inhaler, which he lost track of in the chaos. Once the herd has passed, he regains his feet and uses the flashlight app on his smartphone to search for his missing inhaler. He bends over and uses his hand to search through the dry leaves on the forest floor, but instead of finding his inhaler, he sees a long, pale-white object that he realizes with horror is the second half of the body that Stiles had told him about. It's a young woman with brunette hair, whose eyes are wide in fear, and whose body has been bisected in half at the waist, with her entrails scattered among the leaves.

The horror of seeing the half of the dead body up close panics him so much that he quickly backs away, stumbles, and falls backward down a hill. He groans in pain as he finally lands at the bottom, and he gets on his hands and knees to get himself back up. However, when he stands to his feet, he hears a deep growling noise behind him, turning to find a bestial, wolf-like creature on all fours in the line of trees in front of him with glowing red eyes. Scott freezes in fear, and before he can react, the creature lunges toward him, knocking him face-down on the ground. When he desperately tries to crawl away, the beast pulls him backward and bites him hard on the side, causing Scott to scream in agony as he rolls away.

When he finally gets to his feet, he desperately runs as fast as he can toward the road as torrential rain suddenly begins to pout. Once he makes it to the road, he's nearly hit by a burgundy SUV that manages to skid on the wet road at the last moment to avoid hitting him. Still overwhelmed with adrenaline from the stress of what just happened, Scott lifts the hem of his hoodie and looks at his side to see a large, bleeding bite wound right above his hipbone. As he's soaked by the pouring rain, a wolf howls in the distance.

The next morning, Scott has just arrived at Beacon Hills High School on his bicycle. When he starts to lock up his bike at the bike rack, Jackson Whittemore parks his Porsche in the spot next to him, bumping him with his car door as he gets out and snitting at him to "watch the paint job" in an aggravated tone of voice.

Later, Scott meets up with Stiles in front of the school, where he shows him the bloody bite wound on his side, which is covered with white gauze and tape. Scott is sure he was bitten by a wolf due to the howling he heard afterward, but Stiles replies that this is impossible, because apparently there haven't been wolves in California for "like, sixty years." Then, much to Stiles' glee, Scott reveals that he found the other half of the body in the woods after he left him. Stiles is extremely excited about this news, but is quickly distracted when he sees that Lydia Martin has arrived. It's clear that he has feelings for her when he immediately says good morning to her, but she ignores him. Stiles then blames Scott for Lydia's rejection, stating, "You're dragging me down to your nerd depths. I'm a nerd by association. I've been Scarlet-Nerded by you."

The scene cuts to English class, where Scott and Stiles are sitting one in front of the other. The teacher writes "Kafka's Metamorphosis" on the chalkboard in an ironic parallel to Scott's current situation as he concedes that while he knows that everyone is preoccupied with the news of the body found in the woods, they can rest assured that the police already have a suspect in the woman's death.

Just then, a loud cell phone ring startles Scott, and he looks around the room for the source, to no avail. After a moment, he sees a new girl, Allison Argent, who is sitting outside on a bench, and realizes that it's her ringing phone that he hears, despite being many meters away. Allison answers her phone, and Scott can hear her conversation perfectly. Allison mentions that she feels stupid for showing up for her first day of school without a pen before saying goodbye and allowing the vice-principal to lead her inside.

While they walk toward the classroom, the vice-principal asks her about her move to Beacon Hills, and Allison reveals that she just moved there from San Francisco, where they lived for a year, the longest time her family has stayed in one place in recent memory. The principal tells her he hopes that she's here to stay for a while and walks her into Scott and Stiles' English class to introduce her to her classmates. Allison takes the only empty seat left, which is directly behind Scott, and he turns and smiles and her as he silently passes her a pen, which she takes with a smile and a "thank you."

After school, Scott and Stiles go to their lockers, where Scott sees Allison standing by her own locker across the hall. Their eyes meet once again, and they share a smile and a wave before Allison is approached by Lydia, who immediately complements her on her jacket while Scott continues to use his newly-gained supernatural hearing to eavesdrop on their conversation. Allison explains to Lydia that her mother was a buyer for a boutique back in San Francisco, and Lydia declares Allison her new best friend as a result of her good taste in fashion.

