Kira: "What is this?"
Noshiko: "A 'For Sale' sign. It lets people know your house is for sale."
Ken: "I thought you were going to talk to her."
Noshiko: "Kira, we told you this was temporary."
Kira: "That was after you told me I was a Kitsune, and was going to have to destroy a dark spirit by stabbing and killing one of the few friends I have in this town."
Noshiko: "And you didn't have to. I call that a win!"
Kira, Noshiko, and Ken Yukimura about the planned sale of the Yukimura House in Muted

The Yukimura House is a family home located in the suburbs of Beacon Hills, California where Ken Yukimura, Noshiko Yukimura, and Kira Yukimura reside. It is a modern, one-story home with a terracotta exterior, and the interior architecture is predominantly made of glass with an Eastern style of decoration. The house has an attached garage, three bedrooms, a dining room, and a living room, and contains Ken's collection of weapons, including several katanas. Though Kira is currently in Shiprock, New Mexico, where she is training to control her inner Kitsune spirit with the Skinwalkers, it can still be considered her family home due to the fact that her parents still seemingly reside there.

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  • The address for the Yukimura House, 17106 Sate Boulevard, Beacon Hills, CA 95921, was revealed on brochures for the failed open house that Ken and Noshiko held in hopes of selling the house in Season 4's Muted.
  • The brochures for the failed open house that Ken and Noshiko held in Season 4's Muted reads:

A charming Japanese style home with Californian influence, located on a tree lined street in beautiful Beacon Hills. An ideal area for parents with young children, the neighborhood is pedestrian-friendly and safe. Conveniently situated near stores, parks, restaurants and top-rated schools - and just a short walk from the Beacon Hills Preserve Park! The home exudes peace and comfort. Lounge around on warm evenings in the rear patio area, or take refuge in the spacious backyard when entertaining family and friends. The comfortable interior features 3 bedrooms (including a master suite), 2 and a half bathrooms, large family room, a kitchen and dining room. Original hardwood floors are in excellent condition, while kitchen's new gas oven and dishwashers provide modern convenience. Some additional upgrades include new interior paint as well as copper plumbing. Includes a garage and a 3 car driveway. An amazing location and a fantastic, maintained, and respectable home!

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