Just then, Jackson joins the two women, and its obvious by the hug and kiss that Jackson and Lydia give each other that they're in a romantic relationship. The two invite Allison to a party they're throwing at Lydia's house on Friday, but Allison politely declines, claiming that she has "family night." Jackson continues to try to convince her to come by pointing out that everyone will be at the party, which is being held after the team's first scrimmage of the season. Allison assumes he's referring to football, but Jackson simply smirks and remarks that football is a joke to BHHS and that their sport of choice is actually lacrosse before bragging about the fact that they've won the state championship three years in a row. Lydia continues the bragging by pointing out that it's all due to Jackson's status as team captain before the two talk Allison into watching the lacrosse team practice in the bleachers.

Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles are running onto the practice field, where Stiles complains that if Scott actually manages to play, he'll have no one to talk to on the bench. However, Scott insists that he can no longer be a benchwarmer, claiming that "his whole life is sitting on the sidelines" before vowing to make first line.

Just then, Allison and Lydia arrive in the bleachers, and Scott once again makes eye contact with the new girl for whom he's clearly developing a crush. She smiles beatifically at him, but Scott is quickly distracted by Coach Bobby Finstock, who throws him a goalie's stick and helmet and instructs him to play goal, snarkily informing him that it will help increase the other players' confidence due to how easy it will be for them to score against him.

In the stands, Allison watches Scott in the goalie box and asks Lydia about him, but Lydia, seemingly impressed by his budding talent, admits she doesn't know him. Once again, Scott's supernaturally-enhanced hearing kicks in, and he is able to hear that conversation. He then hears Lydia asks Allison why she cares who Scott is, and Allison replies that he's in her English class.

Just then, Coach blows his whistle, and since Scott's hearing is extra-sensitive, he's briefly deafened and disoriented by the noise. Scott doubles over and clutches his ears, distracting him enough that another player is able to launch the lacrosse ball at Scott, hitting him straight in the helmet with such force that he's knocked flat onto his back, visibly stunned and embarrassed by the blow.

After a moment, Scott scrambles back onto his feet, grips his lacrosse stick even tighter, and prepares for the next ball as it flies toward him. Everything seems to slow down tremendously in Scott's vision, allowing him to easily catch it, much to his own surprise, as well as that of Stiles and the rest of the team. He then catches three more shots in quick succession, which impresses both Allison and Lydia.

Jackson, however, doesn’t seem impressed, and angrily shoves his way to the front of the line to take his turn. He then takes a running start toward Scott before hurling his ball toward the goal, but despite Jackson's intentions to embarrass Scott, he ends up disappointed when Scott catches it without visible effort. Stiles is so proud he jumps to his feet and cheers loudly, followed quickly by the rest of the crowd, Lydia and Allison included. Jackson looks up at the stands and notices Lydia's cheering, and it's obvious that he's put out and jealous of the attention that Scott is getting.

Some time after practice, Scott and Stiles are walking through the preserve while Scott explains his uncharacteristic athleticism; according to Scott, it's like time slowed down, giving him "all the time in the world" to catch each shot. He then goes on to say that he's been dealing with other strange symptoms, such as enhanced hearing and sense of smell. When Stiles seems skeptical of this confession, Scott points out that he can smell the mint mojito gum in Stiles' pocket, and though Stiles insists he doesn't have any gum, he digs through his pockets and realizes with confusion that there is indeed a single stick inside. Stiles is confused, but still cheerful as he brushes off Scott's concerns, but Scott is still worried that he's suffering from some kind of serious infection from the animal bite he got that could be flooding his body with adrenaline before he dies of shock.

Stiles pretends to be serious and jokes that he has heard of an infection with those symptoms known as lycanthropy, and Scott, not getting the joke, asks him if that's bad. Stiles' response, "Oh, yeah, it's the worst, but only on the full moon" gives Scott pause, and it isn't until Stiles howls like a wolf and starts to laugh that Scott realizes that his best friend is messing with him. However, he's worried enough that he doesn't find the joke funny, and he insists that there could be something seriously wrong with him, to which Stiles exclaims, "I know! You're a Werewolf!" before growling under his breath and snarking that he'll need to melt down his silver in preparation for the full moon on that coming Friday.

Scott suddenly stops walking and looks around before stating that he's pretty sure they're where he found the body and lost his inhaler the previous night, but despite this, neither of them can find the remains or Scott's medication in the dead leaves that surround them. Stiles suggests that the killer moved the body, but Scott simply retorts that he hopes the killer left his inhaler, because they cost about $80.

Just as Scott begins to look for his inhaler again, a young man who appears to be in his early 20s appears out of nowhere with a scowl on his face. He quickly approaches them and demands to know what they're doing there, since they're currently on private property. Scott and Stiles feign ignorance and claim they're just looking for Scott's inhaler, which Derek has in his pocket. He silently tosses the inhaler to Scott before walking away without another word, visibly unnerving both boys.

Once he's gone, Stiles anxiously reminds Scott that the man is Derek Hale, who was a few years older than them in school and whose family died in fire "like, ten years ago."

The scene cuts to that night, where thunder is rumbling overhead while Scott locks the front door to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, flipping the "Open" sign to "Closed." He then grabs a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and some gauze in order to change his bandages. However, when he lifts up the hem of his shirt and removes the taped bandage from his side, he is shocked to find that the bite has completely healed in barely 24 hours.

Scott shrugs off this newest development in favor of getting back to work, dragging a large bag of cat food toward the so-called "Cat Clinic," the room where the cats being treated are kept separately from the dogs. Once inside, all of the kitties begin to growl, hiss, and generally act aggressively toward him, alarming him enough that he quickly backs out of the room and shuts the door behind him.

Just then, he hears frantic pounding on the front door, and walks out into the reception area to find that Allison is standing out on the doorstep in the pouring rain, looking incredibly distraught. Once Scott unlocks and opens the door, Allison, who has begun to cry from stress, begins to ramble about how she took her eyes off of the road for "like, two seconds" in order to change the song on her iPod and accidentally ran over a dog who was crossing the street. Scott calmly asks her where this accident occurred so he can send someone out to retrieve the injured dog, but Allison tearfully replies that she has the dog in her car and leads him out into the parking lot.

When she pops open the hatchback door to the trunk of her car, the dog immediately begins to growl and bark at them. Scott assures Allison that the dog is just scared and crouches down so that he is at the dog's eye-level to calm it down. Suddenly, Scott's irises change color from their usual chocolate-brown to a bright, glowing gold, which leads the dog to whimper as it calms down and takes a submissive position.

He then brings the dog inside and into the exam room, with Allison watching anxiously as he examines the dog. Scott eventually determines that the dog's leg is broken, but adds that he has seen the veterinarian do plenty of splints and assures her that he can do one himself. He then notices that Allison is shivering due to being soaking wet from the rain and offers her his spare shirt from his duffle bag.

Allison gratefully takes Scott's long-sleeved cream-colored shirt and walks into the next room to change. Scott chivalrously attempts not to watch her, but eventually can't help himself and takes a peek through the glass window in the door as she peels off her wet tshirt, exposing her bare back. The dog makes an unimpressed noise, and Scott looks down at it before muttering that it's not like he saw anything, as though the dog is judging him on his impolite behavior.

Scott then goes back to work, and has just finished taping up the splint when Allison returns. The sexual tension between them is palpable, and after a moment, Scott nervously points out that there is an eyelash on Allison's cheek. When she's unable to remove it herself, Scott does it for her by gently stroking her cheek with his thumb, and Allison is unable to hide her interest in him. The feeling seems to be quite mutual, because when Scott walks Allison back out to her car, he asks her if it's true that she has "family night" on Friday, and if she'd like to go to Lydia's party with him. Allison smiles and admits that she was lying when she told Lydia and Jackson about "family night" and tells him she'd love to go with him to the party.

That night, Scott has returned home from work and flops onto his bed with an ecstatic smile as the light of the waxing gibbous moon, which is almost full, bathes him in its glow while he drifts of too sleep. After a moment, he rolls onto his stomach, and his bed transforms into the dead-leaf-covered ground of the nature preserve. Realizing he's no longer at his home, he awakens with alarm to find that it is now early-morning and that he has somehow sleep-walked all the way into the woods, ending up in a coyote den in a small cave.

The forest is extremely foggy as Scott, still in his boxers from when he fell asleep at home, walks back home. He's startled by the sound of twigs snapping behind him and looks around frantically for the source of the noise, eventually realizing that there is a shadowy form at the base of a nearby tree. He's unable to discern what it is through the fog, but after a moment, he realizes it's the creature who bit him two days earlier and instantly starts to run away as fast as he can, while the creature pursues him just as rapidly.

Scott makes it to the top of a rise and, at a loss for options, leaps over a wooden fence and into someone's backyard, where he immediately lands in deep water. When he rises to the surface, he realizes that he's in a backyard swimming pool before noticing the pool's owner (played by Teen Wolf co-executive producer and director Russell Mulcahy) watering his plants as he gapes at Scott in shock. Scott, embarrassed, wishes him a good morning.

The scene cuts to after school that day, where Scott is standing at his locker when Jackson approaches him, both of them dressed in preparation for lacrosse practice. Jackson demands to know where Scott is getting his "juice," and Scott, who doesn't initially understand what he's talking about, calmly replies that his mother does all the grocery shopping. After Jackson continues pointing out Scott's uncharacteristic athletic abilities, Scott realizes that Jackson thinks he's on steroids and vehemently denies it before asking if Jackson himself is on them.

Jackson becomes so furious that he roughly pins Scott against the row of lockers and once again demands to know where he's getting his performance enhancers, and Scott loses his patience, anxiously blurting out that he thinks he's losing his mind because he's sleepwalking three miles into the woods every night and can see, hear, and smell things that he shouldn't be able to sense. Jackson assumes he's joking and insists that he's going to figure out his secret before storming away.

At lacrosse tryouts, an excited Stiles rushes up to Scott to update him on the case of the dead body Scott found, since forensic evidence seems to indicate a wolf was involved. However, Scott is too preoccupied by the imminent try-outs to play close attention.

Moments later, Allison arrives to practice and sits in the bleachers as she waves to Scott, who waves back at her. Coach Finstock gathers the team around explains that the results of this practice will determine who makes first line for this lacrosse season.

Once practice starts in earnest, Scott catches the ball and is immediately knocked down by Jackson, which frustrates Scott so much that he becomes angry and jumps to his feet. He anticipates the whistle being blown and takes possession almost instantly before he rushes down the field. His agility seems to be supernaturally enhanced as well, as he's able to easily duck and spin away before anyone can tackle him, eventually doing an impressive front-flip over three of the players before shooting the ball toward the goal, where it flies between the goalie's legs and hits the net.

However, unlike the previous day's practice, Stiles looks worried rather than exhilarated, but Coach Finstock, who is visibly impressed by Scott's skills, announces that he will be playing first line this season, much to Jackson's fury.

Later that afternoon, Stiles has returned home and is sitting in front of his computer, where he's frantically searching through the internet for answers about Scott's current condition. On the screen, pages on Werewolves, Wolfsbane, and other information on shapeshifters.

An unknown amount of time later, Scott arrives to Stiles' house and, upon noticing how high-strung Stile looks, asks him how much Adderall he's taken that day. Stiles does admit that he's consumed a lot before he gets to the point of why he summoned him there-- his research. Stiles goes on to say that Scott is a Werewolf as he shows him a book he found that explains the full moon's effects (along with the effect of strong emotions or anything else that raises his heart rate) could trigger his wolf-like bloodlust and violence. Scott does not seem to be receptive to this information, especially when Stiles insists that Scott needs to cancel his date with Allison, both because their date is on the night of the full moon, and because, as Stiles says, nothing gets Scott "excited" like she does.

When Scott refuses to cancel, Stiles grabs Scott's phone from him and argues that he'll do it. This causes Scott to become so frustrated and upset that he's overcome with his new lycanthropic urges, causing him to grab Stiles by the front of the shirt, pin him against the wall, and rear back his fist to punch him in the face. However, when he realizes what he's doing, he immediately stops and lets go in favor of flipping Stiles' desk chair instead. Embarrassed, he quietly apologizes before he leaves. Once he's gone, Stiles lets out a deep breath of relief before he notices three claw gashes in the fabric of the back of his chair.

At home, Scott has just finished taking a shower, and has walked into his bedroom with a towel around his waist to find his mother, Melissa McCall, waiting for him in the doorway. She asks him whether he's going to a party or on a date, and Scott remarks that it's probably both before he asks for the keys, which Melissa reluctantly gives him, on the condition that he returns it with a full tank of gasoline.

The scene cuts to the front step of the Argent House, where he knocks on the door to pick up Allison. She's dressed in a crisp white button-up blouse and a navy blue blazer and looks very happy to see him. After they arrive at the party at the Martin House, Scott sees Derek Hale lurking in the shadows outside the backyard and looks unnerved. A dog behind Derek starts to growl menacingly at him, but when he shoots a dirty look at it, the dog instantly quiets. Scott is momentarily distracted by Allison, and when he looks back in the shadows, he finds that Derek is gone, though there is a dark, wolf-life shadowy figure who leaps to the roof and scampers away.

Meanwhile, in the backyard of the Martin House, Allison and Scott begin to dance close together. Scott seems happy about how things are going with Allison, but when he glances back toward the pool, he catches Lydia's eye. She's in the middle of a make-out session with Jackson, who is amorously kissing her neck, but Lydia's eyes are fixed on Scott, which once again makes him uncomfortable.

Suddenly, Scott starts to feel sick, and his face becomes pale and sweaty as his senses of hearing, sight, and smell start to overwhelm him due to the full moon. The sensory overload causes Scott to rush outside, and Allison, looking worried, follows after him, catching up just in time to see him speed away in his car. Just then, Derek comes out of the shadows and walks over to Allison, introducing himself by name and claiming that he's a friend of Scott. Scott gets sick. He is sweating and seems a little delirious. He makes his way out of the party and back to his car. Allison chases him out of the party just in time to see him speed off down the street. Derek comes out of the shadows and introduces himself, claiming to be “a friend of Scott’s.”

Scott makes it home and immediately strips down to just his jeans and hops in his bathtub, turning the shower on and allowing the cold water to flow over him. The full moon is visible through his bedroom window as Scott sweats and pants in the shower. Suddenly, Scott lifts up his water-swollen hands and is horrified to see that his fingernails are lengthening and sharpening into claws. Panicked, Scott gets up and rushes toward the bathroom mirror, where he finds his canine teeth extending into fangs, and the irises of his eyes glowing a bright golden-amber.

Stiles, concerned about Scott, has fled from the party to the McCall House, where he frantically knocks on Scott's bedroom door. Scott is too afraid of hurting him to open the door, but does ask about Allison, for whom he feels bad about leaving at the party. Stiles assures him that Allison got a ride home before Scott informs him that he has figured out that Derek Hale is the werewolf who bit him and killed the girl in the woods. This horrifies Stiles, who reveals that it was Derek who took Allison home after she left the party.

This seems to cause Scott to lose every bit of energy he had to resist his transformation and shift into his werewolf form before leaping out his bedroom window. He lands in a three-point stance in a large mud puddle outside of the house, and saliva drips from his fangs as he growls at the full moon overhead before he takes off running toward the nature preserve. He finds a car parked at the entrance to the preserve, and when he sniffs the air, he seems to catch Allison's scent, as he continues on into the woods.

Meanwhile, Stiles has driven to the Argent House, as he's worried something bad may have happened to her. However, Allison's mother Victoria Argent opens the door after he knocks, and the sight of her no-nonsense demeanor causes Stiles to lose his nerve. He babbles for a while about Allison before she impatiently steps aside, revealing that Allison is perfectly find and standing on the upstairs landing by the staircase that looks down upon the foyer.

Back in the woods, Scott continues to follow the scent until he finally finds Allison’s blue blazer hanging from a tree branch in the woods. The sound of twigs snapping underfoot leads Scott to realize someone is approaching him, and he instantly calls out, "Where is she?" In response, a male voice whispers, "She's safe... from you." Scott uses his

He hears someone walking and calls out “Where is she?” the answer comes in a whisper “She’s safe from you.” Scott's enhanced werewolf vision cuts through the darkness and leads him to realize that he is, in fact, speaking to Derek Hale. Derek grabs him and wrestles him up against a tree while Scott struggles against him. Just then, Derek hears something with his enhanced hearing and goes to shush Scott with a worried expression. When Scott looks at him in confusion, Derek says, "They're already here! Run!" before taking off running.

Scott, who still knows nothing about being a werewolf, doesn't move quickly enough due to his confusion and lags behind Derek. Before he can start to run in earnest, an arrow flies through the air and hits the tree next to him, causing a flash-bang that temporarily blinds him and leaves him unable to react. Just then, a second arrow, a regular steel-tipped one this time, flies through the air and pins Scott to the tree behind him through his right forearm. He uses his werewolf vision to see through the darkness and the glare from the flash-bang arrow just in time to see three shadowy figures approaching him. One of the men steps out into the light of the moon, revealing that it is Chris Argent, Allison's father, who shot him.

Fortunately for Scott, Derek chooses this moment to attack, throwing two of the hunters accompanying Chris through the air, distracting Chris while Derek breaks the arrow pinning Scott to the tree, allowing the two werewolves to high-tail it out of the area and away from the hunters. Once they finally make it a reasonable distance away from them, they stop so that Scott can recover from his injury and the shock of what is currently happening to him. Scott reverts to his human form and demands to know who those men were, and Derek sighs before revealing that they're hunters, who have been hunting their kind for centuries.

This statement does nothing to reassure Scott, who then accuses Derek of turning him into a werewolf in the first place. Strangely enough, Derek does not deny this, and instead insists that Scott should be happy to have abilities that normal people could only dream of. He goes on to say that the bite is a gift, and that Scott will need his help in order to learn control over his powers. "You and me, Scott? We're brothers now," Derek adds, before he leaves Scott.

At sunrise, Stiles drives his Jeep down a back road, where he finds a disheveled Scott walking by himself. After picking him up, Scott admits that he's worried that Allison will hate him now that he ditched her at last night's party, but though Stiles concedes that he'll need an awesome excuse, he promises to help Scott navigate through his new life as a werewolf.

After school the following Monday, Scott (wearing his lacrosse uniform for practice) runs into Allison and apologizes to her for what happened at the party, though he doesn't offer a specific explanation. Allison asks him if she's going to regret forgiving him, and Scott chuckles and says that she probably will, though this doesn't stop her from giving him a second chance. Just then, a burgundy SUV drives up toward them in the parking lot and honks, and Allison says her dad has come to pick her up. Scott is about to head to practice when he catches a familiar scent and turns around to find Chris Argent standing outside of the SUV, and though he does his best to conceal his fear, it's clear that the revelation that his new crush's father is a werewolf hunter terrifies him.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Main Cast[edit | edit source]

Supporting Cast[edit | edit source]

Guest Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Michael H. Cole as Mr. Curtis
  • Nolan Godfrey as Lacrosse Player
  • Tony D Sims as Student
  • Craig Crumpton as Doctor (uncredited)
  • Stephanie Dodgen as Extra (uncredited)
  • Cayce Guest as Lacrosse Player / High School Student (uncredited)
  • Jennifer Malone as Teacher (uncredited)
  • Haley Roe Murphey as Laura Hale (uncredited)
  • Jamila Thompson as Rebecca Harlowe (uncredited)

Continuity[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The episode title is a reference to the full moon in January, which has been referred to by Native American communities as the "Wolf Moon," and which is Scott McCall's first full moon as a newly turned Werewolf.
    • This is also a reference to the fact that the show's timeline begins in January 2011.
  • After becoming a Werewolf, Scott demonstrates a multitude of new abilities, such as superhuman strength, speed, and agility; supernaturally-enhanced sight, hearing, and sense of smell; and an accelerated healing ability.
    • Because he can heal incredibly fast now, Scott has been cured of his severe asthma.
  • Lydia, despite being in a relationship with Jackson, shows a romantic/sexual interest in Scott after his lycanthropy enhances his athletic abilities.
  • Though Stiles makes the vague remark that the Hale House Fire happened "like, ten years ago," in truth, the Hale Fire occurred approximately six years prior to the events of this episode, which will be revealed in Co-Captain.
  • The man who was watering his plants when Scott accidentally jumped into his swimming pool was played by Russell Mulcahy, who is both a director and a producer for Teen Wolf.
  • Melissa McCall makes a comment to her son Scott about how she refuses to "end up on some television show with a pregnant sixteen-year-old." This is a reference to two TV series, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, both of which are also on the MTV Network and aired on Tuesdays, the day after Teen Wolf, for the first four seasons until Teen Wolf moved to Tuesdays as well.

Body Count[edit | edit source]

*= the identities of both the body and the Alpha will not be known until "Pack Mentality" and "Wolf's Bane", respectively

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Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

  • "My Body" by Young the Giant
    • Scott laces up his lacrosse stick and works out before washing his face and brushing his teeth. (In Canadian version, it's "Be My Television" by The Racoons)
  • "Of the Mountains" by Dan Deacon
    • Scott barely evades being hit by a car in the middle of the road after being bitten by the Alpha.
  • "Fire on the Bridge and in the Tunnel Below" by The Static Jacks
    • Scott arrives at school on his bicycle. Jackson bumps into him with his car door. Scott shows Stiles his wolf bite.
  • "Turn it Off" by Phantogram
    • Scott and Allison catch each other's eyes in the hallway. Lydia and Jackson greet Allison.
  • "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" by Weezer
    • Scott and Stiles talk about their desire to make first line. Lydia and Allison watch practice from the bleachers while Coach makes Scott play goalie.
  • "Cobrastyle" by Teddy Bears
    • Scott gets hit in the face with a lacrosse ball, but ends up having an otherwise amazing lacrosse practice for the first time, which surprises everyone.
  • "And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop" by James Vincent McMorrow
    • Scott and Allison talk in the animal clinic after Allison brings the hurt dog for treatment. Scott asks her to be his date to Lydia's party before going home and flopping into bed. (In Canadian version, it's "People Like You" by Weinland)
  • "Just a Little Bit" by Kids of 88
    • Scott makes it to the next round in tryouts. Jackson shoves him onto the ground, but Scott ends up impressing everyone yet again anyway. (In Canadian version, it's "Shine" by Heavy Young Heathens)
  • "Feel Good!" by Mike Del Rio
    • Scott learns that he made first line from Coach Finstock. (In Canadian version, it's "Helsinki Art Scene" by Satellite Stories)
  • "Today Could Be the Day" by Glowfriends
    • Scott talks to his mom about Allison before he leaves for the party.
  • "Internet Killed the Video Star" by The Limousines
    • Scott and Allison arrive at Lydia's party. Scott notices Derek lurking nearby.
  • "Ghosts N Stuff" by Deadmau5
    • Scott and Allison dance. Jackson kisses Lydia's neck while she stares at Scott.
  • "The Shores" by The Sea of Cortez
    • Derek saves Scott from hunters and tells him that they're brothers now.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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